at the Hans Jayanti Festival
held in Orlando, Florida
8 November 1975

I wasn't scheduled tonight, bemuse I figured I'd be very tired. But like I was saying yesterday, when that energy starts flowing through you, it's very intense and it becomes extremely hard to try to resist it. I just went ahead and had my dinner, and I didn't figure I'd be coming here, but then before I knew it, I was in the room dressing up, and we're on our way.

There is one thing that we can always tell eaoh other, and that's about that incredible experience that we have and that we understand amongst each other. It's like, today in this world, in this life that we live, there are so many things to do. And man really wants to do every one of them. If you ever read an author who has retired, the way he phrases his words is like somebody who now wants to go off and do his trip. But what we don't understand is that our trip is something elm

We always get into tripe. Like Marolyn was saying, she thought that if she would find a nice place and live in it, that's what she wanted to do. That was a trip, and she wanted to complete her trip. I don't have to guess about it, I know that at least ninety-nine and a half percent of the people who are here - and let's make that half percent little babies who don't understand about this world have got their trips, have got their opinions, and they want to go live it off, and do it.

But then again, there is one thing that always happens, and that is the Perfect Master coming into this world and really making us understand that, "GO ahead. Do your trip. But in that trip …" You see, it'e like this. There is a first, class, there is economy, and there is coach in an airplane. Now, as an advantage to coming from point A. to B, the first class passengers are going to arrive just before the coach passengers do. And the coach passengers are going to arrive just before the economy passengers do. The first class passengers are sitting in the front of the airplane, so when it enters the border of a particular state, they're the first ones to enter.

If this is why I want to ride first class, so that I'll be there a split second before the economy and the coach passengers, I think it's a pretty stupid idea to ride first class. But no. That's not the reason. The real reason is something else. But, you see, everybody kids himself about how it's gonna be great riding in first class, because in that trillionth of a second they're going to cross the border earlier than the coach and the economy passengers are going to

What Guru Maharaj Ji comes and says to us is that that is irrelevant. Go ahead, ride the airplane. Do your trip, do your thing. But in that trip, he says, in that camping trip, be sure to take water and some food in case you get stuck. He doesn't say "Don't film me anymore, and he doesn't say, "Don't take pictures anymore." He says, "Just take extra film along with you in case you run out. Then you will have extra film." This is all Guru Maharaj Ji says.

Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't say, "Don't play the guitar." He just says, "Tune it up, so it sounds better." It's such a subtle difference between saying, "Don't play the guitar," and saying, "Play the guitar, but tune it so that it sounds right." In this world, in this universe, we are always mistaken. We're saying, "Hs said, 'Don't play the guitar." No. He never said that. He Just said,. "Tune it up." Because, you see, within inside every human being there is a tuning fork that's always vibrating. To be able to tune ourselves properly, you have to concentrate on that tuning fork, listen to that tuning fork, and then tune our guitars according to that tuning fork.

So premies, his is the reason why today in this world we have to understand the importance of Guru Maharaj Ji. Now, I have said why there is importance to Guru Maharaj Ji a lot of times People think he reveals the Knowledge, we do meditation, we go back to our homes, and that should be the end of the whole thing. But there's a little bit more to that. And that is that through his satsang, and through his Grace, by his Grace, we can really understand, and we can really get out of the trouble that we get into which is not only quite often, but it's just about always.