Hold On To Me

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) and Wife at Hans Jayanti 1974It's the last day of this function. For some premies it's really nice because they have been able to enjoy these two days, though they haven't been very long. And for some people it's really sad, because they want a little bit more. But for this whole world, all they can express is a big question mark. Because in this world so many people come and so many people go. Everybody sees their own daily life, and everybody sees everybody else's life, but they have never seen people as happy as premies.

So this is the major question put to me: "Guru Maharaj Ji, how can you make people so happy?" It's so beautiful, because they are asking me, and I know the answer. The answer is this Knowledge, which makes everybody happy, and which makes this whole world sound so beautiful.

So premies, we have come here and I understand that many people will be leaving pretty soon. People have to leave, but don't get scared, or don't say, "boo", because you think this is the only program. No. You have to understand that this function that you are experiencing right now is always going on within your hearts. That Grace, and that love, and that bliss that you experience in one function is always there, always vibrating to its maximum within your heart. And it's so beautiful.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Hans Jayanti 1974 You know, you come to a program and you get so blissed out, and so blissed out, and so blissed out. But just understand for one second that that blissed out feeling which makes this program so blissful for you premies is always within your hearts,making everything so blissful all the time for us. That thing which is around usall the time, and which is omnipotent and omnipresent, and omniscient, that truth, that power, is what we have to realize. Say I have a very big, beautiful home. If I was an ordinary businessman, I would leave that every morning just to be able to come back. I work six hours in the office building so that I can come back to my home. I make all that money to be able to come back to that home.

Premies, this is what we do in this life, this is what we do in our physical body. But have we ever tried to really realize why we left that source that we belong to? To be able to go back to it; to be able to realize, and to be able to go back to it.

And it's like, whenever we come by all these illusions in this world, by all these things that we have created ourselves, we completely get lost. You know, that's when it turns out the most beautiful. The child is lost, completely, completely lost. Well, just imagine that parent, the father, has his arms wide open. And he is running. He is running and running and running, and this small child has now realized that his father is right there, and that he can reach to his father, he can go to his father. So the small child is also running with his hands wide open. And it's so beautiful.

That relationship, though maybe it's only for a little while, is not finished after that little while. But that moment of beauty, when the father has seen his child, and he is reaching and approaching to catch him, to save him, to protect him, and the child has realized that that's his father, and is running for his shelter, to

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) and Wife On Stage at Hans Jayanti 1974


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Hans Jayanti 1974be able to be protected by him, to be able to be safe by him, is very, very beautiful. This is the joy, this is the wonderful, beautiful experience those saints had, those fortunate premies had, who were able to realize the Perfect Master. Like John was able to realize Christ. Like Arjuna was able to realize Krishna. Like Hanuman was able to realize Ram. They could understand that their Saviour, that their Father, that their shelter was still there, and that they could still run to it.

Premies, it's said that in this world we have always needed a Saviour, because this world has constantly been changing and changing and changing and changing. And nobody knows - it's very, very hard to imagine - how much more it's going to change. And if we keep involved in it, we are also going to change and change and change, without knowing if we are going to change for the best or if we are going to change for the worst. But if we have the shelter, if we have that one finger to hold on to, to catch on to, I mean, it's so amazing. If you have ever walked with little bitty child, he holds on to that finger, and he holds on tight. He's looking around, and he is laughing, and he is smiling, and he has one finger. He says, "I want that balloon," or "I want that toy." But he's very, very hard, very, very firmly holding on to that finger. The father takes him through that big place where he could have gotten lost like in a second.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) and Wife at Hans Jayanti 1974 If every premie can hold on to it - the meditation, the Knowledge, the satsang, the darshan - then the whole thing is just so beautiful. Then there is really no way left that we can go back.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Hans Jayanti 1974But because he is holding on to that finger, he does not get lost. And it's so beautiful.

In this world we come, where there is so much illusion, and so much delusion, and we completely get lost. And here comes our Father, and he says, "Hey, sonny, here. Hold on to my finger." If you can just hold on tight, there is nothing in this whole world that can detach you, that can put you back into the same illusion where you started from. But only if you can hold on to that finger.

This is how it has happened. Every time the people have really been into this illusion of this world, every time, the Perfect Master has come to save them. This Knowledge and the Grace, and the satsang and the darshan is like that finger. If every premie can hold on to it - the meditation, the Knowledge, the satsang, the darshan - then the whole thing is just so beautiful. Then there is really no way left that we can go back in the ocean where there are always waves, and you get hit by one wave and you are gone, or there are things that always are there to eat you.

There are so many premies who have received Knowledge. But how many premies really realize that at this moment, at this instant, we are existing, we are living, and that is due to the Grace of this Knowledge? People who can realize that, people who can understand that, and the importance of this Knowledge, they can really, really start getting into it.

Suppose you buy an apple. Now there is a difference. You can buy an apple because you like an apple and you are hungry for it and you are craving it. Or you can just buy the apple, and you put it in your pocket, and it probably rots. On the other hand, you have bought the apple because you want it, because you have been craving for it. And when you get that apple, you eat it, and you realize that there is nothing in this apple that has to be wasted or should be wasted.

Premies, this is where this Knowledge stands. If every premie can really realize how important this Knowledge is, and how important it is that that Grace has lead us to this Knowledge, to that Word, to that Grace, to that power, to that vibration, they can really, really relate to it. Then we can really, really get on with it, which is the dream of every human being living in this world. No matter if you think it's by doing mantras, or if you think it's by going to the Himalayas, or if you think it's by doing sacrifices, or no matter what we think, we have to just really, really understand that that Grace, that beautiful, beautiful Knowledge is right here within ourselves.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Dressed and Crowned As Krishna at Hans Jayanti 1974

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Dressed and Crowned As Krishna at Hans Jayanti 1974

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) and Wife at Hans Jayanti 1974

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) and Wife at Hans Jayanti 1974So, premies, our next Guru Puja and our next Hans Jayanti, we are going to try to make them as big as possible, so the maximum number of premies from all around the world can come. Because you see, we were talking, I and Raja Ji, and Claudia, and Durga Ji were talking about Hans Jayanti and Guru Puja. We were just really thinking about it and saying, "Look, you know, we make these festivals and Guru Puja and this time Hans Jayanti were again made in America, and really most premies are not benefiting from it. So actually we have decided that the next Hans jayanti and the next Guru Puja we make, we will really try to make it on an international basis, so the maximum number of premies from all around the world, including In-


dia, and, well, every corner of the world will be able to benefit from that. Because every premie, every small premie, little premie to big premie, has to understand. I don't mean by your qualification and stuff; I just mean by your height. Because, see, to me it does not matter. You are all the premies. And premies are premies. So all of you have to cooperate.

I'll tell you one story. One time, it was so beautiful. This bird started dying, and he called all of these little birds and said, "Look, I am dying. And unfortunately, I have not been able to complete the whole you nest for you. But will do one you favour? Complete the nest."

So one bird used to fly and bring one twig of leaves and put it on a branch. And another bird used to fly and put a small twig on the other branch. It's like, there were all these branches and allthese birds were coming and putting their twigs upon their branches, upon all these different branches. Prem Rawat (Maharaji) and Brother at Hans Jayanti 1974

Finally the nests were made, but all of the birds suddenly realized that they weren't big enough. Though they had completed the nests, those nests weren't big enough for anyone. Finally the most eldest of them had to come and break them all up, and had one giant nest developed where everybody could come.

This is how we have to develop and cooperate with one another. If America does its own number, only America is going to develop. If England does its own number, only England is going to develop. If Australia does its own number, only Australia is going to develop. But if we all do our number together, all of us are going to develop; and into this most beautiful plan, this most beautiful tree. You know, it's so beautiful.

So I guess I'll see you at the next Guru Puja, or next Hans Jayanti. But until then, remember: you have got to do meditation. If you don't do it, remember, you talked yourself into it, not me. Because I am telling you to do meditation. If you don't do it, you asked for it. So really, just understand that though I can help you to a certain extent, it's your own individual experience that you will have to understand yourself.

So blessings to all the premies, and just try to realize this Knowledge. Really there is nothing more. It would be really silly to talk about all these other small things when we have such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing. And that's this Knowledge. Understand.