The Road Home

Excerpts from Durga Ji's satsang in Essen, Germany on 30 August 1975.

Everything that happens in our lifetime, everything that happens to us individually, is teaching us. We must realize that everything that we experience in our day is really teaching us something. We have to learn by every experience that we have. And it's so beautiful to experience the Knowledge.

It's like there's a man, and he builds this beautiful, beautiful house. In this house he has everything: the most beautiful banquets laid out, the freshest, cleanest water to drink, and so many beautiful, beautiful, loving people. He builds this house, and he has it all set up. Then he goes out and builds a road that leads right to the house. And it's a golden road. Next he builds an engine. He knows exactly what he's doing, he knows exactly what needs to be done, so he builds a car around the engine. Then he waits.

And here we are. We've been wandering and wandering and wandering and wandering through this land. We've been on so many trips, we've done so many, so many things. We've tried this, and we've tried that. We're wandering, and we come to a point where we know we're lost, because we've gone on this little road, and it's taken us around and around and around in circles.

Some people on this road have said, "Come; come with me. I'll show you what you want," and we end up going around and around with them. We get thirsty, we get hungry, and we get tired. Still, we keep going around and around and around and around. Then someone else says, "Oh come follow me. I'll take you where you want to go. You want this."

Religions take us here, and success takes us there; just every little thing in this world takes us down all these different paths, all these different routes. Finally we come to a point where we say, "Forget it. I'm lost. I'm really lost, and I don't know where I'm going, what I'm doing, but I'm hungry, and I'm thirsty, and I'm tired, and I just … I don't know what I'm doing. I need help."

As soon as we do that, as soon as we say, "I need help. God, help me. You who created me, You who I'm here by the Grace of, Whoever I'm responsible to, help me," right then, there's that man who built that car.

He says, "Hey, can I help you? Can I be of service to you?" And you say, "Well, I don't know. I really need help. I'm lost. I've been wandering around for so long." He says, "Well, get in my car. I'll take you." Still you say, "Well, I don't know. Everybody's been telling me that. I've been here, I've been there, I've been going around … I don't know."

He says, "Just trust me. Really. I know what I'm doing." But you say, "Well, I don't know. It seems right. There's something that seems right about this, but I've been through so much already."

Yet you try it. You have to try it. You can say, "No, forget it," and stay where you are, but you're really desperate, so you say, "Okay. I'll try it."

You get in the car, and he starts shifting. He goes really fast, really fast on this road. But he's built the car, and he's built the road, so you just feel like it's okay. You feel like, "It's really okay. I don't have to be scared." Sometimes, the mind comes in and goes, "Wait a minute. Maybe this is just too much for me. It's too fast, too swervy." But you look at the driver, and he's in perfect control; he's just in perfect control. So you say, "Okay," and you sit back and let him take you. All along it feels so good, and you go, "This is right. I just have to keep trusting in him. Something feels really good."

This driver is Guru Maharaj Ji. He is the one who's made this car, and he knows where he's going; he knows where he's taking us. He takes us right to that house, right to our home, right to our goal where there's everything we need. Everything that we could possibly need is there and we don't have to be lost anymore. Someone is finally here who can help us.

When we were in Italy, the electricity would all of a sudden just go off. I happened to be in the bathroom at the time, and everything was completely dark, just completely black. I was groping in the dark, feeling, trying to find a match to light a candle, and I thought, "This is darkness."

It was just so beautiful, because this is the state that man is in until Guru Maharaj Ji comes. We have that candle within us, Maharaj Ji comes, and he lights that candle. Then there's light, and we can see. The more love, the more devotion, the more effort we put into this Knowledge, the brighter it gets, and we see more, and we see more, and we understand more, and we understand more.

Scriptures become very beautiful to us then, because they're not a goal in themselves but we see where they are pointing. We can understand what scriptures are saying. They're pointing to the Perfect Master of the time, the living Perfect Master. Not a Perfect Master who was two thousand years ago, or five thousand years ago, because what good does that do us now? What good does the light do us the day before, if it's dark right now? We need that light now, we need it now.

Maharaj Ji comes, he lights the light, and he shows us how to keep it burning. It's so perfect. He shows us perfection within ourselves that was always there, but now we know how to experience it.

That is what the Perfect Master is. The Perfect Master shows us the perfection within ourselves. Because Perfect Master is that perfection. That's really too much for me to comprehend. I live with Maharaj Ji every day, and I can't comprehend that perfection, but it's so beautiful. We're so fortunate to be here, in this human body now, and able to experience this Knowledge.

This Knowledge is just beyond any words. It can never be described. Scriptures have tried to describe Knowledge, yet it can never be described. But it can be experienced. It can be experienced right now, because that's all there is. Right now.

Everyone who has received Knowledge, if they're in meditation, at this very second, they're realizing. It's so beautiful to have this gift. There's no way we could ever thank Guru Maharaj Ji for what he's done; for coming here, coming to us, and revealing Knowledge to us. Knowledge is something that no man can take away from you. It's something that you can't lose; it's something that you can't burn; it's something that can't be taken away from us. It's within us all the time. With every breath we take, we know that this precious Knowledge, this energy, is sustaining us.

Maharaj Ji comes, he lights the light, and he shows us how to keep it burning. He shows us perfection within ourselves that was always there, but now we know how to experience it.
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