This is an edited version of his infamous 8th November 1970 'Peace Bomb' speech. For a fuller version see Divine Times or the Golden Age

1970: The Peace Bomb

In this age which is coming, everybody will have his desserts. Justice will be done and the proud will be made humble. So dear premies, forsake that grandeur that is making you so lazy, and go and tell people about God. Remember what the Lord says about this in the Bhagavad Gita: "He who tells people about me is dearer to me than my own life." So tell people about God. In the Ramayana it is said, "The supreme Light illumines all day and night; It does not need any lamp oil or wick." You read the Gita and the Ramayana daily, worship them daily, but have you understood their essence? Have you even tried to understand their essence? What is the significance of their words? What is that supreme Light? The light of the sun, moon, fire and electricity can be seen by all animals and birds, but there is one light that is beyond them. Before the electric light was invented, then it was called the fourth light, but now it is the fifth light, and only man can see that Light. Only man has the right to see that Light. It is said, "Even animals and birds know what is good and bad for them. But this human body is a treasure of virtues and Knowledge."

All living creatures know what is good for them - that if I go this way I will hurt myself - all animals and birds know this. But what is the purpose of this human life? It is to know something more than this - it is to know God. By obtaining the human body, you can receive Knowledge and meditate on God, and this is the unique purpose. There is one famous poem in which the poet expresses his feelings in very simple words. Which is the blessed home? he asks. That home where there is talk about God. Which ears are blessed? Those that hear words about God. Which eyes are blessed? Those that have the darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji. Which foreheads are blessed? Those that humble themselves before Guru Maharaj Ji. So dear premies, receive this Knowledge and know God within yourself. That pure energy, God, is within your own heart. Tulsidas has said, "The people of the world have developed cataracts, for they cannot see God who resides in their own hearts. Like the deer that runs about in the forest seeking the fragrance of the musk that comes from its own navel, God exists in every heart, but the world does not know."

"One who seeks in deep water, finds. I sought fearfully and was left sitting on the shore.- One who dives deep finds the pearl, but one who only sits by the shore bathes in salt water. Those who turn their minds inward see God and those who look at the world only see the world.

So dear premies, receive this Knowledge, and those who have received this Knowledge must meditate and have Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan. He who learns to love Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji gives him peace. The politician, Subash Chandra Bose, used to say, "Give me your blood and I will give you independence." Likewise, I too have a slogan: give me your love and I will give you peace. Surrender the reins of your life unto me and I will give you such a peace as will never die. Come to me, and I will give you liberation. Place the reins of your life in my hands, and I will relieve you of your suffering. First take Knowledge and be capable of giving the reins of your life to me, then give them. And if I do not give you peace, I will give them back to you.

So dear premies, give the reins of your life to me and I will give you peace.

Why do you search in the world? Peace is not there, peace is with me. To have peace, come to me; I will show you the way to peace. If no one else can give you peace, I will give it to you. Those who are lost can come and those who are fond of roaming can roam about in arrogance. Those who come to me, those who are lost, I will give them peace.

What will the world give to me? It can receive from me, but what can it give me? Guru Maharaj Ji has infinite mercy on me. Take from me, but what will you give me? Will you give me love? The love that you will give me,

This satsang was given at the Hans Jayanti festival in Delhi, India in November of 1970.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master

that love is also mine, so what is yours? Did you just happen to fall from the sky without the help of Guru Maharaj Ji and without the Lord? No, the Lord has created you and Guru Maharaj Ji has put love into you. Oh, give what is mine back to me, and I will give you such a thing, such a peace, that not even a pistol or a gun will be found in the country. Not one leader will stand and shout slogans, not a single man of the army will remain and, dear premies, there will be peace. I will give you this peace because it is in my possession and I can give it. I do not need machine guns, I do not need pistols, I do not need a sword, I do not need a spear. I possess such a Knowledge that with it I can control the whole world, from ants to elephants, from men to animals, from birds to mosquitoes, by tying them in the thread of love. I have this Knowledge and to give you this Knowledge I have come - the very same Knowledge Lord Krishna give to Arjuna and Lord Ram gave to Hanuman. With this Knowledge I have come and just watch, I will give this Knowledge.

What if I am twelve years old? What does it matter? Old people drive cars and I also can drive a car. What does it matter if I am twelve? If at twelve I can drive a car which one is able to do only at the age of eighteen, why can I not give the Knowledge of the soul at the age of twelve? Is this impossible? This is possible. In London, just for fun, the press reporters from a newspaper printed a photo of mine where I am blessing with both my hands and sitting in meditation. Someone had given them that photo. They titled it, ''Let Me Rule This World." Their feelings in publishing this were not sincere, but people took that cutting and framed it. The premies in London really appreciated this photo and they displayed it in their houses. Oh, you think I am small and in this small age I will not be able to do anything. But this age is the age of the body and not of the soul. The body is twelve years old, not the soul. And I have a soul. That is how I am speaking - because I have a soul. If my soul departs, I would be dead. What difference does it make whether my body is ten years old or 200 years old? My soul has no age! Whether I am very old or very young, listen to me. Guru Maharaj Ji is such an ocean of grace, what shall I say of him? How is it possible to understand him? No ordinary person can sing about the love within him, about the love of Guru Maharaj Ji; only a true devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji can sing about it.

Love flows from the Lord who has given me wisdom; will he not also give me strength to establish peace on this earth? How will he not give? I have complete faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. And the tears I am shedding on his anniversary are not because I remember him, or because I feel sad. They are because of the power I carry with me. Right now, I feel such a power in me, I do not know where it has come from; I feel as if I want to shake the world Soon I will leave my studies and spread the Holy Word of Guru Maharaj Ji throughout the world. How will the world not receive it? To every single child, I will reveal this Name. I will give you such a thing, such a Name, that you have never received before in your life. But come to me. Why do you hesitate? Mira did not hesitate. When she was given poison to drink and was told it was nectar, she drank without suspicion, so trusting was she in the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. If Mira had hesitated, definitely she would have been killed; but she was not at all troubled by pride or how her social position would be affected. She had sacrificed her whole life to Guru Maharaj Ji, and this is why she did not die. The poison that was given to her became nectar as she drank it.

If it were possible for the Lord to feel tired, if Guru Maharaj Ji could ever feel tired, then he would surely have lost hope by now. He wouldn't bother to keep coming. But he comes for the people of the world and they do not recognize him. You must understand and have faith in my words. All I ask is your love, all I ask is your trust, and what I can give you is such a peace as will never die.

I only need the opportunity. If I have the time, dear premies, what will I not do! I have so much faith in Guru Maharaj Ji and I pray to him, "O Guru Maharaj Ji! Increase my faith twofold; and increase it thricefold in those who do not love you. Increase it for them fivefold so that they too are blessed." Look! I often notice that those people who received Knowledge at the time of Guru Maharaj Ji do not come even now. They are fortunate to have received Knowledge at


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master the time of such a great saint, so how does this happen, why are they ashamed? I do not feel shy of anything. It is not because I am a boy or because I have a manly heart within me. Brothers, it is a year of testing for us and I bless you all so that the Lord and Guru Maharaj Ji will shower grace on you so that you may succeed.

So, dear premies, if you want to merge yourself into that bliss like Mira did, you can. Do not think that time has passed. Now the time has come when people will see that a greater devotee even than Mira has manifested. I do not want any praise for this. I do not gain any pride by doing this, I do not want to have a name for it. No, I do not have this feeling in me at all. If I did, then proud and foolish people would come to satisfy their doubts and I would spend time in discussion with them. I will discuss with those who are sincere, but some foolish and proud people come to me just to argue. And if I waste my time on them I will not be able to give satsang, and if I do not give satsang to people, then I do not know what will happen.

Some say I am a smuggler. Yes, I am such a great smuggler that there may not be another like me! You smuggle cars and tape recorders and escape duty, but I smuggle the Knowledge of God which saves everybody. The unrest within you stops you finding true peace. We save you from it. Not only am I a big smuggler, but I am also a big thief. I steal your heart. I am a big fraud because I destroy your unrest. I raise slogans against unrest and bring peace.

So brothers, now the time has come when I have to sacrifice my social respectability. You also sacrifice it and show the people who I am, whose children we are. Tell the people who is your true Father, whose devoted children you are. I have the hope that you are the pearls of the true Father, and if you are, then sacrifice your life in this enterprise. He who drives his motorcycle into the tunnel of death has no hope in life. He only has to close his eyes and drive and if he falls he dies, but if he escapes he gains fame. So devote yourself wholeheartedly, sacrifice your life to propagate this Name. You can serve the world afterwards, you can fill this stomach eating and drinking later, but if you sacrifice yourself now for the devotion of God, I say that people will spread out golden carpets for you.

It is time to awake and know the Word about which it is said, "The Word is the earth. The Word is the sky. There is but the Word; and all is enlightenment. The whole universe is based on the Word. Nanak says the Word is in every heart.

What can I say about Guru Maharaj Ji who has sent me among you and has given me this chance to serve you? The name of such a merciful Guru Maharaj Ji is Shri Hans Ji Maharaj. How shall I sing of him? How shall I express the love he has for you? He has deep love for humanity. I cannot express the great love he has for you. I do not have sufficient words to express how much Guru Maharaj Ji loves you. Had I liked sleeping on a luxurious bed, I would have been doing so by now and enjoying it, but I do not want pleasure or rest. I only want to devote every moment to propagating the Knowledge of God.