November 26

Guru Maharaj Ji

Prem Nagar Ashram, Hardwar
November 26, 1971

Dear Premies:

We have been most fortunate to realize the most ancient thing, the most perfect thing. And after realizing this most perfect thing or most ancient thing, what must we do? This question automatically comes, what must we do? If anything is important, we have to take care of it. Suppose there is a very important man, care should be taken of him, and suppose there is a very important thing, even then care will be taken of it. But, this knowledge you cannot see, you cannot touch, you can only feel. In this case, how are you going to take the full care of this very important thing? This knowledge cannot be seen, cannot be touched, yet it is important so the care must be taken.

And how are you going to take care of this important thing? This question lies first and foremost before us. I will give you an example which you have seen many, many times in your countries. I have a beautiful Rolls Royce, and I make beautiful rotating stand for it. There is a stand in London and there is a Citroen which is always placed on that stand, and that stand is always moving. Now I have a Rolls Royce and I put that Rolls Royce on that stand, on that thing, and it is rotating and it looks very beautiful. Daily I come and polish the car, and I gaze at it. I take my chair and sit beside it and gaze at it, gaze at it, and sometimes I lie down and just look at it. All the machinery! Sometimes I open the engine and look at it. Sometimes I sit in it, feel the comfort of the car, and then I come out of the car, lock the car and go away.

Now, it this the proper utilization of that Rolls Royce? To gaze at it? I have a beautiful parrot, and daily I come and daily I gaze at it. Daily I love it and kiss it, and then I gaze at it, and it looks very beautiful and I stop, put him in the cage and go away. Now am I really pleasing that parrot? No! The love and affection that I am giving is to the body. But remember, there is a thing that ought to be free, and I'm not freeing it from that prison. So that is not love. A Rolls Royce should go along on the roads and should not require to always stand. In the same way, this knowledge is important, and proper care must be taken. The proper care of this knowledge is to meditate upon it.

Water is very beautiful, right? If we close the dam and gaze at the water, what will happen? It will overflow, because there is no way to go out. When it overflows, it will start flowing from all sides. So what is the proper utilization of that water? Open the dam fully so there is no stop to the water. Let it frequently flow down the river. In the same way this knowledge frequently moves and it should frequently be meditated upon. That is the proper utilization of this knowledge, of this Name.

Now, this Name. I am going to tell you something about this knowledge, or this Name. This Name is the most ancient thing. It has been described in all the scriptures, and whenever we define it by our tongue, by worldly words, we define it as "energy," because energy is the only thing which cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. This knowledge is the perfect and the pure energy, and thus, with it every human being, every living thing is alive.

There was a farmer, and he was walking along in the desert and he saw a piece of glass which was shining in the sand. He picked up the glass, looked at it, threw it away and went off. He said, "Well, this is not of use to me because this is just a piece of glass." A jeweler came, picked it up, and, completely surprised, took it in his pocket and went away. He went to his shop, made beautiful diamonds out of it and sold them. Now, the farmer didn't know the price value of that diamond and had to throw it away. But the jeweler knew what the price of that diamond was and so he accepted it.

In the same way, everybody knows that he is alive because of the breath that is going on in him. But nobody is ready to realize what the main basis of that breath is. If you can realize the main basis of that breath, you can be immortal. You cannot die; you cannot perish. An engineer knows the engine of the car, the machinery of the car, and thus, can fix the car. If a mechanic doesn't know the machinery of that car, he will never be able to make the car work again. So if a man has known the main basis of the breath, anytime his breath is leaving him he will be able to make it alive again, because he knows the main basis of the breath, which is energy.

So, in the same way, we have given you, or let's say, I have given you something that all the saints have given, because this Word cannot be changed. The way of life can be changed, but the source of this life cannot be changed. You can change the direction of the car when you are going, but you cannot change the car while you are going on the road. If you want to change the car you will have to stop it, get out, take another car, and drive again. The same way, we can change the direction of our life, but we cannot change the power of our life, or we cannot change the source of our life.

So, what is the main basis that we have to realize now? What is that satisfaction of mind that we have to realize? What is the means that will give us the satisfaction for which we are searching in the woods, in the rosary, chanting mantras, going to temples, mosques, and many other places? What is that religion, according to the many scriptures? According to the many scriptures, the word "religion" has been established from the word "realization." So, if this is the realization of God, that is why we have religion. Only realization of God can give us that peace, that satisfaction which we are searching for. That is the only thing there is.

First of all we should understand where the defect is in our car, in our machinery, in this computer. To understand the defect of our machinery, in this computer, you place your memory under the Lotus Feet, or under the disposal of the true master of the time. Then the true master of the time has many types of computers. All the computers function equally. Their function is only to show where the defect is, and when we find the defect we try to solve the problem.

When we have to solve the problem, we place it under the other computer which will solve the problem. This computer is placed under memory, and again memory is placed under satguru. Again satguru has many types of computers which can cure that machinery of that defect. By the help of this knowledge, of this pure Name of God, the holy Name of God, surely and certainly he will be able to cure us. Not only us, but he has cured thousands and thousands through this Name, through this knowledge.

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master 1971 In the Gita this Word has been defined as "auvekto akshara," "unspoken name." In the Ramayana this has been spoken as a name, "Ramek." In the Bible it has been written, "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God." It has been clearly written. Now just to verify the sentences, this knowledge is ancient. People have realized this knowledge and have read the Aquarian Gospel in which this Word has been clearly described. That means that this knowledge is so many years old.

This Word was given to the writer of the Aquarian Gospel, thus he was able to realize and write about it. So, it was more ancient. This Word existed before the writer also. That is why he was able to get it. So then it is proved that it was before it also. Because it came from somewhere, that means it was somewhere. That is why it came. If there is somebody, only then will he come. If there is nobody, how can nobody come? So, there was the Word, that is why It came to this man, that is why It was the most ancient thing.

That most ancient thing lies within us, but we don't understand. We say it is night, but remember it is not night. I can prove that it is day now. How? Because wherever there is the sun, there is day, right? The sun hasn't gone, the sun is there. It has just passed to the other part of the world. That is all. So that is why it is day.

So, it is day, but we don't understand it - whether it is day or night. That is why we go to many gurus and the gurus give us many types of knowledge, many types of knowledge. They make us more confused. When we come to satguru, that is the revealer of the Truth, remover of the darkness, when he comes into our life and reveals this Word to us, now that button has been pressed; everything will take place automatically. You see how it works. Then when he reveals to us that Word which has been described in every scripture - every scripture - then when that vibrates within us, we get peace, peace of mind, satisfaction of mind.

I have told you that the mind has such a speed that even any computer in the world cannot measure the speed of this mind. Even Hal, that computer in 2001, cannot measure the speed of this mind. It is so fast. The computer takes some time to calculate, right? But this mind even used to go before it.

So, how to control the mind? What is the most accurate technique? Have you seen the anti-aircraft gun? The man that is in charge of that anti-aircraft gun is a very far-out calculator. If he misses even a quarter of a second in his calculation, he will miss the plane. He has to be correct to a millionth of a second. When he makes his calculations, throws his bomb, it hits right in the same point. So, our knowledge that we have received should be so perfect that from here the mind shoots, and from there the knowledge shoots, and they both touch. It should be so accurate that both should come and join together, meet and hit.

When our mind is finished, to experience that feeling will be very far-out. Because we are elevated and when we are elevated the mind is all right. Have you seen the big balloons that you sit on? When you decrease the air they start coming down and then when you want to go higher you take some sand out and you are elevated. To go higher, you take out some more sand, more sand, and more sand, and then you are absolutely elevated.

In the same way, our mind is the sand, our body is the balloon and the sitter is the soul. The soul wants to go and join with God. Mind is sand, this body is the balloon that is floating around. Now, with Buddha Bhagwan, or Buddha, what happened is that he decreased the air in his balloon, absolutely decreased. Nothing went up. His stomach went and touched his back and he just gained nothing out of that. And then, when his balloon was perfect, sand was empty, the sitter was pleased and then you noticed how quickly the balloon was elevated, because nothing, no trouble, no ego, no doubt, no suffering was there. Can you imagine, can you think about experiencing such a far-out experience? With no ego at all to disturb you, no doubts at all to worry you, no suffering to torture you; nothing; perfect.

Always with the company of the holy master there is Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. To experience that you are there, now what can be better than this? To experience the most far-out thing of this world. The most - you know, what should I say - the best! The most!

To be in truth, to seek for excellence, you have to be so quick. If you want to be elevated quicker, what should we do? In the case of the balloon, what would we do if we want to get higher? Decrease the sand, and if you can decrease the sand in five minutes it means you get high in five minutes. The more we decrease the sand, the more we are elevated. In the same way, this mind is a very heavy weight, and the pity is this: that this mind lies right on top and always depresses a man. If it were on the toes, you'd have no worry at all. But this mind always depresses you, presses you down, and thus you cannot be elevated. So remove the mind and you'll be right up!

Up where? Where they say, "Where there is neither any light of sun, moon, fire, electricity," but there is still light. When a man goes, he cannot return. Something like a drop of water mixing with a whole glass. There is the Ganges, there is a river, it flows all the way from the mountains. It rolls down sometimes on top

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master 1971 of the rocks, sometimes on the tops of the small flowers, sometimes on top of the trees, only, only to mix with the sea. And it rolls down with so much speed that it is always moving, moving, day and night, without any rest, just to mix with the sea. And once it is mixed with the sea, how comfortable it feels. It is indescribable. Now there is no more Ganges, no more individual life, just one; because now these rivers have mixed.

You throw a rock up high in the sky, it will come down, drop down in a second. Once it has mixed with the earth, has fallen on the earth, there is nothing more to do. That is where it wanted to be; that is that experience, or the feeling, you have to get. If you only want to get the experience, you know you will have to go again through the whole procedure for getting it, right? And that is the practical realization of this knowledge, which will give us the practical experience of this knowledge. So we have to realize this knowledge.

And how do we realize it? Through which means, through which methods? People can try all the methods of the worlds but they can't get it at all. You see a three dimensional picture and that three-dimensional picture looks real. This is the building, this is the building. This is one building, and every building seems to be, you know, real. But when you touch that picture, everything is straight, not three-dimensional. This is the world's reflection.

The world has candles in its hands and is going to search for the sun. Now can you experience or can you realize the foolishness of the people? Everybody except those who have really realized the sun. Everybody has candles in their hands and their mind is so attracted to that candle, why? Because they are going to find the sun through that candle. They love that candle so much that they are always looking to that candle. And the sun also rises, but they cannot get it. They have been so attracted to that candle, why? Because they are going to get the sun, they are going to find out that sun through the candle.

Today, people take a rosary, count it, count it, count it. They speak that word, like they are repeating "Ram." They repeat "Ram" so many times that even if Ram comes before them they will forget Ram and speak that word. They are so attracted, they are so mixed with that word that even if Ram comes before them, they will forget Ram and start speaking "Ram, Ram." They are thinking they are going to get Ram through it. Now they are so much attracted to that thing, they don't want to lose it. They are afraid of that.

It is like this: you bring your car to this ashram and carry it to your room, right to your room, inside your room, under your bed. You don't want to lose it. You came all the way in it and thus you are so attracted with that car that you don't want to lose it. You don't want to be away from it just because you are attracted, attached.

So, this is the worldly situation. But, if everybody starts gazing on the situation, I assure you that nobody will be able to help the situation. If everybody starts helping themselves--remember, the world has been made of themselves--so, if they change themselves, automatically the world will be changed. Because the world has been composed of them--of you. And if you change yourself, automatically the world will be changed, because the world is nothing else. It is composed of human forms and human forms change themselves--until automatically the world will change.

So try and understand completely what I want to say, what my basic projection is, what my thing I want to tell you is. What is my speciality that people call me Guru? What is that thing there? And that thing is not guru. Not G-U-R-U, or something else. God is not G-O-D. God is something else; G-O-D is something else and God is something else. If you reverse G-O-D, what will happen? G-O-D is not God. God is something else other than G-O-D. He dwells in G-O-D. Just as He dwells in other words also; in A also, B also, C also. In every word, but yet He is away from them. So, if you see picture you can see the picture of the man there, but that man is not himself a man. Man is something else, beside that picture. The word G-O-D is not God, but yet you are saying God. The word G-O-D is not Generator, Operator, and Destructor which you are looking for. It is simply an alphabet. You are not looking for an alphabet, are you? You are looking for something very true.

You have done alphabets so many times. If alphabets can help you then first of all you'd need an alphabet. Then what is the use to be a Senior at Cambridge, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd? You just need an alphabet and see truth. In kindergarten, you start reading the alphabet, don't you? When you are in fi rst, you have learned the alphabet, right? When you have learned all the alphabet, then what's the need to go ahead? Just leave off there. But alphabets are not themselves it. They have to be composed and how do they have to be composed? They have to be composed in sentences.

You know, when this printing press first came here, they used to take so much time in composing. I used to get really surprised. Why do they take so much time in composing? Just take a word and put it there; they can do it in one minute and they can easily do twenty pages, thirty pages. But then I went there and saw there were so many defects. 'Sometimes the word was another way or the other way and they had to correct it and put it in the right place. Again they leave a gap, they have to correct it, they have to give every expression, explanation, every mark--everything just took their time.

To learn alphabets is takes only two years, right? But to compose them it takes you that eight years. Then you are perfect in composing them. So, you have understood that divine knowledge, you people who have taken that knowledge, and now understand the knowledge. But, understanding the knowledge is not itself the knowledge. To meditate upon the knowledge is itself the knowledge. Understanding the knowledge is not itself the knowledge. You know, this is a fine point: you have to understand it. Understanding the knowledge is not itself the knowledge. Meditation upon the knowledge is itself the knowledge. Because what does the knowledge say? Meditate upon me. Gazing at the Rolls Royce is not gazing at

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master 1971 the Rolls Royce because you are gazing at the Rolls Royce. A Rolls Royce says drive me. And you are just gazing at it. So, if you are understanding the knowledge, that is something else - not the knowledge; it is not recommended. If you are meditating upon the knowledge, that is the knowledge. You see, that is understanding the knowledge, that is it, you know, that's the whole thing. So now, go ahead in your path. Go ahead in your life. Meditate upon this and you will see how quickly, in a very far-out procedure, you realize this knowledge. When the driver is flying the plane and another aircraft comes and he has to take his plane down, when he then gives a shot to his plane so that it goes up, how do you feel? So, that far-out experience has to be gained once again. You have been going down, and if you are just going down, you won't have that power. Because that is going down. So if you go down and then go up that is a far-out experience.

So, what is the procedure to go up? Pull the steering, increase the throttle. You have to meditate, do service. Meditation is the throttle and service is pulling the steering. Thus your plane will go up. If we decrease the throttle and you stop pulling the steering, your plane won't go up. It will go up, but it will decrease in altitude. Its nose will be up and its tail will be down, but you have been losing altitude. If you increase that throttle and pull the steering the plane will be up. It will gain that altitude. If you want to gain altitude you'll have to press the steering full; that makes it go up. If you don't pull your steering the plane will go right down and then dash. It is going so fast and will be out of control. It will dash somewhere, that's the wrong thing.

So, if you really want to be elevated, use the steering and the throttle and you'll be elevated, right to that point where you will be able to understand all the mysteries of the world. Because you will go and merge into Him who has created the mysteries of the world. Because who has created the mysteries Himself. Any mysterious thing, He has created; any world you take, He has created; any planet you can take, He has created; any word you take, He has created; anything you take, He has created.

It is even good for those rich people in America who want to gain this, and this, and this, and that, and that, and this. If they just go and merge into God, God is everything. It is very good for them. But they can't understand it because Jesus Christ said, "It is easy for a camel to pass through the hole of a pin, but it is hard for a rich man to understand who God is."

So, if you want to be elevated, I have told you how. You have taken the knowledge from me. Thus it is important for you to follow my instructions. If you had taken this knowledge from somebody else it would not be necessary for you to follow my instruction. But, because you have taken this knowledge from me, it is very, very, very important that you should follow my instructions. I have given you that thing and I know what the cautions should be. The first important instruction that could be given, can be given, and is given, will be given and was being given, was to meditate. That is very important thing. If you buy a Rolls Royce and walk into General Motors Corporation Firm and ask what are the instructions of this Rolls Royce, they will say, "We don't know, this is not a General Motors Corporation production. Go to the Rolls Royce people, ask them."

This is the thing. If you have taken this knowledge from me and you are following my instructions, every bit of the knowledge and your thoughts will touch. But if you have taken this knowledge from me and have not followed my instructions, you are following somebody else's instructions. I am not at all responsible for it. Understand? So, this is crystal clear I hope, what you should do. The step you should take to walk is not back but forward. And the thing you want to do is now to be elevated and it can be done through this knowledge. Because knowledge automatically will decrease the sand that is on us. This knowledge will automatically remove your mind. Mind is the weight that is increasing the weight and compressing you down. Once this weight is completely removed you'll shoot up, you know, like those jets in the fireworks. Have you seen those jets in the fireworks? Time is taken just to take the fire on the fuse. The fire goes in, that's that. At once it shoots up, right up, and is blown completely.

So this is the whole point, this is the whole purpose, this is the whole thing before you, and you must take it, put it in your life, realize it. Realization is the main thing--to realize you have been doing so many things, and now to be in one religion which is the source of all religions, and that's accomplished through this knowledge. This is called the language of all languages. If I get some time in knowledge review, I'll explain how every language has been started from the Word. Every language that you speak. I will tell you how all the religions of the world have been created out of the Word. How the air, water, etc. have been created out of this Word. How the sun has been created out of the Word, if I get some time. So, it will be my pleasure to tell you all of these things because this is very, very important and very, very far-out to realize how everything was created, how everything is being created, and how everything will be created out of this Word - the primordial vibration.

So, I hope you have understood my point I wanted to tell you and if you have really understood my point, then go on and meditate. Thank you.

You can't escape. If you have done some theft, you can escape it. If you have done some murder you can escape it. But, if you don't do meditation you can't escape it. It will show - that the light is not coming out of you, that you are not doing your meditation. Light comes out of you; that means you are doing your meditation.


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