Everybody is shouting, "Love, love, love." But because they have different conceptions of love, they don't even understand what love is going to be like. So even when they receive love, even when the love comes to them, they cannot figure out if it's love or not.

This Knowledge, this love that is within inside of us, is for you to experience also. It's completely different. Its different love than what we think of today as love. It's not kissing two people, it's not hugging two people -- it's different from all that It's just pure and perfect love. It's the love which brings all these other loves that we want, which brings peace and harmony in our mind, which brings peace and harmony in our heart.

And premies, there are three ways to understand things. If somebody whom you respect tells you something you'll say, "Okay, since you are saying it, I'll believe it." Second way is that, "This is what my concept is, so I'll believe it." But the third way is a very independent way, which is called, "Seeing is believing." What you see, what you feel, you realize practically -- without anybody's concept, without any necessity of actually being into this or that idea, or calling things by different names, but actually be able to realize it completely, completely independently.

And this is what I beg of every premie to do. Instead of following a bunch of concepts down the line, see this Knowledge, believe this Knowledge by yourself, independent of any concepts, any thoughts, any ideas. And then you will be able to actually see that, yes. there is something like Knowledge, and be able to appreciate it more, because it is out of an independent thing. Not something that was handed over by someone saying. "Listen, mister. This is your property. Better take care of it, you know, believe in it, or otherwise you are gonna be dead." No.

Or, "If you don't do this, and if you don't do this, and if you don't do this, you will be in hell." Or, "If you do this, and if you do this, you are gonna be in heaven." I mean, heaven and hell, they are not two spots, and they don't have a door saying, "This is heaven," and "This is hell." This is a man's concept. And then continuing to that concept, heaven is like something where everything is so mellow, everything is so beautiful. But if this is what it is, then I have gotten that experience that people describe as heaven right now. I have gotten it in this lifetime. So I can definitely say I am in heaven.

It's like, how do you judge if you are sitting in a car or not? Well, you look around you. you are moving. and you see different things, and you say, "Yeah, I am sitting in a car, alright." And like, what is hell for a person is not understanding. To still keep the whole world as a mystery is hell. And to get out of that point, and be into that perfect harmony, is heaven.

And that is why it's said, "The kingdom of heaven which we want to go to is on this earth." We have to just enter it And ifs by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, by meditating on this Knowledge, that the kingdom of heaven, which everybody looks to, is possible. Who cares where hell is? If you want to go to hell, then you should care about it. If you don't want to go to hell, don't even care about it. and make your whole aim to go to heaven. And I tell you, ifs very, very easy to go there.

Because the requirements are very little. They are pretty strong. but they are very few. In hell, you don't require anything. You can just go there free, without doing anything. But in heaven, all it takes is to get this Knowledge within and inside of us. Then that mystery, which is such a mystery to us, is solved. And that itself becomes a heaven.

When it becomes a heaven, when that peace and that harmony become one in a heart, then there is so much incredible love, there is so much love, that it's completely indescribable. And so premies, it's up to you from now on. I have taught you how to drive. And you know the instructor is not always going to sit on your right seat or left seat when you drive. You know that. You know that one day ifs going to be a day when you are going to be on your own. The instructor is just going to give you a license, and pat on your back, and say, "Well, sir. there you go. You are on your own now." And that day is approaching.

It's like, I have trained you; I have given you this Knowledge. I have told you, and I am telling you a lot of times to do meditation. And then, you're on your own. You do meditation, come listen to satsang, have darshan, and everything you ever need is right there. Everything you ever wanted is right there. Every love, every speck of love you ever want.

-- Guru Maharaj Ji