Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter

In Italy, before Copenhagen, Maharaj Ji had a dream one night. Here comes another one of those dreams … It Was really beautiful. He said that, "In this dream I made up a proverb." And it was so beautiful, I'd like to tell you that proberb now.

Guru Maharaj Ji said that that which comes into the heart softly and lovingly, that is what not to think about. But that which comes into the heart quickly and hard, that is what to think about before taking action. So try to understand, try to understand this thing, that things coma into our heart -- if it's on impulse, if it's just like, "Woo! I gotta do this, and just feel like this is Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace and this is what I should do and this is right!" Be careful. Beware. That is what you should think about. That is what you should put some question to. But that which comes through meditation, and through time and patlence, that is what we never have to think about. That is always correct. Now, how are we going to know if it's coming in that way or not? Through meditation, that's the only way. That's the only way we can understand anything without our minds.

And you know, there's one definition, as it was told to me, of good and bad. And this seems to be a very controversial subject -- good and bad and as it was told to me as it was written in the Vedas -- good is that which promotes the growth of the soul. And bad is that which demotes, not only doesn't promote, but demotes the growth of the soul. So, if we have Knowledge, if we know what soul is, if we can understand that energy, then anything that is going to promote the growth of that has got to be good. And anything that is not going to promote it, and furthermore, demote it, that is bad. And that discrimination comes through meditation on the Holy Name.

Gary Girard - Guru Puja '74


In January, Maharaj Ji said "… now my major agya actually to all of you is to devote as much energy as possible in doing prachar." When we hear something like this from Guru Maharaj Ji, what happens inside us? Does our imagination throw images at us of standing on street corners handing out leaflets, or do we try to think of a new way to make this perfect solution, that we have came across, appeal to people in this world?

There's a quality in pure love that we often forget about because our experience of it is still small compared to what is actually available, and that quality is the naturalness of love. When we're connected to Maharaj Ji in our hearts, the experience is so wonderful, so smooth and so natural, and to communicate to someone how we feel at that time is just as natural as the experience itself. This is propagation. When we communicate the love we feel to those who wart to hear about it.

Maharaj Ji said that we're ready to tell people now. Because we're beginning to experience Knowledge more. It's pretty obvious that we all feel more and more love within ourselves and for each other as time goes on and it becomes easier and easier to naturally shine with it wherever we are. Perhaps one could say it becomes harder not to tell others about Guru Maharaj Ji and His Knowledge.

It seems that we've gone in a full circle since 1973, when we told everyone about Maharaj Ji and the Knowledge but in a way which lacked our own understanding. In 1974, we withdrew ourselves from external propagation and basically worked on experiencing this love for ourselves and learning the first lessons of devotion. That all of our difficulties are the fault of our own minds. Now here we are in 1975 and Maharaj Ji has given us His direction. He said it so simply and really it's just as simple to do what He says.

Brotherly Love newsletter

The one condition that He puts on propagation by His premies is organization. He wants us to be united in service and love for Him while doing propagation. He said once "if we who speak of unity won't unite, then who will?" The only unifying factor we have is Guru Mahar aj Ji and Knowledge, and the only real thing we can do as a community is feel love amongst ourselves and spread it. This was why D.L.M. was created: to spread Knowledge.

On the local level, which is where propagation happens, we need something to plug people into when they want to hear more about Knowledge. For instance, when a premie meets someone and gives them some satsang, there has to be a follow-up step for the person to plug into if it is so desired. Right at this point, we have organized satsang around the city for interested people to attend. But that first link is the most vital. That link is each one of us reaching out to our brothers and sisters who don't have Knowledge yet, who are still without the light. Every one of us has a responsibility on this first level. That's the point where we can fulfill His recent agya on prachar.

The Mission is the follow-up, to help bring non-premies together in satsangs throughout the community. These satsangs or satellites as they've been called are also for us. Because we are there to give satsang to the non-premies. You and I. Again, He's given us a responsibility to attend satsang and give satsang in the evenings. It all points to propagation.

It goes on to the Knowledge session where we officially become a member of this ever growing family. And then we're trapped by His grace and we've reached a ticket on the most incredible train. The train of devotion.

Brotherly Love newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters:

Jai Satchitanand! At the recent directors meeting which Maharaj Ji attended, it became increasingly clear the relationship WWA has to Divine Light Mission. As premies our lives are in service to Guru Maharaj Ji. Divine Light Mission is His mission, whose aim is to propagate Knowledge, the solution to all suffering. WWA is an agency of DUO, the service arm of Divine Light Mission. As we go out into the world to do service, we must always remember that first we are serving Guru Maharaj Ji and, as a result, we are serving humanity. We are trying to realize Knowledge, not save the world. Guru Maharaj Ji offers us such beautiful service as through WWA so that we can experience His Grace and thus be inspired to lead a balanced life of meditation, satsang and service. It is such a perfect service because all three can be practiced simultaneously.

Our purpose is not to build institutions, but to serve in those already created. Others have already done the service of building structures, but the essential ingredient for success and effectiveness is lacking. That gift is Knowledge, which when translated into this material world is pure love.

"Now, this function of WWA, it may not seem very practical in propagation, but it is very practical in propagation. Because social work has to be carried out by this organization in some way.

"Now doing prachar is not exactly a very social thing to the society. And after WWA there was breakthrough in social service to this world. So that this organization did have its feet on the ground, and it was not spaced out all over the place. It had soamething which was physically relating the societies into this one divine society."

"We can do it now. We have manpower, we have Grace, we have this most beautiful Knowledge. We can do it."

-Guru Maharaj Ji at Directors Meeting in Denver, January 22, 1975


We are all one. In order to serve together in unison we must recognize each other and how, like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces may be different shapes and sizes, but with patience we can see how each piece fits perfectly together. And just like putting together a puzzle we may be surprised, and the 'ideas' we had about the way a particular piece fit in often hindered us from being able to use it. Like a part in the puzzle, WWA is a part of His Divine Plan. In the experience of doing this service we realize that it is a tool for community development and propagation, but more simply it is a way for us to share love together and with the world.

"we got to see that propagation is the most important service that can be done. Because, like, as DUO is just a part of DLM, and WWA is just a part of DUO, the DLM's main purpose and objective, and the reason it was created, was to spread this Knowledge.

"Because even though people don't see it as a social service directly from Divine Light Mission, it is the most important social service that nobody else in the world is capable of performing."

-Bob Mishler,
Directors Meeting, Jan. 22, 1975

Your Sister in His service,
Barbara Kolodney
Asst. Nat'l Coordinator

Divine Light Dance Ensemble is preparing for a professionally booked tour in the Summer/Fall of 1975 and will be auditioning professionally trained or experienced male and female dancers and the following musicians: Violinist, Violist, String and electric bassist, Classical guitarist, Harpist, Flutist who can double well on saxophone, clarinet or double reed player, Oboeist (English Horn), French horn, tablist, versatile percussionist who can play Traps, hand percussion instruments, congas with some knowledge of mallet instruments. We are also scouting for: sound engineer, lighting technician, and creative costume designer. Send tapes, resumés, photos and correspondence to: D.L.D.E., 4038 Spruce Street, Phila., PA 19104 or phone 222-4558 or 387-2085. Jai Satchitanand.


Throughout my life, I tried so hard to find, something or someone to give me love, and to know that that love I could always depend on, but I failed constantly. But now there is Guru Maharaj Ji and this Knowledge. Everyday I'm learning now, that only through, meditation, satsang and service am I capable of ridding myself of those concepts of what love is, which has blocked me from feeling that constant love that is within me. The only thing in this world that is real and gives love is this Holy Name.

Right now., all I want to do anymore is try and stay with this Holy Name, and just be so filled with love and he so clear, that Guru Maharaj Ji has no problems coming through. me to do prachar. And this is Maharaj Ji's Agya right now to us - to do more meditation and propagate this Knowledge.

Maharaj Ji's plan is to have cities broken up into smaller communities, so that premies within those communities stronger within themselves. This is done by availing, to one another more satsang, more service, and more meditation, so we can be inspired to realize this Knowledge in our lives everyday. And by strengthening ourselves, we can ultimately do propagation, to bring more brothers and sisters to this Knowledge so that this world can get closer and closer to peaceful existence.

Thls plan is somehow manifesting itself in the noreast. Satellite satsang has brought premies out of their cubby holes in the northeast to experience this Knowledge so much more deeply. It has brought northeast premies together to have dinner once a week, to have meditation together, t do service at Byberry together, to work out problems together, to set-up programs together. !lore everyday, we are hooking each other up like pipes so that Maharaj Ji's love can flow through us and allow us to propagate more and more in the northeast. That flow is growing so …. strong that there are many non-premies in the northeast seeking out this perfect gift - this Knowledge - every day,

Brotherly Love newsletter

What is happening in the northeast can happen in any community area in Philadelphia. We all should just try to connect to one another by going to satellite satsang and giving and receiving satsang, by doing service through WWA, so that we can be inspirations to one another to do more meditation. Only through Guru Maharaj Ji's plan can we be those brilliant reflections of that peaceful light within us, so that others can see and seek this Knowledge for themselves.

His plan is just another gift of love for all of us. Try it, you'll like it. The only thing it can do is bliss us out!

I love Him and all of you so much.

Jai Satchitanand
Kris Wohlhorn

Mahatma Schedule


April 1 South Bend
3  Kalamazoo
7  Grand Rapids.
9  Lansing, MI.
11 Woodland, MI.
12 Ann Arbor, MI.
14 Detroit, MI.
20 Columbus
23 Indianapolis
27 Carbondale, IL
29 Lexington, KY


April 2 Denver
    6 Canada for 2 months


6  Ft. Collins, CO
7  Denver, CO
8  Boulder, CO
9  Albuquerque, NM
10 Santa Fe, NM
11 Questa, NM
12 Albuquerque, NM
14 San Antonio, TX
19 Houston
24 Baton Rouge, LA
25 New Orleans
27 Ocean Springs, MS
28 Ft. Walton Beach, FL
29 Tallahassee, FL
2  Jacksonville, FL
4  Gainesville, FL
8  Tampa, FL
10 Pinellas Park, FL
12 Altamonte Springs,FL
13 Miami

Premies, it's so beautiful that first of all we came in this world. That was one grace, one opportunity that was given to us. And now another is that this Knowledge has been given to us. This is the great opportunity of them all -- because there are other human beings, too, who have this Knowledge. But now that this golden opportunity has been given to us, we should try to utilize it.

Really, the only way to do it, to realize this energy, is to do meditation. To tell you the truth, I don't think that it's a hard problem. I don't think it's a big mess. It really is beautiful. But you have to be in there; you have to be really understanding this Knowledge. And it's really, really beautiful.

They have these television programs where these little kids speak about love and they speak about war. A small child just goes around and he interviews the really, really little bitty kids. They know about war; they know that this world is coming to an end. And they know that it must be changed. It must be changed. There is a statement that a little child said, "I wish that there was all love in this world so that this world could be safe." They know that this world has come to a point. And if they do, everybody else does. Because they don't go around reading newspapers, and everybody else does.

You can deny this fact, but why? Simply because you don't want to face it. You don't like the idea. You can go ahead and deny it, but that does not really deny the fact. The fact still stays that this world is coming to its point.

The thing is, you have no idea how many trees burned down in Los Angeles. Was anybody alarmed by it in Australia? You have no idea how many plants died, how many trees died. Down in the middle of Australia, down at one corner of Australia, does anybody get alarmed by it? But if just one tree starts in your orchard, is that one tree starts dying in your front yard, you do get alarmed by it. Right?

Brotherly Love newsletter

And premies, it's like this, that this world; if we care about it, we are the people who are going to be living in it. It's so beautiful because that one unity that was supposed to be there anyway, when that unity is there, it's so fantastic; it's so beautiful; it's so blissful. It can't even be put into words. And Knowledge is what can bring this about. Well, I can go on and on and on and on and on. But fact is fact, and we can never say it. The reason is because you cannot speak it. It is this Knowledge which you cannot speak, which is within inside of you.

So, premies, try to realize, try to understand haw important this Knowledge is. If you really do understand the importance of this Knowledge, then try to tell other people that there is something like this Knowledge existing in this world, so that they can also benefit from it.

You have heard about it. But if someone does not know it, it makes the whole difference. Other people have heard about the Mission or this Knowledge, too, but if they do not receive it, it doesn't make any difference. They have to know; they have to be able to realize this Knowledge.

Brotherly Love newsletter
Brotherly Love newsletter


My dear brothers and sisters

I'm part of a premie community here of about 250 active premies and of course as we're all here together and putting on programs and festivals and simply moving, we gather money together and it's my service to receive and account for that money.

It's quite interesting because it's very easy to see the needs of our community and in general to have the perspective to see us rolling along. If there's a need like a program, or video or festival or newsletter, we go out and all the premies try to give what they can so that some particular project can happen. If we don't get enough money, then we just either cut back the size of the project, like the newsletter, or wait until we get enough money so we can do it, like the P.A. system. It's really easy to see Maharaj Ji's in control because it's always apparent that the things we really need we always get.

Probably everyone is aware of the fundraising program that has been going on for the past six weeks so I thought I'd open up the results a little to everyone because that's where it all came from - everyone. Below are the results of the contributions and program income received during the five weeks. I hope everyone sees not only the numbers but also the love of the premies which is the real reason it was needed in the first place and why it was given.

I'd like to point out also that the need, at least for right now is not an ending one. It's really important for us to try and take part in the tithing program so that what's happening can happen even more. And, of course, as we grow individually, we also grow collectively and as Maharaj Ji said, in this game one and one don't make two, they make eleven. So I really feel like the ones are adding up as we remember this Holy Name and grow closer to Maharaj Ji, and as a result it seems we are continuously discovering the natural unity and gift of service that is always within us as well as without.

My own opinion is that it seems like we're really starting to grow up, so hang on to this Holy Name and stick to it.

I love you all,
By His Grace,
J. Brad

P.S. I've also included a summary of the income and expenses in our community fund from January through now.



+ Total contributions received above and beyond usual 10% tithing program:
+ Total contributions from three video programs, one dance and one dinner less expenses of $500.50 for dinner and $90.50 for video programs:    
+ Total contributions raised from all activities as part of fundraising effort 2/15-2/2l:
+ Usual 10% tithing contributions (including $1,000 - from one premie as 10% of his yearly income all at once):
= Total contributions from Philadelphia community for fundraising program 2/15-3/21:

1/1/75 - 3/19/75

The following income has been donated by individuals above and beyond their usual 10% for community projects


For public address system:
For Mahatma Ji:
For Newsletter sales:
Total income:


2 microphones:
$ 84.70
Repair of existing P.A.:
Total expenses;



Knowledge Seminar: 2:30 p.m., Univ. of Penn., Houston Hall, Room 8. For non-premies interested in receiving Knowledge.
Adult Satsang: every two weeks. Univ. of Penn., Houston Hall, Room 7. 2:30 p.m.

1. 2102 Brandywine St.; Phila. (center city) 665-8490. Coordinator Sally Jacobson
2. 4015 Blakiston St., N.E. Phila. Apt. 19, 335-9734. Coordinator - Kris: Wohlhorn.
3. 735 Valley Rd., Side apt. Melrose Park. 885-3830 after 5:30. Coordinator - Rich Pattison.


1. 38 W. Phil-Ellena St., Mt. Airy. GE8-9197. Coordinator - Marie Vosacek.
2. 1700 Belvedere Ave., Havertown. SA6-1600 or 446-4251. Coordinator - Dale Stepps.
3. Ann Lyn and Herbie - 829 Cathedral Ave. Roxborough. IV3-8458.


FOOD CO-OP NIGHT: Federation food co-op.
1. 2067 N. 63rd St., West Phila., TR9-9228. Coordinator - Joe Lieb.
2. 4015 Blakiston St., N.E. Phila., Apt. 19, 335-9734. Coordinator - Kris Wohlhorn.
3. D.L.D.E.: 4038 Spruce St., West Phila. 222-4558 or 387-2085.


Univ. of Penn., Houston Hall, Franklin Room. 8:00 - 9:30.
1. Satsang - Univ. of Penn., Houston Hall, Bishop White Room, Coordinator - Dale Stepps.


1. 215 W. Walnut Lane, Apt. 205-B, Phila. (Germantown), VI9-7245. Coordinator - Margo Semon.
2. 428 S. 42nd St., West Phila. 386-3790. Coordinator - Donna Gagne.
3. 920 E. Emerson St. (N.E. Phila.) or 11046 Greiner Place. Alternate each week. 335-9734. Coordinator - Kris Wohlhorn.
4. Salfordville, PA, Janet Davis, 1-287-8035. every other week.
5. Phoenixville, Stuart & Kaline's. 1-935-9144.
6. Blood Donation. 885-3830. Rich Pattison.
7. St. Lukes Drug Clinic - 227-3094. Byron Lee.


W.W.A. NIGHT: Byberry State Hospital, N.E. Phila. 357-8219. Doug Cox.
1. 1411 N. 76th St. , West Phila. 477-3245.
2. Mike Lane and Br ian Kessler - Dublin-Doylestown area. 249-3942.


Houston Hall, Frank lin Room. 8:00 p.m. SA6-1600.



1. DUO Office: 4724 Baltimore Avenue, Phila., PA 19143 SA6-1600.
2. D.L.D.E.: 4038 Spruce Street, Phila., PA 19104 BA2-4558 or EV7-2085.
3. Premie House: 428 S. 42nd Street, Phila., PA 19104 EV6-3790,
4. Premie House: 4506 Springfield Avenue, Phila., PA 19143 EV2-1983.
5. Premie House: 2102 Brandywine Street, Phila., PA 19130 665-8490.
6. Premie House: 2045 Greene Street, Phila., PA 19130 CE5-2487.
7. D.I.C. Larry & Joann Williams, RD 2 High Hill Rd., SWedesboro, N.J. 08085. 609 467-3617.
8. Information Center: c/o Laura Mahone, RD 4, Box 183 Carlisle, PA 17013. 717 243-2588.
9. D.I.C: Gerry & Claire Tobias, Wynnwood Apts., Building C-201. Wyomnissing, PA 19610. 215 372-0626.
10. Premie House: Box 369, RD 3, Nazareth, PA 18064. 215 253-0940.

Community Bulletin

PREMIES AT LARGE: Recently a new department has been established in the mission. Premies at Large includes premies who are not really connected to the mission or local community whom, we would like to begin to reach out to a little more. If you know of any premies around your area, it would be good if you could send in their name, address, and phone number to Joy at the DUO Office. Records we hold for these premies are incomplete and inaccurate.

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER are looking for housemates in the Overbrook Park area. Call 879-3974 if you can help.


1. Arthur Brigham is coming to Philly on April 4th for 1-2 weeks. Program information to be announced.
2. Sunday April 27 - first spring picnic at Valley Forge Park. Bring snacks, drinks, frisbees, baseball bats, footballs etc.
3. Soon will be a small program for new premies who received Knowledge from Mahatma Vijayanand or Prakesh Bai. Will announce details soon. By the way … while Prakesh Bai was here, 25 new premies received Knowledge.

A BABY GIRL: Lynn Schreiber delivered a baby girl on March 14th - Hanna Rachel. She would like to thank the premies for the baby shower given to her also.


- Man with multiple sclerosis and wife want to hear satsang at their house.
- Very young child with brain damage needs many people for sensory and physical stiwulation exercises - 'programing'.
- Premie brother in Greaterford Prison would like premies to write to him. This is his only real means of having that connection, that inspiration to realize this Knowledge.

Nearby Satsang


Sunday: Larry & Joann Williams: RD 2 High Hill Rd., Swedesboro, N.J. 609-467-3617. (premies from Philly encouraged to comet!) 2:00 p.m.
Monday: George & Barbara Leighten: 68 Kosoto Trail, Medford Lakes, N.J. 609 654-2573.
Wednesday: Premdas Ray: Springfield Apts., #6-C, Monroe Path, Maple Shade, N.J.
Thursday: Barry & Marsha Blitzstein: Twin Oaks Dr., Mantua, N.J. 609 468-5635,
Friday: Premdas Ray: Springfield Apts. #6-c, Monroe Path, Maple Shade, N.J.
Saturday: Frank & Bobbie Farino: 4 Clay St., Delran, N.J. 609 461-7548,


Tuesday:Judy Twaddel or Jill Booth: 31D N. Broom St., Wilmington, Del. 302 571-1485,


Tuesday: Albreight College, Campus Center, Room 1, 7:30.
Thursday:Gerry & Claire Tobias: D.1.C., Wynnwood Apts. Building C-201, Wyomissing, PA 19610. 215 372-0626.
Saturday: Carmen & Debbie LaRosa: 3105 Perkiomen Ave., Reading, PA 19606. 215 779-8453.
Sunday: Pot-luck dinner: 0.1.C. - 12:00 noon. (above address - Gerry & Claire's).


Monday: Holly & David McNulty: call 717 949-3835 for directions and address.
Wednesday: 608 W. Chestnut St.: no phone. for directions, call 717 949-3835.
Thursday: Lebonon-Lancaster area. Call 717 948-3835 for directions.

Happy Bithday I love you Maharaj Ji March 22, 1975 (my birthday)

Thank you Lord,
for leading me to where I now stand.
You promise me
what no one else can.
You bring out the Love in me,
ANd it directs itself to you,
As if it's found it's home,
You accept my love with open arms,
And send it back to me a thousand-fold.
By Your Grace, I finally know
What is my purpose in life
All is God, God is all
And you promise that I wi1l know


Brotherly Love newsletterMaharaji
They say that I've barely begun
already you've changed me, already
I'm smiling and already I've fallen
in love.
 Love for eternity
 Another son

Poetry from new premies born when Parkesh Bai was here.

Brotherly Love newsletterSo tomorrow is Knowledge …

Complete grace, and perfect timing for me to realize this Knowledge. This is the supreme rnost glorious path to be. on. Tomorrow I shall start on this path. I shall forever be grateful to, and devoted to the revealer of this Knowledge, Guru Maharaj Ji. The Lord of the universe, who has come to reveal the soul.

Thank You.… I completely humble myself to you Satguru, and shall serve you with my true heart and soul.

I love you Maharaj Ji eternally

Brotherly Love newsletter

I have given you the seed. Plant it in the field of your life, grow and harvest the crop. Peace and harmony will prevail on you. Listen to me, for you will hear God. Understand me, for you will understand God. I am always with you: it is you who should be with me to harmonize this world.

- Guru Maharai Ji

Joy To The World

"She's here, she's alive, and she's one more person in the world to help Me in My work." - Guru Maharaj Ji

Around noon on Sunday, March 9th, Joe Natter called the ashram and relayed the message that Maharaj Ji wanted the premies to sit in meditation until He called back -- Durga Ji was going to give birth!

At 3:47 PM, we got the message. Maharaj Ji had delivered an 8lb. 8 ounce baby girl, -- and all was well!

They named her Premlata, or "Vine of Love." Maharaj Ji was reported to have said that we are His Tree of Love and Premlata, the vine, will grow to bind us completely all together. He also reported to have said that He will stay in Los Angeles until Premlata can travel which will probably be around Guru Puja.

She has black hair and brown eyes -- in the image of her Father …

The premies of Philadelphia send their warm love and congratulations to Mom, Dad, and Premlata.

Brotherly Love newsletter

Holy Lotus Feet