Divine Light Magazine No 1

No. 1 DIVINE LIGHT June, 1971

published with love by Divine Light Mission

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Our Lord, Giver of the Light of Life and real understanding of the universe.

Real peace seeking brothers and sisters, JAI SAT CHIT ANAND! Would you like to understand about this holy magazine DIVINE LIGHT? The very foundation of this magazine is based on that absolute Truth and Love which is the only Truth in the world. That Truth is alone immortal and Creator of the world. You may be amazed that we small creatures managed to find that Truth. Yes, we found it, not due to our minds but due to our Lord who is 13 years old now. In this magazine we have published His letter and that of Holy Mother also. This is our first publication, but I hope we will publish the next issue soon after the departure of our Lord. Human minds seek peace. Peace can never be attained due to any materialistic thing. There is nothing in the world which is not materialistic other than the Creator of this world. Our Lord has given us the Knowledge of this Creator. The Creator of the world and mind gives real peace and happiness in life. Rush to Him; it is my humble request to you. Serve Him because you are getting a chance to serve. Love Him because He has come to love.

Your loving brother, Mahatma Ashoka


– from Guru MaharaJi i's Delhi address (translated)

TO ALL THE PREMIES OF LONDON: Spreading this Knowledge is the most, most holy and spiritual thing that one can ever do in this life, and the most precious thing that one can ever do in this life. You should spread this Knowledge so that your countrymen may know this Knowledge. So they may also share this little cup of peace. When people drink they do cheers with their glasses, but let them have the REAL cup of REAL wine and let them be really cheered with this Knowledge. So I hope you will spread this Knowledge and encourage more and more people to spread this Knowledge.

– Guru Maharaj Ji

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Jaipur, 21 May, 1971

For the devotees of London from India,
by Guru Maharaj Ji

Dear premies,

You will be very pleased to know that Guru Maharaj Ji, Holy Mother, His glory Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, Bhole Ji and Raja Ji are perfectly alright and are giving the Knowledge to Indians.

In 1971 a holy procession was held by the premies of Jaipur in Jaipur itself on 21 May. It was known to be the greatest historical procession ever held in Jaipur. Unfortunately it wasn't your good luck to see it, for it was the unparalleled function ever held in whole Rajasthan. Only the luck of few ones who are in India to achieve Holy Knowledge enabled them to see the holy procession. I am most glad to say that the figures of Divine Light Mission are increasing day by day in vast majority. You have attained the Holy Knowledge, and therefore it becomes your personal duty to bring your brothers and sisters to Mahatma Gurucharnanand or to Ashokanand. You know that unfortunately everybody (except those who have been initiated by me) lacks Knowledge. Their souls will bless you if you could enable them to see the right path and attain the True Knowledge. Surely I will soon be at the stage of London giving satsang and the Holy Knowledge. Surely it would make me very pleased to know that you are giving the holy satsang to the premies.

Expecting from all,


Sant Ji Maharaj

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev


Dear premies,

I am happy to receive your loving letter. Sorry for this belated reply as I was busy at a satsang programme.

I have given you the seed. Plant it in the field of your life; grow and harvest the crop. Peace and harmony will prevail on you. Listen to me, for you will hear God. Understand me, for you will understand God. I am always with you; it is you who should be with me to harmonize this world. The Almighty above needs no wealth or power but only wants our love. He has given us so many things which we claim to own, for example eyes, nose, our family etc. We should at least thank Him and serve Him for what He has done for us. We would have been incomplete if we had never had eyes or any of the other organs. He is the scientist of scientists because He has perfectly made us. He has made us perfect to be perfect and to know the perfect and this is all.

Every person has to be the son in order to be the father. This is natural law. Similarly,


in order to be with the Lord one has to be a humble servant in the beginning.

You in your western world are crippled with materialism. Come to me, for I shall heal you from your disease. Your eyes are blind for you cannot look to the spiritual world. Come to me, for I shall enlighten you. If you are lame, I am there to help you.

Dear aspirant, day by day men are exploring materialism. But the saints have explored in the spiritual sphere. Scientists write books and devise theories while the saints write scriptures and sing the glories of God. Love God for He is love. See Divine Light for He is Divine Light. Sing His glory in words for He is the Word. Quench your thirst for He is nectar. Listen to the heavenly harmony from which the universal frame began.

You have not seen me nor have I seen you face to face. But distance never blocks love, for I have received your loving letters and when I read them my heart is filled with your love. It spills with joy and I have only tears to shed. Don't be so eager to see me for I shall come to see you. I believe that a man should be so close to God that no gap remains between the two. He feels God and God feels him. Just as with the state of saturation described in science and the state of tranquillity described in the scriptures, the state of perfection as the ultimate goal of civilization has to be reached by man. Practise and meditate on the Word which is the essence of the universe, because as you all know practice makes a man perfect. Don't worry if you are a sinner or if you err, because it is said, "To err is human and to forgive is divine." If God had His divinity, then He will forgive His sinners. But one must not wantonly indulge in them and must avoid them.

I send you my blessings and hope that you will meditate and convey my message to your brothers and sisters and to all the citizens of your country. Lead a perfect life, and may victory and success be with you.


Shri Sant Ji Maharaj

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Blessings from Shri Satgurudev, Bhagwan, and Jagat Jnani Mata Ji to all devotees of our Mission. Dear Sandy, Ron, Barbara and David and all other beloved devotees.

Received your letter. Spread the message all over there. The Master has once again come down on earth. He has come to give joy to His devotees and at the same time to destroy all the evil from the hearts of humanity.

Saints, rivers and trees have always been existing on this earth to serve others. The rivers patiently cross rocks and valleys, just to quench the thirst of mankind with their cool life-giving water and create beautiful scenery at the same time. These rivers cross wilderness and pass through dangerous areas only to serve human beings. They flow to quench the thirst of mankind and not to please themselves. They do not want anything in return for their service. They only want to give their pure and cool water to mankind.

People throw all kinds of dirt in them, but the rivers gulp all the dirt with patience, and flow selflessly through villages and towns. Without any prejudice toward anyone they flow


Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Prem Nagar

Dear premies of England,

I am pleased to know that you and other devotees are doing their best for the propagation of the Spiritual Knowledge. It gives me immense satisfaction and boundless joy that you are sowing the seed of Spiritual Knowledge (Name) which shall sprout and grow into the full-fledged tree of Knowledge in due course of time. Under its shade many will rest and relax. Shri Maharaj Ji and Shri Mata Ji are very pleased with your devotion and send all of you their blessings. Let Shri Maharaj Ji's Grace be always with you.

Life is a precious gem. It only gets fructified when one takes the shelter of a realised soul and lives under His commands. Life without the Guru is like groping in darkness. It goes to waste in worldly pursuits and pleasures. Miseries and sorrows fall on those who disobey Him, and peace and bliss enrich those who obey Him. Therefore, have unswerving faith in Him and be always like obedient and faithful children. I am sure you will be worthy sons of your worthy Mata Ji and Maharaj Ji.

The relation between the Guru and the disciple is very subtle and sacred. It is tied together with the most delicate thread of love and devotion. Miracles happen when disciples dedicate themselves to the cause for which Guru incarnates Himself. He descends Himself on this earth to enlighten the people with His Spiritual Knowledge and to relieve them from all ills and evils. Those who help Him in propagation of this Knowledge are like the lieutenants who help their commander in a war. The Guru too launches a war against ignorance, evils, miseries and sorrows rampant in this world and wants to uproot them with the sword of Knowledge, peace and love. Blessed are those who glorify Him and blessed are you who are preaching this mission in England. Blessed are you and blessed you shall remain because Shri Maharaj Ji's Grace is with you.

A disciple has to perform an onerous duty which demands much sacrifice and devotion, but never be afraid because they who die for Him are immortalised. The Spiritual Master lives in and through His disciples. He is the soul of a disciple. A disciple is the perfume of Guru. Both are inseparable as rays are inseparable from the sun. Love begets love and Guru is love incarnate. Though you are physically far away from us, mentally you are with us and we are with you. Be courageous and spread the mission with missionary zeal. Success will kiss your feet because you are blessed with our Grace.

Meditation is most essential for any devotee. You should not live without it just as you cannot live without food, water and air. It is food for your soul. It shall give you inner peace and bliss and take you to the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within you. Therefore, remember God's Name always. But meditation is not all that is expected of you. Your own salvation should not be your motto. It is your moral duty to enlighten others with this Knowledge so that they too may be benefitted by it. Therefore propagate it … propagate it … I say propagate it. Give satsang to those who want it. Spare no effort to disseminate this Knowledge to all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour and nationality. Rise above the petty walls created by human minds and fly free in the firmament of Spiritual Knowledge. God is one for all. He is Father of all. His Knowledge purifies all and gives peace to all, and a true spiritual teacher gives Knowledge of that all-permeating God by showing the Divine Light and the Holy Name within oneself. There are teachers and teachers but the Satguru is the one who bestows on man the Divine Eye by which a disciple visualises the Light and becomes divine. Have faith in the Knowledge, have faith in the Guru. Once, Swami Ramatirthi said,


he doesn't know what he has to do, he needs a guide who can tell him and show him what he must do. We are in the same position. We don't know what we have to do. Guru Maharaj Ji has to tell us what to do: what He wants from us. He is perfect, He knows everything, so if we are obeying Him none can harm us. All kinds of obstacles will become like flowers.

I have been told that my English is very dangerous, sometimes dreadful, so for this handwriting you will excuse me. Give my Jai Sat Chit Anand to all premies there.



God is merciful. Man needs food more than wealth for his life. Food is easier to obtain than wealth. More than food, man needs water to live. Water is cheaper to obtain than food. More than water, man must have air to live by. Air is free and given to us in all abundance.

– Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Poems from the children

before …

I am very eager to receive
The Knowledge that I believe
Is the only way to go
To cure my mind of woe;
To cure it of all sadness
And to fill it with joy and gladness.
When will I be ready, when will I be free
To take this wonderful Knowledge that will always stay with me?
I hope you know how I feel, how eager I really am.
I want to be kind forever and as gentle as a lamb.
I want to know the purpose, the purpose why I'm here,
Is it to know the Knowledge, the Knowledge that's always there?
I will come to satsang, I will come every day,
I will be peaceful to please God in every way.
Because I know that in the end,
God will know what gift to send.
The wonderful gift of Knowledge.

… and after

I close my eyes, I see a bright green. This to me is always seen.
Then I see the yellow and white light,
This is truly a wonderful and beautiful sight.
When I hear God's divine and beautiful sound;
To me, no other music like this has ever been found.
I hear a sound, the tinkling of a bell,
This is God's true music for I can always tell.
I remember the Word and everything goes right,
Immediately I see that yellow flashing light.
When I remember the Word I feel so peaceful inside,
Now I know that the divine God is truly inside.
I taste God's sweet nectar and oh! what a taste,
It is much better than anything put before you on a plate;
It is like honey mixed with the sweetest things too,
And when you get Knowledge it will surely happen to you!

I feel so happy inside of me;
God's true Light I do see.
Orange suns on purple skies,
Threads of white on clouds that rise;
Yellow, white inside my head,
Purple, green and shades of red.
Patterns flash and twirl around,
God's true Light indeed I've found.

I listen to God's music every day,
And I am sure He's with me in every way.
Sounds I've never heard before,
I know they will stay with me for evermore.

God's sweet taste is so very nice,
Indeed much sweeter than sugar and spice,
Honey, pomegranates and apples too.
It can even happen to you.

God within me is so real,
The Word inside me I feel.
Guru Maharaj Ji forever I will love
For He is indeed the Lord above.

Extracts from Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang to westerners, Vaisaki festival, 1971

You must tell the people they must have an aim in life. Tell them without Knowledge there is no aim.

Why are you existing in this world? What is your aim in life? There is a cause, a reason for life in this universe and you have to know it. Why do you want love? Why do you want to know what love is? If you don't know your aim in life you are like a mad dog surrounded by his eight enemies not knowing which one to fight first. You will just be wandering here and there. Why do you exist? What is the Word in the Bible?

You must have an aim in life. You must know True Knowledge comes only from Satguru.


I can show you God. If you cannot see God, then God does not exist. If I told you an elephant was two inches high, would you believe me? Or if I told you an ant was seven feet tall would you believe me? No. But if I showed you, you would have to believe me. Believe in the practical, not in the theory. You must see God face to face. If you say God exists then show me. I can show you that God exists.

Know why you have come into this world, the use and the cause of your being. You are like a useless creature coming to enjoy a party and not knowing why you are there. It is better to be the guest of honour and know the reason for the party.

The devotee is joined to God by bhakti. All three are in direct combination. The feet of Knowledge carry you to God along the path of bhakti. Bhakti is two things. Internally it is love and faith in God. Externally it is service. Bhakti joins God and devotee like ligament joins muscle and bone.

This material world is like a forest of illusion. We are lost and cannot find our way out. So God has come to us in this forest and has given us four ways to lead us out. There is a Light which will illuminate the path which leads to the clearing. Secondly there is a Divine Harmony if we listen to it it will bring us out. Thirdly, there is a stream running through the forest. Since all streams lead to the ocean, we may follow it. Then He will appear before us so that we may grasp hold of Him and He will lead us out.

– Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji

We must feel love, faith, humility, submission and veneration toward our Guru or there will be no spiritual growth. When the divinely appointed Teacher comes, serve Him with child-like confidence and simplicity. Freely open your heart to His influence and see in Him God manifested.

– Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

O friend, hope for Him whilst you live,
Know whilst you live,
Understand whilst you live,
For in life deliverance abides.
If your bonds be not broken whilst living,
What hope of deliverance in death?
It is but an empty dream that the soul
Shall have union with Him
Because it has passed from the body:
If He is found now, He is found then;
If not, we do but go to dwell in the city of death.
If you have union now, you shall have it hereafter,
Bathe in the Truth, know the True Master,
Have faith in the True Name.

– Saint Kabir


I love Thee, Lord. Thou has stricken my heart with Thy Word, and I love Thee.

– St. Augustine

Questions to Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji

Does the soul or atman have personal attributes? – The soul or the atman is attributeless. Its only attribute is that it has no attributes. Its only quality is that it is qualityless, formless (nirakara and nirguna) and virtueless. Atman is impersonal. Therefore the question of its personal attributes does not arise, but this does not mean that there is no such entity as atman. Yogis and the prophets called spiritual Masters realized that very atman which exists yet beggars description. They explain their experiences of the absolute reality through similes and parables so that it may come within the intellectual grasp of human beings. But yet the understanding of the reality through intellect is incomplete, indirect, limited and second-hand, since the infinite, formless and virtueless atman is beyond the grasp of bodily senses and organs. It cannot be realized by reading books or even through scholasticism. Thus the natural corollary of the theorem is that it can be known by the self, through the self, with the Grace of a realized soul called Satguru, the most compassionate giver of the Knowledge of that spiritual entity.

What is its true nature and what is its present condition while dwelling in the body? – The nature of the atman in the abstract form is that it exists and is all-permeating. This abstract (negative) atman, when expanded, gives birth to positive manifested atman which dwells in the body. There are two types of bodies having their inherent potencies lent from the atman, one the gross body, the outer form, and the other the subtle body, called suksham sharira. The biological compulsions of the gross body, because of inherent tendencies, drag man to the attainment of material objects and create unquenchable thirst for worldly achievements, leading to disaster by running from one object to another and ending in death. But the atman working through the subtle body born out of its inherent tendencies has a natural desire to rise to the higher level of life, both moral and spiritual. This explains the split within a man and the dualistic tendencies working in opposite directions – "To be or not to be." The baser nature called animal nature born out of the gross body dragging him downwards, while the higher born out of the suksham body pulls him upwards. This conflict can only be settled and rooted out by the union of atman dwelling in the body with the cosmic atman, that is by merging the individual self with the Cosmic Self which is free of all inborn tendencies of the mind and body.

What is that which reincarnates? – The dictionary meaning of reincarnation is to embody again. The process of taking body and casting it off by the individual soul is called reincarnation It is only a liberated soul which can escape the cycle of births and deaths while the soul tied to worldly attachments through mind and body has to take birth again and again. It is only to get rid of the pangs of births and deaths that an atman has the natural desire for redemption to find a heavenly abode not affected by the fluctuations of life and death and the miseries and sorrows thereof. According to the Gita, by reaching that abode of the Lord, where there is neither sunlight nor moonlight nor firelight, the jivatman finds no return.

Without Knowledge, devotion is blind. Without devotion, Knowledge is dry. Both are equally important.

– Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


Young Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

Young Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

A message to English premies from Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji

Dear brothers and sisters, all the scriptures unanimously proclaim that man is the crown of creation. It is in the human frame alone that the individual soul can attain union with the universal soul. This human body is the only gateway to liberation. Food, sleep, fear and coition are common to both animals and human beings, but man alone has got intelligence, the power of perception and the faculty of discrimination. Man alone can discriminate between Truth and untruth. Animals can obtain satisfaction from the objects of the senses, but man is a thinking being; he can never get contentment of mind from the objects of the senses, which are perishable. The ultimate aim of human life is not the pursuit of worldly pleasures, but to seek perfect tranquillity of mind, absolute freedom, everlasting peace, and perpetual happiness.

We must always bear in mind each soul is potentially divine, and as long as a man is alive, he has an opportunity to discover the changeless reality, to manifest his divinity, and to drink the blissful nectar of his soul. It would be a great misfortune for a man not to realise absolute Truth and attain the deathless state before the body passes away. Our inner self does not have a tendency to remain as a slave of nature or to lead a miserable and unhappy life. Whatever actions we perform, the aim behind them is to secure perfect tranquillity of mind. Just as all forms in nature have a tendency to go back to the formless state, so all impressions and faculties of mind have a tendency to become lost in the tranquil state. The mind seeks tranquillity because of the impact of the vast pure consciousness upon it, and our fundamental disposition to experience absolute freedom, lasting peace and true happiness should be detected and used for our spiritual emancipation.

There is a great longing in our consciousness to dedicate ourselves to something higher and nobler than ourselves, that is to realise that our body, senses, mind and ego are limited and that they are incapable of bringing about unlimited happiness or everlasting peace. In order to attain these things, we have to rise above the limit of senses, mind, intellect and ego, and merge ourselves into the pure consciousness that is God. It is only in pure consciousness that subject and object are merged into one. Therefore, perfect tranquillity can only be obtained by the realisation of pure consciousness, and consciousness has a tendency to be in a natural state of purity, goodness, stability and balance.

The cultivation of sensual detachment

We all know what anger is, and it is our experience that as long as anger continues, our inner life remains in a state of restlessness. This shows clearly that anger is not in our true nature, and what is true of anger is also true of jealousy, revenge, spite and other evil propensities. These all represent an unnatural state, and for peace of mind we seek to get rid of them. It is a great thing to know that purity, goodness and tranquillity lie deep in the true nature of our consciousness. Anger, hatred, greed and jealousy cannot flourish in the heart which is saturated with love, charity and kindness. We should not therefore seek the gratification of our senses and passions, but should refrain from sensual pleasure in the cause of absolute enlightenment. As a burning fire cannot be quenched by paraffin, so indulgence in sensual pleasures does not bring about mental satisfaction. Therefore unless one has learned perfect sense control and is free from all yearnings and longings for worldly pleasures, one cannot secure physical and mental contentment.

As light is followed by darkness, so pleasure changes into pain; only with the conquest of sensual pleasures by self-control can one enjoy tranquillity of mind. External fire burns our


body only once, but our desires and passions – anger, greed, lust, jealousy and envy – are the mental fires that burn within us and always consume us.

So if we have self-control, and desires and passions are under a strict discipline, external sensual charms can no longer excite our cravings or produce sensations of pleasure and pain. With the attainment of placidity of mind our sorrows and miseries come to an end, and the soul of such a person of tranquil mind, drawing itself from all sides, becomes lost in the infinite ocean of bliss or Satchitananda.

The mind is like a bird flying over the ocean; it cannot take rest until it finds a mast. The mind always wants something to think about, it cannot stop thinking. If you do not give it the correct point to settle on it will be consumed in thoughts of the past or future. In order to control the traffic we need traffic lights to indicate go and stop. If there were only the go and not the stop, then an accident would be inevitable. Therefore the stop is very essential. Likewise, modern people only know how to rush into worldly pleasures, but do not know how to withdraw the senses and mind into quietude. Lord Krishna says when a man dwells on the pleasures of senses, attraction for them arises in his mind. From attraction springs up desire and desire leads him to passion and anger; from anger arises infatuation; from infatuation confusion of memory; and from confusion of memory his life in every respect becomes a dream of ignorance from which he must wake in order to know his true and original nature.

But the self-controlled yogi, while enjoying the various sense objects through his senses, which are disciplined and free from attraction and aversion, attains placidity of mind. It must be remembered that the mind is both the source of bondage and the source of liberation. If you control your mind you will be able very easily to control the insatiable desires for sensual pleasures which divert the human soul from the path of enlightenment. How to control an unsteady mind is a complicated question, but we have to find out the means to solve it as soon as possible, otherwise our lives will be completely ruined.

How to control the mind

The mind is very subtle, and dwells within, therefore we need an internal technique to control it. External techniques cannot bring about concentration of mind. If the interior of a house is dirty, what is the use of sweeping outside? This does not mean that one should not take care of one's outward life. This human body is the glorious temple of God, and we must keep it clean within and without. God has given us fresh water to wash our clothes, pure food to keep our body healthy, and he has also bestowed upon us the holy company of saints to show us how to discover the sacred Word within which purifies our minds, to drink the blissful nectar, to hear the heavenly music, and to see the Divine Light. Without knowing this mystery man wanders aimlessly to and fro.

Once Guru Nanak fell asleep with His feet towards Mecca. An outraged priest drew His attention to it, saying, "Do you not see that there is the home of God?" Guru Nanak replied politely, "Dear friend, if you think I show disrespect by having my feet towards the home of God then please turn them in some other direction where God does not dwell."

To be free from impurity of the mind, worship only the Holy Spirit, that is to say, the Word of God. Lord Buddha was also once addressing the people who were taking their morning bath in the Ganges. He said, "Sin is mental impurity; it cannot be washed away by a bodily bath.


The mind can only be purified by the extinction of evil propensities in the heart. If a bath in the Ganges purifies sin then a fish would be the holiest thing and a fisherman the greatest saint."

An external bath is very essential for the purification of the physical body, but mental purification can only be had through meditation on the Holy Word of God which is the primordial vibration of pure energy. That very Word is the eternal point upon which every man can easily concentrate his mind while performing his worldly duties. That very Word is within all of us and no one can realise it without the Grace of a Perfect Master, even if one learns all the scriptures by heart. In studying books or scriptures we are sometimes deluded into thinking that thereby we are being spiritually helped, but if we examine the impact of the study on ourselves we will find that only our intellect has been helped, not the inner spirit. Scriptures can give us some indications, but they are unable to show us the eternal abode about which Lord Krishna says, "There the sun shines not, nor does the moon give light; no fire burns there. The Light of my glory is shining there day and night. Those who reach that supreme abode shall go no more to the cycles of birth and death."

The same indication is pointed out in the Bible: "There shall be no night there, and they will need no candle, nor the light of the sun. For the Lord God will give us Light that will be for ever and ever."

Every living being sees the light of sun and fire, but it is man alone who can see the Divine Light of God within himself. There is no difference between a man and an animal if he does not see that Light within and merge himself into pure consciousness. How to realise the Divine Light and to know the true Word of God is also signified by the scriptures. Lord Krishna says, "The practical Knowledge of the absolute Truth which is superior to all actions can only be gained by the help of the Enlightened Soul of the time. Approach Him, render Him all forms of service, and question Him with a guileless heart, again and again. When He becomes pleased He will unfold to you that Knowledge."

Lord Christ also declared in his time, "No one can enter the Kingdom of God but by me. As long as I am in the world I am the Light of the world. Come to me and I will liberate you from all sins."

In fact, a Perfect Master is the true Light of the world. Whosoever comes to Him with a keen desire and a great longing receives enlightenment. It is true Lord Christ was a Perfect Master, but so was Lord Buddha, so was Lord Krishna; there were many and there will be many. We can't limit God anywhere, He is infinite, independent and omnipresent. God understands human weakness. That is why He manifests Himself from time to time as a Perfect Master, to enlighten those who are real seekers after Truth. He initiates them into the mystery of the absolute Truth, that is to say He gives them their spiritual birth.

Lord Christ said, "Unless a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit." Though there are so many religious teachers in the world who teach rituals and external worship, which are very helpful in the preliminary stages, an aspirant should not spend his whole life performing them. He should seek the shelter of a Perfect Master in order to get direct experience of the transcendental reality. The end of the spiritual journey is not to cling to rituals alone, but to secure absolute enlightenment. Until a man comes into contact with a Perfect Master He has to grope in the darkness of ignorance. Realisation of God becomes easy in the company of a


realised soul. Just as a burning lamp lights many others, so spiritual Knowledge is transmitted by a Perfect Master.

Even though we are the children of God, the sharers of immortal bliss, our individual souls have come forth from the infinite divinity. We are mortal as long as we identify ourselves with the perishable world. We shall only be able to attain immortality, absolute freedom and perfect enlightenment through union with the primordial Word of God. The state of enlightenment is beyond definition or description. Words fail to speculate on the nature of transcendental reality. It is deeper than perception and thoughts. In order to attain perfect enlightenment we have to tread the path which saints and Masters have trodden. Saints always take the interior way, the Divine Light as well as the indestructible Word, which can only be revealed by the Grace of a Living Master.

It is very good that people are becoming interested in meditation nowadays, but we must remember that meditation is basically and fundamentally a mental process. Complicated methods of hatha yoga may be useful for physical health but are not essential for the purpose of meditation. Meditation has to be sought for the sake of perfect tranquillity of mind and no thought of any kind should be created in it by means of imagination, or this will be lost. However pleasant and assuring the imagination may be, it will disturb the state of pure consciousness, and the purpose of meditation will remain unfulfilled. Pure tranquillity is superior to ideas and thoughts, which are created in the consciousness by intellect. Until ideas and imagination melt into pure consciousness, perfect tranquillity can never be achieved. It is the glory of man that he is able to transcend the limits of thought and imagination and merge his mind into the eternal soul.

In a tranquil mind no trace of ego can be found. This does not mean that one becomes a non-entity in the state of perfect tranquillity. At the time of deep sleep man forgets everything and his mind enters into a state of unconsciousness, but at the time of tranquillity man goes beyond mental worries and thoughts, yet remains conscious of his full independence, fulfilment and infinity, and reaches super-consciousness, in which the individual attains union with the universal, and limited ego merges into unlimited consciousness. What is the obstacle that stands in the way of achieving perfect tranquillity of mind? It is not lack of material resources or of intellectual powers. It is the absence of practical Knowledge of the Holy Word of God and disobedience of the sacred commandments of the spiritual masters.

Obedience to our Perfect Master

My dear sisters and brothers, this is my humble request to you all: please do meditation regularly, follow in the footsteps of our Perfect Master, and concentrate your mind upon the Holy Word of God, from which the origin of this universe, along with its subsistence and dissolution, proceed. The Word of God is a changeless reality, it is the primary vibration without beginning or end. The seers of Truth realised it within themselves and arrived at the same conclusion that our modern scientists are reaching now, that is that all that is created and all that is experienced is vibrations. According to their experience, God alone is the ultimate, supreme and eternal. All that is created in motion is changeable. Saints proclaim that through meditation you will not only solve the problems of death but of life also, and will overcome all miseries and sufferings. Through meditation you will see the unity in diversity. Remember, an intense feeling of unity is love; it can be cultivated by expressing our good wishes for all living beings. Therefore be united in sincere love and purity within and without. Be always steadfast in the Truth. Sometimes however weakness creeps in, even though one has a strong will, and there is danger that one may deviate from the true path. Therefore love each other and be a support unto each other. Let your fraternal union be hallowed.


After receiving True Knowledge, there is now incumbent upon us a great duty to preach the glorious and blissful teachings of our Perfect Master, for the welfare of many and to relieve the sufferings of many. This most excellent Knowledge of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji will gladden and cheer many hearts who are not hopelessly given up to lives of vice and evil propensities, and lead them to happy emancipation. Guru Maharaj Ji has revealed to us the fundamental unity of all faiths, and the essential oneness of all men. He has shown us the path of supreme bliss which, if followed, will lead to physical health, mental harmony, social welfare and contentment of mind. So wake up and dedicate your lives for this noble cause! Nothing great was ever achieved without great sacrifice. We cannot enjoy contentment of mind if the whole world suffers around us. Our redemption is associated with the redemption of all mankind. As a lamp removes darkness and illumines the interior of a house so the Knowledge of the Holy Name of God which Guru Maharaj Ji imparts removes ignorance and will bring redemption to all mankind.

Guru Maharaj Ji has come to enlighten those enshrouded in darkness, and to open the gate of immortality to all men. He has come to bring the message of deliverance to those who for countless births have been struggling for liberation. Really, if a man receives this True Knowledge and does his meditation regularly with implicit faith, and follows his holy commandments, he will not only be able to uproot from his mind the germs of insatiable greed and tantalising envy which make men restless and unhappy, he will also be able to radiate cheerfulness and tranquillity all around, like a lotus or a moonbeam.

Now that by the divine Grace of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, we have found the cause and remedy of suffering, it should be our sacred mission to give this wonderful and blessed Knowledge to all mankind, so that not a single soul remains unredeemed. May the Almighty Lord bless you and enable you to accomplish the divine purpose of life.

Jai Sat Chit Anand!

As a thing the way is shadowy, indistinct; indistinct and shadowy. Yet within it is an image; shadowy and indistinct. Yet within it is a substance, dim and dark. Yet within it is an essence. The essence is quite genuine, and within it is something that can be tested.

– Lao Tzu

Guru's disciples get inner rhythm and bliss, they get true Knowledge and bliss. The Word is the Guru, the Guru is the Word. Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross to the other shore.

– Guru Nanak


I am in His shelter

I submit my heart at the Lotus Feet of Shri Satgurudev,
I am under the complete supreme shelter of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji,
I bow my head again and again before His Lotus Feet.

Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is taking me away from all worldly worries,
And the three kinds of calamities pertaining to the body
Are overcome by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji.
ll the fears of this world are wiped away by Shri Guru Maharaj Ji;
I bow my head again and again before His Lotus Feet.

His supreme self is the welfare of all humanity come in human form,
nd this is the supreme abode of all bliss;
He is the perennial eternal fountain of nectar.
He is our Lord Shiva.
bow my head and heart again and again at His Lotus Feet.

Guru Maharaj Ji is above dualities and is supreme of all.
He is above all lords; He is the supreme master of Shri Laxsmi.
He is Himself the embodiment of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.
I bow my head and heart again and again before His Lotus Feet.

O Guru Maharaj Ji, I do not know how to remember your Holy Name,
Nor do I know how to unite my mind with your Holy Light.
You are so kind and merciful that you forgive all my mistakes,
And take me in your lap in the form of Lord Parshuputt who sees no fault in anyone.
bow my head and heart again and again at your Lotus Feet.

O my Guru Maharaj Ji, you are sitting secretly in the heart-sky of all,
And you are the manifestation of the supreme sky which pervades the whole universe
You are omnipresent and specially seated in the supra-consciousness.
bow my head and heart again and again before the Lotus Feet of Gurudev.

O my Guru Maharaj Ji, all living creatures bow their head and heart at your Lotus Feet.
To save this creation from destruction you take human birth
And spread the umbrella of your special shelter over your devotees;
I bow my head and heart again and again at the Lotus Feet of Gurudev.

O my Guru Maharaj Ji, you are beyond time;
You are unique, you are beyond ritualistic worship and you are beyond all thoughts.
You are not visible through these material organs of sense.
I bow my head and heart again and again before your Lotus Feet.

O Guru Maharaj Ji, all your devotees merge themselves under your Lotus Feet.
You are all knowing, you are the most lovely Lord.
I bow my head and heart again and again before the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev.

Divine Light Magazine No 1