Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter

So it's like, now, do prachar and propagation, and because, you see, propagation - I mean, just for instance - why is satsang so beautiful? Because it originates from the Knowledge. And it just becomes so beautiful. You know, just simply talk, and talk, and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about it. Because it's very, very beautiful. And unless that beauty starts revolving inside of you, because it's such a fine balanced wheel, that it takes a little bit to get it revolving. But once it gets revolving, you know, it rotates fine.

--Guru Maharaj Ji

Dear Premies,

It is really so beautiful that I have the opportunity to write to all of you. Truly we are so very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of Guru Maharaj Ji's mission, to be able to propagate this Knowledge to all mankind. In this world we live in, being human beings, we are constantly searching for peace in so many trips. Then, one day, we heard satsang and we said, 'Oh yes, I will receive this Knowledge, I will dedicate my life to Maharaj Ji, I will surrender my mind. And we do meditation and we give satsang, and a lot of pretty words inspire us, and we say so many beautiful things, because we are human beings, and there is so much beauty within. But really, saying beautiful things is very easy, like yes, I have dedicated my life to Guru Maharaj Ji, this is very easy to say. But really, premies, we can all say that, yes, I am dedicated, but to live this dedication, we are not doing it. We are not living up to what we have said. It has been my experience that we can say so many beautiful things, but to live our dedication to our Lord, is a constant effort on the part of each premie. Guru Maharaj Ji loves us so much that He has given us this opportunity to be a part of His Divine Light Mission, to propagate this Knowledge. But what are we doing? We cannot live 98%, we cannot live 99%, but we must give 100% to our Lord in Service, Satsang, and Meditation. If we take just a few moments a day and put our complete energy into meditation for peace, then peace will come. Our Maharaj Ji loves us all. But really, it is up to you, whether or not you want peace. Only you can do meditation for you. It is you who must realize Knowledge, for yourself. Maharaj Ji's love is there. Maharaj Ji's grace is there. You just make the effort. And really, premies, all Maharaj Ji wants us to do is realize this Knowledge. The whole world is a prison, because we are imprisoned by our minds. But if we are above these minds, if it freaks out - what the hell? Just take a deep breath and keep on truckin'. It is really so incredible, because I love Guru Maharaj Ji deep within. It is my duty to encourage you to do meditation and realize this Knowledge. Become an active member in His Mission, do propagation, bring this Knowledge to the World. I love you all - Peace.

The Way It Works

We've all felt the recent wave of inspiration that has swept through the community and has given each of us the added desire to meditate and follow Guru Maharaj Ji. Fran this, satsang has become a necessity for us, not because it's supposed to be that way, but because of the actual yearning e feel to hear and give satsang. The same has become true for service. It's what we need and what we want. By sat-sang and service, the business of realizing Knowledge through meditation is possible.

One of the problems that D.L.M. has faced, ever since it began in the west was building the organizational knowhow :.hick could give the premies the opportunity for satsang and service in ways that was directly related to the pace of our spiritual growth and also to the movement of propagation. Recently a structure was developed and implemented in the Denver community which has enabled every premie in the community to play an active role in propagating Knowledge. This system is very simple in design and easy to implement in any community while also being very effective in gathering premie energy and actually carrying out the Agya of Guru Maharaj Ji (propagation). Basically it looks like an equation where an organizational framework is added to premie energy yielding propagation. It looks something like this:

1. Organization    +
2. A.M.P.    =
3. Propagation
(Premies' service)
(Agya of Guru Maharaj Ji)

At this point it is necessary to define the parts of the left side of the equation, in order to understand how it works.

1. Organization: The local organization of D.L.M. is divided into two segments. These are coordination and communication. The coordinating function is responsible for organizing and implementing the programs of the Mission (W.W.A., P.L.A., fundraising, special events, propagation campaigns, nightly satsang and community service opportunities). In order to do these programs, the Mission also coordinates the support systems of transport, security, childcare, and the food co-op. As you know, all of these areas except for the food co-op have never been developed, although plans are now in the making for them. The third part of the coordinating func-


tion is finance which is explained in another article on page . With this organizing and coordination part of the mission, premie energy or devotion is then added.

2. The Active Membership Program was conceived to be that part of the mission which constitutes the resources needed to operate the organizational framework described above. Cur resources are basically two things. Time and money. Many premies have been giving 10% of their income for quite awhile which has helped the mission pull itself out of debt. By Hans Jayanti, D.L.M. is expected to be completely out of debt. Time is another valuable resource that premies have, whether it be a little or a lot of time. And when we put it all together into a corp of devotion, the result can be amazing. So the two parts of A.M.P. are the 10% tithing program and the premies' skills dedicated to serving Maharaj Ji in their spare time through D.L.M. This latter part is now called "Maharaj Ji's League of Volunteers." We will be compiling a resource file of premies' available time and skills to do propagation in the beginning of June which will fill in the needed service created by the organizational function, which in turn will automatically carry out Maharaj Ji's Agya of propagation. So again we have an organizational structure (programming, operations and financial management) which is added to A.M.P. (a premie's entire life of dedication) and the result is propagation (Agya of Guru Maharaj Ji).

In order to make the equation work, we need one vital thing. That is communication. Without a good communications network it will be impossible to plug in the premies' time and skills to the programs and support systems that have been created. Presently we are building this system of comeunications with the Community Advisory Council. The premies, who are part of Maharaj Ji's League of Volunteers, will be given service opportunities and follow ups, by being regularly communicated to by council members who live in each area of the city, where premies live. The council members or A.M.P. representatives (another name for them), will be closely connected in communication with the DUO Director who receives all of the direction and news directly from the International communications center in Denver. This will enable every premie who plugs his life into this system to be communicated to directly from Guru Maharaj Ji Himself in a matter of one or two days.

So this whole thing has some incredible potentiality. It will be more clearly defined and practically implemented over the month of June.


A Letter From His First Western Mahatma

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Satchitanand. Guru Maharaj Ji has given me a new service, the service of Mahatma, and it's really beautiful. I feel that there is something really special to communicate. Knowledge in its purest and simplest form is so beautiful. It really is the "good news", and to have a service now that so directly deals with the spreading of that good news is really a joy. We each can share in Maharaj Ji's work, and for each of us there is so much joy to be experienced. The special thing about this new service is not that I'm a Mahatma, but that in this time of stepped-up prachar, Guru Maharaj Ji is now really trusting us to do His work.

For a long time we premies used the excuse that we were just babies, and we really didn't know what was best. But now Guru Maharaj Ji is giving us each responsibility in His mission, and the beautiful thing is that by His Grace we're ready. Readiness doesn't mean that we've become so learned that we can teach others, or that we've attained such a level of sophistication that we can guide others into spirituality. Readiness to me means that we've relaxed enough and become aware enough to be simple and open to His love. Knowledge is so simple, so natural, so beautiful. The more I grow in this Knowledge, the more I enter into the freshness and the wonder and the joy of being alive. For a long time I wanted cosmic experiences, I wanted to understand all the theories of this universe, I wanted more and more and more of all the glamorous experiences of spirituality. But really Knowledge is so simple. "Like a flower born in the spring of the year I will always love you forever." What a beautiful thing to be always in that springtime, to be always freshly born, to have every experience filled with the wonder and the joy of life.


It is an honor to serve Guru Maharaj Ji as a Mahatma, but it is an honor that we each share. In the Gospel of John he talks about how Jesus, at the last supper, washes the feet of the disciples, and they each protest in their own way saying that they should wash the feet of their Master. But Jesus tells them that in the same way that He has washed their feet, so they should wash each other's feet. Guru Maharaj Ji blesses us and shows us so much love and respect as His children, and now He wants us to love and respect each other. It's not that we have to develop new concepts of haw to show respect, of how to treat Mahatmas, because Guru Maharaj Ji has already shown us that respect. Every premie who is practicing this Knowledge is being filled with love and respect. My experience in Divine Light Mission has shown me the growth of that selfless love: prernies serve each other and the love that is generated is so full, so inspiring. Maybe a king or an emperor could have more luxurious surroundings or be served with finer china or linens or have more servants waiting on him, but he will never have the love and respect that comes when premies serve each other. Maharaj Ji isn't trying to create distinctions in making Mahatmas. He's simply showing us the fullness of where we each are meant to be. Life is so full. It is so powerful.

For quite some time I've been asking Maharaj Ji to be a humble piece of dust at His Lotus Feet. And then I read a poem from Kabir where he said that what is the use of dust? To get His feet dirty? Or maybe the wind will blow that dust in His face and get in His eyes? How much more it is to become a part of Guru Maharaj Ji, to vanish our existence in Him. And then humility is not a condition of conceptions or repression: it becomes an expression of the dynamics and fulfillment of Guru Maharaj Ji's own life. When we understand where to go for that complete fulfillment, then we no longer need to depend on the opinions and approval of others. If we rely on the second-hand approval of others to give us joy or to give us assurance, then we will always be dissatisfied. When we go inside we find the complete approval and satisfaction of Guru Maharaj Ji's own world. When we connect with that place inside, when we open up and really experience that which is beyond theories and concepts, then we can really begin to serve Guru Maharaj Ji. At that point Knowledge isn't a theory, it isn't just another religion or another organization; it becomes an experience of love. And that love just keeps giving and giving and giving.


I know love is not easy. Love is a razor's edge path, and we have to be resolute to follow it and to know it. We each have problems to face. We each have obstacles to overcome. None of us is free of pride or ego, but yet still we can serve Guru Maharaj Ji. I know that as a Mahatma I have no special privileges or immunities, because as devotees we can serve Him. Guru Maharaj Ji is here to save us from all of our limitations. He's here to forgive us and let us be free. We can open up and let go of our fears and our doubts in serving Guru Maharaj Ji, and be filled with the power of His love. Even if we make mistakes, if we remember Guru Maharaj Ji, and if we trust Him, then He can help us. If we open ourselves to Him, then He can work with us and do His work through us.

This Knowledge is really a joyous thing. It is so profound and so simple. So often we premies meet each other and we greet each other with "Jai Satchitanand". Saying that sometimes becomes an unconscious thing for us, an easy replacement for "hello", but there is a beautiful thing for us to realize whenever we say that, because "Jai Satchitanand" is a victory slogan. It means "Victory of Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss", and it can be a reminder to us each time that we meet another premie that, yes, we can understand that ultimate truth, we can be happy. And really, happiness is a practical solution.

I'll be on the road soon, and I'm looking forward to sharing satsang with each of you. Jai Satchitanand.

Your brother

Bill Patterson

Brotherly Love newsletter




The Novitiate Training Program is about to graduate it's first 30 members. It was begun three months ago in San Antonio, Texas for those premies whose applications for entering the ashram had been approved. During their stay together, the premies are prepared for ashram life by participating in 4-6 hours of meditation daily, as well as satsang and simple service. At graduation they are sent to ashrams throughout the country. Philadelphia hopes to welcome some of these novitiates sometime in June.

Billy Salmansohn, the premie in charge of the program, wrote a letter as to how the program is proceeding. The following are quotes from Billy's letter:

"Really you know, premies are the same everywhere; going through similiar changes - realizing the same things and it all comes down to the hard-core simplicity of following Agya. Without that there's nothing, really nothing and yet how well do we understand firstly that we need to follow Agya and secondly how well do we follow it once we understand that that's what we need to do."

"So the Novitiate program is not anything more than a concentrated attempt at service, satsang and meditation. We're in State II right now which doesn't provide for 4-6 hours of sitdown meditation daily but we have two meditation nights per week plus structured meditation on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. But really the success of this program is due to one thing and that is the incredible humility and sincerity within the premies here--thus the one-pointedness is just really flowing."

"The program itself might last up to six months but due to its uniqueness, in the sense that it's the first one, we're very open, by His Grace, to change and develop it.

Maharaj Ji has asked for 2-3 Novitiate programs by the end of the year -- so His Agya -- and thusly His Grace are omnipresent."

Applications are available at the DUO Office for anyone wishing to become an ashram resident …

you have to develope


Q: Guru Maharaj Ji, if our hearts have many doubts, what is the best way to soften them up so that we may take Knowledge?

GMJ: You give me yourself; you give me your love, and you give me your egos. Have you seen a bullfight? When a man fights a bull he takes a red cloth and he shows it like this. And that bull comes flying at that red cloth. Well, I've got a box. I stand like this with that box and you throw your egos, doubts, sufferings to me. I put the box on one side and I stand like this. Now egos and doubts come and enter that box. I take a lighter and burn that box. Egos and doubts are burned.

Q: Catch it Guru Maharaj Ji, catch it now!

GMJ: Not only will I put your egos and everything in that box and burn it so that you won't have any sufferings, doubts, egos or anything. That is nothing. But also you will be a complete human person, a perfect devotee with perfect peace, perfect calmness, and perfect greatness, with bliss and consciousness.

Q: What about our external appearance, Guru Maharaj Ji?

GMJ: I want Divine Light Mission to be like a laser beam, a most shining thing, a most bright thing. And it is not a pretty hard thing to do. You should at least keep your body under control. If you look smart, you work smart. If you don't look smart, you don't work smart. Anyhow you must create the best impression you can.

Q: And You've made us so rich, Guru Maharaj Ji, whatever can we do for you?

GMJ: Start working for me. Do some service and do some meditation. Anything more?

Q: It seems such a small thing.

GMJ: It is a small thing. You are right. If we come a thousand times and do service to Guru and meditation and whatever we can for Him, still it won't be worth what He has given us. Because what He has given is the mystery of the whole world.


Q: What happens to people who don't understand and don't practise?

GMJ: Kabir says if you are standing on a boat and taking someone out of the water, if you can take him out of that river, well and good, take him out. If you can't, then give him two pushes more, otherwise he will bring you down with him. If you are standing in the boat and someone is drowning in the water, take him up if you can. If you can't then give him two pushes more!

Q: Do you only give satsang to people who want to hear it?

GMJ: Yes, only to them. Not to others. If they don't want to hear it they will misuse it. If they want to hear it they will hear it. Try to use the energy you waste on those people who don't want to hear it on those who do. It'll benefit them more. The other people need more time to become thirsty.

Q: But you don't need to wait for people to ask you, do you?

GMJ: They themselves come and ask me.

Q: Guru Maharaj Ji, when will you make us all yours, 100%?

GMJ: You have to develop yourself. You know, you have to be so high that I can catch your hand. At least, you should be high enough for me to catch your hand. But I cannot bend down too much, otherwise I come down.

Q: Guru Maharaj Ji, if a devotee wants to give himself 100% to you, must he first of all understand his mind?

GMJ: Not necessarily. He can do service and give himself completely. He must just give all his service to Guru Maharaj Ji, then he'll be a 100% devotee. Put all devotion into the service of Guru Maharaj Ji. If I do service then I am a servant and if I am giving my devotion then I am a devotee.

Q: Then Guru Maharaj Ji, why is it that sometimes we feel intellectually we want to surrender to you but in practice it is difficult?

GMJ: Because your ego begins to act on you and something wrong happens. Because of circumstances, the ego becomes an obstacle. That is why I say instead of taking a difficult staircase to liberation, there is a direct staircase of devotion so you may go direct. Do not waste all your time, probably taking a wrong road which takes you half-way round the world and which you will probably miss many times. Take the direct staircase of service.




"… The experience of Knowledge is indescribable, and yet, oddly, we find our entire life filled with one fundamental purpose -- to continually express its realization through words and actions.

Through our realization comes the constantly renewed freshness that inspires us to express it with more and more depth and consistency. And through our individual experiences, we have come to realize the preciousness of the gift we have received, enabling us to know ourselves and understand the meaning of life.

'… I want to give a chance to this world to realize this Knowledge. And that is what pleases me, and that is what you are trying to do …'

Guru Maharaj Ji
Directors Meeting, 1/22/75

Propagation is the life of a devotee -- wherever there is even one premie, his natural existence is a propagational effort that is already in progress. We always need to be remembering what propagation really is - and how important it is to be in that place. That place is the place of inspiration, is the place where we lose our individual indentification, and experience the power of His Knowledge. Come back to that place time and time again. To propagate this experience is such a joy … and our duty is to share our understanding. If we remember this, then the days pass by so beautifully, with such a sense of completion.


Things are becoming so beautiful. We really have grown so much since the Director's meeting with Maharaj Ji in January. I feel really excited seeing so much Grace in pries' lives, so much understanding being gained -- it's a beautiful picture to paint for Him when He returns from India."

Step by step over the last several months, propagation has become a reality in our lives. And now Guru Maharaj Ji has outlined a program by which we can channel the rising energy in each community.

First of all, His direction is to concentrate our effort in small areas of the larger city. In Philadelphia we have chosen to begin in West Philadelphia, in the vicinity surrounding the University of Pennsylvania, and a second area covering a portion of the northeast. Our feeling was that we, as a geographic community of premies, were strongest in these two areas, and could make the greatest impact there.

There will, though, be very much service available to everyone regardless of the area in which you live. We will try to make use of every available program and service potential within the mission in these areas. W.W.A. will be expanding from just institutional service to community services also. We'll be looking for opportunities to work with already, established community organizations in street clean-ups, park. and playground beautification, and whatever else we find we can handle. P.L.A., also, can play a major role in the block parties that often are scheduled. Vegetarian dinners are also a possibility for meeting and sharing with the community Thus, we can become part of the community in which we live, and let people get to know us and what we're about. In this way, leaflets and posters for satellite satsang will have a much deeper meaning.

Fromn Guru Maharaj Ji's guidelines, we are outlining a more specific program tailored to Philadelphia. Between now and Hans Jayanti in November we are looking, in a gradual fashion, to introduce the opportunity of Knowledge to the people in these two areas. Everything seems to be falling into place. The energy and organization seems ready to mesh, and at that point Guru Maharaj Ji does all the rest. It really is a 'can't miss' proposition.


Little Leaders of Divine Light

By Maharaj Ji's Grace … there will be children's satsang every Sunday at 400 E. Mount Airy Avenue (the Douglas house - Judy, Tina, Missy, John and Puja). We can only go one step at a time so for now it is for children aged 6 - 14. Our first meeting was May 18th. Our name is Little Leaders of Divine Light (L.L.D.L.). We meet from 10a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sundays. We are planning a camping trip set tentatively for June 7th and 8th. We are also planning singing, dancing, painting, tumbling - whatever - for presentations to our adult brothers and sisters at a premie meeting before the end of June.

We want this satsang to be a regular routine thing. Because of the summer vacations, however, with people coming and going - we don't know what will happen. We want to rake a concentrated effort in May and June to get the structure formed and get a footing for our little premies so starved for satsang (getting and giving). During the school year things should settle into a really solid schedule.

If you are a 'little' premie please come and bring an offering to Maharaj Ji and your musical instruments, your artistic talents, your poetry, or whatever your gifts (and we all have gifts). We are going to write our own prayers and songs, our own poetry and plays. The possibilities are endless!

This children's satsang will also serve the same purposes as 'adult' satsang - encouragement to meditate and continue this blessed path for little premies, and to bring other children to this Knowledge.

This incredibly beautiful satsang by Maharaj Ji's Grace is totally of and by the children - their thing - with adult support from Judy Douglas and Sue Phipps. For further information call Judy at CH2-9084 or Sue at VT8-3946.



JUNE 1: Community Picnic at Larry Schultz's Farm (see directions below)

JUNE 7: Community meeting: Fine Arts Auditorium. Between Walnut & Spruce on 34th Street. 8:00 p.m.June

JUNE 8: Softball Game with "Four-Eyes Optical Company". Call Buck at EV6-3790 if you're interested in joining the team.

JUNE 14: Video tape of Guru Maharaj Ji in January 1974 in L.A. and community meeting. $2.00 at the door. Benefit for Community Fund. Call SAE-6029 for location.

JUNE 15: Father's Day - no plans as yet.

JUNE 21: Community meeting

JUNE 22: Ricardo and Lothar's wedding - location is near Wilkesbaire at Steve Sardoni's Farm. Call D.L.D.E. for specific directions.

JUNE 28: Rummage Sale - a benefit tfor international and community fund.

JUNE 28: Community meeting.

JUNE 28: Rummage Sale continued.


Directions to the June 1st Picnic … Ottsville, PA, 1:00pm

1. Take route 511 - N. Broad St. - from Philadelphia
2. Stay on 511 through Doylestown.
3. 8 miles above Doylestown, turn left on Routre 118.
4. 4/10 of a mile, turn left inro drivewqay with a sign reading "Larry & Sandy."
5. Everyone pelase bring a food contrbution.


Brotherly Love newsletterOne United Push
… guru maharaj Ji

Today there was a letter written to me by some premie, and he said, "I am doing service, satsang, and meditation, but still I am not getting the thing I really want. I am always feeling that it must be because of my past karmas."

The answer I am going to write to him, which I've dictated, is that, there was one guy, and he went to the Perfect Master and he said, "Can I receive Knowledge? I want Knowledge." Then the Perfect Master said, "Receive Knowledge, but before you can receive Knowledge you must go and have a nice walk in my town; it's very beautiful. Before you can do that, I am going to take a plate and fill it to the brim. There are going to be two guards with you with naked swords. If one drop of water falls off from that plate, mind you, your head's going to be chopped off. Immediately on the spot."

That plate was placed on his head, and he went walking in the whole town. He came back, and the Perfect Master said, "Well, did you enjoy it? It was a beautiful town, wasn't it?" But he said, "To tell you the truth, king, I didn't enjoy it." The Perfect Master said, "Why not? Were your eyes closed or something?" And he said, "No, my eyes were open, I was watching the whole town. But all my concentration was on the one drop of water which meant my life."

This is the thing. You see, if our concentration is divided into the world, if we are always thinking of our past karmas, what will happen? If I sit in the driver's seat, alright? And I say, "Wow, this car is very farout." Then I start thinking, well, it has this thing in it, and this feature's in it, and this feature's in it. Mind you, there are so many moving parts in the car that it'll take me about a year to think about them, and then maybe some year later, I'll be able to start the car and drive it. But at that time what I want to know is how it will test drive -- not what is inside the engine. I want to experience what the car rides like, which is the test of the whole car.


When we really do satsang, service, and meditation, this is the test drive. Satsang is the introduction. Sat-sang always tries to guide us: satsang is like an auto-pilot that just fixes the plane on course. Always when the airplane tries to go off the course, the auto-pilot brings it back. This is what satsang is. It always brings us back where we have to be. Premies get confused, they lose their course, they lose their heading, and then satsang is given to them, the auto-pilot is turned on, and they come back on that course. They understand that it was simply their own mind creating confusion.

By hearing satsang, I have told you that we are always put back on course. By doing service, we more and more realize to whom we are doing service. More and more and more and more.


Brotherly Love newsletter

You all have to do service to someone. We can't be without service. If not to God, if not to the Perfect Master, then we have to do service to our minds. We have got to do service for someone. It is better to serve the Perfect One.

When we do service, we realize. If I put more and more fuel into more and more cars, if I work in a gas station and I fill up more and more tanks, I'll realize more and more what service I am doing. I am putting petrol in. And for whom I am doing? I'll understand that more and more, too. That's the whole thing. The more we do service, the more we understand to whom we are really doing service. We really get into it, into that service, satsang, and of course, meditation.

There's really nothing I can say about meditation; it's just fantastic. You knonw, that's the whole thing. You can be doing satsang and service but it's like a plane woithout an engine, which will glide and has to fall down. It can't sustain itself. You can be doing satsang and service, understanding or not understanding, maybe it's up to you. But if you do meditation, all three things just come so fantastically, and take you right on top of things. This is what we have to do.

You know, if you really try, if we can give one united push, we can really establish peace in the whole world. Because, peace doesn't have to come from anywhere. Peace is right there, right at one spot, and people just have to be pushed in.

It's like, right now the world is standing on the edge of the swimming pool. But there is just no one to push them in. It takes a slight push, and once you push them, they can't hold onto anything, they've got to go into the swimming pool. You understand what I mean? They are standing on the edge of the swimming pool, like this is the pool, and they are standing here; if someone pushes them, mind you, they can't hold anything. They've got to go into that pool. But there should be someone to push them.


What Service Can I Do?

Q: Maharaj Ji, what service can I do?

A: Well, according to Krishna, talking about this Knowledge is the superfine service.

Q: How can we find out what is our own particular service?

A: Everyone has a particular service. There are many services. As in a school you see English, Mathematics, and Science, but extra to these basic subjects you can join a photographic club or another sort of club. And in this Divine School there are many types of clubs, there are many services in an ashram. What is an ashram? It is a place, a centre, from which we can broadcast our ideas. It is a kind of broadcasting station. You can tell people who come there about this Knowledge or you can go out from there and tell them. Because everyone must know about this Knowledge. When we know it, we must bring the same opportunity to our fellow brothers and sisters, so that they also might know it. Then they will be able to get rid of their egos and their great minds. Now their egos are just flowing about anywhere, like on the moon where there is no gravitational pull. Mind is so uncontrolled. People should be given the opportunity to understand the real Knowledge so they can bring their minds under the control of the cosmic gravity flow. This is the real service and within this service are many services. Come to the ashram, come to the programmes, and you will start realizing what service you can do.

SATSANG … As you'll notice, the satsang schedule is not enclosed for the following reasons. The satsangs we have will be changing shortly in line with the new propagational campaign - public programs, satsang at the new ashram etc. New sat-sang schedules will be distributed around mid-June.


The Story Of Mary Gold

There was once a beautiful flower named Mary Gold. She lived in a big field with other flowers, and everyday a little girl. named Marcia would cane and sit in the field near Mary. Marcia was a devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji, and everyday she would just sing and sing the glories of His Name. She gave much satsang to Mary Gold, because Mazy Gold was even more thirsty for satsang than she was for wa,t*r to keep her pretty and healthy. Every cell of her stanin and piston, and leaves and petals would cry in anticipation for Marcia's visit, and would droop and weep when Marcia would not come. Oh, if only she could experience this most beautiful vibration and love within that Marcia spoke of

One day Mahatma Ji came to town to give Knowledge, and when Mary Gold was told of his arrival, she cried to Marcia, "Oh please, beg him to give me this Knowledge, so that I may know my true purpose on this earth. I know I'm not a human being, that I'm only a flower, but I desire this Knowledge so deeply - I would be such a good devotee, and I'd meditate and tell all the flowers about it, and humans too, if they'd listene

Marcia was so moved by her sincerity, that she told Mahatma Ji about Mary Gold's love for Guru Maharaj Ji and her desire for Knowledge. He too, was deeply moved, and said, "This humble flower completely overwhelms re by her devotion and her desire do know truth. If only humans could have such a desire. Go tell her, please, I cannot give her this Knowledge because it is only for those souls who have human bodies,• but to remain faithful and strong in her devotion, and continue to inspire others, and have no doubt that Guru Maharaj ji will grant her her desire, though.perhaps not in this life."

Marcia told Mary Gold exactly what Mahatma 3i had said, and while she completely understood, she bowed her little head and quietly shed some tears. How could she continue to live when there was nothing in the flower world that mattered at all to her? But then she smiled, and knew that all she could do was to continue singing about Guru Maharaj Ji to all the other flowers and to dance in the wind for Him.


A few months later Guru Maharaj Ji came to this town, and there was so much to do to prepare for Him, so many beautiful garlands to make. The Lord is drawn by the love of the soul, for pure love attracts pure love, so perhaps the love in Mary Gold's soul was so pure and strong that it called Him to town.

To make the garlands, they needed many flowers, so Marcia came to the field where Mary Gold lived to pick them. With so much joy she told her about Guru Maharaj Ji coming and how they were making garlands for Him. On hearing this, Mary Gold bowed her head and said, "please take my life, so that I might help make a garland for His neck." The request was made with such unselfishness and devotion, that when she laid herself down, Marcia picked her and sure enough, she became part of the garland that was placed around Guru Maharaj Ji's neck, and her petals gently caressed His neck.

Perhaps her soul did get to take a rebirth in a human body, and maybe it is even you!

Brotherly Love newsletter


We Have A Goal

It's important now to realize that we are really a family. Different than any other group., organization, anything. We're really a family. And we have something to do. We really have a purpose. We have a goal.

Look at all the other organizations in the world. Some of them are seemingly doing good, and some of them are seemingly doing nothing. But really, they're all doing nothing. They're going around in circles. They don't really have a goal.

But we do. Maharaj Ji's shown us that goal. And like he said, it's not in 1975 or 1976; it's right now. So it's really important to get strong, to get really, really strong now. This family has a father and a mother and many, many beautiful children. These children, every one of them, have to be strong. Not just some of them. It won't work that way. It just won't work.

This is the opportunity for everyone, for each one of you. Maharaj Ji's plan is so perfect. It's like, the perfect master can come and just go boom! , okay, everyone has Knowledge. But that's not the way it's going to be this time. Maharaj Ji's letting you do it. And that's just - you can't even understand it. It's too beautiful to be able to have that opportunity that he's given you, to go our and bring this Knowledge, bring this peace, bring this love, to every human being on this world. And to really make a complete family of this world.

That involves completely giving yourself -- completely. Not just 'kind' of giving yourself. Or giving a little sometimes. Then you'll never experience what you are here to experience. And there's definitely something to experience with this Knowledge. When you completely give yourself, Maharaj Ji completely fills you up again with his love, so that you can completely give that love out again.

That giving comes through commitment, and dedication. With everything that you have. When you're giving everything you have, you are experiencing exactly what you are supposed to be experiencing. It's like, when we breathe, if we didn't give all that breath out, how would we be filled again? It feels so good to get that full breath, but only to give it back out again. And Maharaj Ji will completely keep filling us up.


Guru Maharaj Ji is an endless well, an infinite well. We have the opportunity to go out and bring that water to the world that is dying of thirst. That's such a beautiful opportunity to have, to be able to do that. It's up to each one of you. Premies sometimes feel like, "Well, I can do this much, but it'll still keep going. The Mission'll go along." But Maharaj Ji's making it to where it's up to you, it's really up to you. You can do it by his Grace. He'll completely let you do it. That Grace is there. But also your effort needs to be put into it. When we put this effort forth, then everything can happen.

… So it's time that we all realize what our purpose is; what your real purpose is in this world. It's not just to take it easy, and sit back. There's really something to be done. And it's such Grace that you have the opportunity to do it. It's really just Maharaj Ji's love.

I think most everyone understands that it's time to really, really get strong. I don't know what the future holds for us, but I know that we must really get strong now. It's just so important. This is the way you tie yourself to His feet. And that can never be broken, if you completely prostrate your everything at His feet and just say, "Keep me there."

Maharaj Ji's shown you what He wants you to do. So now this is what we must do. It should be very, very clear that this is what He wants. I know each one of you in your heart really, realty wants this. I know it. Sometimes it's difficult. Things get in the way. But not unless you let them. You can let them distract you, let them lure you, let them make you think that something else is important, or you should give your energy into something else.

There's nothing that you should give your energy to but what Maharaj Ji set out. Then everything will be taken care of perfectly. Then the satisfaction, and the contentment, and the fulfillment that comes with fulfilling what you're to do, what your purpose, what your goal on this earth is, is complete. You know that this is what you're here for..

DURGA JI -- Paramount Theater,
10/12/74 - Denver



COMING SOON … By the publication of this newsletter, we will have OVER $13,000.00 for the house On Overbrook Avenue. Generally, the money came from individual dedications, the smorgasbord dinner, Krishna Lila, and the video tape. There will he a full detailed story on the house coming in the July issue of "Brotherly Love".


Guru Maharaj Ji … Due to very poor communications between Jaipur, India, and America, it was difficult to contact Bob to get a definitive statement concerning the recent press coverage stating that legal action had been brought against Guru Maharaj Ji in India. Today, however, Bob confirmed that the legal actions were simply civil cases brought against Guru Maharaj Ji by His eldest brother Bal Bhagwan in an effort to disrupt Guru Maharaj Ji's current tour of India, which is proving to be tremendously successful. The cases are no more than a nuisance and Guru Maharaj Ji's lawyers have the situation well under control. Absolutely no difficulty is anticipated for Guru Maharaj Ji, and His plans to reorganize the Mission in the hands of trusted followers are progressing very smoothly.


HOLI FILM TOUR … Now that you've all begun to experience the Darshan of the "Power of Love", and the Guru Puja slides, you'll be happy to know that the Holi festival film of Maharaj Ji's satsang at the recent Holi festival, will begin its tour of the country at the beginning of June. Stay tuned for the date and location of the film when it comes through Philly. The film will also be a benefit fundraiser for national and the community fund.


Bobbi Farino from New Jersey had a baby Loy - Jordan Matthew - on May 12. Good Ness Grace Us!


GURU PUJA … At this point, the only plans which have really been made for Guru Puja are the most important ones. i.e., dates and places. Guru Puja will be held on July 26 & 27 and cities will be grouped together for the event. Our festival will include Philly and-the surrounding centers. Further specifics will come next month. Again Maharaj Ji has asked that only South Americans attend the Guru Puja in South America. This is His Agya so if you have already made plans to go, please obey Guru Maharaj Ji by calling the DUO Office for specfics on the regional festival. During the festival, we will have the audio feed of Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang live from Caracas.


BROTHERLY LOVE … If you have any little stories, recipes, letters to the editor or just about anything, we welcome them in Brotherly Love. Send them c/o Brotherly Love to the DUO Office.


HOUSING … Anyone who has an apartment they'd like to share with premies or anyone wanting a place to stay can call the DUO Office. We have a small-scale referral service for housing.


HOUSE-SITTING … Anyone interested in baby-sitting a house located at 50th and Cedar in West Philadelphia for a few months, call Tom at 349-9586 after 6:00 p.m. No rent will be charged.

DUO STAFF … will be away on June 5,6, and 7 to go to a regional conference in Providence R.I. to meet with other staffs in the northeastern area and also to meet with some the directors from national. At the conference will be discussed topics such as finances, our community, the local propagational campaign, communications, as well as general and direct communication with directors and other staffs - problems, suggestions, changes, ad- justments etc. It looks like this will serve as a useful tool to further develop His mission.


AVAILABLE: 1 large three bedroom apartment - air conditioned. $270.00 a month plus electricity. For further information call Edie at CE5-2487.


DENTAL … If anyone has been contacting Barry in N.J. for dental work directly, please go through the DUO Office from now on. This would help us very much.


Brotherly Love newsletter

I was asked to do the service of writing a review of Krishna Lila. I sat down quite a few times but found it very difficult to express that experience in words. The whole nature of Krishna Lila defies analysis. It cannot be put in the limits of any formal statement because the reality of it is infinite.

The experience I found was total love and devotion for the perfect master. He is so necessary if we wish the mysteries of Holy Name to be revealed to us. And how we all must strive to inset and humble ourselves before the realized soul who can deliver us from darkness. The dancers and musicians' performance manifested for me in three qualities, love, light, and life and how they can become clearly experienced under the realized master's guidance. Krishna Lila really personified that love is the joy of true being and that core passion is that which flows from one who is practically experiencing that joy, that light is the illumination of soul and we are all eternally one with God, and that life is the Word within each of us, which is God as He manifests Himself in creation. It was obvious to me that this performance created by the Lord, and performed by Him, opened every heart and soul and was total inspiration for all premies to meditate. We can ask fcr nothing more.

Regional Satsang


Sunday: Larry & Joann Williams: RD 2 High Hill Rd., Swedesboro, N.J. 609 467-3617. 2:00 p.m.

Monday: George & Barbara Lelghten: 68 Kosoto Trail, Meford Lakes, N.J. 609 654-2573.

Tuesday: Frank & Bobbie Farino: 4 Clay St., Delran, N.J. 609 461-7548.

Wednesday: Kathleen & Winthrop Chamberlain: Kings Highway Towers Apts. D-706. Maple Shade, N.J. 234-1538.

Thursday: Barry & Marsha Blitzstein: 219 Twin Lakes Dr. Mantua, N.J. 609 468-5635.

Friday: Kathleen & Winthrop Chamberlain: Kings Highway Towers Apts. D-706. Maple Shade, N.J. 234-1538.


Monday: D.I.C. 8:00 p.m. Call 372-0626 for address and directions.

Tuesday: Albright College. Student Campus Center. Rm. 1. 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday: Carmen & Debbie LaRosa: 7:30 p.m. 3105 Perkiomen Ave. (422 West). Reading. 779-8453.

Thursday: Group Meditation: D.I.C. House. 8-10 pm. Call 372-0626 for address and directions.

Friday: Chuck & Linda Manzella's: 1035 N. 5th St., Reading. 376-3195.

Sunday: Pot-luck Dinner: D.I.C. House: 5 pm. Satsang after meal. Call 372-0626 for directions.


Monday: Holly & David McNulty: call 717 949-3835 for address and directions.

Wednesday: 608 W. Chestnut St.: no phone. Call 717 949-3835 for directions.

Thursday: Lebonon-Lancaster area. Call 717 949-3835 for directions.


Tuesday: 1502 N. Franklin St., Wilm., Del. 7:30.

Thursday: Judy Twaddell's: Appleton Rd., Neward,Del.-Elkton area: Map available at DUO Office upon request.



Since the weather is getting warmer, it seems in the 'flow' to be eating fresh and beautiful salads. Here are some ideas:


1. Blot tofu on paper towels and then cut into cubes.

2. In oil, season hot pan (sizzling). Stir and fry tofu until brown on all sides.

3. Season with garlic, salt, pepper and then pour on tamari and let sizzle.

4. Optional: a. before seasoning, fry in some mushrooms. b. When seasoning, sprinkle cumin & oregano.


1. 1 can of tomato sauce.

2. 1/2 can of vinegar and 1/2 can of honey (or less if very sweet). The can is the size of the tomato sauce can.

3. Add salt, pepper, oregano, basil, parsley, marjoram, garlic, and tarragon (main spice).

4. Cook until boiling. Then regrigerate.

5. Optional: When cool, sprinkle blue cheese on top.


1. In blender, cream 1 cup cottage cheese. (add milk in order to blend it).

2. Add 1 tablespoon honey, grated lemon rind, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and a pinch of salt.

3. Blend and adjust it to individual taste.

4. This dressing is ideal for fruit salad or carrot-raisin salad.




1. DUO Office: 4724 Baltimore Avenue, Phila., PA 19143 SA6-1600. For Maharaj Ji's satsang and announcements, call SA6-6927.

2. D.L.D.E.: 4038 Spruce Street, Phila., PA 19104 BA2-4558 or EV7-2085.

3. Premie House: 428 S. 42nd Street, Phila., PA 19104 EV6-3790.

4. Premie House: 4506 Springfield Avenue, Phila., PA 19143 EV2-1983.

5. Premie House: 2102 Brandywine Street, Phila., PA 19130 665-8490.

6. Premie House: 2045 Greene Street, Phila., PA 19130 CE5-2487.

7. Premie House: 3121 Huntington Pike, Bryn Athyn, PA 19009. W17-8815.

8. D.I.C.: Larry & Joann Williams, RD 2 High Hill Road Swedesboro, N.J. 08085. 609 467-3617.

9. D.I.C.: RD 4, Box 183, Carlisle, PA 17013. 717 243-2588.

10. D.I.C.: Gerry & Claire Tobias: Wynnwood Apts., Building C-201, Wyommissing, PA 19610. 215 372-0626.

11. Premie House: Box 369, RD 3, Nazareth, PA 18064. 215 253-0940.


"To give five minutes to the realization of True Divine Love is greater than to pass one thousand bowls of food to the needy, because in giving forth love you help every soul in the universe." Buddha

A beautiful flower blesses the whole garden, so a beautiful person blesses the world.


Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be kept by understanding.


Inspiration For Meditation

This satsang was written by Jeffy, a brother from the Phoenix ashram

We must relax into stillness, calmed by the breathing of His Name, and in solitude, we must wait with an outstretched hand for Him to lead us to His Kingdom.

Once we are there we must not frighten His still, silent world with our exuberance. We must remain open, and longing, waiting tenderly for His love to adopt us.

Listen closely as His gentle harmony sings to your delight. Watch intently as His radiance relieves the tensions of your mind. Draw nourishment from His fountain of living waters. And relax into the caress with which He massages your heart.

Hold Him tenderly within you, allow His Kingdom to gently blossom in the world around you, Let His everlasting tide of compassion rise and fall in your chest while taking in the glory of the world He made just for you. He loves you. You alone, you are His all, and like a shy lover who waits for the display of your affection, he quietly and tenderly plays with your heart, till you look towards Him.

When He comes to you, he comes in splendor, and gently kisses your soul with His Grace, and places you in the shelter of His Love.

His Kingdom is already established, and He has spent almost for forever, waiting for you to enter it. Now that you have softly peeked through the wall of fears your Mind has built around it, He knows you are coming. With each passing second, His heart throbs as you come home to Him.

Be very still, bring Him the most precious of all your possessions--your sincerity and your trust. Again and again knock upon the door to his Kingdom. Breathe in the power that will unlock the door, and gently exhale the love that will deepen your understanding. Gaze concentratedly through the looking glass He gave you. Your lover will appear to you.

Brotherly Love newsletter

"So come into the prevailing stillness of infinity inside you, which is so beautiful, which is complete bliss. You will not be blissed out, you will be in bliss, completely in bliss inside yourselves - inside, where everything is."
Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Nagar, 1972

Brotherly Love newsletter