"There is a palace in space in which light shines day and night. It is seen by a blind person who describes vivid stories of it. Only a rare saint can understand."

My Holy Abode

This satsang was given by Shri Maharaj Ji in Delhi on August 7, 1952.

Dear Premies, you should listen to me attentively, and if you do not understand it or if you think that it is not good for you, you may discard it later on. But if you understand and feel that it is worth knowing, you may follow it.

Premies. human life is very precious. One can collect a large sum of money by a little effort, but one cannot buy a human life. George V also died. If life could be bought with money, he would have certainly bought it. So if you understand, even a bit, you should know the importance of human life, and you should not spend it in acquiring money.

Nowadays, people are neither aware of the aim of their life, nor do they bother to think it over. If they had given a slight bit of attention to know the aim of life, they would not have been satisfied by talking beads, visiting shrines, reading scriptures and performing other rituals, because these methods are of no avail.

St. Kabir says that many lives have passed by talking beads, but the mind could not get peace, so he advises that you should discardthe rosary of beads and take up the rosary of the mind, which can be obtained from the Guru. Though this is taught in schools and colleges, can any professors or teachers tell you how to use the rosary of the mind? It is comprised of the Mahamantra, which is "the Name which has neither beginning nor ending." Nobody can attain liberation without knowing the true and Holy Name.

People read today the scriptures with detailed commentaries, but neither orators nor listeners understand the secret of Knowledge of which the scriptures speak. St. Brahmanand says in one of his Bhajans that there is a well in the sky which is full of nectar, and a lame person reaches there without the help of a ladder and drinks. All musical sounds are heard by a deaf man, without anybody playing any instrument. There is a palace in space in which light shines day and night, which is seen by a blind person, who describes vivid stories about it. Only a rare saint can understand these things. Such a secret cannot be understood by reading or reciting scripture.

Guru Nanak says about this Name that one should remember the Name which exists in the hearts of all irrespective of it being a fish, a crow, a cow or a man. The Name and shrine both exist in our heart, so one should meditate onit within. But this Name cannot be attained without a guide. St. Kabir says that a thing is lying here, but if you search for it elsewhere how can you find it? All scriptures say that God and his Name exist in our heart; but until you get a guide, you cannot know it.

The Name, which is remembered by a being in the mother's womb, is forgotten after birth. It is termed as Satya Nam. Akhand Nam, Pavan Nam, Mahamantra. Amrit Nam, Hak Nam and Gaivi Awaz by Moslems; Holy Name by Christians. The person who knows this Name can only tell this, that as there is no need of a lantern after sunrise, no proof is required after meeting a Satguru. Satguru is he who can show the true light in our hearts where sunlight, moonlight, fire light cannot reach.

St. Kabir says that whatever is done without the guidance of Guru, goes astray. Many people believe today that Lord Rama or Lord Krishna, or a flag, or the Gita. or the Ramayana, etc… should be taken as Guru, but nobody bothers to think over what has been written in the scriptures. Guru Nanak writes, in the Granth Saheb that nobody should be mistaken, because one cannot get liberation without a Guru. One who was misguided can discard hypocracy upon getting the guidance of a Guru, and attain devotion to God. Guru is he who can transform a man into a god in

Satguru is he who can show the true light in our hearts where sunlight, moonlight, firelight cannot reach.


Hans Rawat aka Shri Hans Ji Maharaj the founder of the Divine Light Mission and father of Prem Rawat and Satpal Maharaj

Scriptures say that God and his Name exist in our heart; but until you get a guide, you cannot know it.

no time, and can show an inner light which is more brilliant than the light of a hundred suns put together. The darkness of night cannot fade away without the rising of the sun. Similarly, until we find the Satguru, the darkness of our hearts cannot vanish.

All the prophets, Guru Nanak, St. Tulsidas, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna preached about the Holy Name and Divine Light and told the public that this is the only way of getting peace and happiness. It cannot be attained by any other means. One can get relief from miseries by meditation and attain happiness. Ultimately he can attain God's Light. So the Name is the only way to lead one to liberation.

People think that we are progressing very much nowadays. But as we progress, we become more unhappy. When we should get happiness from progress, why don't we get it? It is because the public has become remiss. They do not know what is a good life, because they cannot distinguish between good and bad action. So how can they get relief from their miseries? They lead a life like a blind bull, who walks throughout the day and thinks that he has crossed a distance of several miles but finds himself on the same spot in the evening. As much as people try to get out of their miseries, they find themselves entangled more and more.

Everybody, including political leaders, are crying for peace today, and with an uproar of "peace" people are made targets of bombs. See the seekers of peace! America alone has lost 34,000 soldiers in the Korean War. If half of them were married, then 17,000 women have become widows, and if they had two children each, then 34,000 children have become orphans. This is the example of seekers of peace, and God only knows the fate of people who were made targets of bombardment. An atom bomb was dropped on Japan in the last war. Nothing will grow at the site for at least 50 years to come. Are atom bombs made for killing animals? Nay, they are made to kill human beings. Great brains work for destruction of others and get money as reward.

But all saints have remembered the Name. All saints and Vedas speak with one voice, that you should have love for the Holy Name. So the best act is to meditate on the Holy Name. By the Holy Name, your body will become fruitful, your spirit will be pleased, you will be free from the cycle of regeneration, and you will get liberation. You cannot get such a fate by reading scriptures. When you will remember the Name and meditate on the Divine Light while alive, you will merge with it after death.

Lord Krishna says about this, that there is no light of sun or moon or fire in my holy abode. One who reaches there never returns. Bliss and happiness always prevail there. So one should try to attain such peace during one's lifetime. Moslem saints say that even if a breath goes without remembering God, it is a sin. St. Kabir also says that if you do not remember the Name of God now, you will have to face many hardships, and there will be nobody to listen to your prayer. Everybody remembers God in distress; nobody does so in happiness. If one remembers God in happiness, he will not get any suffering. If one does not remember God while happy, nobody will listen to his prayer while he is in distress.

All of you should go to saints with humility and respect. You should prostrate before them, serve them and request them to show you the Name, which the spirit remembers in the mother's womb. The same Holy Name has been remembered by Lord Christ but it is available from living saints only. Our human life will be crowned with success by knowing the Name. Truth never vanishes.

If you like my talk, you can accept it. As for my experience, a good idea should never be postponed. So brothers, you should try to know the Holy Name and the Divine Light which is told of by saints, out of mercy. Saints are true well-wishers of humanity. Saints help us to realize the Holy Name and the Divine Light which exist in the hearts of all. After that, one becomes free from illusion and death. That Name is beyond alphabets, while all other names are within it. So one should approach the saints to know the right path. And one should not waste this human life in false and worthless affairs.


Hans Rawat aka Shri Hans Ji Maharaj