Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter

Guru Maharaj Ji said something at Hans Jayanti which clicked inside me. He said that the bliss of the festival and His Darshan can be felt all the time in our day to day life. That beautiful feeling was always in our hearts. Right when He said this I knew that it was true and not just because my Lord was saying it, but because at that moment my heart was wide open and I was experiencing that love. My mind tried to ruin that moment by asking me where the love was when I was freaked out. But it was only a thought and it was so easy to get back into the flow of love because Guru Maharaj Ji was right there in front of me.

Now we're all back in Philly and the actual experience of Guru Maharaj Ji's love is in our hearts as He told us but for me it's difficult to be there all the time. It's difficult because I'm on the path of Truth,and realization is a process not an instant experience. I see some thing very clearly however and that is that there's a lot of room to increase my devotion to Guru Maharaj Ji and I have to muster up the desire and will power to increase it myself. It can only happen when I want to do it and when I ask Guru Maharaj Ji for His Grace. So I look at myself and ask, what am I doing here? Why should I be more devoted? It's difficult and I don't really want to confront situations that I don't like so why should I? Well it's because I want to realize God. I want to transcend the ego and personality of H Hanson and be one with Guru Maharaj Ji inside. That is all I want. All of us want the same thing. We have to realize that the things we're going through when times are difficult or when we're "just not feeling it" are given to us by Guru Maharaj Ji for the higher purpose of realizing God. It's the old paradox again. You know, "everything's perfect and it's all Guru Maharaj Ji" on one hand and "we've got to play the game and individually strive to increase our devotion" on the other. We can't use the "everything's perfect" line as an excuse for our lack of effort or as a rationalization of what we're doing and at the same time we can't swim in the guilt of actions which we do because we can't help ourselves from doing them. We must try to be strong and do what we know is best. We must really try to follow Maharaj Ji's agya. Let's be honest with ourselves and recognize where we're at and move ahead. I need my brothers and sisters to help me open up and be honest about myself and I need them to inspire me to practice this Knowledge. And I know that the experience of love in my heart can be felt all the time. Jai Satchitanand.

Your brother

Brotherly Love newsletter


Dear Premies,

If we want to realize this Knowledge in the soonest, in the quickest possible way, we will have to concentrate all of our attention and put it at one point. This is the reason why for thousands and thousands of years a human being has not been able to realize this Knowledge, because instead of putting all his attention to one point so that all his concentration, all his energy flows to one point, and that is of realizing this Knowledge, he has been completely taking his mind and wandering with it from one point to another point.

As a matter of fact, even today it's not a very surprising thing you premies are not realizing this Knowledge. Because still your minds are wandering about. We have to put our total effort at one point. Only then is it possible.

You see, there are four tires in one car. If one starts going east, and one starts going west, and one starts going south, and one starts going north, the tires will be going, the body will be there, but you will go nowhere at all. I mean, the wheels will be moving, they'll be going from one point to another point. One will be going from that point to the south, one will be going from that point to the north, but you won't be moving. And the purpose is to make you move! Otherwise what is the purpose of the car?

You buy a 30,000 dollar car, and you sit in it, and you start it, and as soon as you put the gears on, all these wheels go flyin' off. It'll take you nowhere! But when all those four wheels are put together at one point, and driven toward one point, at the same speed, well, you can go almost anywhere you like.

That is the reason why today some premies have been, you Know, not successful in realizing this Knowledge. Because still they are thinking, "Oh, why am I doing this? Oh, what is this in this world?" Look. Many premies even think it's a very spiritual thing to think, "Why was this world created?" To tell you the truth, you didn't create it, and it's none of your business. Somebody created it, so-called God. If you think He is a fool, so He created it, so it's wrong; if you think He has some power, if you think He has some brains in Him, and He created this whole world, so, there was a definite purpose for it. And He has sent you down here, and there is a definite purpose for that. You should solve that purpose; you should try to accomplish that purpose.

What we have to really concentrate on, and what we should be really concerned with, is what is the purpose of us, human beings, being here on this planet. And really now, for premies especially, there is something a little more that they should consider. Okay, there is a Grace that everybody has, to be on this planet and to be alive and to have this Knowledge within inside of them. Everybody has this Grace.

But the thing is, what premies must understand is that they have been provided with one more Grace, and that is that this Knowledge has been revealed to them. What is the purpose? Why? Why is this Knowledge revealed to them, to the premies? There is a definite purpose for that. Really this is what we should try to understand now that we have received Knowledge. And I'll tell you what the purpose is: to actually do service.

See, before Knowledge, whatever we do is also service, but it's a service to our stomach; it's a service to our mind. But what service we do after Knowledge, to Guru Maharaj Ji, to spread this peace into this world, to bring Love, to bring that joy that we all have been waiting for, to work in that direction, is called real service.

Some premies really want to do service. But because the mind is so strong, a human being is unable to determine whether something is true service or not. And when they cannot determine, they take a step, and it's wrong, I mean, the first determination they make in this path, and even that is wrong. Then they get disappointed, and they say, "Oh, I am good for nothing, Guru Maharaj." And they cry.

See, there is no need to cry when you can be sure of something. That is when the second thing, the most important thing, comes--agya. When there is agya, there is no need to be confused. Then you can go ahead and be sure that, yes, what you are doing should be done and will be helpful.

So, premies, try and understand what I am telling you.

Thank you,
Guru Maharaj Ji

World Welfare Association "Day of Thanks"

For the last few months I've written pages in the newsletter on the clinic, and people would come to me and say, "What clinic?". Well, that more or less sums up the feeling of several months of activity - a lot of exercising but most of it running in place.

So, were shelving the idea of a public clinic in Philadelphia for the time being and I've been offered a new service in W.W.A. I feel so positive about this whole project. There is so much open space, so much concrete service that can actually be done.

Service is one of our cornerstones, but it has been a long time in coming to the understanding that I have. Feelings of obligation and guilt, and a lot of "good premie" concepts have motivated me to a good extent in the past, But consciousness involves Maharaj Ji moving us, and for that reason, W.W.A. is a prospect that is exciting me a great deal, Maharaj Ji has worked on my heart, and the motivation to serve is coming more from a place that is really loving and comfortable.

And that, simply enough, is what W.W.A. is all about; helping people and giving to them because they need it. Each one of us is gradually coming to this point, and we're trying to make W.W.A. the vehicle to take our understanding, our love into the world. And as each one of us feels the opening in ourselves, this little army will grow, and His message will become clear to all.

Many people have already come to me saying, "I really want to do this, I'm ready", and working together, we will realize the joy in service, in feeling that flow going out to people.

Our first major undertaking in W.W.A. is calle "Day of Thanks", and it's just that - a day to thank Guru Maharaj Ji for the gift of love. We have arranged to visit Philadelphia State Hospital, a mental institution in the northeast, and share our feeling with some people very much in need. Several


of the premies have visited the hospital already and met Justin, the volunteer coordinator, who is one very beautiful brother. The experience has been eye-opening for many of us, discovering we are in a place to give, to love from a truly selfless place, and feel the joy of that simple experience.

So, "Day of Thanks" is perhaps the opening of a new period of growth for all of us. Everyone is invited to participate in the visit to Philadelphia State Hospital for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Right now, we're expecting womewhere around 75 premies to come along for music, dinner, and friendship. And for all of us, it is a chance to share and discover how far down the road Guru Maharaj Ji has taken us.

If you want to join in the Day of Thanks program, call Ted at DUO. Jai Satchitanand.


DATE: November 28th - Thanksgiving Day

TIME: Approximately 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

PLACE: Byberry State Hospital (Philadelphia State)

COORDINATOR: Ted Levitt --- GR7-2800

Brotherly Love newsletter

Hans Jayanti in Toronto

Hans Jayanti is a festival in celebration of the birthday of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, father of our perfect master, and perfect master before Him. But for all of us gathered in Toronto, Canada's International Centre, on November 9 and 10, it was a celebration of the constant birthday of the Father in our hearts.

Philadelphia area premies chartered two buses to ride up to the festival. We left Friday, November 8, at midnight and spent the next twelve hours catching sleep, meditating, and trading satsang stories. Around 10a.m. Saturday, we crossed over the Peace Bridge into Canada, and soon after arrived at our destinations - the Valhalla Inn and the Constellation Hotel, which provided lodging for us the first night of the festival.

We were all anxious to get to the festival - but due to the fact that many premies needed to be assigned rooms we didn't leave for the festival site until mid-afternoon. But on Divine Light time whatever happens happens at the perfect time - and this was the case with the timing of our arrival at the festival. We just had time to find seats and relax with a little satsang before the Krishna Lila dance began.

Premies and mahatmas are blissed out, for all recognize that the dance of Radha, the individual soul, with Krishna, is the dance we all dance with Guru Maharaj Ji in our hearts and in our lives. Mahatma Prakesh Bai assures us that like Krishna, Guru Maharaj Ji will always come to the call of devotion.

After dinner, there is music. "Jiva", a band from L.A., plays soul-shaking rock 'n' roll. Soon Michael Nouri joins the band, and assures us that it's really true that "Smiling Is the Only Cure."

And we're cured. We're all smiling, laughing, singing, clapping: "Amen" to this Knowledge! "Amen".

And suddenly, perfectly, the beginning and end of all prayers is with us. "Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Somewhere in the crowd someone starts singing softly and soon we are all singing:

At the Feet of the Master
Well, you can really let it go,
Let it flow,
'Cause we're all love, we're all love …

Raja Ji, Durga Ji and Guru Maharaj Ji give satsang and we listen to the words of love, feel the Word we love. Peace, bliss, love - are there any words that can describe what we feel?

Soon we leave the International Centre and head back to the hotels to meditate and sleep; tomorrow is the day of Darshan.

Sunday's child is indeed full of Grace - and on this Sunday, we are all children,all born again into this Knowledge by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji's Darshan.

The Darshan line is long, extending far out of the building into the parking lot. But it moves! - premies from New Orleans circle around a harmonica player, clapping and stamping their feet; other premies join in a football-style huddle under a blanket singing "Lord of the Universe." "In the beginning, God created…"- in another part of the line a premie begins a pantomine.

And continually there is satsang.
And constantly there is meditation.
Soon we are inside the International Centre,
being hurried along by W.P.C. people.
"Please take off your shoes and carry them with you." "Quickly now."

And then suddenly we are there, before the Lord of the Universe, bending down to kiss His Feet. Time stretches out into an infinite moment, as we are washed by the waves of an infinite ocean of Love. Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji.

And we are crying, laughing, shaking, glowing. "He loves us!" We share in silent ways the love there are no words for, the love our hearts count most precious.

After dinner, Michael Nouri and the Apostles don't have to convince us "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands!" We're convinced - and we're glad to give Him the work of our hands, to work to give Him the world. Bob Mischler gives the reason: "That selfless surrender to serving humanity is secondary to that personal relationship with life." And we love life! We love Guru Maharaj Ji!

He continues: "Knowledge is like a lesson, and by doing meditation, we repeat that lesson over and over again…Even though meditation is difficult…we've got to keep doing it." He tells us that Guru Maharaj Ji has compared meditation to knitting. To knit something, one must do the same stitch over and over again. Then one can make something. The Knowledge is the same way. We must meditate on the Knowledge over and over, and we will make something - a garland of love for Guru Maharaj Ji that we weave everyday of our life.

Michael Nouri soon has us singing and clapping again, caning Guru Maharaj Ji with our devotion. And soon Guru Maharaj Ji is with us again, and Durga Ji, and Raja Ji and Claudia. Guru Maharaj Ji tells us that the children are finally running with open arms to their Father, who reaches out to them. And the meeting is such joy! such bliss! - beyond words.

We are the children.
Guru Maharaj Ji is our Father.
At Hans Jayanti, we all came home - home to the Guru Maharaj Ji in our hearts.

Brotherly Love newsletter
Brotherly Love newsletter

Green Energy

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

While Guru Maharaj Ji was in Denver, He spoke about the interdependency that He has built into the Mission. He compared it to an electrical circuit that is constructed like a row of lights, so that if one light went out, the whole raw would go out. This is really beautiful, because by having the Mission function in this way, Guru Maharaj Ji has a built-in system by which we are continually reminded of our need to cooperate and thereby realize our oneness.

This situation of interdependency is especially obvious in our financial system. By having a centralized system in which all funds flow through one point, the whole has much more strength than the sum of its parts. Yet its strength is directly dependent upon the strength of the individual parts. Because of this central pooling system, we are able to put out a magazine, make movies, set up tours of Guru Maharaj Ji and His Mahatmas, support our Lord while He is in the US, and so many other activities. Yet we are in a very weak position, since more money goes out from this point than comes into it. The reason this happens deserves an explanation.

The purpose of DLM is to spread the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji. There are three categories into which the Mission's activities fit. .In order of priority, they are:

1. The maintenance and support of Guru Maharaj Ji in this country. He is the One Who has given us Knowledge and He is actually spreading the Knowledge. Without Him there is nothing.

2. The maintenance and support of the organization of people who are doing full or part time service to spread Knowledge. This includes living and administrative expenses and support of the National office.

3. Direct propagational efforts, such as AIM, Divine Times, films, tours, etc.

As a national community, the total effort of all ashrams and centers is falling short of meeting the expenses for the first two categories. Yet the activities the Mission is engaged in encompass all three of these categories. The net effect is that we are trying to do more than we have resources to do. In addition to this deficit that exists between what comes in and what goes out, we have accumulated a large back debt, which increases each month as we continue operating at a deficit.

A few months ago we were expecting a large donation to be given and relieve much of the debt and pressures that have accumulated. The donation has been delayed by litigation and is worth less and less as the stock market and economy continue to deteriorate. We still don't have that money, we don't know when we will, and we must continue this Mission whether it canes through or not.

While Guru Maharaj Ji was in Denver, He "sussed out" the situation perfectly. He said there was no validity in making longterm plans when there may not be a Mission in the long-term, unless we rectify the short-term situation. He said that if you have a car but no money to buy gas, you better get out and walk. Furthermore, if you have tires and don't pay up, the man will take those tires off the car. Most of us take our living situation for granted: the house is there, food is there, hot water and electricity are there, etc. But the overall financial picture is a precarious scene where we are living and learning the art of brinksmanship. This is valuable experience; but not a healthy ongoing situation.

Guru Maharaj Ji also said that now that we have concentrated our efforts on getting an organizational basis established, it is time for us to move forward with propagation. So we are again trapped by our Lord into a position where we must rely on His Grace. We are not yet stable and yet His Agya is to move forward. However, He did make a deal with us. Fe told us that if we could get ourselves into a position where we are not operating at a deficit, He would take care of any accumulated debt. It is, no doubt, a perfect deal.

If all premies help in this effort, and Guru Maharaj Ji has asked us in the Paramount Theatre (October 12), that all premies come forward and help support this united effort, we can easily keep our end of the bargin.

Divine Light Mission has an existence in that it is manifested energy. This energy has left impressions on many minds (as well as souls). By virture of the fact that it has an existing identity, it also becomes a target. Many people point fingers at and criticize the Mission. any people within the Mission point fingers at other members, groups, or segments of the Mission when things are not as they would have it. The solution does not come from pointing fingers at one another. The solution comes from pointing at the solution and everyone aiming their energies in a positive direction. When we are all doing this all of the time, can you imagine how beautiful it will be?

It has been my experience in the Mission that although there is always more to do than is humanly possible to do, the thing which most needs to be done gets done, no matter how overwhelming the pressures seem to be. There is always a highest priority and ordered priorities thereafter. Yet, the pace at which we move is directly related to the unity in which we move. Very often we will have to sacrifice our desires for the common good. This is the practice of discipline which is necessary to achieve unity in action. So, we all have to realize and help pass on this consciousness.

This world can be really beautiful. We have the tools to remake it. Now we must use them and manifest His Love.

Jai Satchitanand!
Mark Lawson


Dear Sister,

Thanks a lot for your long letter. As you surmise, both Guru Maharaj Ji and Bob haven't had the chance to look at it, and Joe is really rushed off his feet nowadays answering press inquiries about one thing or another; you know how it is. Anyway, he read your letter and asked me if I'd reply to it. I'm his assistant now; I don't know if I know you, but I was the General Secretary in London and having just arrived in America you might find my attitude a little different. However, the problems you mention are really the same for all premies everywhere and so I think I really know what you are talking about. Here in Denver, with so many premies working in the National HQ, having satsang all the time and being in thoroughly constant contact with Guru Maharaj Ji, and at least one Mahatma, it's very easy to keep in the flow of things. I know that when you're living in a remote ashram, with brothers and sisters who are no higher spiritually than what you are, it can really force you to take a second look at the whole question of Knowledge, the purpose of life, and what you are doing to fulfill it. This isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's a very good thing -- if you can answer your questions honestly to yourself and keep it together as the weeks, months, and years go by, then you will achieve that depth of understanding and compassion which quite often, as you hint, older, worldly people without Knowledge seem to have more of than premies. It wouldn't necessarily be better for you to be in a place of strong, "spiritual" activity, such as here. For the premies here, the danger is that if their happiness is depending on the premies around them, the high "spiritual vibe" that seems to radiate when a lot of premies are involved in service, or even from the physical proximity of Mahatmas or even Guru Maharaj Ji, then they're in for a fall in the end, because, as Guru Maharaj Ji says, "only Holy Name can save us." And Holy Name is a state of perfect stillness within us, which can only be reached through meditation. It's good therefore, sometimes, to have an understanding that the world is a crazy place, both the world of worldly people and the world of premies, and that the Truth is just somewhere else altogether.

You should try and understand that the Knowledge, or realization of it, is not something that has to be achieved, it is something that is with us now, and we only have to be aware of it. There is no future in this Knowledge. There is only now. It is a matter of slowly, slowly stopping our mind -- there is no other way -- and it can only come through meditatio: Darshan, service and satsang are only to encourage us to meditate. You say that you don't feel like just sitting down and waiting for some experience to come, but in fact this is the way to do it! I suggest that when you have a free day you try to put in about 6 hours of meditation, not all at once, just do an hour, or even half an hour, until your mind screams and you can't sit any longer, and then give it a break. But not a long break, 20 minutes or so, and then go back to it. Immediately

when finished with that first spell of meditation you might feel very frustrated, it might not have seemed to have got you anywhere. In fact you might not think you've meditated for a single second because your mind was thinking about so many things. But a few minutes after finishing meditation you begin to feel the effects and you won't mind going back to it, even if when you did finish it you thought, "Oh, this meditation is useles, I'm not going to do it again." So go back and then try and do another spell, maybe for an hour, and then another break and then another spell, and then another break, and then maybe take 2 or 3 hours off and do something that you have to do, and then meditate again. By the end of it all, I guarantee that your mind will be wonderfully still. Thoughts will have gone, you'll be feeling really rich, deep, full peace, you'll be feeling so good you won't be able to believe it, and you'll just be waiting for that next perfect breath to come rolling over your consciousness like a wave. When you reach that stage, it's called samadhi! And then you won't need any encouragement to meditate after that, you'll just want to do it everyday for weeks and weeks, even though you might not have the same experience again for a long time. The point is, it's there for us to experience now, if only we can get the clutter, get the words and the thoughts and the dreams out of our heads and find our way through to that deep ocean bed of perfect stillness. And then, you won't even want to talk. You'll just smile at people -- not an excited, dazzling smile which so many premies have and which often puts people off as being too light and euphoric to be based on a real experience, but a deep, rich, "I know" smile which will automatically attract people to you and make them want to ask, "How come you're so happy?"

Of course, it doesn't matter where you are, in the ashram or in the world; Maharaj Ji is making that abundantly clear now, although He is saying that for single premies who have the opportunity to, they should live in an ashram, purely because it's just the most spiritual environment around. It seems you don't have that opportunity, so you should make the place where you live like an ashram, not necessarily externally, but with a vibration of understanding, peace, Truth, and love of God. There's no need to think too much about Maharaj Ji if it doesn't come to you naturally. It's the wrong way to go about it to say, "Oh, Maharaj Ji is the Lord, this is what I've been told to believe, so I'd better meditate on it and try and realize it for myself." The way to go about it is to say, "Well, let me practice this Knowledge sincerely, let me really get into this meditation, and then let me see what I realize, both about the Knowledge and the person who gave it to me." In that way, you will realize who Maharaj Ji is and it will be deep realization that can't be shaken no matter what anybody says. The other kind of "realization" is false. Unless our realization of Guru Maharaj Ji is based on real internal experience of the Knowledge, then it's best not to have any realization about Him at all -- it means one day we will deny Him because our realization is a "mind realization."


As for older people -- don't worry about it. They often seem to be more contented in a deeper way, but this is because of their long experience in the world. They have seen it all and they have gained a kind of wisdom and understanding of their own. Yet their life inside is still empty because they do not have true spiritual Knowledge. The good premie, and what we hope most premies will be like in the end, will combine both worldly wisdom with spiritual realization; then we will be truly perfect citizens of a perfect world! Tell the older people that if their happiness as people is based on their family, their job, their enjoyment of nature, their understanding of the world, their carefully built up status amongst friends, then it is worth nothing, because all these things will be taken away and their happiness will become unhappiness. Instead of smiling with wisdom, they will cry with horror. Happiness must be based on the thing that is eternal, otherwise it is happiness not worth having, it is a disappearing happiness, it is not real. Even happiness based on chanting mantras or any other kind of spiritual practice falls into the same category as "worldly" happiness. The Knowledge is the thing, but please meditate and realize it for yourself. And then we will not shun the world, we will live in it happily, and we will enjoy it, but our enjoyment will came from something deep within and not from things our-side.

So, God bless you, Joy, and may Guru Maharaj Ji's grace help you to realize the Knowledge. It's a wonderful letter that you wrote and I hope you don't let things fall to pieces but gradually collect your consciousness together in the place where it should be.

Dear Premies,

Thank you so much for helping D.L.D.E. get to the lotus feet of our Divine Lord in Toronto. We have come back inspired to rededicate our lives to this beautiful propagation. As you might know we have a manager, Lake and Courtenay Management. They are so wonderful and really enthused about our Company. They feel that Krishna Lila will be very successful on the college tour which they are planning for us in 1975. In order to be ready for this tour, we are now trying to raise $10,000 for new costumes, sets, equipment and promotional materials before January. If you have anything as to how this can be accomplished or have parents or friends who might give aid or advice, please call Lothar, D.L.D.E. at EV7-2085 or BA2-4558.

Jai Satchitanand and love from
your brothers and sister in D.L.D.E.


Premie base player needed for Philadelphia P.L.A. devotional band. Contact Doc at DUO.

Premies interested in setting up altars etc. at programs … must be responsible. Contact Doc.

One desk needed for DUO Office. Anyone with any resources, call Joy at DUO.

Anyone having access to audio visual equipment, give Doc a call at DUO.

A cassette tape of Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang on Oct. 12 is available for *4.00 prepaid and is called "The Paramount Satsang" PMT#024. Price increase is due to a new higher quality cassette. Send order to PO Box 2997; Denver, CO 80201. c/o Mail Orders.

Brotherly Love newsletter


The Divine Light Dance Ensemble is opening and managing a craft shop in South Philly. By His Grace a beautiful shop in the funky neighborhood of South St. will be filled with the divine craftwork of all premies in

Philadelphia. All of the profits will go into a special Krishna Lila account to be used for promotional materials and arranging a tour. Each craftsman will sell his crafts on consignment to the store, %60 goes to the craftsman and %40 to the store. There will be some chairs for people to come sit and have satsang and some craftsmen will be working on their crafts in the rear of the store. All the crafts sold will be of professional quality and reflect the creativity and dedication of the craftsmen. Everyone is invited to bring in their crafts or stop for a visit. The Christmas season can be a time where many crafts are sold for gifts if tney are in a good price range and well made. Contact Gary Criss at the dancer's house --EV7-2085 for more information. The address of the shop is:

PHILA., PA 19147
PHONE: WA2-9339



Daily: City Line Ave. There is still satsang at City Line, but only until we find another location to have nightly satsang. As you may have heard, we have been given a court order to cease holding public meetings at the ashram.

Monday: Marie Vosacek; 38 W. Phil-Ellena St., Phila., PA GE8-9197.

Also … Within the next month, we hope to set-up what are called "Satellite Satsangthroughout the community. The Community Advisory Council members from various geographic areas of the city will be calling every active premie and organizing satsang in five areas of Philadelphia. The schedule of these satsangs will be printed in our next issue.


1. Sunday: Larry & Joann Williams: RD 2 High Hill Rd., Swedesboro, N.J. 609 467-3E17.

2. Monday: Unitarian Church; Cherry Hill, N.J.; Call George or Barbara for more information; 609 654-2573.

3. Wednesday: Premdas Ray; Springfield Apts. #6-C; Monroe Path; Maple shade, N.J. Larry & Joann Williams - group meditation.

4. Thursday: Barry & Marsha Blitzstein; Twin Oaks Dr.; Mantua, N.J.; 609 468-5635.

5. Friday: Premdas Ray; Springfield Apts. #6-C; Monroe Path; Maple Shade, N.J

Satsang is also held regularly in Lawrenceville, N.J.; Buzz & Margaret; 24 Craven Lane; Lawrenceville; 609 896-0262.


Tuesday nights; Judy Twaddel or Jill Booth; 310 N. Broom St.; Wilmington, Del.; 302 571-1485.


Satsang is held regularly at 1611 Hamilton St., Allentown, PA. For information call Jim at 433-36.


Tuesday nights; Albreight College; Student Center, Room 1

Thursday night; Gerry Tobias; 117 A 5th St., Reading, PA 1-375-9072.

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter