Prem Rawat aka Shri Sant Ji Maharaj

Balyogeshwar Param Hans Sadgurudev
SH. SANTJI Maharaj
The World Honour Monk

Guru Maharaj Ji


Guru Maharaj Ji is the storehouse of peace and happiness and He has come to Bestow a gift, the greatest Treasure, upon humanity.

He has manifested in this world to establish peace and happiness by revealing directly the absolute pure consciousness of Divine Light, Divine Music and unspeakable Unfathomable true name of God within us … the vibration of life.

Guru Maharaj Ji is the giver of knowledge, All you do is to ask with sincerity of heart and you will receive,

Guru Maharaj Ji's knowledge will always be free of charge because it is "Truth."


Why are you existing in this world ? What is your aim for living ?

There is a cause, a reason for the life in this universe. You have to know it.

Why do you want love ?

Why do you want to know what love is ?

Why do you exist ?

What is the Word in the bible ?

I have come to give you the same Word.

You are like a useless creature coming to enjoy a party where you do not have any friends, and you do not know why you are there. You need someone to show you, to tell you why you are there and why you are invited You could say I'm your best friend. You must have an aim. Without knowing your soul there is no aim and true knowledge of your soul comes only from a perfect master. If you cannot actually see God, then for you God does not exist.

If I told you an elephant was 2 inches high, would you believe me ? Or, if I told you an ant was 7 feet tall, would you believe me ? But if I showed you, you would have to believe.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career