Lord Jesus - Michael Nouri
John the Baptist - Stephen Clemens

FIRST SCENE: The High Court of King Herod. The ministers of King Herod are greatly disturbed. Rumors have reached their ever-anxious ears that three aged foreigners of stately bearing are searching through every shack in Bethlehem. After considerable cowardly maneuvering, it is decided that Flavius will report the matter to Herod.

In full glory, Herod enters the court and demands the day's news. Upon learning of the visitors, an audience is arranged. "Our purpose is but one," states Melchior," To find the new master soul of the coming age, and to worship Him." Herod dispatches his couriers to shadow the Mesopotamians until Jesus is found.

Their mission is successful, but the couriers return leaving the baby unguarded. Tossing a scroll to the ground, the furious Herod leaves the court. His youthful minstrel retrieves the scroll and sings what is written upon it. It is a ballad praising the infant Lord.

SECOND SCENE: The Temple at Jerusalem. Passover. The scene opens with the exalted rabbis of Jerusalem scattering holy water upon the towns people. It is a day of sacrifice and sounds of slaughter can be heard off stage.

Jesus is only twelve, but the Knowledge of Truth makes Him bold enough to cut through a ritual centuries old: "Do you not smell the stench that comes from burning flesh?"

After much questioning, Rabbi Hillel is especially impressed by the young boy and asks Him to reveal what is God's highest commandment. The Christ softly replies,

"I see a golden cord that runs through all the Ten Commands, that binds them fast and makes them one. This cord is Love …"

THIRD SCENE: The Baptism. "You stand in the darkness, holding up the candle of tradition and looking to the west, waiting for the sun to return. Look not where the sun has gone, I tell you my brothers. Turn and see the new sun for He has come, the King."

Humbling Himself before him who has fought the darkness and prepared the way, Jesus the Christ is baptised by John.

FOURTH SCENE: The Kingdom Within. A great number of people have gathered, seekers of the Way. They are addressed by Simon Peter, who is filled with praises of the Living Lord. Together, the crowd sings their love of the Son.

Enter Lord Jesus, whose radiance is reflected in every human face. He speaks to them as children and explains the Kingdom of Heaven in parables, for as yet they cannot understand:

"The Kingdom of Heaven is like leaven which a woman hides within the meal. It is like a treasure which a farmer found hidden in his own field. For within you is the fountain of Life … Ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and you shall find."