Come Closer

Durga Ji's Satsang, Holi Celebration, Miami, Florida, March 29, 1975

I just really don't know what to say. Maharaj Ji's showing us what a beautiful miracle this life is. And it's because he's given us this gift that we can see the beauty in this life. But there are so many of us out there who don't have Knowledge, and who don't see the beauty in this life. It's true, without Knowledge there really isn't much beauty in life. Because Knowledge is beauty, and Knowledge is love, and Knowledge is what every one of us needs.

You know, just since she's been born, it's so clear where we are and where we're going. I was giving her a bath when she was about a week old, and I got in the bathtub with her, because I thought it would be easier. It's really an experience for a soul to enter this body, this human body, and start to function and to live. I was watching her, and she was just … It's just incredible everything that a baby goes through, everything that each one of us went through and are still going through.

This life is hard. It's not easy being in a human body and experiencing all the things that we must experience to be in this body. Everything you see everyone doing, it's just to make life easier, to make it more bearable, to make it liveable. Every luxury, every thing that every man strives for is to make it a little bit easier here in this place, on this world. And yet Knowledge is the only soother. Knowledge is the only thing that we were really born here for - to experience the hard things and then to know that there is that which we really need, and which will fulfill us. It's like being so thirsty all of our lives and then receiving Knowledge and having that everlasting cool drink of water. The more we drink, the more we want, and the more there is. It's completely endless.

I remember, I waited so long before Premlata was born. I thought, "Oh, I just can't wait! I can't wait to have this baby." Now I realize how Guru Maharaj Ji must wait to have all his babies, to have all his children come to him. It's something that each one of us has to do, we have to come to him in our own way. No one else can come for us. Each one of us has to come to him. That's why he's given us this life.

It always comes down to a matter of trust. Always. All we can do is completely trust Guru Maharaj Ji. There is nothing, nothing else. There's nothing else to believe in, nothing else to trust in. But when we completely trust in Guru Maharaj Ji, then it's alright.

I'll tell you, it's really scary not having Guru Maharaj Ji to trust in. When you think what is there besides Guru Maharaj Ji, and you really realize that there is nothing, then what is there? But, it isn't like all of a sudden you are going to just trust Guru Maharaj Ji completely. It's an every minute thing. We have to constantly keep trusting, keep moving on, and keep trusting more. He's always there to fulfill us.

It's like Premlata. She trusts now; she trusts her mother to feed her and her father to be there and comfort her. We will always try and be there when she needs that trust, but Guru Maharaj Ji is always there. There's no variables that can get in the way. There's nothing that can really separate us from Guru Maharaj Ji, if we really do as he's shown us how: practice Knowledge by doing meditation, and by doing service, and by giving satsang. That's the key, and it opens the door.

There's really so much to tell you. I just want to thank all of you, all over the world, for the love that you've given your new sister. Because it's our baby; it's all of our baby. She's the vine of love, and she'll reach out to you and pull you closer to Guru Maharaj Ji. That I know, because she already has.

So thank you for all the beautiful presents, all the lovely things. I tell you, this baby has so many beautiful things, and so many beautiful brothers and sisters to love her. I'm sure she thanks you, too, and she loves you. Thank you.


Holi 1975
Holi 1975