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This Precious Diamond

This Discourse was given by Shri Guru Maharaj Ji at the Guru Worship Festival near Montrose, Colorado, on July 25, 1972.

The extent of editing required to make the young Rawat's speeches appear reasonable in print can be seen by comparing the apocalytic section in this published text of the speech with the verbatim transcription of the the same section as shown in the movie "Satguru Has Come."

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I am going to tell you the significance of perfectness. What is perfect in this world? That is beyond man's intellect, that is beyond time, that is beyond space, that is beyond any imagination. That is unlimited, but in this world everything has a limit. And now the time has even come when we see a movie called "The day when the world ended." We see so many things going on daily; we see all these atomic bombs being produced. Recently they have been able to invent a bomb that has a TV camera on its nose or is controlled by a laser beam. It hits wherever it is sent, and it can't miss. And if they aim it towards a very important building, one bomb will be enough to explode the whole thing. One bomb will be enough to explode a whole airport.

Now why are we doing all these things? Scientists don't realize that although we are creating these things to destroy other people, we will also be destroyed. And this world, this nature is so beautiful. Actually I came to Montrose twice before today, and I always came by airplane. But this time I thought, "Let me come by car," as I was told that the drive was very, very beautiful. And I came and I saw that it was really so beautiful – I have never seen anything like that before! Really beautiful! It is such a beautiful place, but one bomb could destroy the whole thing.

Why do we need all these things? Because we think they are the source of inner satisfaction. It is like I take a man into a room where he has never been, and actually there are no doors in the room. He has been trickily placed there. And all the doors look like doors, they have got panelling on them and everything but they are not doors,they are solid wall. And this man walks to a door and tries to open it but he can't do anything. First of all he tries to open it very, very calmly. He doesn't take out a pistol or anything at first, he tries to open it very calmly. Then, when he can't open it, he tries to jump at it. And if he still can't open it, he will try other methods of destruction.

Now the same thing happened to the world. First of all everyone wanted to realize this Knowledge. Everyone wanted to know God, and God was there; God was not disappearing, God was there. God was omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient and everytime man existed in the world, God was there too. He was there. And man tried to know Him. He tried to understand Him. And he went to many different people trying to understand Him. And still today the same thing is going on. Many young brothers and sisters are trying to realize God by different methods, and they try these methods. They don't work, and then they have to leave them and try something else.

Now what is the true God? If God is in ourselves and we are looking for Him in something else, we won't be able to find Him. Let's say I have an apple in this hand and a banana in this hand. And actually I want to cut the apple into two halves, but I'm cutting the banana into two halves. Will I be able to cut the apple by cutting the banana? Never. Never in my life. They are two different things.

So everything that man is trying to do is subject to worldly affairs, is artificial, and God is not. That is why man always tries, and everytime he loses. God is only subject to the Knowledge, and to realize Him we need to know this Knowledge, we need to know this Divine Word. I am not talking about a Word that I took out of my pocket, and I am not talking about something which is unique and new, but I am talking about that thing that has been written about in the Bible, that has been written about in the Koran, and that has been written about in the Gita. In all the scriptures something called the Word has been described. What is that Holy Breath that vibrates in us and makes us alive ? What is that Word?

See, the air is flowing and it is beautiful. Water is beautiful. Green trees, beautiful. Chlorophyll, beautiful. Blue sky, beautiful. Then a stream flows by and it's got rocks in it and it makes that white bubbly thing – very, very beautiful. These are the merciful things that God has given us. But how to realize God through these things?

Suppose I want to check something in the engine of a car. Now actually the combustion that is created and this pollution, this smoke, that comes out is from the cylinder, right? So if I want to check something in the engine, that means I must go into the cylinders, I must go right into the engine where combustion takes place. But no, I can't do that, because what if someone starts the car? And actually everyone is so big that we can't get into the cylinder. The cylinder is very small! So how to make the car okay? That's not the process. Open your hood and you'll find things that you can adjust to make your car okay.

So man has been trying this process. He has always been trying to go through this hole, this little hole, this cylinder, and he wants to go back to the engine where the combustion is taking place. He wants to go there to see the spark plugs and clean them up. But he can't do that. He has been trying so many different things … maybe he says,"If I blow the cylinder up, I'll be able to get in there," and he is making these bombs; he wants to destroy nature. But


And It Is Divine Magazine really he is trying to get to the real path. And always the Master has come to show the way.

And this is a very interesting, very unique thing, and sometimes when I think about it I laugh so hard I get an ache in my stomach. When Jesus came, He was a True Master. But people said, "No, He is not good. He is not okay. Crucify Him." So He got crucified. Many Masters came and people said, "No, this is not good." And people were praying to the Master who had been there before!

And how will you recognize the Christ? He won't have "Christ" stamped on His head either. When Christ came before, nobody believed Him. And even if God comes today, what proof will we have that He is God? First of all, we will try to ask, "How come He's God?" We will try to ask Him questions!

Now, all the religions of the world talk about God coming. I'm not talking about one religion, not only one religion, I'm talking about God coming. And there are many, many priests – I understand them, they are holy, they understand that there is something, that there is a power which is beyond man, and they have totally dedicated their lives to this thing. But if God actually comes, they won't be pleased. Because in this age people have gone behind the screen of God and made it their profession to feed their stomachs, and if God comes they will have to be removed from behind the screen, and they will no longer have a profession. So they won't be pleased if God comes. Why should they be? Because God is going to take their profession away from them!

But, ladies and gentlemen, you must realize one thing. You say, "Christ is coming … I know Christ is coming." Okay, believe God is coming. Okay. But maybe God has already come, because it is so dark. Suppose I am a father and there is a fire burning here, and my child is crawling towards the fire. And he is very near to the fire, and he is almost in the fire, and I am still watching him. Am I a father? I have no right to say that I am a father. Because if I am a father, I have many responsibilities, and one of the responsibilities is to protect my child.

Now don't you think that we have already entered this fire, and it is getting out of control? Someone can come with a bullet and shoot you. No one cares for human life. Haven't we entered this fire? And it's very, very bad fire we have entered. And do you think that God can just watch while the human race is destroyed? Is He a Father? If He is going to watch the world being destroyed, He is not a Father. Maybe something else, but not a Father.

So God has already manifested Himself, because if He manifests Himself a year from now it will be too late. According to many prophecies, maybe seven or eight prophecies, God manifested Himself a long time ago. One prophecy says that in the last months of this year, Truth or peace will reign over evil. Now if this is going to happen, how will it be done? It's not going to be like magic, where a magician puts his hat on the table, says something, and a rabbit comes out of it. It has to be practical. And this Knowledge is practical.

First of all man was primitive, and he didn't know about anything. And ultimately a time came, and those people who have seen the movie "2001" know how they showed these things, that man didn't know anything until he came to a point where he got violent, and then they started killing each other, they started hitting each other. Supposedly one man hit another, and a third man saw it and he didn't believe it, because he had no name to say for the thing we call "hitting" today. But then maybe he experienced the thing, and he understood. And that was a question of practical experience. Then, after a while, weapons were created, but nobody used them until they practically realized what their use was. Ultimately guns came, and again it was a question of realizing what their use was, a question of practical realization. In all things, practical realization is the important thing.

So now many people come to me and say, "We don't have peace; we can't see Light." Of course you can't see Light! One man asked me that question and I told him, "The sun is so glorious and one sun is enough to give light to the whole world, but a thin covering, a thin layer of clouds, stops the glorious sun from shining, and you can't see it." Right now the glorious sun is still present, still shining over India, over the eastern part of the world, and just because the earth has revolved, it seems that the sun has gone down.

But if a man goes to outer space, thousands and millions and billions of miles from here, he will be able to see both the earth and the sun, and for him the sun will never set. Because he has reached such an elevation that there is no chance of any object getting between him and the sun to stop his view of it. If we can also get to that point of elevation where there is


And It Is Divine Magazine no obstruction between us and that perfect Light, we will always, always be able to see It. It will always be shining.

But It is within inside of us. If we have a camera, and we try to put the film reel outside the camera, it won't work. It must be put inside the camera, and it must be closed, it must be locked inside it. So this Knowledge is within inside us, and if we don't look in, we won't be able to find It. And how can we look in? What is the way?

One doctor from the Medical Institute of India came to me and said, "Maharaj Ji, I don't have any belief that God exists. It's very strange, because I have taken many X-rays, and though everything that exists must show up in X-rays, I haven't seen God. All the saints have been talking about God being in the chest, but I've seen X-rays of that place, and there is no God, no Light, no obstruction at all there. X-rays go clear through it."

And I said, "Right, doctor." And he was sitting on the floor and I said, "Doctor, can you see water underneath you?" He said, "No." And I said, "Okay, go in the schools and tell people not to read geography books because they say there is water, and you don't see any water." He said, "Well, there is water, this is true. Water is beneath this layer of the earth and if we dig we will find it." And I said, "Doctor, that's it. If you dig inside you, you will find it. It is within inside you. But you have to dig, you have to find it."

Which is the nearest form to you? Your retina. But can you see it? Can you see it without a mirror? No. You need a mirror to see your retina, and that's the nearest part to you–the part which makes you see everything. There was a great saint, Brahmananda, who talked about these things. He says, "I have seen a great wonder." And what was that wonder? A man who has no legs climbs all the way upstairs into this nectar that is in this well right in the center of the whole heaven. And he drinks nectar from that well; not water, not vegetable juice, but nectar. And then he says, "A deaf man who can't hear anything listens to this music and gets into the melody, he just puts himself into the melody." Then he says, "A blind man sees this castle, this beautiful castle adorned with bright diamond lights. And he sees this castle and describes it as having no foundation, though he is blind." And then ultimately he says, "Only those people who have realized this Knowledge can understand what I mean to say." And if we take this thing to scientists, they will just get mad about it and say, "This is not possible, and if it is, okay, we will test it." That's the answer they will give.

It is possible, it's within inside you right now, all the time. There's a vibration that does not finish. Bal Bhagwan Ji and I were talking and He told me a very wonderful thing that I didn't know. He said that in Japan they performed an experiment, they weighed a man who was alive, and then weighed him again right after he died, and there was an apparent loss of weight. It was very slight, very, very minor, but they understood something, those scientists understood something, that something had gone from the man. What is that thing?

If you are alive, that thing is within you. You can be saluted, you are a sir, you are a major, you are a colonel, you are this, you are that, you have got this, or you have got that. And then something goes from you and you are a dead body. No more general, no more colonel, nothing. You are just a dead body. And that's why saints always say, "Know the thing that is eternal."

It is not right for us to say, "Okay, the world is crazy, so we can't do anything." No. We see that a piece of land has rocks in it, we see that nothing can grow on this land, but we don't give up. That is the only difference between a man and a saint. The man sees the land and says, "It's so stony, nothing can grow on it," so he will leave it. But when a saint sees it, he will grow something on it. He will remove all the rocks, he will cultivate it, and he will grow something on it. That is the difference. A man sees another man and hates him, because he sees something inside him which makes him hate. But a saint sees that thing and loves him anyway.

So if Jesus was Son of God, He knew what was going to happen, and He could have just made an excuse, He could have just said, "Why should I go to the world if I am going to be crucified?" But He came, and He revealed this Knowledge to people. He revealed this Knowledge, and those people saw it, realized it, and really got into it themselves.

I was talking to a minister in Denver and he said, "What do you think of Jesus?" I said, "I think Jesus was God." And he said, "But we think Jesus was Son of God." And I said, "Well, in the Bible it says, 'The Word was made flesh.' Who was this flesh?" He said, "This was Jesus." And I said, "What is the Word?" "That was the Word." I said, "Actually, John says, 'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.' So the Word was God and Jesus was made of flesh of the Word, so Jesus was God." And he understood and said,"Yes,


And It Is Divine Magazine

Jesus was God. So do you think He is alive or dead?" And I said, "Can God be dead? Has God ever been dead? Has God suffered? Anytime? No!"

So understand that Word. Understand that there is a vibration that's common to all of us. Our faces cannot be common, but this vibration is common. We are all different, our colors are different, our ways are different, but how we survive is not different, it is the same. No matter where a man is from, whether south, east, north, or west, it is the same thing. I have realized this common vibration, and you can also realize it.

Jesus came in this world and gave this Knowledge to people. Mohammed came in this world and gave this Knowledge to people. Krishna gave this Knowledge to people. Rama gave this Knowledge to people. But now we must look for a living Master to show us the Light once again. Because the sun comes and goes away, and we don't look for the light of the sun which has just gone. We look for the new rising sun. The sun is the same, but it rises in a new way, in a new, beautiful way, and we look for that. In the same way, God is the same, but now we must look for His coming and for His Knowledge.

See, in the Bible it is written, "Christ will come," but what His face will be like has not been written, right? What His features will be has not been told. And if He comes in the morning then it will be night time in India, in the eastern side of the world. So apparently the people of India won't be able to realize Him. And if He comes at 12:00 midnight, then it will be night time here and daytime there, and only they will be able to see.

So what is the common test? What is the common thing that we can all realize Him by? That is this Knowledge. I don't say that Jesus doesn't exist. I don't say, "Don't believe it." I say, Okay, believe it, but make it more elaborate, more clear. What was the thing that Jesus gave? Understand that. Who is Jesus? Who is He? He was the flesh made of the Word. And what was the Word? Because Word was the thing that put Him into those features and brought Him into the world. And that Word is God. Understand that Word. I can make you realize that Word.

I don't claim myself to be God. I don't claim myself to be something like that, but I claim that I can show you God. How? I have seen Him, and I have made five million people around the world see Him. Some are Japanese, some are Americans, Indians, South Africans–I take any man from any country. So that means that even if there is a difference in their ideas, still they have realized this Knowledge.

So understand the Truth, the real Truth which cannot be spoken. If I were able to speak this Word, it would be my great pleasure to speak it before you. I really would enjoy speaking it before you, but I can't,


And It Is Divine Magazine because it's inside me, and it makes me what I am. What am I? I'm not a body; the body is nothing, just a case, just a covering, and there is a very precious thing inside. What is that thing? That is what we have to realize, that precious diamond inside us.

There is one very interesting thing about it–everyone wants to shoot for the diamond, and I tell people, "Okay, you have got a diamond inside you," but no one shoots for it. Or actually everyone is shooting for it, but in indirect ways. So now a time has come when we've got to realize this Knowledge, when we must pursue this Knowledge. Otherwise, do you know what is going to happen? You'll be wearing sunglasses and it will get very dark and you won't be able to see anything and you will fall into a ditch, and then a bomb will explode. So first we will go up, then go down, and then again go up. And that's it. But if we want to secure this human race, it can be secured.

Understand how you came to be a human, understand what God gave you. Now you aren't a toy, you are human, and God made you. God provided so many essential things for you. I'm not talking to any particular person, but I'm talking to all humans. God made you the crown of nature. See how beautiful this body is that God has given us. It's completely computerized. See, when I touch something hot, like maybe a hot piece of iron, even if I want to touch it, I can't. I will just repel it, just take my finger away from it. And that happens automatically, even if I try to keep it there. This body God has given us is so beautiful, and this God must be realized.

We used to say these prayers in our school, "Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name…" But where is heaven? Is this hell or is this heaven? Where is heaven and where is hell? We must know, because we must be secured from going to hell, and we must go to heaven, because You are "our Father," and we must go to You.

So understand this Word that I want to give you today. I don't come as a politician or anything else, I just bring my Word to you. This Word is not only for Americans, but this Word is for the whole world. And you see, by the Grace of God, I'm sure that this time the kingdom of heaven is going to come. I'm very sure about it. If the whole world receives the Knowledge we can bring it soon. This Knowledge is completely true; I have experienced it. And you can also experience it. That's all I can say. And those people who have already realized it will understand this Word.

One premie came to me and asked this question, "Why do you want us to leave these drugs?" I said, "Well, now you have realized this Knowledge, haven't you?" And he said, "Yes." And I said, "Well, suppose you come to my home and you bring an automobile. Do you bring the automobile right to my room?" He said, "No, I leave it outside." And I said, "Same thing here. You used to take drugs, and you say apparently these drugs brought you to a point. But then you took Knowledge and that was beyond them. So now leave the drugs and proceed purely, proceed naturally." And what is natural? These drugs are not natural because they are taken from outside; they're artificial. The natural thing is within inside us. All the drugs are outside, which means they had to be produced. Whenever a Master came, He never gave drugs to people saying, "Okay, take this." No. He revealed something that was greater. And I am here. I don't claim myself to be Perfect Master, but I am here with a greater thing than drugs. Take it. It's much better. You have to spend money on all those things, and then you have to work it out with the sheriff, because if he sees you he will arrest you, right? But you can take this thing 24 hours a day, and there's no money required. It's within inside you, and if the sheriff sees you he'll be amazed. And that's what has been happening, as a matter, of fact. Because with drugs your body goes down and your senses just start bouncing around. But in this Knowledge your body and your senses all elevate, and if the sheriff sees you, maybe he will see you as being up in the sky, you will be so high because of this meditation. And he will really be amazed. So you can also experience and understand this thing; it's a greater thing that I've brought to you. Thank you very much and blessings to all the premies.