Is Prem Rawat an Ambassador of Peace?

Or Is Prem Rawat Only a Self-Promoter for Himself and his "Meditation" Cult?

The internet is choked with pages claiming Prem Rawat aka Maharaji has spent 50 or 60 years travelling the world promoting World Peace ie he is supposedly a Global Ambassador for Peace. If that was true then obviously he is really terrible at promotiing Peace. He has actually spent that time promoting Himself, formerly as God incarnated on Earth, who could bring World Peace through individuals attaining inner peace through his special meditation methods and then as a person who was Not God incarnated in a body but could still give inner peace to individuals and who knows … if enough people received his Special Knowledge, maybe?

Prem Rawat when he was a toddler Declares He Will Create World Peace
Prem Rawat, a sick old man, Declares He Can Create the Possibility of Peace


The One Consistent Attitude He has Displayed is Gall, Chutzpah and Shamelessness

Maharaji (Prem Rawat) Swearing on the Bible He Will Bring World Peace

I guess you have to admire his nerve in coming to the West in 1971 claiming to be the Lord of the Universe and Perfect Master and demanding worship and luxury and money in equal measure while not even pretending to be anything but a selfish and ignorant young boy. He could parrot a hazy, simplistic line in Sant Mat-ish Hinduism and used that as a shield to hide behind. Its not as if he wasn't the only such messenger from the Mystic East who were doing well for themselves. I guess you'd have to put it down to the times. Pray God they never come again.

Prem Rawat Declares He Will Create World Peace


The One Consistent Message Prem Rawat Has Preached is the Unique Specialness of Himself and "His" Knowledge.

Prem Rawat Declares He Will Create World Peace

This is particularly outrageous as the the four meditation techniques he claims as his own are nothing special and hardly unique. Judging by his own attitudes towards his loyal followers of 50 years they are pretty well useless as well.

First Technique: Divine Light
Second Technique: Music
Third Technique: Holy Name or Word
Fourth Technique: Divine Nectar


The Overwhelming Majority of Prem Rawat's Meditators Were Young When They Were Initiated circa 1970

Group of Prem Rawat's Young Meditators in 1973

Prem Rawat: Bogus Global Peace Ambassador


By 2020 The Median Age is About 70 Years Old

Timeless Today for Prem Rawat's Meditators in 2006

Here is a Photo of All His Meditators Prem Rawat Has Authorised to Teach "the Knowledge" and Advise People (2020)

Prems auhorised teachers

Yep, You've Got It. There Are None. Prem Doesn't Think Very Highly of His Meditators


50 Years Ago World Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Exploded His "Peace Bomb"

World Peace Ambassador's Peace Bomb

Prem Rawat: Bogus Global Peace Ambassador


Through the Power of Exponentiality Prem Rawat Declared He Would Bring "Peace To The World"

"I have a plan for world peace, you see. And if we all work to it, I'm sure we can get It. I can see how its going to work out. It wasn't very hard reaching the hearts of six million people, right? So it's not going to be hard for six million people to reach the hearts or one person each -- and that makes it 12 million. And it's not going to be hard for 12 million people to reach the hearts of one person each and that's going to be -- go ahead multiply it! And that's it, there you are."

Published in the "Divine Light" monthly magpeace_ambassador_prem_rawat_dayazine, Volume 2, Number 6, March, 1973, pp 3 - 5
Note: Prem Rawat has never actually had 6 million followers


World Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat Declares A Thousand Years' Reich

Prem's Thousand Years of Peace

Prem's Thousand Years of Peace