The Young Prem Rawat (Maharaji) aka Guru Maharaj Ji the Satguru or Perfect Master 1972
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The Mirror of Knowledge

This Discourse was given by Shri Guru Maharaj Ji in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 4, 1972.

We all have this human body, and there is a particular aim, there is a particular purpose why God has made us so comfortable with this body. And unless and until man has realized his purpose, why he has been sent forth into this world, he has not completed his aim, or his purpose in this world.

Today, in this world there are many religions. Of course, we know that there are many gurus, and they all claim to show the Light, to reveal Light. People even go to them, but they don't get anything there, and the search is still going on. People are searching, and those people who have searched and have not been able to get anything are so frustrated, so upset, that ultimately they just draw the idea back that they can ever find God. And this makes a man feel so unsatisfactory, this makes a man feel so unsatisfactory, this makes a man imperfect, and that's why man has been busy in so many drugs and so many other things.

The reality that we are searching for outside lies within us, but nobody realizes it. The reality that we are searching for in materialism is within us. All the words that we use for God are not sufficient, but people are trying to realize God in these efforts. People are trying to realize God with so many scriptures. I'm frank enough to say this, that before Christ came, there was the Old Testament. And in spite of the Old Testament, there were priests, but they hadn't realized Knowledge. Once a man realizes Knowledge, he calms down, he's in perfect peace, and he does not oppose anyone, because he knows that Father is all,and He's watching everyone,and He is the judge for everyone, and He knows who should get punishment and who deserves paradise or heaven.

But, still people opposed Christ. People opposed Him, when He came, because in spite of the Old Testament, and in spite of those priests, the people were not fully realized. That's why, despite Jesus being such a great saint, His teachings being so simple, they weren't able to realize it.

And today, everyone wants to find God in scriptures. But the scriptures are only an indication that God is somewhere and that we should find Him. It is like somebody asks me, "Where is the roof?" and I say, "Up there," and he


starts crawling along my hand. So this is what's happening. Someone says "Door" means the entrance or the exit and people have come there and stopped.

People are running on the highways very smoothly, they see a sign "New York, "and they stop under the sign. The sign says, "New York," so they think they've reached their destination, New York. They don't understand that this is just an indication toward the direction.

And It Is Divine Magazine When I was in South Africa they said, "We don't accept any eastern knowledge, we don't want to know your eastern knowledge, we don't want to be eastern men."

I said, "Right, why should you be?" And I said, "When the sun comes, you don't say 'the sun comes from the East. Get out of here!' " Then they realized.

And I told these people that there was no south, east or west until ships were built. When the ships were made, people started sailing. And when people started sailing, they had great difficulty finding their way, so they made these longitudes and latitudes; they made the world map, they put so many things on it, and made the directions north, south, east and west. And that was the beginning of it.

God has made the whole world, not only the northern part or the southern part or the western part or the eastern part. And because we are ignorant of our destination, there is so much frustration, and there is so much ego.

Today people want to have satisfaction in those things that they think are the ultimate of materialism. But what can be the ultimate of materialism? Mind! Mind is the beginner of materialism, mind is the source of materialism, and mind is man's vice. It is like everyone is trying to work for a mission, trying to work for something, and it is like they are trying to reach the moon from the earth. But, when they reach the middle of their journey their radar indicates some dot, and this dot lies right in the middle of their journey from the earth to the moon, so they can't get to the moon.

We are all trying to gain something, we are all trying to attain something holy, high and peaceful. But then this mind troubles us, it indicates in the wrong direction, and it is very strong. Now, how can we remove it? Guns won't have any effect on it. Despite many supersti tous ways , they won't have any effect on it. So what is the medium that you can apply to destroy this thing?

For example, there are three lights: stop, caution, and go. If there are only go lights and no stop lights, there is always going to be an accident, because there is going to be traffic coming from all four sides. You can't stop that sort of thing. And if there are only stop lights, there is going to be no traffic. Cars are going to come from this side, this side, this side, and they will just stop, and there will be long lines after these cars stop. The whole town is going to be dammed up. Everything is going to be just like this: all the cars jammed, everything crazy. So, stop lights are essential, and go lights are also essential.

Our desires are essential, so that we may desire to have some food, clothing, and a house; because in England, if people start sleeping in the streets, in the morning they are going to be frozen pieces of ice instead of dead bodies. So they need a shelter, and they need clothing, food and other articles. But the stoplight is also essential, in case our desire starts going too fast.

In the past, the cars didn't have any brakes, because the cars were running maybe a quarter of a mile per hour, and even if one had hit a man it wouldn't have done any harm. But today, because the cars run so fast, eighty, ninety miles an hour, you've got to have brakes on them. A fast running speed is okay, but just see that even in materialism, as they increase the speeds of the cars– first you could go only forty miles, then they came up to seventy miles an hour, then they came up to ninety miles an hour, and today they are up to 120 and much more than that. As they increase the speeds of the cars, they increase the systems of brakes. And now they have invented power brakes that are really excellent. Now that they have accelerated the speeds, they have also accelerated the brakes, because in those speeds you need brakes.

But there is a pretty unfortunate symptom going around for humanity, that we have developed our speeds, but not our brakes! Our brakes are only meant to be for twenty miles an hour, but we have raised our speed up to ninety miles an hour. And everyone can see a dead end in himself. Everyone can see a dead end in himself. And it is developing so fast!

First of all, one nation thought, "We must kill people," so they made bows and arrows and swords, and so many things. But they said, "This is not satisfactory," because the other nation made a shield. One nation made a sword, the other nation made a shield, bigger as much as you like. "Not

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satisfactory." Then they made arrows, and the others made bigger shields, bigger, as much as you like. Then they made bu llets. They made bulletproofs bigger. Then one nation thought, "Let's make machine guns." And then there was a bulletproof, bigger, as much as you like. One nation made a tank, and the other nation made a bulletproof one to destroy it. They said, "No, these tanks are not sufficient, let's make bombers." They made bombers and they made antiaircraft gun to shoot at it and destroy it. There is such a height of desruction going on. And in this world, in this time, in this age, how are you going to realize? How are you going to understand?

Today, many Christian people are looking for Christ, for Jesus, but understand there will be no stamp on Him saying, "Jesus the Christ," signed by God. People will start asking for proof, even if He tries to say, "I'm Jesus the Christ." And if He doesn't declare Himself, nobody is going believe in Him. So, in this age of darkness, in this age of frustration, how are you going to find the real Jesus? Tell me, explain this to me.

Jesus came at that time with wonderful, fantastic things, but people opposed Him. People still oppose Him. And today, the time is no better. It is getting worse.

So, I want to tell people to understand and realize a way which you can know your Lord. The Lord is always manifested. Understand that form. Try to understand Him and see Him within yourselves. All right, when Jesus comes His body, maybe seeing Him doesn't matter, because God manifested everywhere, every place. But if God is everywhere, how to realize Him?

This Knowledge is manifested more in plants than in rocks, even more in insects than in plants, even more in birds than in insects, even more in animals than in birds, and even more in human beings than in animals, and it is fully manifested in the Perfect Master.

Why do we call Him perfect? What is the meaning, why do we call Him perfect? That is the misunderstanding, and people get confused, no doubt, wondering, "How can He be perfect?"

Yes, He can be perfect. A man who teaches us physics, we call him physics master. A man who teaches us math, we call him math master. A man who teaches us perfectness, we call Him Perfect Master. And people get upset about calling Him Perfect Master, but it means, He teaches perfectness. And perfectness is not a condition that can be spoken to you, because speaking is just a way, a method.

See, first of all,when a child speaks, whenever he comes into the world, he speaks, "Ahhh." Now, "A" is a beginning, and all the languages start from "A." Right? And there is a meaning to it. This sound "A" has itself been started by a vibration, by a sound, and this source vibration, when it goes into our ears, sounds like "Ahhh." So, there is a bigger vibration. And what is that vibration? What is that primordial Word which is the source of all the vibrations? A chair is a vibration, all these things you are seeing are vibrations, but there is some source that is making them vibrate.

There was one man in South Africa who came to me, he


was a pretty learned man, and he started arguing with me, saying, "There is no God, there is nothing like that, and everything that exists has turned out from the theory of evolution."

I said, "Right, it just turned out from the theory of evolution. But can you just tell me, first of all, when man came into the world as, say, a very little insect, was he alive or dead?"

He said, "He was alive."

I said, "What do you mean by alive? What's the meaning of alive?"

And he said, "Well …" and there he was a bit confused, you see, because I asked, What's the meaning of alive?" And he wanted to give such an intellectual answer, but the best words he could give were, "There is some power making it survive."

I said, "What is this power? What is that power?"

And then he came to tnis point, and he said,"Yes, God exists." And at first he was completely freaked out, because first he said, "God doesn't exist," and I told him,"God exists," and then I proved it to him. But now I am saying, "God doesn't exist."

I asked him, "Have you seen God?"

And he said, "No."

I said, "For you, God doesn't exist."

There was one doctor who came to me in India and said. "Maharaj Ji, I don't believe that. I have operated, I have seen many chest x-rays, and if God is there, it must show up in x-rays."

And I said, "Right. Can you see water on the floor?" And he said, "No."

And I said, "Go to the schools and tell these guys not to read the geography books, because they say there is water under the earth, but you can't see any. You have got eyes, your eyes are working. Why can't you see water?"

He said, "I will have to dig a hole, I will have to bore, and then the water will come out. Only then will I be able to see it."

I told him, "In the same way, when we dig a hole in our brain, we can see God. We look into ourselves."

The nearest part of our eyesight to ourselves is called retina, but can we see our retinas until and unless we have a mirror? Guru is a mirror. He is so bright, He is so shining, that when we go before Him, and when He opens His mirror of Knowledge, it is so bright, so shining, that we can see ourselves in our real form, who we really are. And that's the whole process. He doesn't inject anything into us, it is just looking inside ourselves, into that Word that exists everywhere, the primordial vibration.

Today man is getting proud, but I've got something to tell him that he shouldn't be proud of. If you read the theory of Darwin carefully, it brings you to this point, that first, man came in the shape of a gorilla, right? And it had many hairs all around. Then the hairs lessened, and he came into a more civilized form. But still we have hairs. That means, according to Darwin, that even we are not too civilized. Even we are not worthy to be called the highest form of life. Because, according to him, when hairs lessened man was more civilized, and we still 'have hairs all around our body. That means that even we are not completely civilized.

What do we think civilization is? There are two thousand years of civilization: one thousand years it increases, and one thousand years it decreases. But we don't know which way we are going or what civilization is. What is civilization? Today many people give their statements and their comments on that, but what is civilization? Until and unless you find the source, you can't know what civilization is.

Until and unless you go and follow the source of the river Nile, you can't prove that "Yes, this is the river Nile." Once you have found the source, you can look and say, "Yes, all the water is flowing from here, so this is the river Nile."

So, the main thing in us that exists is some power, and all the saints have come to this point, that inside us there is some power. But, how can we realize it? How can we understand it?

People try to do good actions because they think they can go to heaven. One day, one rich man went to God's heaven and knocked on His doors, and the secretary came out and asked him, "What is the matter? Why are you knocking on my doors?"

And he said, "I want to enter heaven."

So the secretary went to God and said, "God, this guy says he wants to enter heaven."

And God said, "All right, let him in."

Now, this man came to sit before God, and God just asked, "What do you want to do?"

He said, "I want to stay in this heaven. I want to enter this heaven."

So, God asked, "Have you done anything good, that you may deserve to enter heaven?"

And the man scratched his head and said, "Right, I have done something. I gave five cents to an orphan child." God said, "Anything else?"

The man said, "Yeah, I gave five cents to a beggar." And God asked him again, "Anything else?"

Again this guy said, "Yes, I gave ten cents to a widow." And God asked, "Anything else?"

And he said, "No."

God thought and thought and thought, and He couldn't understand what to do, because actually the man had done something good. God thought, "Maybe he deserves it," so He asked the secretary, "Secretary, what must I do?"

And the secretary said, "God, give him his twenty cents back and tell him to go to hell."

And He gave his twenty cents back, and the man went to hell!

So, actually what we deserve is all that. If we try to do something good, we should just get it back and go to hell. But, something that can't be given back, is meditation. It is so powerful that even God can't say, "All right, take it and go back." No, because it is His. We connect ourselves to Him, and He can't give Himself back, can He? That is what is called surrendering.

So, I think that you have understood something. The people who haven't realized this Knowledge, I think they have understood that they should realize it, and the people who have realized it, I think they have understood to meditate upon it and take the full privilege out of it. All right, thank you very much.


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