Prem Rawat on Throne 1973

"The rivers flow to merge with their source, and that is the sea. The sea was their source and from the sea they were taken up by the sun in the clouds. But they eventually went to the mountains, showered the rain, and now they are so much, so fast; they are running to meet and embrace their source; nothing in the world can stop them. Their aim in life is lust to meet the sea, just to meet with the whole who was their source, who is their source, and who will be their source. Who exists, who was existing, and who will exist. Who is forever, was forever, and who will be forever. Who was complete, is complete and will be complete. He is perfect, he was perfect and he will be perfect.

His personality is great. His rays are so strong that they cross the bones, they cross the skin, and they shine out. His light, which is his personality, is so powerful that it crosses the whole body, it crosses the whole illusion, it crosses the whole world. But it can't be broken. His divine divinity is so strong, so strong that I've got no words to describe that divinity.

So remember, we have to find it, that guide, that person who is perfect … who is ours and we are his. We have to find him, to whom we belong; we have to find him, and get together, and be one with him."