Brotherly Love: June 1975


We Have A Goal

It's important now to realize that we are really a family. Different than any other group., organization, anything. We're really a family. And we have something to do. We really have a purpose. We have a goal.

Look at all the other organizations in the world. Some of them are seemingly doing good, and some of them are seemingly doing nothing. But really, they're all doing nothing. They're going around in circles. They don't really have a goal.

But we do. Maharaj Ji's shown us that goal. And like he said, it's not in 1975 or 1976; it's right now. So it's really important to get strong, to get really, really strong now. This family has a father and a mother and many, many beautiful children. These children, every one of them, have to be strong. Not just some of them. It won't work that way. It just won't work.

This is the opportunity for everyone, for each one of you. Maharaj Ji's plan is so perfect. It's like, the perfect master can come and just go boom! , okay, everyone has Knowledge. But that's not the way it's going to be this time. Maharaj Ji's letting you do it. And that's just - you can't even understand it. It's too beautiful to be able to have that opportunity that he's given you, to go our and bring this Knowledge, bring this peace, bring this love, to every human being on this world. And to really make a complete family of this world.

That involves completely giving yourself -- completely. Not just 'kind' of giving yourself. Or giving a little sometimes. Then you'll never experience what you are here to experience. And there's definitely something to experience with this Knowledge. When you completely give yourself, Maharaj Ji completely fills you up again with his love, so that you can completely give that love out again.

That giving comes through commitment, and dedication. With everything that you have. When you're giving everything you have, you are experiencing exactly what you are supposed to be experiencing. It's like, when we breathe, if we didn't give all that breath out, how would we be filled again? It feels so good to get that full breath, but only to give it back out again. And Maharaj Ji will completely keep filling us up.


Guru Maharaj Ji is an endless well, an infinite well. We have the opportunity to go out and bring that water to the world that is dying of thirst. That's such a beautiful opportunity to have, to be able to do that. It's up to each one of you. Premies sometimes feel like, "Well, I can do this much, but it'll still keep going. The Mission'll go along." But Maharaj Ji's making it to where it's up to you, it's really up to you. You can do it by his Grace. He'll completely let you do it. That Grace is there. But also your effort needs to be put into it. When we put this effort forth, then everything can happen.

… So it's time that we all realize what our purpose is; what your real purpose is in this world. It's not just to take it easy, and sit back. There's really something to be done. And it's such Grace that you have the opportunity to do it. It's really just Maharaj Ji's love.

I think most everyone understands that it's time to really, really get strong. I don't know what the future holds for us, but I know that we must really get strong now. It's just so important. This is the way you tie yourself to His feet. And that can never be broken, if you completely prostrate your everything at His feet and just say, "Keep me there."

Maharaj Ji's shown you what He wants you to do. So now this is what we must do. It should be very, very clear that this is what He wants. I know each one of you in your heart really, realty wants this. I know it. Sometimes it's difficult. Things get in the way. But not unless you let them. You can let them distract you, let them lure you, let them make you think that something else is important, or you should give your energy into something else.

There's nothing that you should give your energy to but what Maharaj Ji set out. Then everything will be taken care of perfectly. Then the satisfaction, and the contentment, and the fulfillment that comes with fulfilling what you're to do, what your purpose, what your goal on this earth is, is complete. You know that this is what you're here for.

DURGA JI -- Paramount Theater,
10/12/74 - Denver