Guru Maharaj Ji

South American tour Cancun, Mexico - January 16, 1980

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker In South America In Hawaiian Shirt 1980
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) On Stage In South America In Hawaiian Shirt 1980

So premies, I've been trying to learn a few words of Spanish but I'm not having very good luck with it. But again, today somebody asked a relatively stupid question. And the question was, "Should we sing arti in English or Spanish?" I think that's fairly stupid because it's like asking, "Which colour should the sun shine in?" I mean, perhaps you have a green suit on and you would like the sun to shine a little bit green that particular day. But it doesn't work like that. The sun is what it is and its going to shine just the way it emanates, just the way it is, the way it has been created.

That's exactly the way it is with that love, with that devotion, with that inspiration from a devotee's heart. Whether it be Spanish, whether it be English, whether it be Hindi, whether it be any language, if that love is sincere, if that love is true, if that devotion is true, then it really doesn't make much of a difference in which language it's expressed. Because languages are created by man. Languages are created, differences are created, by human beings, not by the Creator.

All these differences that we feel, all the differences that we see in this world, all the differences that exist in this world - massive - I mean, it's incredible. Every single little concept from A to Z, from the Spanish language to the English language to the Hindi language to Sanskrit to you name it. All these languages, all these things that exist, are nothing but a lot of concepts, a lot of ideas.

But when you try to take what's pure, when you try to take what's real and try to fit it in, it doesn't work. That's why when Jesus came he couldn't function in this world in that sense. He had to resort to those people who were open to him, to those people who could be the devotees, who could have that devotion, who could have that understanding. That was it. To other people it doesn't even make sense.

It didn't even make sense at that time. And today you look at it. There are Catholics. There are Protestants. There are Presbyterians. There's everyone. Because what's real always stays real. And never can you change it, never can you change it by your concepts.

That's exactly the thing with devotion. Devotion is that connection that all those devotees at that time of Jesus had to him, that Arjun had to Krishna, that Hanuman had to Ram. It's that link between what that Master comes in this world for and what we are here for. It's that ultimate link. That's the devotion. That is devotion.

When we try to take our concepts again and somehow monkey it all up, with our devotion - take our concepts, fake our devotion and try to lay our concepts on top of the devotion - it doesn't work. It doesn't work for any of us. Because, again, it has to be sincere. It has to be the point of surrender. It has to be to the point of that clarity where you can understand, where you can see, where it's beyond ego, where it's beyond doubt.

Because how much doubt do we accumulate? And yet, is there a single reason in this entire universe for us to have a doubt, for a devotee to have a doubt? Every single question that we pose to ourselves, every single question that we pose….There are so many question and answers that used to happen and lately they've been printing them up. And I look at them sometimes and it's all so stupid. It was about the same density of stupidness then as now.

We can sit in an air-conditioned hall where the air is conditioned to be cold, to be warm. We can take the sun, put an opaque material between it and us and hide that incredible heavenly beauty. But can we? That's still out there. That always will be. That always exists. We go back and forth, we disappear into the circles, we disappear into all these things. And the doubt that we have - what is the reason for the doubt? What do we see between where we start from and what's going to happen to us one day? Where in all that is there room for doubt? You tell me.

Here we are. There was a time when we were only so big. There was even a time when we weren't there. There was nothing, just nothing. You didn't exist. Your face didn't exist. Your identity didn't exist. Your concept didn't exist. Your ideas didn't exist. Nothing existed.

Then somehow we end up in this whole thing, in this whole universe, in this entire world, somehow. And here we are. And one day - which is absolutely definite - we're all going to kick the bucket, we're all going to die. We get born in this world. That's granted because we are here. And we will all die one day. And that's also granted. When its so clear, when it's so black and white, where is the room for doubts? What is doubt?

That there is a purpose that has to be fulfilled, that the experience of Knowledge, the experience of Guru Maharaj Ji is what makes that birth complete and makes that death complete. Without that, that's all it remains. Without that, that's it: thousands of creatures, thousands of things.

There is this religion - Jain religion - and in this religion, their main thing is not to kill anything. They don't want to kill anything. So what they wear to prevent the germs from coming in - because they don't want to kill the germs - is this little mask right over their nose and their mouth, like a surgeon. And when they walk, they always sweep the floor in front of them so that they will not step on anything. And yet still, unknowingly, how many little creatures die? Just like that. Because germs enter their body, their bodies fight back and the virus or whatever it is, is killed regardless. Because it's such a cycle in this world of birth and death.

There is a little ant - this itsy, bitsy little ant crawling somewhere. And you take your finger and "squash." And that's it. It's finished. Whatever it is, whatever it was, whatever its life is, whatever its cycle was, doesn't matter anymore. It's done. Over with, finished, gone. That's it.

Look at all the Aztec Indians, the Inca Indians: all these incredible things that stand as structures and all the things they did. It's all gone, disappeared, finished, done, over with. They stand there. The Mexican government puts a lot of money into keeping them straight, keeping them ship-shape so people can go and look at them. But then there'll be one time when there will be nothing left of anything. That's how empty the cycle is. We all live it. We don't have a choice over it.

But when Guru Maharaj Ji comes, he gives a purpose to our birth. For our existence in this human life, he gives us that purpose. He gives us that understanding, why we were born - not to be just born because we were just born but a reason - and when we leave this world there is then some reason behind it, too. There has been a completion of this life. And Guru Maharaj Ji gives us that Knowledge through which it is completely fulfilled. It fulfils us. It satisfies us because it gives us that peace, because it gives us that happiness, because it gives us that Truth.

To me, that's how simple it is. That's how simple it's always been. But somehow, from somewhere, all the doubt arises, the confusion arises, the ego comes in. All the little things just walk right into our lives and become so much a part. That's it.

Back there in the little room there is a little drum. In Hindi it's called damru. It's a little drum on a stick. It has two cords attached to it with a bead on each end. And you twist it back and forth and the beads hit the drum and they make this sound. And in India they have these little monkeys and there is the owner of the monkey. And the owner shakes his drum and the monkey dances. The monkey does tricks. And when the whole show is finished, the monkey goes asking every single person for money. And people take the money out. Day in and day out, day in and day out, day in and day out, that's exactly what happens in that monkey's life.

To me, that monkey's life is so simple. that's so simple. All he has to do is when he hears that beat, dance. After the dancing is finished, he reaches out. Ile doesn't know what it is. He's not into money, it's not like he's going to get two dimes or two pesos and take one, put it under his hat, and give one to his master. What's he going to do with it? He can't go to a store and say, "Give me some candy. Give me some peanuts: To him, his life is very simple. That's it. He's alive. His master feeds him. and all he has to do is every time he hears that drum, dance.

Anyway, it's the same thing for him. If he were in the jungle he would be climbing from tree to tree to tree to tree anyway, doing that dance. His master protects him; his master does everything for him. And he does this for his master. What is there in his life to be desired? In that sense, what is there to be desired? Nothing. All his desires are hopeless. All his desires cannot be fulfilled anyway. Because it's so limited.

We can dream of things. We do dream of things. Do they get fulfilled? Look at this place, Cancun - five years old, six years old. What was this? A big beach or something. And then man comes. Big jungle and he hacks away at it and a whole city is being created and a whole city is being built and there is a dream. Is it really coming true? No. It's not coming true because one day - the dream stays the dream - but one day whoever's dream it is will wake up. And the entire Cancun will be missing.

This world - New York Empire State Building is somebody's dream. The guy can stand at the very bottom of it and say, "Yes, this is my dream come true." Is it? No. That dream always stays a dream because one day he'll wake up and it'll be gone. There will be no building. There will be no world. There'll be no ocean. There'll be nothing. Because none of these things are what we are here for.

This hall - this gigantic hall - it's not so gigantic, actually. It just looks like a big house. One day somebody must have put so much energy into this thing. The guy who invented this entire air-method - probably all the money he is making from it, he's probably really blissed out and thinking to himself, "Yeah, my dream has really come true."

In Japan they have a structure that you could fit quite a few of these structures inside. I think it a few storeys high. It has a parking lot in it and has a whole entire shopping plaza inside of it. Has everything. And then it has one of these things to support it. So what is this fine line between dream and reality?

We fight. We fight so much to know what's real. We want something that's real in our lives so much. Always. Having that want, having that feeling - there has to be something more.

And there is something more. There is that Knowledge in our lives. There is something more: There is Guru Maharaj Ji. There is something more because there is an experience. When we submerge into that experience, when we submerge into the Truth, when we submerge into the experience of sat, chit and anand - Truth, consciousness and bliss - which to me encompasses entirely everything - what is left? Truth, which is that primordial energy on behalf of which everything is existing - be it Mars, be it the sun, be it the moon, be it Earth, be it any little creature, be it any little plant, be it a little ant, be it anything.The Truth.

To me, this isn't the factor of Truth: "Is this microphone working? Yes or no?"

One is truth and one is a lie. Yes, its true. One is truth and one is a lie. But whose life will that change? If I said, "Nor what will happen? Anything? Nothing. Nothing will happen. Not one single thing will manifest. Not one single thing will be demolished because truth is something that is true.

Today, in schools, they have all these morals classes and the teacher gets up and says, "Now, don't you tell lies. Don't tell lies:' And students are motivated towards not telling lies. But is there any purpose why they shouldn't tell lies? Is there a reason why they shouldn't tell lies when this whole world is a lie, when everything this world promises them is a lie? If you live in a gingerbread house and you happen to have a little piece of it, would it make any difference? I mean, you live in it. You felt a little hungry, you didn't have anything, so you eat the curtains. What difference does it make? Or you slammed the door too hard, it cracked a little hit and a few pieces of bread fell in your mouth. What difference would it make? Because it the same boat.

But when we have the Truth, when we have the experience of Truth, that's what motivates us to tell the truth, to tell what's real, to tell what's right. Because then we can be in that focus. Then we can be in that consciousness. But if we are not feeling it in ourselves, then that's this whole world. Then there is this entire creation: Creation: purposeless, absolutely purposeless. If the reason isn't being fulfilled…

You look at these structures the Inca Indians or these other civilizations created. Why are they deteriorating? Because their purpose wasn't just to stand there. They were not built so that we could drive in our 1980 car and look at them or so that they could he printed in some tourist book, or some American tourists or German tourists could come along with their cameras and "click, click, click." That's not the purpose. That's not the reason why they were built. They were built for an entire purpose - to live in. And when that purpose was being fulfilled, they were in immaculate shape. They were being taken care of, they were clean. Must have been fabulous.

And now, all they are is just scraps of this and scraps of that. And this has fallen down and that has fallen down. And people go and patch it up and keep it clean and keep it a little mysterious - looking so that all the tourists can come there and open their eves wide, "How did they ever build a pyramid like this?" That's the big question. "How did they ever build it?"

What difference does it make? "Pyramid Construction Corporation - Egypt." They made it They had a crane. I mean, what's the big thing? They had a gigantic crane with a great big diesel engine in it. Is that all relevant? Because we can learn how to make pyramids. We can find out how the pyramids were made. What for? So when we die we will he able to go inside a pyramid and be buried? It has absolutely no purpose. We can build massive structures. Only one day they're going to fall down. We can do anything.

But there is another purpose. There's another side to this entire story of this little monkey that comes along and begs money from everybody. This is the condition of this world. Obviously, so much like it. Those stories of the swan and the owls - the owls had never seen the sun.

Look at it even. Truth is such a mysterious thing to people. People can't comprehend what Truth is. People can't understand what Truth is. What possibly can it be? People think it's a way of life.

Here we have these sharks - supposed to he a few minutes away. I call them "monastic order sharks" because they're sleeping down there in those caves. Sharks don't sleep, but these guys do. And you can go and you can poke them and they'll still stay there. And you irritate them too much and they'll split the cave and come back. (I was saying, why not take some initiator applications and see if the sharks will sign it.)

But this is, in one sense, our reality. When that shark gets hungry it has to eat. And it'll eat - if you are there, it'll eat you, when it gets hungry. If you're not there and something else is there, it'll eat that. I mean, what is it? There were these photographers once who went down into the Pacific to film these great white sharks. And there were all these guys with cameras and they were filming them and they were feeding them. And they were starting all this frenzy and everything. All of a sudden one of the sharks attacked a cameraman. So instead of saving him - they couldn't do anything to save him - they kept rolling the film. And the shark just kept eating this guy up. They just filmed this whole thing about it.

When you make ice cubes you take a tray and you fill it with water and you stick it in the freezer. Before you stick it in the freezer, you take this grid and you stick this grid in the tray, And then all of a sudden, two hours later, there are ice cubes. Every individual piece of water has frozen, has its own shape, size - every dimension. Here is this whole tray that's like this entire creation that we are in. All of sudden we take our concepts…

What Guru Maharaj Ji has to offer us is so universal. It's incredible. It isn't like the Indian premies in India have a different experience of Knowledge than the Mexican premies in Mexico, which is hundred - and - eighty degrees around this world. Everything else is different. You can go to a Mexican restaurant in India and you might even be able to get fresh tortillas, but they'll never taste the same. There'll be vast difference.

You can go to Italy and have a pizza, but that'll never taste the same as the American pizza. Just the way it is. You can go to France and ask for french fries.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker In South America In Hawaiian Shirt 1980
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) On Stage In South America In Hawaiian Shirt 1980

And they'll say, "What?" And of course they have Chinese dishes in America that the Chinese don't know about. But that's the way it is. It's completely - this is the world. Everything is all different. Everything is all weird. Everything is whatever it is in its own perspective.

And Guru Maharaj Ji comes and reveals this realization within inside of us which is exactly the same: Italian premies, Mexican premies, Chinese premies, Indian premies, American premies, Canadian premies. (Canadians will like that very much, to be distinguished from American premies.) It's the same Knowledge. Because, in essence, however different we feel, we come from one thing, from that one essence. Guru Maharaj Ji takes us and unites us back into that essence. And that's why, after that, there is nothing else needed.

This is why I say that the doubts disappear. Because this life becomes simple. We create doubts. Sure, we create doubts. We're always doubtful of everything in this world. We even doubt ourselves. We get up some morning, "Where am I? Am I alive? Am I dead?"

Haven't you had one of those dreams where you have a falling sensation? And you're falling and falling. Just before you hit, you wake up. That's your reality. You're not falling anywhere. You're sleeping on the bed all the time, the whole time. That doubt that comes - it's just so simple. That maya, this illusion, this world, takes us from Light and puts us in darkness. And Guru Maharaj Ji takes us from darkness and puts us into Light. When we have that experience, it becomes very clear.

You sit down for meditation. Perhaps even for one hour your mind goes back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth. And yet you know when that experience of meditation, when that experience of Guru Maharaj Ji, manifests for you, there's absolutely not a single doubt left because there is a complete experience. Because it's real. The mind has no room to go around in. You go to that space which is above the mind. The mind only functions in these levels - the levels that we indulge in every day.

That "normal life" - you sit down for meditation and have this incredible experience, then you stay there for a little while so you can shoot a nice approach - downwind and base leg - shoot a nice approach back into this world. Because you've been up there and you come back into this world to become a part of all this confusion, to become a part of all this mess, to get a very simple thing done, which is to be alive. That's all we have to do is to be alive.

Let me explain, because I don't think any human being who calls himself alive in this world is actually alive. They're dead. They're numb. They're unconscious. They have no life because they don't know life. That's the way we are in this world.

We are alive but we might as well be dead. What's the difference?

Before coming here, in Miami I was driving and all of a sudden this hearse pulled right next to me. And I looked at this guy. This whole car had a real vibe to it. It (lid. It looks weird. And what happens is all these dead people get their last car ride - point A to point B - to get buried. And you see this thing. It's chauffeur-driven but there are no seats for you to sit on. There's only one place for your coffin to be slipped in. That's it. Even though there are all these big windows, you're not going to see anything.

The guy knows it. Everybody knows it. There seems to be enough room to open the lid up but hopefully, for the sake of the driver of that car, you won't open your lid up and walk out or something, "Where are we going?"

He pulled up and he was smoking away on his pipe. And I just looked at him. And this guy didn't care. To him it didn't matter. I le had seen it so many times, so many times, that he had gone beyond the point of even considering that some day that's what's going to happen to him. Its incredible.

To me, I see a dead body somewhere being taken away and it's like, "Wow!" That's as much a part as being born - being carried away in that coffin. Because it has to happen to every single human being. And yet, for this person, so many times this thing has manifested - so many times - that it's not even a reality. To him, he's not going to die one day. It's never going to happen to him.

And is that life? Being numb? We're poked at, made fun of, laughed at, driven to the extremes. And yet, "Nothing happens to us."

So much is taught. Time after time, age after age, Perfect Master has incarnated into this world. If we were truly alive and the essence of life came, would we miss out? It doesn't even make sense. Because when that essence of life would manifest…

Ants like sugar. And bees like honey, like flowers. And you can take sugar and you can put a flower right next to it. The bee will come to the flower and the ant will go to the sugar. Because they know. They know their life; they know their essence. They know, "Yes, that's food." The bee knows there's food there. And yet, that piece of sugar is totally unusable to that bee. What is he going to do with it? And it becomes so clear to them.

In this entire world you look at it. The way this entire nature functions it's so clear. And yet for human beings, time after time that incarnation happens of the person, of the being, of the Lord, who can reveal us, who can show us what this life is, who can give us the meaning of this life, who can make us alive.

Otherwise, what is it? We are abused just like a dead carcass. What happens to a dead carcass? You leave it there. I've seen it in Calcutta. Boy, it was really, really gory. I walked off the train and there was this dead body lying there and the flies - the mouth was open - the flies were going in and coming out. That's what it is. But that's exactly the way this world is.

Look at disco dancing. It was the biggest thing. Everybody had to go disco dancing. "You're hungry? It's okay. Wait. Go disco dancing first." I mean, all the movies and all these things that people watched: disco dancing, disco dancing. All the records: disco dancing. Even classical music: disco dancing. Everything: disco dancing.

It's already starting to taper down. You can only move so much. After that you get moved out. And that's it. And the whole trend of disco dancing is slowly starting to dissipate.

You look at it from trend to trend to trend. One fly after another fly coming and taking a bite of us, of this life. Sure, you can go disco dancing if you want, but the same exact time can be spent in satsang, service and meditation, in the experience of this life. Not to go there and see somebody dancing on the floor and get all blissed out so that you can go up there and you can disco dance, too. And all this music is playing and the whole floor is lit up with these different lights going back and forth - not that.

But Guru Maharaj Ji … I mean, look at this. You can be sitting in a movie theatre and you can he watching John Wayne talking with his one eye patched up, which of course isn't real. Both his eyes could see. But his one eye is patched up. He has a gun in one pocket. And he's talking to this lady or whatever and this happens and that happens. And you could be all there. I mean, have you ever looked back watching movie and seen other people? If their mouth is open, it'll just stay open.

I remember the last South American tour. In one of the countries - I don't remember where - we went to see this movie: "The Earthquake." This is incredible, actually. When this guy saves - something happens and this guy saves this one person - everybody claps like, "Wow! Man! It really, really happened. He's a hero. He's saved him from this earthquake. He saved this guy."

If they could see what actually happens behind the scenes. "Cut!" There's the guy in the middle of saving somebody. "Cut!" Save him again and again till he has saved him "just the right way." Shake the building again and again till that building, shakes the right way, till the guy falls down and a big styrofoam block falls on his stomach and the blood comes oozing out of his mouth. "Put some more blood on him." I mean, this whole scene. Somebody is supposed to be lying dead. You move a little bit. "Cut. Don't move. You're supposed to be dead."

And what is it? It's a complete take away from that consciousness and we're brought into a complete unreality. On a screen, through a projector, it's all believed to be real - every part, every square inch. Do people even realize that in fact if John Wayne were as big as he looks to you sitting down there in front of the screen, you'd be about this big - about an inch - and he's this hundred-foot monster. Because that's what some of the screens are. You'd faint if he walked right in front of you. Because he could just squash you, just like that. He wouldn't even see. You'd be like a little ant.

But all this attracts us. And yet, when we come to hear satsang we sit down. It's the same format. There is no screen back there. And we come and we can concentrate and we can listen to something and none of it's fake. Every single bit of it's more real than we can even dream of. It's more real, and all we have to do is open up and submerge. All we have to do is open up and completely be dissolved in the reality, to be taken away in the experience of satsang, in that experience of Truth. Not in the experience of somebody's concept - not in the experience of some director who stands there with a little thing going, "Cut." Or some cameraman, "Are you rolling? Did you make this boo - boo? Did you make that boo - boo? Did you get the sound?" - but in that experience that's one hundred percent real.

Guru Maharaj Ji's come, devotees come and we listen. We listen to that experience. That experience is real, that experience manifests.

Otherwise all it is is a nightmare. Otherwise all it is is a complete fake. This entire world becomes that.

And when that transaction of the true experience manifests, there is nothing left. There is no other necessity for a desire. There is no necessity for a doubt. 'There is no necessity for a confusion of ego.

I'm putting it in those very particular words - necessity - because we feel it's very necessary for us to have ego and to have doubt and to be confused. Because if we are not…don't you remember the kid in the school? When nobody has absolutely any questions - the period is just about over and you want to get rid of the teacher - and just stay quiet or he'll move on to another subject - of all those kids, this one little kid has to get his hand up just because he wants to prove he's very interested. Not that he has a question either. He is the smartest kid in the class. But the teacher gets very impressed, "Yes, he's really listening to me. Look at his question." And, of course, while the teacher is giving the answer he looks at everybody.

We think we need all that. We think every day. Every day we get up. Every time we sit down for meditation, what do we search for? "Am I having an experience? Am I having an experience? Oh, no. I'm not having an experience. Am I having an experience? No. I'm not having an experience."

Whether you're having an experience or not, it's absolutely useless to have an experience at that point because you're searching for a non-experience. You're meditating on confusion. You're meditating on doubt. You're meditating on the wrong thing sometimes.

That's the key of surrender. That's why we need to surrender. That's the purpose of surrender. You're not going to take yourself one day, put yourself in a crate, stamp yourself "To Guru Maharaj Ji" and call it surrender. 'That's not surrender. Or one day you're going to be just this person - everybody will leave and you will be just staying there, standing there, sitting there. That's not surrender either.

Then what is surrender ?

So surrender to that ultimate thing. Surrender isn't going to take our lives away. This life - you want to surrender this life? This is not your life. How are you going to surrender it? How are you going to surrender this life when it absolutely has nothing to do with you? You just live it.

Yet there is that one thing: the quest for being confused. The disease in you that makes you susceptible to that ego - that makes you susceptible to that confusion, that makes you susceptible to that mind, that part of you that searches, that seeks out - has to be surrendered. And when that is surrendered, then truly there will be no other room for anything else except the true manifestation of an experience.

I mean, every single scripture does not agitate a doubt in us. But we in turn agitate a doubt, invent a doubt and try to answer it. Because then all our life becomes is this very simple question-and-answer, question-and-answer, question-and-answer. No: Life isn't a matter of question and answer. It's an experience.

How many questions will it take for you to satisfy your thirst? You can ask every single question, yet only one single question - which is not a question but a request - can satisfy your thirst. And that is, "May I please have a drink of water?" It's a request. And that is the only request…

And other questions - "What colour is water?" - will that satisfy your thirst? No. "How heavy is water?" Will that satisfy your thirst? No. "How big is water?" Will that satisfy your thirst? No.

And yet there is only one chance, to request, "May I please have that experience?" And that's the chance…

For all those devotees, what did they do? Of course they asked Jesus all the questions: "What happens then?" and "What happens now?" and "What if I do this?" and "What if I do that?"

All Guru Maharaj Ji … look, we can have a lot of doubts. We can have all these things. And yet, all Guru Maharaj Ji wants us to have is that devotion for him. If there were that devotion from our hearts to Guru Maharaj Ji, then through that devotion he will fulfil us. From our devotion we fulfil Guru Maharaj Ji - what Guru Maharaj Ji wants: that love, that devotion. And through that devotion he

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker With Giant Holi Water Cannon In South America 1980
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) With Giant Holi Water Cannon In South America 1980

fulfils us, what we want: that experience to be complete, to be one, not to be fragmented in different pieces.

Because for so many of us, reality is that thing that somehow always ends up one mile away from us. Somehow we try to reach it and it moves further. We try to reach it again and it moves further. And we try to reach it again, it moves further. And that's not reality. That's us. We seem to move further but were actually moving backwards. We actually move backwards, not forwards. Instead of coming to Guru Maharaj Ji, instead of surrendering to Guru Maharaj Ji, instead of giving that love to Guru Maharaj Ji, we fragment our love and give it to everything else in this world.

That's where it sits for us, "Oh, my this." "Oh, my husband." "Oh, my wife." "Oh, my father." "Oh, my mother." "Oh, my everything." "I want to give a little bit of my love to my son: Sure, it's beautiful to love your son. It's beautiful to love your daughter. Hug them. Kiss them - whatever you do. But then there is that sincere love. And even if you want to give that sincere love, you can't. It's not a matter that you can. You can't. It's impossible. It doesn't stick. It's like trying to take this special glue that's made for plastic and glue two pieces of styrofoam. You put the same glue on it and it'll just dissolve the styrofoam. It won't work.

To me, it's the same thing. In one sense, we can. I mean, look at my children. I love them and it's beautiful. But is that really…? I know that I can't give my sincere love to them because that sincere love, that really sincere love, has already been dedicated to Guru Maharaj Ji. And that's the only thing I can be sincere about. That's the only real thing I can be sincere about.

I mean, I hope not, but tomorrow they could come up to me and say "Ciao, pops," which happens to so many people. Then what do you do? What do you hold on to? What is there to hold on to?

But the true sincere love, that sincere love, that love that's not because of a reason, that devotion where that love is so sincere - so sincere that it changes its name from love to devotion. I cannot give my devotion to anything else in this world except to my Guru Maharaj Ji, because it's sincere. I cannot have an expectation. What can I expect? That's where I have to learn humility. That's why I have to be humble.

I need not be humble anywhere else in this world but I need to be humble when I stand at my Guru Maharaj Ji's Feet. Because he has given me everything. I can expect things but I cannot expect anything from my Guru Maharaj Ji because he has given me everything. If I go expecting something from Guru Maharaj Ji, then I know I shall never get it. Because I have to be a devotee.

It's not as simple as you take a dime, insert it in a soda machine, push the button and out comes your soda. Guru Maharaj Ji isn't like that. Knowledge isn't like that. I have to be humble. I have to be surrendered. I can't have any expectations.

"Why do I follow my Guru Maharaj Ji? Because he'll give me happiness."

At random, I don't think I even know how to spell "happiness." Because what this world thinks is happiness is in fact absolute misery.

And yet, Guru Maharaj Ji then gives me happiness, because he makes me happy without any reason. A blind man sees through his stick. When that stick goes away, his perception also becomes limited. If my happiness is based upon a reason, then the day the reason will disappear, so will my happiness. It's as simple as that.

It's like, people like gum. They like to chew gum. Then they lose their teeth and they can't chew gum. And their love for the gum slowly disappears. I mean, that's the way this world is. You chew gum, you'll get in a lot of trouble. It'll be all over your dentures. It'll pull them out; they'll pop out - whatever - stick together.

And yet, it has to be absolutely reasonless why I am devoted to my Guru Maharaj Ji. That in itself is the ultimate reason: be devoted, not to think, not to have my expectations. "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, make me a little happier. I want to be happy." When I know I am rooted into the roots, into the depths, of sadness when I look for that - how am I going to become happy? When in fact every day I can…

Look at our doubts and confusions. When every day we can be thinking about Guru Maharaj Ji, when every day we can be thinking about how beautiful Knowledge is, what do we think of? "My mind! My mind! My crazy ugly mind. I hope it doesn't get me today." And then it does because you just invited it. "Come and get me" For that moment that we can be completely experiencing Guru Maharaj Ji, 'or that moment that we can be experiencing satchitanand - Truth, consciousness and bliss - we completely become prone to experiencing the opposite.

And that's why Guru Maharaj Ji always has to come and flop us over on the other side. We're like this pancake. It's on one side. It'll stay there. It'll burn. And the other side will be raw. Because we are so prone to it. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes with his spatula of his Knowledge, sticks it between us and the hot pan and flips us over

We may think we have a lot of solutions. We may think we can do a lot of things. And yet, premies, there is no solution. The answer - that solution - only is in Guru Maharaj Ji, only is in that Knowledge, not in our doubts, not in our confusion.

Oh, yes, I mean, confusion - the different manifestations that mind loves to manifest. Incredible. No reason absolutely but it loves to manifest in its own subtle little ways.

Guru Maharaj Ji comes, chops the jungle. It's so beautiful. It's so clear. There are no differences. Here I am and you're sitting there and I am sitting here and that's it. It doesn't make any difference anywhere else. I am giving satsang, you are listening and that's - it. It doesn't make any difference. The whole world can be collapsing, but its okay. Because what must go up must come down.

Even with this hall, if those doors back there were left open too long, the whole thing would just slowly come down. And to me, this is the way mind is: Do you realize that there is air in here, a lot of air in here, that's being pumped right now? Can you feel it? I can't feel the air. The leaves are completely still and everything is… Yet you open the door and there's a big rush of air. And you feel like, "Oh!" It never occurs to you. But the weakness - do you see all those patches? There's some patches over there; there's some patches over there. Those patches are important to this thing's existence. That's not a cosmetic job. That's the real thing. And the bigger the hole, the faster this whole thing goes.

And yet, you get emerged in mind. Once you get emerged in mind, you don't know which direction it is. You don't know what's happening. You're completely lost.

And this is where Guru Maharaj Ji comes in and says, "Don't be trapped in this trap. Come. I'll take you to a place where this will never happen. Come. I'll take you to a being, to a level of existence, where all you can do is be existent; where you don't have to watch out for when you will be existing and when you will be nonexistent. Come, I'll take you to the level where that sadness, that mind, shall not exist for you. Come, I'll take you to a place where you can be, you can just be." Not your pomp and show and your mystery and your facade and all your ego - everything. Everybody's individual colognes and ties and suits and blah, blah, blah, blah. We will just be. And then, that's it.

We have to be ready in our hearts when Guru Maharaj Ji extends an invitation to us, so that we accept. Do we realize that Guru Maharaj Ji has extended this invitation at least a zillion times?

It's said that this Earth never was without Guru Maharaj Ji. Do you realize how many days it has been since this Earth was created? And for every single day that this Earth has been, Guru Maharaj Ji has extended that invitation to his devotees - every single one, every single being, every single human - to come, to experience, to love, to just be.

And that's what we have to flow with. That's what we have to realize. That's what we have to understand. Whatever it takes, we have to nourish Guru Maharaj Ji's love. We have to prosper in Guru Maharaj Ji's world, not in our world, not in our dimension of mind, not proceed on this path of confusion. And yet, to follow Guru Maharaj Ji we can just do that, what more is there? There is nothing more.

So premies, it's okay to be in Mexico but it's beautiful to be here - Mexico is Mexico - not in this hall, either, but just to be here having satsang. It makes it definitely all worthwhile: taking cold showers in the morning, water runs dry, you wait for the fire truck to fill the tank on top of the house and you rush into the shower. I mean, it's adventurous. (But then, I don't have a hunter's hat on either. I'm not looking for adventure.)

And all that definitely becomes worthwhile when there is satsang, when there is just that inspiration that manifests, when there is that chance, when there is that opportunity.

So premies, tomorrow, hopefully, there'll be darshan. And after that we'll have some more satsang … Anyway, just be here. Just be concentrated. The experience of satsang, service, meditation - this opportunity that comes - it's rare. As far as I'm concerned, it's happening after five years, approximately. And maybe it'll happen again more and more. We have to be open more and more. We have to be there when it happens. When that experience manifests, we have to be present.

So premies, dig in. And thank you very much. Good night.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Holi Festival 1980
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Saturated At Holi In South America 1980
Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Holi Festival 1980
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) With Giant Holi Water Cannon In South America 1980