Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master and His Mother 1971Satsang
Mata Ji, the holy mother

Translated, November 20, 1971
Prem Nagar Ashram
November 6, 1971

All those who enter the gates of Prem Nagar become Jivan Muktas (liberated souls). This is the divine ashram, the 10th door. Enter the ashram, the 10th door of the body. This is the time to do the service of spreading Guru Maharaj Ji's knowledge to unite this whole world in a garland of unity, brotherhood and love. If you want to become a mango fruit, you must dedicate yourself at the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj Ji, at the dust of the Lotus Feet, just like a seed must be buried in dirt. Be joined with others in a mango full of fruit for the world.

The Ganges is for all; so is this knowledge. Give this knowledge in different languages so that everyone will receive it. You have to make up your minds here and now in Prem Nagar to spread this knowledge to the four corners of this world.

Many of us are very wicked, but now Guru Maharaj Ji's grace has made us divine. Man doesn't understand what he does--only Guru knows. If you want to please Guru Maharaj Ji and Mata Ji, work hard to spread this knowledge, just as Guru Maharaj Ji at such a young age does. People can be influenced by your example, by a change in your life. A beautiful flower blesses a whole garden, so a beautiful person blesses the world. If you don't change your life, even if you give long discourses, people won't be impressed. Only a pure life impresses people.

Those who become better in their life did so by meditation, service, and following commandments. Now man will only be able to be changed through this knowledge to the way of righteousness.

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