Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter


I remember before receiving Knowledge how inspired I was to find God and experience Truth. I was so thirsty for it that nothing else mattered in my life and I dropped everything in order to find the Truth and devote myself to it. Since then Guru Maharaj Ji has shown me that I can't disregard the world on this path and at the same time I can't be attached to it. The path is exactly in the middle of these extremes. So the first question is where are we in terms of the middle? Well, it's my experience that we often cross that middle line while walking down this path, but we are unable to remain on the center line for any extended period of time. Maybe a better question would be how can we stay centered on the path all the time? The answer is simple to hear but not so simple to do. It is, of course, satsang, service, and meditation. It is Guru Maharaj Ji's agya At this point we've got to honestly ask ourselves if these three simple words are the means we, as premies, use to focus on the one first point in our lives which is Guru Maharaj Ji. He has to be the first point, way above everything else. You know, meditation is something to be experienced. And for so long, I never saw any light or heard the inner harmonies and I even convinced myself, very subtly, that if I didn't experience the meditation it was OK because I loved Maharaj Ji and I didn't need to really experience it anyway and everyone else tells me that they too are not experiencing it so we're all the same and that's really where it's at, and let's not talk about the Name because it's Greek to me and I never saw a light brighter than ten thousand suns, I'll bet no one has and so on … stop! Please stop!

Mahatma Vijayanand came to Philly Last month and he loved his way through my confusions and rekindled the fire of two and one-half years ago that was the force driving my soul to find God. All he talked about was this Knowledge. The essense of everything. He talked about the love that he had for Guru Maharaj Ji because he had found Him in meditation and that he understood Guru Maharaj Ji as the Lord and to follow His agya was all he could do. He told me to practice and practice because I would never find happiness or true love in this world, only within myself. Since then a lot has changed and I'm so happy to be able to say that the inner experience of meditation is really there and it is so beautiful. Before we can ever understand D.L.M. and this world and before we can really come together we must meditate so sincerely. I could never stress this point enough. The kingdom is inside us and it's there for is to know, but not a second before we make the greatest effort.

I love you,

Brotherly Love newsletter
Project Love

For the next eight months or so, the overall focus of Divine Light Mission is "Project Love". Basically Project Love is a gathering up of Guru Maharaj Ji's family - His premies - in an effort throughout America to bring our communities together in order to serve each other, serve our fellowman, and propagate the Knowledge. The primary means for bringing the family together is to synchronize ourselves accordingly to Maharaj Ji's timing and plans. To begin we must communicate with each other. Project Love is aimed at establishing a broader network of communication from Guru Maharaj Ji to the premies through D.L.M. The Community Advisory Council is one means of increasing this communication.

On November 15, 16, 17, a regional workshop of D.U.O. communities and Divine Information Centers will be held in Philadelphia. Leaders from each community will meet on this weekend to become synchronized to Maharaj Ji's plans and communicate on how we can better dedicate ourselves to a life of satsang, service, and meditation. The workshop will provide a thorough presentation of the mission and its activities, its current programs, and future plans, based on Guru Maharaj Ji's direction. It will be the first time that representatives from each community will have the opportunity to sit down with one another and share in-depth perspectives of the situations confronting them and how all premies share the incredible opportunity of serving the Lord, at this time.

The workshops will be held around the country on consecutive weekends and they will be the 'kick-off' of Project Love.

Over the winter months, Rennie Davis (W.W.A.), Jule Voel (P.L.A.), Mike Donner (National Director), and others will be visiting the communities around the country.

Also, part of Project Love will be premie visits to every person who has received Knowledge in America, not to lay a trip on them, but simply to communicate to our forgotten brothers and sisters, the love we feel in living our life at Guru Maharaj Ji's feet.

Brotherly Love newsletter

The workshop in Philadelphia will include:

D.U.O. Communities   
Divine Information Centers
New York
West Orange
East Brunswick
Washing, DC
North Hampton
New Haven

On Sunday Nov. 17, a premie meeting will be held for our entire community with an opportunity to communicate with the national staff representatives who will be in Phila. for the workshop.

Project Love will include:

--programs to help shape our communities as real spiritual families.
--stabilization of our DIC's
--all propagation programs
--tithing and a financial base of support for the Mission's activities.
--National workshops and conferences
--tours of D.L.M. officials
--Mahatma tours
--slide shows, tapes and other propagational material.

There will be a lot more information on this in the next month and ways that everyone can participate in building our family. The first way is to gear your life towards satsang, service, and meditation. Jai Satchitanand.



Community Advisory Council

Dear Philadelphia Family,

Jai Satchitanand. H requested that I write a letter for the newsletter on the topic of "Community Advisory Council." The Community Advisory Council is a group of interested premies in the community whose purpose is to set up a more efficient channel of communication within the community itself. This new channel can then be plugged into Guru Maharaj Ji's already existing network of communication which is D.L.M.

By establishing the C.A.C., premies can now come together and express their feelings and views on how we can better serve Maharaj Ji by recognizing our own needs as a community.

Our first few meetingswere good but very little was accomplished mainly because the order of procedure was not organized. The lack of organization caused too many topics to be discussed at once which created a spaced-out atmosphere. So at our last meeting we introduced the basic procedure and oriented the premies on its operation. Hopefully our future meetings will function at a higher rate of efficiency.

Our last meeting was exceptionally farout because that communication between the premies was present. The discussion dealt with the idea of a treasury. Was there a need for a local treasurer to handle the finances or not? H had cleared this question with Denver with direction that a local treasurer was not needed. This created a lot of mixed reactions among the premies. But with a little understanding that Guru Maharaj Ji wants to keep everything one-pointed and that is why He organized D.L.M., then most of the premies accepted this direction. For those who left the meeting unclear on this, all I can suggest is to try and strengthen your trust in Guru Maharaj Ji remembering that He knows what is ultimately the best thing for us. We all need to be reminded of this.


I want to point out that the C.A.C. is a channel of communication within our community and any proposal that the C.A.C. approves is then submitted to Guru Maharaj Ji through D.L.M. for His approval before any action is taken. In this way we are helping Guru Maharaj Ji keep that one-pointed system flowing. This can in turn help us understand what direction we as a community need to go in.

Lastly I want to say that the C.A.C is open to all premies in the community. If you feel that you have some helpful ideas that will bring us closer together as a community please come. And if you're just interested in seeing the community become one-pointed at His feet, please come. For right now our meetings are held at the carriage house on Wednesdays at 7:45 p.m.

I love you,
Joe Lieb

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter


But since this life is before us and we are existing in this life then we should try to do something that would be the most important thing, that would be the most fantastic thing, that would be the most super far-out thing that we could of ever committed. What can it be?

There are all these people who are trying to explain how to become immortal. And really, when somebody has understood how to become immortal--its just like he laughs at them, he just laughs at then. Because they have these big books, they have these big big things trying to explain haw to become immortal, but when he realized it, it was so simple--it was as simple as adding two and two, or one and one …

Because see, if I am standing at a bus stop, my speed … I've seen this in Japan--these trams that they have--they're caning, and suddenly they just jump on the train, they just jump on the tram and they're moving, they're just going. And this happens most of the tine in India because the buses usually don't stop, they just continue.

Now see, when you were standing at the bus stop, what was your speed? You weren't walking, so your speed was zero–nill. But as soon as that bus came along and you jumped in it, your speed was say 20 kilometers, whatever it was going. And if it would of been a faster transportation, your speed would have increased that much.

So if you can attach yourself to your soul, now that attachment is OK. It's not an attachment where you'll be completely thrown out, or it's not an attachment that is bad for you. But this is the attachment that is supposed to be meant for you. You were attached to it and now you have just completely lost it. And that is one of the reasons why you are mortal--why you are perishable--this is one of the reasons why the human being is unhappy. But if we can hook ourselves into that soul which is infinite and then that soul has a connection to that which is completely perfectly infinite–completely one thing, soul and the whole God--and when this is… we can become immortal. It's easy. But explanation is easy and doing is as easy. Because all we've got to do is to receive Knowledge and meditate upon it. And by that what you are really doing is taking yourself and putting it--concentrating your concentration into your inner self.

When you are sewing something you do not take the thread first; the needle goes first. An then when you pull the needle the thread canes along with it. So this is how we have to merge ourselves; we have to completely get One with that power that is within inside of us. Because that power is directly hooked up to that infinite power that we are all looking for.

And when a man dies it causes him pain--maybe not outside but at least inside he crys. If man is in an accident and his death is instantaneous, even in that instantaneous period that took about a second or so, even in that period something happens to his body and he can really get into it. He can really see how there has been a reaction of the body to that shock.

And since we start from this world or since we've come into this world, and until we die, we are just completely into miseries. And so we want to go somewhere. Because our inner concentration that enjoys and fears and all these things, can be turned into one thing--just completely positive.

When we are staying in this earth we are subject to negative and positive. Because this earth itself is made out of negative and positive. The source of energy does not need a negative and positive, but something that is going to be used--something that is going to light up by that energy--does need a negative and a positive. Energy is making this world run so this world has negative and positive. But that energy itself that is making the world run does not have any negative and positive. Because this world is what we see. If something is functioning, that function we see.

If a stone is existing, there is a time when that stone dpes not exist and nobody calls it a stone. Because nobody even knows about it. Then there is a time where it starts creating itself--where it starts being into a stone. And finally there is one point where the stone that you are seeing is the result of that whole process that had to go, and because of that you can see.

If I bring two pieces of wood before you, now you cannot call that piece of wood a hanger can you? A coat hanger you can't call it. But what is made out of it; if I make a hanger out of it, that you can call a hanger. Originally that hanger was hidden inside that wood, but because something did not happen, it was not visible to you in the form of hanger.

If I bring a cloth to you … it isn't anything; you cannot say that this is a coat, you cannot say that this is a hat…because you cannot see it. But once some action is put into it, and it is turned into that, then you can say, "Oh, yes, that's a coat, that's a trouser." Out of cotton, these clothes are built. Out of wool, very simple. But when this wool is on the lamb …

But sane action is put into it, and then immediately you start calling it wool. So that is that action, and due to that action, that has happened. And that is the biggest link between us and the energy. Because we do not understand what was that action that happened which made this world be here.

But what did happen? What was that cause that was making it happen? It's like this--somebody clapped. And I want to ask you a question. If somebody sings a song here, a really beautiful song, or something like Lord of the Universe--it's very popular--, most of the premies will get up and start clapping. And if I ask a person "Why are they clapping?" Well, they can give three or four answers: because they like this rhythm and they want to play to this rhythm; … because you want to clap; … because you like it and you want to sing to it and you want to play to it.

Because there is something behind it which that person does not even know about because it does not came into our sense. You say, Who is driving the car?" "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji was driving the car." And how was he driving the car? Well, simple, he was just sitting on the steering column and steering the car and pressing the gas and pressing the brakes and all that. It's so simple, isn't it? But that is not why; that was not making no drive the car.

… that subtle thing is the thing that is actually making it run and that, everybody is missing that. That is the biggest link that is between us: what we can see, and how it's being done, and what is making it done, how it was done, what made it possible. You see?

… this is actually what everybody is doing these days. They're counting from 4, they're not counting 1, 2, and 3. And they think they're doing just fine. They're not. And that is the whole thing, that we have to start--if we really want to understand this world, if we really want to understand that perfectness, if we really want to understand that Knowledge–we will have to start from the very basic. And that very basic is something that is completely hidden and completely invisible. And this is what you need, this person who can show you, take you to the point of where then that invisible thing will be completely visible to you. And that is the necessity, that is the very necessity of a Perfect Master.

So there is one thing: what we know about exists, but that does not mean that what we do not know about does not exist. And this is a practical example that at least we can gather from this fastest running world, this fastest running century. That at least what we know exists-- thats why people are trying to explore more and more. Because they understand that we do not know about it but it still exists. They're just trying to find out; they're just trying to understand mare and more of this world.

So premies, this is what has to be done: that missing link has to be brought about. That little link that we all are missing has to be brought and has to be shown to us. That is why from time to time Perfect Master takes his birth, because it is something in us that we do not even know about. And someone who knows that perfectly has to care and tell us about it. Because if we try to investigate it we will also end up writing seven or eight more scriptures. nothing else. And then our whole life will be completely ended up in the desert because you do not know how many people tried to research it--all these people who just completely sat in the mountains and tried to meditate on this Knowledge and said "Oh, maybe we'll find it …". But they never were able to find it.

So premies who have received Knowledge, they should meditate upon it because this is what will make then understand more. Because there is this missing link that we do not know about. Whatever religion you are following, whatever way you are following, by realizing this Knowledge you can really understand what is right for you and what is wrong for you. So you should do meditation and realize it more and more. Thank you very much.


W.W.A. Update …

project coordinator
Byron Lee
satsang to patients
St. Lukes Drug Clinic
Thursday Evenings
Rich Pattison
plasma donation
Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital
Thursday Evenings
Bob Wexler
visiting patients
Byberry State Hospital
Any evening - (Call Bob)
Randy Sklar
sports teams
Social Service through sports.
Call Randy for info, & ideas.

The Women Against Rape is not together enough at this time to give you specific information like above. If you are interested, please contact Pam Pearlman at EV6-3790.

Also, these projects are a service for our fellowman and it's something to do when you really feel it from your heart.

Brotherly Love newsletter

As we sit at home in front of our TV sets, scratching our heads and wondering how Knowledge is going to spread to the rest of the world, W.W.A. is marching on. There's some very simple and beautiful projects going on that involve such a mall amount of time that you won't even have to miss Kung Fu or Monday night football.

For instance, there's visitation at Haverford State Hospital or Bayberry State Mental Hospital where all that's required is your company.

If you're a sister and interested in W.W.A. you might contact Pam Pearlman to find out how to do counseling with the 'omen Against Rape. They're doing a very beautiful thing counseling all rape victims after the incident. This is something all sisters can get into since it involves giving love to someone who really needs it.

There's also blood donations at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital which our brother Rich Pattison describes so perfectly in the next article.

We would like to continue our sports program also, so anyone who knows someone we can play in basketball or volleyball, please let us know.

Gene Semon
W.W.A. Coordinator

Brotherly Love newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters,

As promised in last month's issue, here are some further details on this program. There are now six premies coming regularly to give on Thursday evenings. Our goal is for ten premies. This will mean a great deal to Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital. They service about 120 patients over the course of a year with this plasma bank. In order to do that, they need about 25 donors 365 days a year.

As mentioned before, this is a plasma donation. This means that you are giving only the plasma from your blood which is quite different from the usual whole blood donation conducted by the Red Cross. Due to this, it is then possible to give every 48 hours instead of every 6 weeks. This could be done, if necessary, in an emergency situation.

There are several ways that you can participate in this program. One is to come to the City Line Ashram at 7p.m. on Thursdays. We have transportation available to and from the hospital which is located in Darby.

The second way to get involved is to be on call in case a large amount of donors is needed or if they are having difficulty filling the orders for any particular day. This happens maybe twice a month.

Another type of donation is done here. It is a white cell donation. This is to replace the white cells that have been destroyed in a Leukemia patient in connection with specialized treatment. This is also handled on an 'as needed' basis. About two donors are needed by the hospital everyday.

As you can see there are a lot of possibilities to get involved. There seems to be some hesitation on the part of some premies to do this program. From the perspective of having been donating for the past 4 months, this is a most blissful way to spend a couple of hours in service to our fellowman. Through this program you can realize what it means to give in a practical way. Some of the things that are also being done at the plasma bank are cleaning up, clerical help and setting up equipment for donations.

Volunteers are needed. So if you have ever given any consideration to this program, please give it a try. We would all enjoy your company.

Jai Satchitanand
Rich Pattison



Hans Jayanti There will be a regional Hans Jayanti celebration in Philadelphia for New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, and the surrounding centers. It will take place on Nov. 9 from 12:00 noon to midnight. We're now investigating a good location for the event and we'll keep you posted on any new information. The festival will include sataang by mahatmas, films, live premie bands, and lots of T.L.C.


Carol and Kenny Sklar were blessed with a baby boy, Jason Daniel Sklar, on September 24. Welcome to the human body, Jason!


Jeamie and Rev. Chuck have announced their engagement to be married sometime in November. Another reunion with God!


Attention college students: All premies attending the Community College of Philadelphia, please leave your name, address, and telephone number for Bill Ward at the D,U,O. Office. We can unite and do prachar within the college.


If anybody has an extra guitar, there is a very humble request for one, from H and his brothers and sisters, in the ashram. They're without this form of external music and are longing for some.


Attention Brotherly Love subscribers. Your two dollar donation for Brotherly Love has long ago been spent on producing the newsletter and we just wanted to let you know what was happening. Your donations for it are greatly needed and appreciated as the cost is between $65.00 and $90.00 per month.


Anyone interested in puppetry should contact Joel Metzger, at 665-8490. 2102 Brandywyne St., Phila., Pa.


Any premies in the Lebanon, Penna. area please contact Jerry Vath, 32 S. 7th. St., (717) 274-0610 who hopes to soon receive Knowledge and would like satsang.



Brotherly Love newsletteri am such a child
dear Father.
You have only Love
to give me
and yet i refuse it
so often. Please
forgive my weakness
and draw me into
Your stillness
once more.
You are all there is.
Why must i deny You
so often?
My uncertainty bruises
Your heart
i know.
i could not bear
to see You cry
for my lack of love,
so hear me,
a thin whisp of smoke
from Your Fire,
and set my heart
Ever at Your Feet.
Help me
rise with the sun
to feel Your Voice
inside me
And know its echo
of joy
All day through.

Brotherly Love newsletterIt is night my Lord.
I sit in meditation and wait for You.
In this sacred time,
You come to me and gently take me over.
Not in great cosmic visions,
though they are moving before my eyes.
Not in melodies beyond comprehension,
though your flutes are constantly playing.
Not in heavenly nectar,
though You are always filling my cup.
But in Your quietly consuming love.
Your love which touches my inner-most being.
And as my soul bows low before Your Feet,
You raise me up beyond all experience and
there, Union is Complete.

Sweet song of the Silence, forever singing in my heart!
Words cannot express, the tongue cannot tell;
Only the heart knows the songs which were never sung, the music
which was never written.
I have heard that great Harmony and felt that great Presence.
I have listened to the Silence; and in the deep places of Life,
have stood naked and receptive to Thy songs and they hat
entered my soul.
I am lost in the mighty depths of Thy inner calm and peace.



Daily: City Line Ave. Ashram: 6388 City Line Ave.; TR7-8l87.

Monday: Marie Vosacek - 38 W. Phil-Ellena St.; GE8-9197.

Thursday:Northeast Center - 8826 Frankford Ave.


Sunday: Barry & Joann Williams; Railroad Ave.; Pedricktown, N.J. 609 299-1082; 2:00 p.m.

Monday: Unitarian Church; 401 N. Kings highway. Call Micki for info. 609 234-4791.

Tuesday: Judy & John; Locust St.; Lake Pine; Medford Lakes, N.J. 609 983-3362; 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday: Premdas Ray; Springfield Apts. #6-C; Monroe Path; Maple Shade, N.J. 609 667-5246.

Thursday:Barry & Marsha Blitzstein; Twin Oaks Dr.; Mantua, N.J. 609 468-5635; 7:30 p.m.

Friday: Muriel Schlipstein; 80 Evergreen Dr.; Willingboro, N.J.; 609 877-6979.

Satsang is also held regularly in Lawrenceville, N.J.; Buzz & Margaret; 24 Craven Lane; Lawrenceville; 609 896-0262.

Premie meetings will be held weekly in New Jersey at different houses. To find out where meetings will be, call Muriel or Linda at 609 877-6979.


Frank & Chris Spitalie; Tuesday nights; 7:30 p.m. Call 302 6556446 for information.


Satsang is held regularly at 1611 Hamilton St., Allentown, PA For information call Jim at 215 433-3666.


Satsang is held at Steve & Suzzanne Clofine's located in Bernville, PA. For more information about community satsang etc., call Steve at 215 488-1536.

Brotherly Love newsletter

" Now, if there is one personal agya from me all premies would like to have, there is one, that they should do meditation. This is what I would really like you to do; this is kind of a personal agya, because that will make you understand.This is the reason that this knowledge has been given to you - to meditate and to realize who you are and to be in satisfaction and to be in peace. "

Brotherly Love newsletter