Excerpts from Prem Rawat's satsang in Riva de Garda, Italy 18 May 1976.

p09 (49K) We can really make it beautiful. Our main objective is to understand Knowledge and if we can understand and come from a really clear place, from a really beautiful place, from the place where we should be, then our directions will be clear, then we will know what to do. Then when we'll be given an agya, when we'll be given a service, we will really know how to do it well. So we have to come from a clear place ourselves, and to be able to come from a clear place ourselves, we have to do meditation, and we have to understand Knowledge, because everything revolves around Knowledge.

Divine Light Mission was founded by Shri Maharaj Ji so many years ago, because he wanted to spread this Knowledge, and if we're not coming from a clear place today, then what is going to happen is that this world is not going to realize Knowledge. If we're coming from a wrong place, if we are coming from a completely wrong place, not from a clear place, then it's going to delay everything more and more and more and more, and as I said, too many people are involved in it. As a matter of fact, many people around the world are involved.

So, if all the premies come from a clear point, then they can really become the instruments to help spread this Knowledge all around the world. It's like a dirty lens is not going to take very good pictures, and so we all have to become clear, we all have to realize, and we all have to really look in our hearts, understand Knowledge, do meditation and get clear, so that we can be in peace and henceforth bring the whole world into peace.

Thank you very much.