Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji
Love Poem

"Meditation is the only medium through which you can increase your love, and love will again spring forth, will make you one, and finally everything will be organized."

"Once you receive this Knowledge your heart leaps and is so much filled with devotion and love. Love, not towards this materialistic world, but love towards God, who is your real Father whom you have forgotten and whom you must realize."

"Today, people want love. I can truly and sincerely tell you this Knowledge is overbrimming with love. I cannot tell you how much love it does contain. There is so much love, that if I take the water of the whole sea, the sea will be short and the love will still be more. If we take every human man's weight, add them, and we compare it to this Knowledge of love, this Knowledge will still be much greater. This is it. This is the love; a thief cannot take it from you. This love is so much that no-one can cut this love."


Many thanks to those who made these texts available for publication on the internet.