In the Beginning

The first discourse by Prem Rawat (Shri Guru Maharaj Ji) in America, Los Angeles, July 17, 1971.

We have this human body, but you should realize why that Supreme Being, that Lord, has given us this human frame. It is not just to eat, drink, and be merry, because this is not the aim of our lives. The aim of our lives is something else - not to eat, drink, and be merry. That something else is the realization, the true realization, of God.

I was just telling in a discourse that took place at my residence that you will have to apply to a Satguru. You will have to find a Satguru to find God, because until we find a Satguru we won't even be able to find God. See, God is present now and we are also; we are also alive, but we can't know God just like that.

There is money in a bank, and I, the owner of the money, am also living. The check book is also with me. But until I write on that check book and sign it, the money cannot be given to you. The check book will have to be signed, and the amount written, and the name signed. Only then will it be possible for you to get that money.

We are alive. God is there. But no communication wire is communicating ourselves with God. We desire the attachment in which we and God are combined and a very frequent conversation will take place, a very frequent communication will take place. For that we will have to search for a real Master, a true Satguru, who can lead us to the true path.

Really, all these materialistic things can give us very little satisfaction. Suppose that I want to sit on a chair and I am not getting a chair, I am standing up. As soon as I get a chair I will feel some satisfaction of mind, but then I will need a table. When I will have a table, then I will need a pad over it. When I'll have a pad over it, then I'll need a pen. When I'll have a pen, then I'll need ink. Then ink, then my qualifications, then a name on that pad, and so on goes the extension of mind. The mind has such strong vibrations that they are multiplied. If, suppose, one vibration is cast out from the mind, it will be multiplied several times and then several desires come to us.

The people were not satisfied to make a Piper plane, so they invented a twin-prop. They were not satisfied by a twin-prop so they invented a DC-6. They were not satisfied by a DC-6 so they made Boeing jets. They were not satisfied by that so they made Jumbo jets. They were even not satisfied by that so they are making the Concorde plane now. And when they will not be satisfied by that, I don't know what they will do. So it is just multiplied.

Now, what we will have to do is, we are to put a divisional sign over us so that the only desire which we have to wish for is satisfaction: just our satisfaction that the important things in our life may come to us, and the desire to know God. To have that Truth you must go to Him. We have to divide our desire by two. Half of it, let it be to the body just to complete the needs, and half of it, let it go to the Supreme Master to realize God. Actually, there are several paths, not like voting where you have several choices, and you pick one, check it, and then follow that choice, but you have to come out in this world - experience it - and only then can you gain the true thing.

People write in their books, "I have heard." People have been taught, they say, "I have heard." But for the people who have experienced, then the words, "I have heard," go off. Suppose l am saying to you out there that I have heard that there are rubber roads in Paris. Now I have experienced it, so I won't say, "I have heard;" I will say, "I have experienced it. I have seen it. The roads in Paris are like rubber, rubber roads." So now - now we are just saying that we should know God, we should realize Him, we should do that, we should do that. But when you realize, then somebody will ask you what you have done, "Oh, I have realized that Supreme Being, that Supreme God." So, you have to realize God and there is a special technique, that Raja Yoga - not yoga - Raja Yoga: yoga of mind and not of body. Of mind. That yoga of mind which I teach, Krishna taught to Arjuna. Krishna says, "Arjuna, this is the Raja Yoga and every yoga started from it." Every yoga started from it.

There are two people, both are Mr. Anand. You know "anand"? I don't think so. Mr. Anand means a happy man; "anand" means happiness. There is one Mr. Anand and there is another Mr. Anand,


The 14 Year Old Guru and Perfect Master Prem Rawat in 1971
The 14 Year Old Guru and Perfect Master Prem Rawat in 1971
The 14 Year Old Guru and Perfect Master Prem Rawat
The 14 Year Old Guru and Perfect Master Prem Rawat in 1971

The 14 Year Old Guru and Perfect Master Prem Rawat in 1971 the Mr. Materialistic Anands are incomplete, but that whole Mr. Anand is full. This means that we have name, this body - living Mr. Anands - and that True Master is also Mr. Anand. But that True Master is full Mr. Anand and we are incomplete Mr. Anand. We are designed for pleasures, but those pleasures are just like that, incomplete.

Suppose I love this chair. When this chair will be burnt, then where will my love go? When this chair will be burnt, where will my love go? I love a car. The car is gone off. The car is expired. Now where will my love go? So, we are to love only one thing in this world, and that is a True Master. That will never finish, and so our love will never finish. And the people who have realized that True Master, who have realized that God, are the only human beings, because they have some super- thing. They have a body. Why do they have this body? They have realized why, now they are complete. But without this Knowledge people are like cars without tires. Just like, if a car hasn't any tires, is it a complete car? No. So, we people also haven't any tires, so we are also incomplete cars, incomplete human beings. But when we will know our aim, then we will be complete.

If a thing is very precious but has no instruction booklet, probably whoever is taking that thing will destroy it. But if an instruction booklet is enclosed with it, that means that he won't destroy it; he will read the instructions first. That Knowledge is that thing which will make us perfect human beings.

If we know this, if we know that thing that we are, what the "I" is before the "a" and "m", then we can say "I am," but we have to realize only "I" and leave "a" and "m". If we will know the meaning of "I", then we will also know the meaning of "a" and "m", and then "I am" will be combined. Then you will be perfect "I am". Now "I" is separate and "am" is separate, but then you will be full "I am" when you will know the meaning of "I".

I have made some mistakes in speaking, because see, due to the difference in London time and this time, I was awake twelve hours more, approximately, and I am tired, because this body - if, you see, if you will cut it then you will feel pain. It is not a thing that I must teach as a Master. I can preach the knowledge that I should not be tired, but my soul is pure, not my body. I have a body the same as you have a body. When you are tired, you sleep. The same case is with me, but due to that large Grace I was able to speak so much, and I can't thank Him actually, that He has enabled me to speak so much after that tiredness. Now the thing is that I can rest, or sleep or say something to you, but then there will be only one thing. I will be finished with my sleep, I will be refreshed, and what I have brought with me from India, that holy country, I will teach you. I will tell you about it, and then you will be anxious and eager to know it, and I will see that, yes, it is enough. Then I will give it to you when I will see in you that it is steady, that the current is enough, the love and devotion toward that Knowledge is enough. Then I will open that third eye which you require to be opened and you will see the Light, the same Divine Light. You will realize the same Word which the Bible, St. John, has described. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." What was that Word? You will be able to realize that Word. And so, I will finish off, and I have made some mistakes and I beg your pardon for them - but whatever.

You see that you have to be like such a thing that will accept the main thing and leave that thing which is not proper.

But now you have to think, why have you come in this world? You have wealth and everything. America is famous for wealth, and actually, it is really famous for its Apollo, see? And in India, it is especially famous for Jumbo Jets and lengthy cars. We all know now that America is famous, but now I want to make it more famous by putting into it something with the richness, the same


The 14 Year Old Guru and Perfect Master Prem Rawat in 1971
The 14 Year Old Guru and Perfect Master Prem Rawat in 1971

spirituality of India. I want you also to have that spiritual, holy environment internally, which many Americans, many Britons, many Europeans are going each day to India to attain - that holy internal environment. And that can be possible here also, because H2O is first there and then water is there. Oxygen and hydrogen are there and so water has been formed. That is proven. Why? It's not the land - like India, no, many saints have come but also many people have died in that land; many people have been killed in that land. So if one expects spiritual peace only from India, then no need to go to India. I want two cups of tea. If I have them in my home, no need to go anywhere. When you will realize, you will have that spiritual peace, and then no need to go to India to find that. But if you want to visit India, you are most welcomed from me, from my side.

If you are going to find spiritual peace, I can give you the same spiritual peace. I have given it to one million, more than one million, Indians in India. See? And each day thousands and thousands are taking this Knowledge because this is a very sweet fruit. Whoever takes a bite feels the sweet and wants to take it more and more. If you will also take a bite, you will also feel the sweet.

I don't want any money, because money - what will money do? It can just fill up the needs of body and not of soul. I don't want any money. This is free-of-charge Knowledge. That is why we say that God is very kind, that such a precious thing is given us free. This thing is free of any charge at all. Know this thing. This I have to say, because I don't feel that I am a complete service to humanity, but whoever I am, I want to serve humanity, but by legal ways and not illegal ones. And so, if you want, come to me. Time will be given to you. You may come to me, talk to me, and - that's all.

Thank you.