It All Exists Now!

Maharaji:Gainesville, Florida, July 2, 1976

Dear premies, I am here today to tell you about something that might sound different. You know, usually when satsang is given, a lot of things are brought out about what's really happening in this world. How horrible it really is. Okay, that's known fact, that everything isn't the greatest right now in the world. And it hasn't been for a long, long time. So this is usually given as a reference to show people that we really need something in our lives to take us out of that misery, to make us sort of waterproof.

A camera might not be waterproof, but you can put a shell around it and then take it underwater. And so that reference is always given that everything isn't so great but by receiving Knowledge, you really realize the true purpose of life, and therefore you are able to live in this world but keep yourself away from what's bad, from the misery of this world.

But today, I am here to tell you how everything is so beautiful: that everything is, in fact, really splendid. That there is no need to bother about the misery. What is happening is happening exactly the way it's supposed to happen. We can sit down and talk about a lot of things: Can we actually have a race against time? Can we actually race against what has already been decided for us?

From that point of view, if you look, then everything is horrible. But if you look from the point of view that we have Knowledge and how beautifully we are proceeding along this path, that this Knowledge has finally started to manifest for us, that this Knowledge has finally started to show us what it promised, that, in fact, the service we do, the satsang we do, the meditation we do, has actually started to prove something for us, then I think that is the most beautiful aspect that we really need to talk about.

Because that's the beauty. That is the greatest pleasure.

You know, I was just watching TV, and it said they just passed the ruling that electrocuting is okay again. And then the news guy just kept on going, and going, and going, talking about this misery and that misery, and that skateboards are making the highest percentage of accidents these days; the kids who are skating on these boards fall off and have head injuries, and all sorts of things.

I said, "Gee. If premies really have to come to a satsang program and listen to what's so horrible in this world, they might as well just sit back home and watch television."

But really, that's not true. Because this Knowledge, this process of satsang, service and meditation, isn't what people thought. It isn't a process where you blindly put all your effort into it for the rest of your life and just before you die, if you hear the tinkle bells tingle, then that's it: you are on your way to salvation. And if you don't get to hear them, it's all over for you. I mean, that's completely crazy. But this is what a lot of people believe. But that's not the way Knowledge is. Knowledge is Truth, and Truth can be experienced now and in this lifetime.

For such a long time, premies have really been trying to learn, premies have really been trying to understand, and premies have really been trying to do that service and satsang and meditation - really finding out for themselves what it involves. Yet time and time again I bring up the necessity of satsang, service and meditation. Because it is a process. We have a destination to reach. What is that destination?

We take a process which is revealed to us by Guru Maharaj Ji. And this process is satsang, service and meditation. And he promises that by this process, through this


process, we can experience Truth. What is our destination? That one day we will get clobbered by tons and tons of Truth on our shoulders? Is that our destination? Is that what we are looking for in our lives? I mean, we have to authentically ask ourselves. After all, we are trying to go somewhere. What is it like? What is that place?

It's like, going on this European tour, I knew that all I had to do there is just go and give satsang. But I wanted to find out what the place was like. It's just an assurance. If somebody would have told me that it's completely dull and miserable, that still wouldn't have stopped me from going there and giving satsang. But I just wanted to know what the place was like: what the atmosphere was like, what the climate was like, what the places were like.

In the same way, though our destination, though our goal in our life is to realize Truth: at what point? What is it like? What is going to happen? One day we will get up and do meditation and all of a sudden there will be this huge bang and we will know that that's Truth and that we have reached to the limit of it? Or one day we are going to wake up and all we are going to see is light, light, light, light, light? And that'll be it? We'll have completely merged?

Those are all our concepts about Truth. But remember something: nobody has been able to actually perceive Truth, really feel Truth, and write down what the experience was like. It's completely impossible. It's an experience which you cannot just put into a book. It is an experience you cannot put into anything. Truth is an experience you experience yourself. When you experience it, you experience it for yourself. It is a very personal thing. And it's so beautiful, it's so intimate, that you can only go to a certain point of it by writing. The very farthest point you can go to is saying it was beautiful.

Or you can say, wow, it was fantastic.

But, tell me: is Truth fantastic? Or is the Truth beautiful, and that's it? Or does it keep on going beyond that? Is that the limit? Because if Truth is fantastic, we take one look at this ultra-modern jet which has got eight screaming engines behind it that looks like something out of a space movie thousands and thousands of years in the future, I mean, completely ultra-fantastic things, if you were just driving down a road and saw this ultra-fantastic jet in this airport, you would say, wow, that's fantastic. That's beautiful. So does that mean that's Truth? No.

What we say, what we can express, is very, very limited. And that is what I am trying to say. But the experience of Truth doesn't stop at that point. It starts from that point onward. Up to that point is what we can perceive; up to that point is where we can actually say, cold, hot, warm, nice … But from then on, from that point on, is that true experience of Truth.

To me, it's really fantastic that nobody has written down that experience of Truth. Because if somebody would have written it down, we would now have these huge books and we would just read them and try to animate them in cartoon form. Or you would walk into a hall, an environment which completely simulates what it says in the scriptures: the chairs vibrate, and your ceiling comes down on you, and the lights blink on and off and so on.

But it's really beautiful, because it's still left for us to experience in its authentic form, in its real form. And that is what we have to experience, you know. And now, by this way, by this method of satsang, service and meditation, we are really going along, we are really understanding what this process is, and where it can lead us. That experience of Truth is slowly and slowly starting to enter our lives. We can feel it. It's such a gradual but such a strong feeling. And we know, we can feel it, and we can understand that yes, this is something different. It just changes us. Maybe in a very slight form -- I am not saying that if somebody has experienced Truth he never gets mad in his whole life. Or if somebody has experienced Truth, he stops eating. No. He just completely goes on as normal.

But then there is something that happens in


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Gainesville, July 2, 1976
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji In Gainesville, July 2, 1976

his life. The very flower, that very beauty just opens up inside of him and it's so beautiful, yet such a gradual process. What I am here to tell you is that that's really happening to us. Everything is really fantastic. Everything is manifesting the way it is supposed to be manifesting.

You know, we receive Knowledge and then we all come together. It's like, we want to have this conceptual experience of Truth. But it doesn't work out that way. We just have to let that love flow, to let that process really happen within inside of us. And then things really start manifesting for us. Things really start happening. It's really, really hard to explain what that experience does to our lives. Because it's such a nice and a beautiful process. But believe me, nobody would appreciate it if the experience of Truth was a clobber on your head. Or if, in fact, it was that all you saw from that day onwards was just light, light, light, light, light, light. Because what are we trying to do?

You see, we know one thing: that there is this life, and that this life exists. We know that. And we live it. And then we find out, now wait a minute. I am really not happy. I am really not experiencing this life. I am really not understanding what this life is. I am just blindly going on in this life thinking something is gonna happen one day. But really, I have waited too long. It's not happening.

And then, you know, a man gets scared, a person gets scared: Well, wait a minute. Will I have to wait until the last moment of my life to experience that positiveness in my life?

So we know that life is really an important factor, that life is really important. Then we go and we receive Knowledge. What does Knowledge do? A lot of people are trying to separate two things: life and Knowledge. Don't do that. If you are dead, you won't be able to do it; you won't be able to actually experience the joy, the pleasure of Knowledge. And lot of people after receiving Knowledge say, well, I have received Knowledge and I have completely separated my life. And they become almost schizophrenic. Because at one point they're experiencing all this love and this joy, but maybe it's even completely fake, maybe it's even conceptual, because on the other hand, they're leading this life which is completely miserable, which is completely horrible. But believe me, this process of Knowledge takes that very jewel, that very beauty, which is life, and makes it almost perfect, makes it bloom. And that is what you're trying to do.

We have been given the greatest gift -- and that is this life itself -- but it's too blah. There's something missing, you know? It's like a rose plant with no roses on it. I've seen when they've trimmed the roses, the plant just looks weird, blank, empty. There's nothing there. But when there's a rose on top, even those thorns start looking beautiful. Even they carry a meaning behind them. Even they possess some beauty. But that beauty is only brought out by that rose.

In the same way, this is our life. This is the jewel that we have been given. And it's blocked. And we realize that. But by the Grace, we have been sent for by this person who has completely mastered the only process, which is Knowledge. We call him Guru Maharaj Ji. We call him Perfect Master. We call him … I mean there are a bunch of names down the line that you can call him, but what is his speciality? What does he really do? He has mastered this process. He has understood this process, and therefore, he can help any person who wants to experience this process.

By the Grace, this person comes along in your life and says, don't say that life is miserable. Misery is miserable -- not life. Life is a joy; life is a pleasure. Don't mix them up. Because somebody is wearing dirty clothes doesn't mean the person is dirty. He can be the most intelligent, the cleanest person in his heart.

One time in school we had a debate. And the debate was: Do the outward signs make a person what he is, or is it, in fact, within inside of him? Of course, there were the people who were already selected to debate and they went on, they said whatever they had to say. But after that, there were 15 to


20 minutes left and the teacher said, "well, if anybody, any free speaker wants to say something about this topic, come on up and say it."

I got up, I went on stage and I said, "No, it doesn't mean that." And I explained that Gandhi, who was an Indian leader, used to wear a dhoti and a little sort of shawl around his body. A crook can wear that. That doesn't mean because he's wearing identical clothes to Gandhi, they will let him into the President House. It doesn't mean that because he's wearing clothes like Gandhi, he might be like Gandhi. No. Those things just don't matter. What is inside is what is inside and what is outside is what's outside.

And so, life is life. Life is a joy. Life is the greatest pleasure. What is joy if you don't have life? I'm pretty sure that any person who's six feet under the ground, I don't think he's sad, and I don't think he's happy either. He can't experience. But we have something here. And so we have to, for a second, just stop and say, wait a minute. This is an incredible miracle!

People say, well, what is a miracle of God? To me, personally, the miracle of God is this life. Everything else that is around, that is also a miracle. But to me, the biggest miracle is this life itself. All the other miracles could have existed and did exist before 1957, but I didn't know about them. So what is greater to me: my life, that miracle, that joy, the way I can experience it, or all the other miracles?

Really, the whole problem is that there is that beauty, there is that thing existing. But it's all covered up with mud, with garbage, with all these things that a person has developed for himself. It's like this joke people tell sometimes. There was a person, this weak, rich guy, carrying this big pot of honey. And he says to a poor man, "Will you carry my honey for me? I'll give you a couple of dollars."

The man says, "Sure, I'll carry this for you."

He takes the pot, and puts it on his head. He is walking, and he is thinking, "Gee, I've got two dollars. What am I gonna do? I'm gonna buy some chickens. And then they're gonna have eggs, and they're gonna have babies. Then I'll sell them all, and buy goats. Very soon there's gonna be goats after goats after goats. I'm gonna sell them, and I'm gonna have all these cows, and then I'm gonna sell all these cows and I'm gonna make myself a lot of money.

"And then I'm gonna go out and buy a farm, and I'm gonna have a tractor. Then I'm gonna have this big beautiful house, and then I can find myself a nice girl. I'll get married. Then I'll have kids. And then one day, I'll just be lying there on this hammock, dreaming away, and my little kid will come and say, 'Daddy, Daddy, I wanna go to the movies.'

"And I'll say, 'Naw, forget it!' and I'll hit him."

He was so much into his dream, that as soon as he did that, the whole pot of honey dropped on the ground and broke. Honey was all over.

So the guy says, "What did you do that for? Now I'll have to charge you a couple of dollars for this. You ruined my honey."

He said, "Gee, you bother about your couple of dollars and this honey. You ruined my whole life. You ruined my cows, my tractor, my house, my family. You ruined everything."

So a person can really imagine. A person can really think. In his concept, he can enjoy a completely fake life, which lot of people in this world are doing. They have simulated happiness. Now I don't know how much you can simulate happiness, because I haven't tried to do so, but I don't think anybody is really successful in doing that. I don't think you can simulate happiness, but that is what people have done: Oh maybe a nice car. Oh maybe a nice house. Oh maybe this, maybe that.

That is happiness? No, that is not happiness. That is simulated happiness. How would you like a fake father? Or how would you like a fake mother? Or how would you like fake happiness where you have this fiberglass (not fiberglass, that's kind of expensive getting


that; let's say plastic) automobile that looks exactly like a live car, but won't go anywhere, and any kid can come and pick it up? How would you like to have this wardrobe that goes about a mile long and everything in it is just pictures?

I mean, we have to evaluate for ourselves, because it's us. Again, it's not Joe Blow. It's us who have to really experience, who have to really understand. Do I want a fake life?

If I want a fake life, then there's a lot of this going around in the world. If I want fake happiness, then I don't have to bother about that -- just make myself a few bucks, and I'll have it. And if you want that true life, the true happiness, then that's something else. That's more involved, because that dedication has to really be there, that search has to really be there to be able to do satsang, service and meditation.

Look for yourselves. What has that done for you? I mean, is Knowledge just completely blah? People who are putting that effort in, people who have put that effort in the right way, you know.

It's like, a man can count Monopoly money the rest of his life, but that doesn't do him any good. He's putting the same effort in as if he were counting real money, but it doesn't do him any good. A person can sit down and say, "I'm meditating. I'm really, really trying hard. I'm really trying hard to meditate." Then he sits down under his blanket and all he says to himself is, "Look at me, I'm really trying to meditate."

That is an effort. I can't deny that that's an effort. But it's not the right kind of effort for that. But premies who are really trying, who have really put that effort in, they know for themselves.

Don't come up to me and say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, what do you think about me? Do you think I've got that? Do you think I've got Peace? Do you think I've got the Truth?"

No. Look at yourself. Evaluate for yourself. Have you got it or haven't you got it? You can tell the best. You can really tell. And though people have that experience, they can probably talk for the rest of their lives, but they will never be able to tell you exactly what it feels like. What happens? Do you get a tickle all over your body, or does your hair stand straight up?

No, something happens. Something very beautiful. Something very subtle happens. And this is what, premies, we all are trying to put our effort into, because this is feasible and this is what we have understood: that by this way, by this process, this can really manifest.

I think everything is going along lovely. What else can I say? Just keep on trucking. Do it! I mean, what can I say? The only example I can give you is if you are sick and you take one capsule, nothing happens. If you take a second one, and you start feeling better, don't stop. Keep on taking them until you feel healthy. And so if you're feeling better, keep on doing until you feel your best. Because it's so beautiful.

I was just on this tour and, especially when I was in England, there were a lot of people there, about 4,500 people in this hall. I haven't been in England for a long time, and, see, there was this whole thing there. There were a lot of concepts because there's been a lot of mismanagement in England. So I got up and looked at the premies, and you could see how there's a patch of premies sitting there, and there was another patch of premies there, and there was another patch of premies sitting there. And they were all thinking all these different things. You could just see it by their faces.

Some were really getting into the music, some were thinking … "Oh, what's Maharaj Ji going to say this time? Is it going to be identical satsang to what was in Essen, or is it going to be something different?"

Then it started happening and I started giving satsang. Slowly and slowly, it all started changing and I could see that few people were thinking completely different things in their heads. They were like: "What's he talking about? Where is the old trip? What happened to it? Why is he talking about


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Providence, Summer Tour 1976
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji In Providence, Summer Tour 1976

'evaluation? Isn't it just supposed to be that we keep ourselves locked up in a drawer, in a closet, and that's it?"

Because, you know, to a lot of people, that's the way it is. Believe me, to a lot of people their whole concept trip is: oh boy, forget it. This is a great thing you have received. Just do whatever you have to do to show that you are a plugged-in member. And that's about it. Forget about everything else.

And it wasn't just England. It was all through the European tour. But then, at the last program, there was just a burst of joy from all the premies. There was so much love and so much joy that, wow, you mean we can really, really experience? You mean we don't have to be like slaves? You mean we can really do it?

The answer has always been there, "Yeah, you can really do it. It can really manifest for you."

It's up to you. Why did you receive Knowledge? This is what you have got to ask yourself: "Why did I receive Knowledge?"

Because your friend said so? Or because you happened to be walking on a street and all of a sudden you opened this door and something was happening so you just sat down and it just so happened that the Knowledge session began and you received it? Why did you receive Knowledge? Really ask yourself that. Because if you received Knowledge just to be in an Indian trip, then you're out. Because this is not an Indian trip. If you received Knowledge so that you could be called members of Divine Light Mission, then you're out. This is not that. If you genuinely came to experience the reality of this life, then you're in, because that's what this Knowledge does. That's what this Knowledge has to give. This is what this Knowledge shows.

This is such a growth process. It's not a limited process. It's such a growth process, such a progressive process. It just keeps on going. One example is that this is a savings account where you just don't get seven percent interest on whatever you have put in, you get three times more than what you have put in there. If you put in three dollars, you'll get nine dollars interest on it and that nine dollars will go into your account. Then you will get twenty-seven dollars interest on that, and then it just keeps multiplying with the same progression onwards. It's not multiplying 2 x 2 and 4 x 2, it's multiplying 2 x 2, 4 x 4 … and it just keeps on going. It's such an enormous process. It's such a growing process.

First you come in. You receive Knowledge. You have your ups and downs. And then you experience something. If you like, it grows and it just keeps on multiplying in such a fast way that it's completely like what you would say is mind-blowing, because it really is like that. But you have to really put that effort into it, you have to really put that understanding into it, and just really relax. You're not trying to have a race, believe me.


A lot of people thought that, oh well, in a couple of days anyway, the whole world will have Knowledge so I might as well get there, so I gotta run, run, run, run, run.

Don't wear yourself out. Relax. Just do satsang, service and meditation. Let it flow, you know? Don't be the person who comes into a room when I happen to be there, he brings a dust cloth along, and starts dusting things. And I take one look at him and say, "Hey, gee, that's a nice premie, he's doing a lot of service there."

But as soon as I split in the elevator, he takes the dust cloth and puts it in his pocket. Don't be that kind of premie. You are doing this for yourself. You know you really have adapted this process for yourself, for yourself to grow into. So do it! Do it the way you're really supposed to do it. And then everything is dandy. Everything is really beautiful. Everything is really, really clear.

This is what I want. I want all my premies to be completely clear, because after all, what are you doing after you receive Knowledge? You're trying to help me in my cause. You're trying to because you have experienced how beautiful this Truth is, how great this experience is, how much it really brings that realism of your life into you.

There is this life that's completely boggled down with everything. This is what Marolyn was saying: that this is just big mumble- jumble. And the example she was giving was about the stereo equipment. Sometimes they take a look behind the stereo equipment and there are all these patch cords going from one point to this other point, driving all these speakers, all these amps. You can get there and just stand there and say, "Gee, what do you do with this thing?"

Or you can pick a cable and really follow it through and find out where it goes, and pick another cable and find out where it goes, pick another cable … I mean, you can really make everything clear for yourself so you can work on the system. If it is all a complete mumble-jumble, you will never be able to work on the system, because you are at a point of saying, "Where do I start from?

What do I do?"

It's like, maybe something has gone wrong with your car. You open up the hood and look. First of all, you have to locate a problem. What is the problem with your car? You can't start from the radiator and work yourself all the way down to the rear bumper and completely take the whole car apart on the highway. You've got to locate the problem. And for that, you have to be coming from a clear enough point to find out what's wrong with your car. Of course, if you don't know, then sometimes all it is is a flat tire, and you open up the hood and say, the thing isn't running right. You know? And all the problem is is that it's got a flat tire. This happens to people because they don't know what it feels like to have a flat tire. So it's just up to us to be clear.

I'll give you an example of the reason I want all the premies to be clear. Say there's one premie who is completely into this: "Man, I've got to go out and give people information. I've got to really, really get people interested in this Knowledge."

This poor guy is going to try hard for this. So he goes out on the street and he's got this big, huge bundle of pamphlets, and he's giving them to people. There happens to be a poor guy waiting for his bus, who just wants to chat with somebody to pass his time, and then this guy comes along and says, "Here is a leaflet for you."

The guy reads it and says, "What is this about? What is this Divine Light Mission? What is this all about?"

This is probably the opportunity the premie's been waiting for. He doesn't know what a mess he's going to make, so he starts explaining. He says, "Well, see this is 'The Way'. This whole world is gonna come to an end, and it's all over for this world anyway. Everybody is freaked out; everybody is crazy."

The guy takes one look at him and says, "What's the matter with you? You think I'm crazy? Are you insinuating that I am crazy?"


But the premie just goes on, "… and you know, we have Guru Maharaj Ji and we have satsang …" This guy has never heard about any of this before in his whole life. Then the premie goes, "… oh, and in these satsangs, every premie comes together …"

And he's probably sitting there thinking, "What is this, some chemical process that happens? Is this the kind of trip where they hook your brain up to a big computer and that's about it? It takes over from there on?"

And he's telling him, "… and we worship this Guru Maharaj Ji, and he knows 34 languages, and he can speak in any language to anybody, and man, once you receive Knowledge, you completely surrender, you completely dedicate your whole life to him. You give away everything you have, and then you are bound to have liberation by this Knowledge."

At first the guy just wanted to pass the time with somebody talking to him. But at this point, all he wants is for that bus to come as fast as it can and take him out of there, take him away. Because he can't relate to it. He can't understand what he is talking about. He doesn't know what "satsang" is. He doesn't know what "premies" are. He thinks premies are something like ants or something that come together.

And what is it saying to the person? I mean, this is not a fantasy. This is something that actually happens. I'm not saying that that premie is crazy. Sure, he's trying to spread the message. All he's trying to do is help. But it's almost like Dennis the Menace. His father never wants him to help. What is the reason for it? The reason is because everything he does is wrong.

So what have you just done? You have almost created for yourself a monster by giving him that kind of an understanding. Because he's going to take that pamphlet, go back home, sit for dinner, and talk about this freaky guy that met him on the street, completely crazy, who was telling him about these crazy things. The guy tells his family, "Listen, you see one of those guys again -- Keep out! Don't even talk to them. Turn your back around and walk the other way if you have to. Don't stop, because they'll ask you to give everything you have away."

And then, of course, there's a son who came to dinner. He's married, and he tells his friends. What you actually have done is made my work that much harder. If that's what you want to do, of course, that's not okay with me, because you are interfering with the work.

What I want you to do is to really be clear about what has to be done. Because this is the message that people have been waiting for. But they don't know what it's going to sound like. You know? It's like that example that I used to give about Superman. That kid has that comic, but that poor guy doesn't know, and so what happens? People want something, people want that realization. It doesn't matter who he is. I mean, really it has come to the point that people will listen to you if you can relate to them, if you can create an environment so that they can really understand what you are saying. If you really want to give that kind of satsang, about 34 languages and so on and so forth, find yourself a goat and give it to him. Then at least, you won't interfere with my work. It won't confuse all those people.

So, it's just a matter of us all coming together, because we understand, because we realize that there is a very superior aim in front of our lives, to actually spread this Knowledge, to spread this Word. We have to all come together and really, really, really get together. No ifs, ands or buts. We really have to come together and understand and really open up our hearts so that we will be able to really, really help Guru Maharaj Ji. This is what we really have to do now.

You are already starting to experience Truth. And the more you understand that, the more you experience the Truth, the more this incentive should get inside of you that you really want to help Guru Maharaj Ji. So we should all be clear in the way we want to help him. We should all find out that that is the way he wants us to help him and get together on that field and then really help out that way. Because it can be really beautiful and it


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Providence, July 3, 1976
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji In Providence, July 3, 1976

is beautiful. When premies do that, I tell you, it's really incredible. That experience really flows.

Just get into that process of satsang, service and meditation, which is like a circular chain. You take out one of those links, your chain is just a straight line. But it's so important to have it together, to be able to just keep on going, just to keep on flowing with satsang, service and meditation.

I don't need to express the importance of these things, because I already have, so many, so many times. And if you have in your life ever done real service, you know the experience of real service -- the joy of the service itself, besides the joy of Knowledge, the joy of Truth, life, just the joy of service. If you have really listened to satsang and not just put it into this ear and taken it out of this one, but actually have listened to satsang, then you really know the joy of satsang, just by itself.

And, of course, if you have done meditation, real meditation, if you really have put yourself to it, then you also know the joy of meditation itself. Then of course, when you put those three joys together, you experience the real joy of this life. I really can't stress the necessity for service over the necessity for meditation: it's just all the same. It's right on the same line, because without meditation, satsang and service are really not going to happen. Without service, satsang and meditation are not going to happen. Without satsang, service and meditation are not going to happen. It's just a joint thing and it just keeps on flowing that way.

And so premies, let us really get together and get clear, because it's about time. I tell you, it's really happening. I mean, we used to talk about it a lot, but this is happening. You might say that this is the dream come true. It's really, really manifesting. It's really, really taking shape more than I thought it would. I thought that, "Man, there's a lot of mess. There's a lot of craziness in people. I don't think people will be able to get it out of their heads."

And of course, they haven't, but they have enabled themselves, strengthened themselves, enough to actually be able to realize, to actually be able to understand.

So, this is the time. Don't wait around for different, different things. This is the time to actually open up your heart, and to just get with it. What are you waiting for? You have that experience, you have this beautiful Knowledge. What are you waiting for? A rainy day or something? What are you waiting for? A UFO to come by?

Sometimes I am giving satsang to myself, and I just come to a point where it's like, "Look, there's so much unrealism in life. There are so many concepts." A lot of people are thinking that there are UFO's or there are not UFO's. There's a big debate about it. There are so many people who just completely waste their lives in all these different matters that really are not going to do them much good.


Then there are people who think that there's a life after death. Well, I'm not going to debate about that. Maybe there is and maybe there isn't. But if you want to find out, why don't you just wait? One day, you will -- as soon as you kick the bucket, you will be where you will be. You can find out that way. But here we have this life, this most incredible miracle, the miracle of miracles that there could possibly be.

Even I used to say that, look, human life is so superior to all the lives around. But then, you know, I watched a lot of documentaries about dogs and they just seem incredibly smart to me. A lot of people would say that if you are walking like that gorilla is, that would really hurt you. Well, it would hurt you, but not the gorilla: he's got padded feet. He's made for that. And, of course, if you were to stay under water, like a dolphin does, of course, you would drown. Well, dolphin is made for that, you know?

But it's like, all these things are there, and I have gone beyond the point of discussing: is a human life superior or is it not superior. To me, even if bears could understand Knowledge, or anything, any animal, any bird, insect or anything, the one thing they should get together with themselves is that they have got a life now. They are not dead, they're alive.

Feel around. Touch yourself. Pinch if you have to. Find out you're alive. You're not six feet under the ground or burning on this fire or drowning under the ocean. You are here now and you have this beautiful life and a chance to really experience it. How can we deny life? How can we say life is miserable if we haven't even experienced life itself? I mean, that's completely unfair to me. Experience it first, then say it's worthless, if it is to you. I don't think it is, but at least experience it.

A lot of people think that they experience happiness or they are experiencing joy. To a lot of people, happiness is something somebody takes out of their pocket and sprinkles on you and 'boom,' like Peter Pan, you can fly now. No, this is not the way. Really, that is not the way it happens.

The way it happens is that life is joy, that life is happiness. It is all there. It's just that you have to open up to it, give it chance, clean it up. Look at it, and you'll find out it's beautiful. That's the way it goes and that's the way it is.

Premies all over the world are so lucky, so fortunate that they have this process. To me, it's like, forget about talking about different, different things. You've got Knowledge, you've got the life. Clean it up. Find out how beautiful it is. And enjoy it.

I don't see any point in sitting around and debating about all these different things: karma and non-karma, and life after death and non-life after death, and this and that, and salvation and not salvation.

To me, it all exists here, now, and if you can realize that process and become one with that process and really enjoy life, if there is something like salvation that exists, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't end up there, because you have truly experienced life. This is what every Perfect Master who has come into this world has insisted upon: experience what life is. Experience that joy. And if salvation exists … of course, I'm not going to debate here because probably a lot of people think that it doesn't exist. And to a lot of people, maybe it exists. Whatever it is, you've got a free ticket to it -- if you can realize what this life is.

To me, it's beyond all those things. Just to enjoy it now. We have it. Maybe all that happens is that we die and all we do is just go into this little tube and get sealed on both ends and our name gets tabbed on it and that's it. Or maybe there is everything else that people think happens. I'm not going to discuss that subject.

It's just now. Enjoy it. Because it's enjoyable. Because it's beautiful. And we really have the opportunity to do so. We really have a way to find out the meaning of this life. So we should.

Thank you very much. Blessings to all the premies.