Site Policy re Copyright

The purpose of this website is to provide true and correct information about Prem Rawat, his history, and his organisations, that is not available on the many propaganda websites created by his followers.

It is not the intention that this site should prevent anyone from having Prem Rawat as their 'Master' nor is it possible for it to do so. It is not the intention that this site should prevent anyone practising the techniques of meditation Rawat claims to reveal and teach nor is it possible for it to do so. If they wish to poke their finger and thumb in their eyes, their thumbs in their ears, concentrate on their breath and roll their tongue backwards, that is their choice.

Anyone who identifies any inaccuracies on this site, or feels they have been unfairly maligned by the information on this site, should write to the webmaster at


This site and its contents exist for solely non-commercial educational purposes. All text, images, audio and video content are published here under applicable "fair use" provisions where copyright may exist. Because of the unusual situation that much of the material originally published by Divine Light Mission or Elan Vital is no longer available from Elan Vital, and in fact has been actively suppressed to support the revisionism practised by Prem Rawat and his followers, it has been deemed necessary to publish larger extracts, and sometimes whole publications, to fulfill the educational aims of this site. Extracts from those publications that are still published by Elan Vital or the Prem Rawat Foundation are appropriately small to comply with "fair use" provisions.

All original work on this site (except 6 copyrighted songs) is deemed to be in the public domain and may be downloaded, republished in whole or in part, at the reader's discretion. When reproducing any of the original work on this site an appropriate attribution and link would be appreciated.

Everything is published here under applicable fair use provisions. (hopefully)

Observant readers may find a number of missing links to external sites and pages. These are invariably links to Rawat's past propaganda that have been erased. He prefers his past to be forgotten.