Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Fernbank, London,
14th March 1972

If you would like to ask any questions, ask, for we have only got a very short time.

How can you become pure very quickly?

Do more meditation. How can you erase your karma quickly? How can you make it run faster? You put God first. Only then can it run faster. Providing you are doing service. Otherwise it stands, you are like a dead person who cannot do anything. You have only got energy in your body for a very short time and it should not be wasted. It is not good to waste it. After the sun has gone down, not such a good light comes. Only in the middle is the light good, in the middle of the day. At the beginning and the end the light is not good. So it is in the middle that man must reach for the spiritual course. When he gets old, he cannot; maybe he'll get ill and have to be in the hospital. And when he is too young he must be at school. Only in the middle can a man do it and then of course he needs some help, he must have a Guru.

Guru Maharaj Ji, how do you feel about material possessions?

Material possessions? A man who has known this Knowledge, the Master, for him there are no material possessions. He lives in them but still He is never touched by them. He is like a lotus. Rama was a king and maybe He was at the materialistic height of His time. No one would have been richer than Him at that time, but He was like a lotus. It is human nature that a human is always attracted to that which is more good. So, when we receive this Knowledge, we see that this Knowledge is good, it is better than any material possession. So automatically we are attracted to it, instead of to material possessions. In the same way, Ram had to live in materialism because He was the king. Krishna had to live in materialism because He was the king. But they were like lotus. Materialism never affected them as it affects other people, because other people would probably go crazy. So materialism has no effect on me, even though I live in it, because any materialistic thing is less than Knowledge, no matter how beautiful it is. And I have got the Knowledge. Tell a man who has been drinking milk of cow all his life to taste the milk of goat and he cannot taste it. It is the same thing, but you cannot understand what I have just said. You come here, you experience the same thing that I am experiencing and then you will be able to understand what I want to say. You are not experiencing, because you are asking this question. The man who has got Knowledge does not ask questions.

So first of all, the thing is to receive this Knowledge, this spiritual Knowledge. Because this age of Kaliyuga which everyone is being hurtled into is materialistic from top to bottom. Everyone is getting blind. Only the Knowledge is worth begging for, the only thing a man should understand, there is no other fact in the world worth understanding. I don't consider any other fact than the fact of Knowledge. There is nothing to be understood in this world other than the root of Knowledge. Anything can be studied, anything can be observed, but this Knowledge can be neither observed nor studied, because it is not something like a tree that you see with these eyes, that you can measure one inch, two, three inches, four inches, five inches, seven inches and so on. But it is observed by a third eye. You don't have your senses, you don't have your intellect when you reach the thirteenth stage. We have got five limbs and we have got five senses, together they are ten. The eleventh is the memory, through which we memorize. The twelfth is our mind which flickers around. But when a man rises to the thirteenth stage, when he crosses over the other stages and goes into the thirteenth stage, then he has crossed the senses which are before the eleventh stage, he has crossed his intellect, his mind which is supposed to flicker, and he has reached the thirteenth stage which is damn peaceful! No materials there. And this is the same for any man, for anyone, because this is human nature and I have observed it. Because I have been spreading this Knowledge throughout the world, amongst all materialistic people throughout the world. And this is just human nature. They want to go where it is good, naturally. Nobody wants to observe the bad .thing! If I give you two things, some scent and a thorn to apply to your finger, you'll apply the scent not the thorn. The thorn will hurt you but the scent is going to please you. So whenever the Knowledge is described to a man he would always like to take it.


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972

Maybe God is nothing.

Nothing means something! If there is nothing then how can you name it. God is something, that is why you give it a name. Nothing can never exist. If God is nothing then you cannot name him. If there is something there that is why you call it nothing.

What about death and birth?

I will give you two pieces of advice, which will help you a lot. If I wanted not to take my birth, I could not help it, it is God's law. And if I wanted to live forever and ever, then I cannot help it because that is God's will. God has sent me, God will take me away. I have not come by my own will and I am not going to go by my own will. It is God's will that I am here. It's true.

When the individual spirit mixes with the Cosmic spirit, shouldn't consciousness end? And will you define spirit?

What do you mean by spirit? Whiskey?


Do you mean soul?

No, I mean consciousness. There is a possibility that when your physical body dies then your consciousness also dies.

But you don't know that.

I know I don't know, but do you know?

See, I'll tell you. Take a drop of water, take a dropper, take a glass; fill the glass with water, squeeze the dropper, drop the drop into the glass and try to define it. Can you define it? Can you? Just think about it. You cannot, because as soon as the drop drops in it will merge, you will not be able to distinguish it from the rest. So, in the same way, when this soul goes and merges with the Cosmic Soul, then how can it be defined? Who will be capable to define it, who will. say whether it is infinite or finite at that time? If there is a third person there, a judicial magistrate maybe, standing before it watching, then maybe he can define it and write it down. But when I am the drop, when I am the definer, how can I define it, how can I test it, how can I distinguish with my senses. Because my senses are not with me, my senses are here with my body. If the soul goes away, the body remains and the senses remain with the body. That is why all the saints have always cautioned us to know the Knowledge now and to practise it. To do it now. Like in a train, you have to buy the ticket at the station, then you make the journey. Don't think about the destination, that is not going to help you. That is wasting time, wasting energy, wasting memory. I know that has to come anyway because I know that there is an end to the body, so I must do as much good as I can while I can. If you do good then there is nothing to worry about. There was the rich man who died and went up to the doors of heaven and knocked and God's secretary came out and said, "What do you want?" And the rich man said, "I want to enter heaven". And the secretary told God, "There is a rich man standing out here and he says he wants to enter heaven." So God said, "Call him before me", and when the rich man came before Him, God asked him, "Have you done anything good in your life?" This is just an example you understand. The rich man scratched his head and said, "Yes, I gave five pence to an orphan child." And God said, "Anything else?" So the rich man scratched his head and said, "Yes, I gave twenty pence to a widow." And God said, "Anything else?" So the rich man said, "No, sorry." God asked His secretary what to do. The secretary thought, and he said, "God, give him his twenty five pence back and tell him to go to hell." So if this man had been absolutely pure then there would have been no need for all this. Automatically a messenger would have come from heaven to take him. You are not going to go to heaven by distributing pence, you are going to heaven by realizing this Truth. I don't say realize it for me, I just say realize it. That's the secret, that's what has to be done - realization of this Truth. Realize it from anybody, but realize it because if you don't realize it then you are going to go into the cycle of what is called hell. And if you are going there then you will not be able to help yourself at that time. You will be helpless. Man today thinks he is the bravest thing. Why? Only because of his body. He has two hands, he can check the world; he has got a brain, he can invent anything he likes. But after this body goes away, nothing. When he has the body, he fights for his country, fights, fights, fights. Then he dies, he does not fight at that time. So with this body God has given us the opportunity. This is God's gift, this is why it is so beautiful, so perfect. God has given us this body. We must utilize it in the proper way. But what is the proper way? We must realize. But how can we realize? Can you see your face without a mirror? Can we see it. Can you see your nose with your own eyes? Yes, but only with a mirror. But without using a mirror, can you see your own face? No. You need something on which


your image can be cast and then you can see yourself. Then you will be able to see how near pour nose is to you, the colour of your eyes. So the image is the real producer that shows you yourself. Same way, if we want to realize Truth by ourselves, we cannot realize it. We have to go to Him who can show us this is the proper way. Then we will see it. God has given us a memory, God has given us consciousness. There is a purpose. The purpose is to test this Knowledge, whether it is good, whether it is pure. If it is good and pure it will give us peace, real peace. If it is just a toy then it won't give us any peace.

How do you get this Knowledge?

Ask and it shall be given.

Are there many ways of asking?

The method of asking is asking. Ask.

But how?

Ask for this Knowledge. If you are not ready, you will be made ready. If you are ready, the Knowledge will be given to you. O.K? Have you seen an automatic tape-recorder? The voice only needs to be low and it will increase by itself. This is the same process, if you are not ready, you are made ready, so that you can receive it. Hear satsang and your desire will automatically increase.

Guru Maharaj Ji, how do I serve you?

First of all, be firm in meditation. And if you are very firm, come to me and I will tell you a way to serve.

Guru Maharaj Ji, when I hear the voices from heaven …

Do you hear different voices? Record them! What should I do about it?

I just want to know what these voices are.

Well, I'll telex God, should I? I'll telex God that you are hearing voices. What do you hear in those voices?

Well, one is a very rough voice, like God in the Old Testament.

So, were you there when the Old Testament was being written?


You heard God at that time?


Have you read the Old Testament?



Maharaj Ji, can we become solid in meditation by just doing it regularly?

Yes, And try to increase it. You will realize when you are in a constant flow of meditation. When you really get into it, then you will really, what do you say, dig it. It seems that premies are asking most of the questions. Premies should stop asking questions and do meditation. Because questions just make you think. You just think, what will you ask when Maharaj Ji comes down. So instead of doing meditation, you ask, "What shall we ask when Maharaj Ji comes down?" It just makes you think. You know, when the premies were in India, they were asking lots of questions, and I said no more questions. And it really helped them a lot because they stopped thinking and started doing meditation. If you premies have to ask questions only ask those questions that you really, really cannot solve. Then I'll answer them. This is for premies, for people who have received the Knowledge.

I'd like to question you to see if you are perfect.

That's not the thing to do. You know, I read a line in the Bible where Jesus was saying, "Who is it that demands to test the Perfect One?" When you receive Knowledge and you meditate upon it, then there will be no questions. There will be no mind troubling you. Then you go beyond questions and answers and you will get peace and that's the real source. You ask questions because you know Guru is alive, when you can question Him. If Guru was a statue, no-one would ask questions. But just because the opportunity is there …

But I want to ask questions about your validity, your genuineness.

You cannot ask that question. You are only asking that question because you haven't received Knowledge. But I'm talking now to people who have received Knowledge. When you receive Knowledge there will be no such question, because through meditation you reach the answers.


haven't quite understood you, what do you want to say?

What I am saying is that to join any group or society means danger because people will be taken away from themselves, like Christians grouping under the name of Christ.

Listen, if I follow Christ and get peace from following Christ that is all, even if I have to go round shouting, "Yes, Jesus Christ is the only way". There can be no danger, because if I am getting peace, spiritual peace, real peace, then I am satisfied.

But there is a danger in Divine Light Mission saying this is the only way. I'm sure your Knowledge can be obtained from other people. Isn't that possible?

You must find it out for yourself. If you read my satsang or heard my satsang you will find that I have always said, "Find the Knowledge anywhere in the world. If you cannot find it, then come to me.

But is it possible to find it somewhere else?

I say that if it is possible, go and find it. If it's not possible, come here. The doors are open.

But if yours is the only way, you're being just like the Christians, saying Christianity is the only way. This will be a great danger.

If you say that the steer is going to give milk, then you are wrong. You have not understood Divine Light Mission. You are sticking on the words, don't stick on the words. Divine Light Mission is a word. It is not going to give the peace. Peace is given by the Knowledge and the people who are following this Knowledge are combining into a group called Divine Light Mission. After they have known this Knowledge. After they have received this peace. And they have formed themselves into Divine Light Mission. Divine Light Mission is not a thing dropping down from heaven. It is formed here, it is an organization of people. They are people who have already taken Knowledge and have already found the Truth. They have united themselves and together they are the Mission. They have become one self. If you take tyres, chassis, engine, seats, metres, battery, many things, and combine them together, you don't call them a tyre, and a shaft, do you? You don't call them an engine. Is the shaft a car? Is the engine a car? Is the steering a car? Is the hooter a car? No, the whole thing is a car. Same way, the Mission is the Mission. And Divine Light Mission is not giving this Knowledge. I think it is very clear. Divine Light Mission is an organization of people who have taken this Knowledge. Do you understand?


Thank you.

Guru Maharaj Ji, will ordinary and older people receive the Knowledge?

Yes, they will. Have you seen a firecracker? You light the blue paper and that burns first and after that it reaches the main bomb. It bursts. That's the result you've been waiting for. It cracks the whole building. There's no difference really. I think we'll reach everywhere.

Guru Maharaj Ji, will you give me your light?

It comes through practice.

What about physical healing, Maharaj Ji?

When we get into the stage of realization, when we realize the spirit, we reach that stage where we and our spirit are one. At that stage we leave our mind, our memory, the thinking thing, behind and we do not think how this is acting or how this is reacting. You understand? So experience this state. The spirit has become surrounded by the curtain of ego and sins, but when that curtain is removed, something like atomic energy comes. A great light - it is energy - comes out and burns those actions, burns away all our bad actions; automatically more clarity comes and a man becomes more natural and the more natural he becomes, the more he is healed. This process is a rapid one. But the first thing, the main thing, is the Knowledge. Knowledge makes us fully introduced to the spirit and then this process begins to take place.

Maharaj Ji, can one take the Knowledge without preparation?

No. You cannot get Knowledge without being fully prepared.

What I'm scared of is that if I make promises to you and don't fulfil them, I'll suffer for it, because it's happened before, and for me this is the end. After this I've nowhere else to go.

No need to be scared. Being scared is


stopping you from everything. If I'm driving a car and suddenly think the brakes might fail, what shall I do? Shall I just park my car and sit there? No, I go on. Maybe my brakes will fail, but then I get an accident, it's a risk. You've got to try for it. Just keep going and you'll find what you want. Don't be scared.

Maharaj Ji, I find it very difficult to do service.

Everything is difficult, isn't it? Getting up from this chair is very difficult, even seeing is very difficult. Because every time you want to see, you have to open your eyes. This is difficult, but if you try you can do it.

When we become self realized through the Knowledge, does it mean that we will not be able to achieve other things? Some people feel other achievements also give meaning to your life.

There is no question of some people and other people. We have to talk on a universal basis because this Knowledge is universal. So there can be no question of some people and other people. The main thing is, we have to ask the Holy Master who has given us this Knowledge how we are to lead our lives. Whatever He says, whatever He recommends, we should do that. But remember that when He is recommending something He means two things. If I am a businessman and I ask my Guru what type of life I should lead, and He says a saintly life, that does not mean that I have to stop being a businessman, it never means I have to leave my business. It means that 'while going on with my business I must lead a saintly life. And if it is possible to lead a saintly life without Knowledge, then what is the use of Knowledge? Knowledge is useful because it combines two things. It makes you like the lotus in water, it makes you water repellant. You develop your purity while still doing your job in the world. He can tell you the exact destination where you ought to make for, because He knows more than us, He is higher than us. He knows everything. If somebody is stealing from your pocket, you don't know, but a man who is upstairs looking down can see us, he can see that person stealing from your pocket, but you don't know. In this way Guru is higher than us, He is greater than us. For this reason Guru has to be greater than us. We need a Guru. It has to be a Guru who can see us and see our situation and tell us what our destination should be. So, the main things is that whatever life you are leading, you must do meditation with it. If you have a family, lead a family life. If you are a businessman, lead a business life, but do meditation with it and that is what is going to make you a perfect devotee. Do you understand now? If we were able to value our lives by ourselves then it would have been fantastic. But this is the trouble. We think we are capable of valuing our lives and actually we are not capable and so we die. And I would now recommend to all premies that they stop thinking and do more meditation. Because they want to ask questions, and this always makes them think, which questions they should ask, and so they don't meditate. But they must understand that the practical way is to meditate. If they meditate, their questions will disappear because the more you meditate, the more that water repellent solution will be applied. The more powerful it gets the more this darkness will go. Do meditation and you will realize. Do meditation and you will get more into it. Do meditation and you will really understand the mystery. The reason you are not understanding the mystery is because you are not doing meditation. If you do more meditation you will realize the mystery.

Guru Maharaj Ji, will you give me your blessing before you go?

My blessings are always with you, but are you ready to receive them?

Guru Maharaj Ji, so much of each day we seem to be serving our own selves, our own ego, and our own pride. How can we be sure that we are serving you?

Listen to your consciousness, let me tell you. God has given you this greatest gift. Use it. O.K?

Guru Maharaj Ji, what is the best way to please you? I know you say meditation, satsang and service. But what is the best way to do service?

First of all, see what I am. Service to me is service to humanity. I don't contain a self personality, that I might stand up and say, "Do this for me." Kings might say that - "Bring me jewels," and so on - but I don't say that. Just as you said, service, satsang and meditation are what please me, because, when I see the growth of a human being and I see that his love and affection are really growing, then I feel happy. That is what pleases me.

Guru Maharaj Ji, how hard should we try to give satsang to people who don't really want to listen to it?

If people don't want to listen, don't tell


them directly. Just put it in another way. Be indirect. Don't be like a machine with them, do it in a friendly way. Ultimately, the words that went into their ears will go into their mind, will go into their memory and gradually they will think about it and then they will be introduced.

Maharaj Ji, why are mentally handicapped people born into the world, idiot children and that sort of thing? Why is that?

See, if they are born it is God's will. We are not born in a factory in which men are created, where we go to the manager and ask for crazy people to be born. God is responsible for everything that is made. Whatever He creates, it is His will. And God is perfect, so what does He do? Wrong or right? Isn't He responsible?

If I have a mentally deformed son, is it my fault?

No it's not your fault, why should it be your fault? It is not your fault that he is suffering. But everything in the course of life turns right in the end.

What is God?

G for Generator, 0 for Operator, and D for Destructor.

Is that your interpretation?

That is what I believe.

But I would have liked a more specific answer.

These words are imperfect things. You cannot understand God by questions and answers. God is something practical, that you understand practically everywhere. See His creation, what He has made, what He has done in this world. Just understand it and then you will know what God is.

I do understand, but I don't like your interpretation.

I have told you what God is. It is He who generates, operates, and destroys the world. It means, in generation, He has created all nature, and all human beings, and all things. In operation what a beautiful thing He is giving to everyone, and in destruction He destroys everything.

But you have said that you can free people when they give you some measure of devotion. Surely God would not ask for anything in exchange for giving them salvation.

First of all, have you understood God?


Then why are you asking me, who is God?

Because I'm curious to find out what another human being like me thinks.

Listen, if you have understood God, you could not say that. God is almighty but a human being can never free the world.

But God is human beings. Aren't we all God, isn't everybody here God?

Ha, ha! That's great. So many gods.

But I didn't say 'gods', I said 'God'.

Sorry, so many God. But for so many we have to say 'gods'. It's clear, just because there are so many. Everyone has a different nature, everyone has a different sensitivity, everyone has a different colour. Everybody's different - so, so many gods. Which one are you going to pray to then?

Do you know what God is?

I know it.

How do you know?

By the Knowledge.

Who gave you the Knowledge?

My Guru.

And who gave Him the Knowledge?

His Guru.

Well, I found the Knowledge by myself.

Very good.

But do you think if we just sat down and talk to each other as one human being to another we might really get somewhere, just you and me?

Listen, we're both discussing the same thing, but you will never find God or understand God by words. Someohe who understands God never asks


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972

the question, "What is God?" He who has found God never asks questions. He is satisfied, because he has found that power which has given him all peace.

But I can tell you something.

Listen, my bucket is filled. It doesn't need any more water. It is filled. I am satisfied.

But you still eat.

I eat for my body

But to save your soul you have to eat.

The soul won't die if I don't eat. You and I are believing in different things so how can we go together?

No, it's the same thing. You said so.

See. We're both looking at the same thing.


We're both looking at a car, and you're behind it and I'm in front of it. I'm saying, yes, this car has a front grill and you're saying, no, there's no front grill, there's only a red light. So come round the front and look. See how the car looks from the front.

Would you describe to me this Knowledge that you are giving?

But you said you had the Knowledge.

Well, no, I have my knowledge, so I want to know what is your Knowledge.

What is the meaning of Knowledge?

Well, you're giving it, you know. I just wish to know what it is.

Ask and it shall be given, but not like this, not like a colonel speaks to a sergeant. "Sergeant, bring me a glass of water." "O.K, Sir." It's not like that, where you say, "Yes, what is the Knowledge, explain it to me," and I explain it to you. No. There is a process if you want to have this Knowledge explained. There is a certain way.

Can't you explain it to me now or do I have to be alone?

I could explain it to you now, of course, but you haven't asked properly.

Will you please explain the process by which I can take the Knowledge?

Yes. All saints have said that before you go to Satguru to ask for and receive this Knowledge, you must have a guileless heart, a heart filled with devotion and love for this Knowledge. Ask, request, and if He is pleased with you He will shower His grace upon you and give you the Knowledge, and if not, He will not. He is almighty. He is going to give you the Knowledge. He is Guru. In Western languages He is called Perfect Master. Who is perfect? He is perfect.

What is perfection?

Perfection has no definition, because definitions are incomplete and perfection is complete.

Have you lived and died before?

And died?

Yes, lived and died?

I am living now, that is all I know.

But if you were perfect, you would know.

Who told you that I am perfect? Did I say to you that I am perfect?

But you claim that Gurus are Perfect Masters.

Guru is Perfect.

That is very, very shy of you. I could spend an entire lifetime in discussion with you, but I don't wish to argue at all, I really don't.

Neither I.

But I just want to get the answer. Do you know God?


Well I have known God too.

But because I have known God, I don't ask you a question, do I? No. So if you have known God, don't ask me any question. Why don't I ask you a question? Because I have known that one that is Perfect and who has showered His grace upon me. And I don't need anything.

Tell me, if I brought somebody back from the dead would you say that I am God?

No, but if you had given me the True Knowledge, then I might have said that you are God.

Guru Maharaj Ji, can you explain where God is to be found?

God is in our hearts. Look into them and you will find Him. And how to look into them, this is the Knowledge.

Can I reach God through prayer, or is it just through meditation?

Meditation is the direct process. Because speaking words is indirect. The idea must arise, then it goes to your thoughts, then you decide, "Yes I must use these words, and these words," and then you go to your memory to get these words. Then the words come into your mouth and then you speak them. Isn't it an indirect process? And isn't it an imperfect process? Do


you think these words are perfect?


So how can you do it? It's simple. How are you going to apply imperfect words to the perfect thing. You can't reach the perfect thing with an imperfect technique. But the Knowledge is the perfect technique. It is the direct technique.

But I've got so many things I want to say to God. I must express my feelings to Him. Can't I do this in meditation?

No, because in meditation you have the opportunity to go to God directly. If you want to speak something to Him, speak it to me, and I'll give you the answer. I'll get the answer back direct from God, and speak it to you. But if you want to communicate directly with God then meditate. Talk to Him in the language of meditation. This is much holier and more perfect than these words.

Guru Maharaj Ji, do you truly forgive me for my sins?

God who is almighty will forgive you.

Guru Maharaj Ji, I had a dream. There was a sky with thousands of stars. I am sure it meant something about my karma, it was so real …

If you say it was a dream, then it cannot be real. Say one or the other. You cannot say it's two opposite things. Either it was a dream or it was reality. Not both. It can't be both. But anyway, if you do meditation, your karma will disappear straight away. Just simply do meditation. It will help you a lot.

In the Catholic church, we pray to Jesus through His mother. Is this possible with Mataji?

Mataji! If She promises to pass on the message, then it is possible.

Guru Maharaj Ji, you talk about peace of mind. But a man can sit down and look at a stone, and stare at that stone and everything he does is the stone, surely he'll get peace?

Very good meditation. Let everyone start doing this, you know, and I'll tell you what will happen. In two days, everything will finish. There'll be no food, no shops, anything. And what is a blind man going to do?

Well, it is just something to put your whole mind into. You call it Divine Light, I call it a stone.

Ha! I suppose that's what all the saints have been preaching: take a stone, put it before you, look at it and you will find peace.

Well, isn't it?


What is it?

Find the spiritual Knowledge. Find the spiritual Knowledge and you will get the spiritual peace. Until you know the spiritual Knowledge, then the stone will be peace for you. But there was a time when people used to think that their chariots were helicopters. Meditating on these stones will put no thought in your mind therefore there will be peace. But the day you receive this Knowledge then real spiritual peace will start for you.

But I've read about it in some Indian books.

What Indian books?

Yes, I read about it. It was Rama. Somebody said, I want to see Rama, so he was given some stones and he sat down and started meditating upon them.

So why did Rama come into the world then? He came to give spiritual peace. And the process of getting spiritual peace was something else, it was not this. Otherwise he would just have dropped down some stones into the world. No, the message is the same. Krishna said the same: "When there is a decline in the true religion then I will come in this human form to the world." It doesn't mean He came down by a rope carrying a stone. If He did that, then everyone would have seen Him, everyone would stand around looking up and see Him coming down from the sky, thousands of people on the horizon watching Him. No, spiritual peace is not gazing at stones. It is something else. But if you think spiritual peace is gazing at stones then please do so. I am not going to stop you. This is a democracy. You can do anything you like. So now it is time for me to go. So for all you premies who have received the Knowledge, please do meditation. It will really help you a lot. And people who have not received the Knowledge yet and they have been hearing what I have said today, then think more about it and if they have any questions come and ask them and then receive the Knowledge. 0.K? Thank you.