Love Has No Walls

This discourse was given by Bal Bhagwan Ji on the eve of the Guru Puja festival in London.
15,000 people, representing dozens of countries, attended the annual celebration at Alexandra Palace.
This satsang was given at the campsite where many of the disciples were staying.

Dear premies,

Many people in London have Rolls Royces. They also have a house in Highgate, like Guru Maharaj Ji. But nobody understands that such a following as Guru Maharaj Ji has is only for Guru Maharaj Ji, not for those people. Yet people are becoming jealous. Why is that? If we believe that Guru Maharaj Ji is the Perfect Master, then automatically we will follow him and give him gifts. But it is up to the believer to justify his belief to himself, to see whether his belief is correct or whether it is wrong.

When three wise men knew that the Lord had been born, that the Lord was on the surface of the Earth, they came all the way from India, from the East. They came to Jesus Christ and with them they brought three precious gifts. You must have seen all these pictures and statues which people have – three wise men come and prostrate before Jesus Christ and give those gifts to him. Why was that? When the Jews were giving a cross to Jesus Christ, why did those people bring him gifts? They brought gifts because they knew that Jesus Christ was the Messiah, was the Lord.

Now if someone believes in that story, and if he believes also that Guru Maharaj Ji has given him true Knowledge, then he has to offer the best, simply because Guru Maharaj Ji is on his planet. Guru Maharaj Ji is on the Earth and it is up to a devotee to offer all that he has, the best that he has.

Dear premies, now is the time to understand what Guru Maharaj Ji is giving to people. Many people have seen "Satguru Has Come." In that film, Maharaj Ji was speaking at a program, and he was saying that, "Many people think that they are accepting me." But he says, "No, you're not accepting me; you're not accepting an Indian boy. You're accepting my Knowledge." Why was Buddha worshipped? Why was Jesus Christ worshipped? Why were other Perfect Masters worshipped? Because they gave Knowledge. They gave Knowledge, and that is why they were worshipped. It is the Knowledge that is to be worshipped and nothing else.

Nothing is of the East and nothing is of the West. I have heard people say, as many priests are saying, that, "This is an Indian religion. This is an Indian religion." Now those same people also say that they want to unite East and West. But in themselves they have the idea of East and West, and that's something which is contradictory. You cannot unite people if you are dividing them. Really, you cannot unite. To unite people, you have to have something universal.

Dear premies, see how this Knowledge has united us. There are premies here from Hong Kong, there are premies here from Taiwan, there are premies from Beirut, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Copenhagen. There are premies from all over the world here. Americans and Canadians are here, and 1,000 people are coming from Dublin tomorrow, and France. All these people will be coming here. Just see how people are pouring in.

Maharaj Ji was speaking at a program, and he was saying that, "Many people think that they are accepting me." But he says, "No, you're not accepting me. You're accepting my Knowledge." Why was Buddha worshipped? Why was Jesus Christ worshipped? Because they gave Knowledge.

Let's say I give you one garland. Can you imagine all the flowers in that garland staying in the air without a string? No, you cannot imagine that. If I break that string, if I take out the string, all those flowers will fall down. They're just flowers, they're not human beings. Yet all these human beings are together now. What is the string? What is the bond that is uniting us together? People can't understand that. They can understand a Rolls Royce, but they can't understand that bond. Why? Because their eyes are closed; they're completely blind. They're blind because they can't see the other existence.

Today we say, "Oh, I'm a Hare Krishna man, I'm a Hare Krishna freak," or, "I'm a Jesus freak," or I'm this or I'm that. Everybody has something of his own. But try to understand. Everybody who says, "I'm a Christian," or, "I'm a Buddhist," or I'm of any religion, all those people stayed for nine months in their mother's womb. They were in the stomach of their mother, and they stayed for nine months. What was their religion at that time? There wasn't any Hare Krishna, there wasn't any Christianity, there wasn't any Hinduism. What was their religion at that time? That is the only basic source. Really, we have to understand that


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nine months' period, because at that time there was no caste, there was no color, there was no materialism. There was no caste, color, or creed. That is why Guru Maharaj Ji says that we have to understand that reality, that fact of life.

Many people say, "Oh, I don't believe in God. I'm an atheist." And they are very proud of that. But it's nothing to be proud of. Whether God is existing or whether God is not existing is still a controversial issue. The reality, however, is that you are existing, and if you are existing, then you must know who you are. Understand this secret. If we know that we are existing, then we must know who we are. Now many people believe, "Oh, I'm a man, I am this flesh, I am these bones." But that's not correct. A name has been given to you – like, I say my name is Bal Bhagwan Ji, a name has been given to me. Before that name was given to me, what was I?

If I say to you, "Surrender yourself," you say; "Oh, this Bal Bhagwan Ji is very emotional. He's talking about surrendering." But you look at those people who earn their hard living, their hard-earned money, and then after earning that money, after getting that money, they go into a pub and buy some wine, some spirits, some drink. It seems like they want to replace their own internal spirit, as if there is no spirit inside them. They get drunk, they go out in the street, and they lie down completely flat there. A dog comes and licks their face. They are surrendered before that wine. If I tell them, "Surrender before reality," they say, "Oh, that's very, very difficult to understand, very, very difficult to understand." What is this? It's very strange. A person must understand reality, not wine. What these people are doing is all wrong. It is not a correct thing, because many, many people have gone down to the pub and there is no peace down there. Actually, people want to get lost and that is why they drink. They can't find their aim.

God never created us so that we could go into a pub, not at all.

Dear premies, understand His ways, because "mysterious are the ways of God." Very, very mysterious. Nobody can see that; it's completely a mystery. Swami Rama Krishna said that, "God is neither a Mr. nor a Mrs., but God is a mystery." That mystery has to be solved. Every devotee has to solve that mystery for himself. Once Viekananda was sitting before his Guru, and in his heart Vivekananda was praying, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, give me light. Give me some more strength. Give me inspiration."

His Guru said, "Vivekananda, I am very ashamed of you."

Vivekananda was shocked. "What is this? I have been to the West, I have spread Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge, and now this Guru is telling me that he is ashamed of me!" He says, "What wrong have I done? What is my mistake? Please tell me."

The Guru said to Vivekananda, "You are very, very selfish. You are very, very selfish."

So Vivekananda said, "My Guru Maharaj Ji, tell me why I'm selfish."

The Guru answered, "Because now you are praying, and you are telling me that I should give you moral strength, I should give you inspiration, I should give you light; you are asking all for yourself. And this is selfishness. You should ask for the entire world, for humanity. You should take this light and spread this light to all humanity." Really, premies, the same thing applies to us. By asking for ourselves and by coming to satsang alone, we become very, very selfish. We should bring other people with us also.

Swami Dyanand wanted to realize himself. He went in search of a Guru and he came to his Guru. It was very late, and he knocked on the door. From inside, the Guru said, "Who is there?" Swami Dayanand replied, "If I knew who I was, I wouldn't have come here."

Now I think it's getting very, very late and people want to sleep. So you can go to sleep now, but tomorrow we have a fantastic program at Alexandra Palace. I think your minds will be blown when you get there. When you go inside that place, if you ask a non-premie, "Sir, please tell me how many pounds or how much money these Divine Light people have spent on decorating and putting up that stage and everything," the approximate idea will be at least a hundred thousand pounds. But he's completely a fool. He doesn't know the facts and figures.

You see, we have our own printing press. The devotees stand, they work day and night, and they print. You saw Dulwich Hall. Many people went there. All that hall was painted by devotees. If you hire people, you have to spend millions and millions, and we don't have that money. All the premies are doing the work. It is said that love has no prison walls, and it's just like that. There is no limitation to the love that devotees have. It's flowing through many, many channels. Premies are working at the press, and premies are working in the art department, and premies are working in so many different sections. People are just working day and night. Other people can't understand that idea. There is no idea of selfless service. When these people see devotees working selflessly, then slowly, slowly they begin to understand.

Now is the time that we should join together. I'm not telling you people to leave your houses and to move into an ashram. I'm just saying to work. Even if you are living in your house with your family, you can still do service. Service is not limited. So, dear premies, I think many more brothers and sisters will be joining us tomorrow. There'll be many more people in the hall and it will seem that the hall will get smaller and smaller, because more and more people will be coming. You can see how we are growing. The family is just increasing and increasing until there will be only one big family.

Thank you very much.