Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Fernbank, London,
14th March 1972

Guru Maharaj Ji, can you explain where God is to be found?

God is in our hearts. Look into them and you will find Him. And how to look into them, this is the Knowledge.

Can I reach God through prayer, or is it just through meditation?

Meditation is the direct process. Because speaking words is indirect. The idea must arise, then it goes to your thoughts, then you decide, "Yes I must use these words, and these words," and then you go to your memory to get these words. Then the words come into your mouth and then you speak them. Isn't it an indirect process? And isn't it an imperfect process? Do you think these words are perfect?


So how can you do it? It's simple. How are you going to apply imperfect words to the perfect thing. You can't reach the perfect thing with an imperfect technique. But the Knowledge is the perfect technique. It is the direct technique.

But I've got so many things I want to say to God. I must express my feelings to Him. Can't I do this in meditation?

No, because in meditation you have the opportunity to go to God directly. If you want to speak something to Him, speak it to me, and I'll give you the answer. I'll get the answer back direct from God, and speak it to you. But if you want to communicate directly with God then meditate. Talk to Him in the language of meditation. This is much holier and more perfect than these words.

Guru Maharaj Ji, do you truly forgive me for my sins?

God who is almighty will forgive you.

Guru Maharaj Ji, I had a dream. There was a sky with thousands of stars. I am sure it meant something about my karma, it was so real …

If you say it was a dream, then it cannot be real. Say one or the other. You cannot say it's two opposite things. Either it was a dream or it was reality. Not both. It can't be both. But anyway, if you do meditation, your karma will disappear straight away. Just simply do meditation. It will help you a lot.

In the Catholic church, we pray to Jesus through His mother. Is this possible with Mataji?

Mataji! If She promises to pass on the message, then it is possible.

Guru Maharaj Ji, you talk about peace of mind. But a man can sit down and look at a stone, and stare at that stone and everything he does is the stone, surely he'll get peace?

Very good meditation. Let everyone start doing this, you know, and I'll tell you what will happen. In two days, everything will finish. There'll be no food, no shops, anything. And what is a blind man going to do?

Well, it is just something to put your whole mind into. You call it Divine Light, I call it a stone.

Ha! I suppose that's what all the saints have been preaching: take a stone, put it before you, look at it and you will find peace.

Well, isn't it?


What is it?

Find the spiritual Knowledge. Find the spiritual Knowledge and you will get the spiritual peace. Until you know the spiritual Knowledge, then the stone will be peace for you. But there was a time when people used to think that their chariots were helicopters. Meditating on these stones will put no thought in your mind therefore there will be peace. But the day you receive this Knowledge then real spiritual peace will start for you.

But I've read about it in some Indian books.

What Indian books?

Yes, I read about it. It was Rama. Somebody said, I want to see Rama, so he was given some stones and he sat down and started meditating upon them.

So why did Rama come into the world then? He came to give spiritual peace. And the process of getting spiritual peace was something else, it was not this. Otherwise he would just have dropped down some stones into the world. No, the message is the same. Krishna said the same: "When there is a decline in the true religion then I will come in this human form to the world." It doesn't mean He came down by a rope carrying a stone. If He did that, then everyone would have seen Him, everyone would stand around looking up and see Him coming down from the sky, thousands of people on the horizon watching Him. No, spiritual peace is not gazing at stones. It is something else. But if you think spiritual peace is gazing at stones then please do so. I am not going to stop you. This is a democracy. You can do anything you like. So now it is time for me to go. So for all you premies who have received the Knowledge, please do meditation. It will really help you a lot. And people who have not received the Knowledge yet and they have been hearing what I have said today, then think more about it and if they have any questions come and ask them and then receive the Knowledge. 0.K? Thank you.