Divine Light Magazine No 11


Satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji, Sylvan Theatre,
Washington, D.C. 12 June 1972

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

Some lectures are going to be given on this stage, and all these lectures, all these discourses which are given at this function will be about one subject, how to know, how to realize the truth. We have all got a work to do, we have all got a purpose. This monument is standing here but it is not standing uselessly. It has got some purpose, it has got some significance. Everything in the world has got a use, and we are also existing in the world, so what is our use? Why do we exist? Many people come to me and ask me, "Why do we die?" I say, "Why do we take birth?" Death is not in our hands and birth also is not in our hands. We are controlled by some power, and, due to this power, everyone is surviving. Many people are in search of this power, and this power is known as truth.

John wrote in his gospel, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." He says that in the beginning was the Word. Not words – Word. And this Word was with God and this Word was God. Now this is written in the gospel by John, but let us go to


other scriptures. Let's take the Gita. That was written in India. They say that in that Krishna explains the theory of a word. He says there is a word that cannot be spoken by this mouth, and He says it is one word. There have been many saints who speak about a word. What can that word be? What is that word? It is very ancient, yet it is not in these languages, like English, because there are many movies that show how the world was created in the beginning and they show Adam and Eve trying to speak, but there was no language. But the Word was there. And right at the beginning when the world was created this Word was there also. So in which language does this Word exist, in which poem can this Word be found? Now suppose I say that this gentleman is called Bihari Singh. Actually, Bihari Singh is a word that represents this man who has these features, these characteristics, and so on. It represents this man but his real name is not Bihari Singh because before he was born, while he was in his mother's stomach, what was his name? His body

was there, but what was his name? Or when he was first born, what was his name? To realize that Name, to realize that Word is the purpose of life.

If we want satisfaction and peace in this world, we cannot get it by materialistic objects. Today people buy a Rolls Royce and get extremely happy. They say, "Oh, I have got a Rolls, let me give a party!" And they call their friends and they give a beautiful party and they become happy. Alright. They got the Rolls, they gave a party, they get happy. The next day there is no party. That means the happiness they had yesterday is not there today. Alright. But they still have the Rolls. They do not get tired of cleaning it and loving it and keeping it beautiful. Maybe they'll find a chauffeur for it. The next day they try to drive it themselves. Again they are happy. For a month they are very happy with their Rolls. But after a month many people say, "Oh, this is an old Rolls Royce." Or if someone not so wealthy exchanges Rolls and keeps his Rolls for two years, three years, four years, or maybe even for ten years. Then it gets old, models start changing, new models come out. But he can't afford a new one. Still he is very happy because he has got his Rolls and Rolls has got the best reputation in the world. After some time he is driving his car, he hits the side of the road, he goes and bangs into a tree, and then he says, "Oh, sell it for ten pounds." So that's what happened to his love. After fifteen or sixteen years it was sold for £10. This is not love.

People think that a man can love a woman dorn't they? But one day they walk into church, and another day they get a divorce. Now that's not love. One day they love and second day they divorce – that's not love. Love has disappeared. So what is proper love? Love is such a thing that really flows out of us. And what is the thing we ought to love? That will be the best thing in the world, it never finishes and it never dies. It's God. He never finishes, He never breaks, He never gets old, He never dies. He is as He is. And He is the best Father in the world. Let's all love Him as our friend. He is so kind to us. See how fantastic is this nature which He has given to us, what fantastic things He has given to us.

And if we want to have truth, there is now an opportunity for us to know it, for now there is a medium and we need a medium. If we want to see anything, it is very essential to have eyes which are open. Even if a beautiful pot is put before me, if my eyes are closed, I can't see it. If I am totally blind I won't be able to see. So first of all I need to have my eyes in proper condition and then my eyelids open. Only then will I be able to see the object. Now, if we believe God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, if we believe God is always there and is in ourselves also, why don't we see Him? Why don't we see the Lord? Why are there so many conceptions about God? Some artists draw pictures of Him as an old man with a long beard, long hair and white clothes. Others make a picture of God as a boy, and others as other things. Why are there so many conceptions about God. Why are there so many theories about God? Some say God is like this, and some say God is like this. If God is one, alright, and everyone sees Him then there will be no different ideas about what He looks like. You see, God is not like a man who has got two eyes, one nose, two ears, and one mouth. God is like this monument; you go all round it and it always appears the same. I am standing on this side and I am seeing it exactly the same as the man standing on that side because all around it is the same. In the same way, God is Light, and this Light can be seen from anywhere. But it's not directional Light, it's not like a spotlight, or like these lights. I can see these lights but you can't. God is like an open energy which can be seen by everyone.

So now, how to understand this mystery, how to realize this mystery? Really it is a mystery. If God is there, why can't we see Him? We have got our eyes open and we can see certain sights. I see birds and flowers and balloons and lights burning and I can see people sitting in front of me. I can see so many things. Now God is amongst all these things, but why can't I see Him if He is within every man and every thing. It means there is a defect somewhere. If there is a lamp and there is a switch and I switch it on but the bulb doesn't light, it isn't glowing, that means that somewhere there is a defect. Either the switch is not passing the current, or the bulb is deficient, or there is some trouble somewhere. This is for sure. Everyone believes that love is not just a question of believing and people who have had this experience know that God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. But if we cannot understand this, if we do not have the experience then there is a faulty line somewhere between God and us. Somewhere something is wrong, and what is this?

First thing is, we can't help ourselves. Even if I am the biggest doctor in the world, if i1 get ill and have to have an operation, I won't try to do it myself. Even if I am the biggest surgeon in the world, I won't try to cut myself up and do the operation. I will go to some other doctor and he will help me. So who is the biggest surgeon in the world, who is the biggest eye doctor in the world, who is the biggest doctor who can help us to remove this disease so that we can see our God,


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

so that we can embrace our God? This man is called the Perfect Master.

The man who teaches us physics is our physics master. The man who teaches us maths, he is our maths master, and the man who teaches us perfectness, He is our Perfect Master. Because He gives us something that is perfect, we call Him Perfect Master, and when we apply this perfectness in ourselves, we can see His perfectness. If we want to see the whole world appear green, first of all we must put some green glasses on. If our glasses are green then the whole world will become green. If we want to love the whole world, we must put our love glasses on. If we want to see the real thing in the world, that thing through which the whole world is running, first of all we must have the real thing before our eyes. Suppose God is a microscopic particle. God is there, this microscopic particle is there, we are there and our eyesight is O.K But we can only see this microscopic particle if there is a microscope. It can only come into our vision if there is a microscope. In the same way, God is everywhere, but to see God we need something like a microscope, and this is known as Knowledge. Knowledge is the medium, like the microscope, that helps us in the vision of God.

So, for those people who are really interested, and who are really searching for God, if they want to see God there is one appropriate method. Now I do not claim that, "Oh, only I have got this one appropriate method." No, I say search, I say search, I say search. If you can find it, alright, go ahead, meditate on it. Find that thing that can give you peace. Many people ask me, what is the guarantee that this is the true thing? Actually, the true thing hasn't got a stamp on it saying that this is the true thing, and signed by God. But we eat, don't we? We eat bread. What proof have we got that what we are eating is bread? As soon as we see it we might say, "Alright. This looks like bread." But maybe in some bakery, some mad bakers have done some jokey things with it and made it like a horse. But as soon as we eat it, it will give us the flavour of bread and we will immediately realize that it is bread. In the same way, immediately, the moment after we have received this Knowledge we will start experiencing peace. When you hear this lecture, this introduction to Knowledge, we say, "We need something like this. We are in search of this truth." And then we start understanding and then we receive the Knowledge and start contacting God.

You might bang your head on the four corners of the world but if you don't apply the perfect medium, never in your life will you be able to contact God because what is required is the perfect medium. Right? Suppose you want to satisfy your hunger and you start eating poison. Or suppose you want to satisfy your thirst, you want to quench your thirst and you start drinking potassium cyanide. It will never help you. You want a drink, you need to drink a liquid but a liquid shouldn't be poison. You want to eat. You have to eat something. But it shouldn't be wood. No, it should be a proper thing that is meant for eating. And that's why there are some poisonous things that we can't eat but other animal creatures can eat them. So they are meant for them, not for us. People don't eat mosquitoes and things like that, but a lizard does eat mosquitoes and things like that. But fruits! People can eat fruit because they are meant for man. They are meant for human beings. Anyone can eat them. Same way, this Knowledge is meant for all human beings; that's why, by all means, without any objection and without any obligation, we should get it.

To receive Knowledge only takes the same time as closing and opening your eye. Just the wink of an eye! That is why it takes only a quarter of a second; it takes so little time. Because how much time does it really take you to see your reflection in the mirror? Does it take one century, one year before it gets focussed? Does it? No. If your eyes are alright and the mirror is O.K. (He clicks His fingers) – one instant! You can't even use a stop-watch to see the time it takes you to see your reflection in a mirror. No. You just get the mirror. As soon as you get the mirror before your eyes, and you look there, you see your reflection. In the same way, the Knowledge is the medium. It's like a microscope. You focus the microscope and you see the object. How many seconds does it take? None! So if we are really ready for Knowledge, I mean to say, if we have got a really guileless heart, if we really are sure that we deserve it, and we have come to the point where we really want it, then we can have it. When it's O.K., it's like this. This seed has to be planted in this field; but before it can be planted, the land has to be made ready. Now we are like rock, because thousands and thousands of years ago there was this man – and how many ideas, how many beliefs have been put into him? So we have become like a rock. And then this Perfect Master who is not from east, west, or south – He is a messenger of God – comes. And He has come here to give all human beings a message. And thus it is our duty not to look at Him as easterner, westerner, southerner or northerner but to look at Him as a messenger of God, a messenger from God. And


this messenger brings us this message of peace, truth and love. And that's what we need today in the world.

I can take a pistol and put it against someone's head and say, "Walk". But I can't make him. I will not change him by putting a pistol against his head. I can take a horse to water but I can't make him drink. That's the way it is. Today, all the governments can try and force a particular line on the people, but they can't make the people ideas change. But if we can make their ideas change then it will be very fine for everyone. Is it alright? Is this a good idea? Do you believe in this idea? Then everyone will follow it! Then there will be no need of guns, there will be no need of pistols. I know that even police don't want to use pistols and so on. But when it comes to compulsion then they have to use pistols. They don't want to use pistols, they don't want to use tear-gas until it comes to the point when it becomes damn compulsory to use it. They don't want to use anything like that. But this is the only way the situation has provided them with. They must use it or they may be killed by these people. Otherwise, they will use their guns, and that's the maximum they can do. But if they could reach into the ideas of a human man and get them changed. That's why sometimes when a man gets captured in another country, the leader of that other country tries to change his ideas and get him to become one of them. He doesn't do anything else, he just tries to be friendly with him, tries to. be very good to him, and tries to change his idea. He doesn't say, "No, you mustn't do that, no." He just tries to change his ideas. When the ideas are changed, then everything can come from that.

So now, in this materialistic world, we make sure everything is O.K. Police are there, government is there, but spiritually we need a spiritual master, we need a spiritual government. But that person is not known as a spiritual governor, He is not known as that, He is known as a saint. And He leads us, He can guide us, He can show us the way to that real thing. And now, that real thing can only be shown if, it's only visible if you go to a real person. And it's not hard to find Him, because whenever the Lord has manifested Himself onto this earth, He always spoke of that real thing. He always spoke of God. He always said, "Come, my doors are open for you." He didn't say "Go". Right from the time of Jesus till today, in any part of the world where saints have been born, they didn't sit in their caves and say, "Oh, I'm doing meditation. I'm not doing anything for the world." They didn't do that. Think how much ill treatment was there with Jesus, but Jesus didn't give up. He said, "No, it's my job, it's my duty, it's my work. That's why God has sent me." And he did it.

So, today, we are all waiting for some power, some energy, to come, but when this energy comes, how will we recognize it? If God walks today, where is the surety that if God is going to come, He will come from that side, He is going to ride in such a car? I am telling you He can manifest Himself in any form, any shape, and He can come from any direction. So that's why we must be open-hearted. And everyone I know, every person actually, is waiting for the Lord to come from heaven, waiting for the Lord to come from the sky. Alright, when He comes He will give you this peace, when He will come He will give you this satisfaction. But before He comes, alright, what are you going to do? Suppose in seventeen days you are going to be invited to a dinner. It doesn't mean that for seventeen days you are not going to eat any food! You must eat food during the seventeen days, but in the meantime the time comes when you have got to go to dinner. In the same way, you know the Lord is going to come, but in the meantime you need some peace. You need some peace. If before Lord manifests World War Three takes place, what will happen? Just imagine what will happen. Who will be there to receive the manifested Lord? Most probably only after the resurrection will people be able to receive Him. But in the meantime, we need this Knowledge. We need this medium to get peace. And I can give you this medium of peace. It is not eastern, it is not western. In all the religions it is there, in the heart of all religions. It is nothing but a really simple thing. It is inside us, but we can't put it into words it is so sacred and pure. If I am a Christian I can be a Christian and still receive this Knowledge. If I am a Hindu I can be a Hindu and still meditate upon this Knowledge. If I am following any religion I can follow that religion and still meditate upon this Knowledge. It is not a particular sect that is going to be formed. It is nothing like that. It is the realization of the Lord, and the immediate Truth for us. It is like water. Non-vegetarians drink water and vegetarians also drink water. It doesn't matter if one person kills animals to eat them, it is not wrong. Other people might think, "No, to kill animals, to eat animals, is wrong." They are both contesting, both their ideas are completely different. One is vegetarian and one is non-vegetarian. But still they both drink water, because water is common to them both and water is important for both of them. So now, come ahead and go forward to reach that point, come and realize this Knowledge!


Prem Rawat with His Divine Brother Raja Ji in 1972

There was once a traveller, and he was walking. He saw this man standing there up on one side. So he went across to him and asked, "Now tell me, where is Los Angeles?" And the man said, "Well, Los Angeles is in the southern part. Go down that side and you'll find Los Angeles." And the traveller asked, "How many hours is it going to take me to reach Los Angeles?" And the other man said, "Just go straight ahead, just start walking." And he said, "But I am asking you how many hours is it going to take to reach Los Angeles." He said, "Start walking." So he said, "Just tell me how many hours it is going to take to do this." He said, "Just start walking." And he started walking. And after he had gone some distance, that man who was standing on the crossing shouted, "It is going to take you twenty four days!" "And why didn't you tell me before?" the traveller shouted. The other man said, "I never knew at which speed you were going to walk, and now I know your speed and it will take you twenty four days to reach there."

So in the same way, you all want to reach Truth. But, let's go ahead, let's show love, then He will tell us. He will even tell us where there is an airport where we can get a non-stop plane! So come and realize this Knowledge. You are most welcome. Of if you want to realize this from someone else, go and search, and if you can't. get this Knowledge anywhere, then come to me. Keep me as a reserve. My doors are always open for you. Come and then realize this Knowledge. Thank you very much.


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