The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 There is one main river

Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Imperial College, 9 Sept 1972

Dear premies,

It is not something new that I have to tell you about. I haven't got something new. There was once a scientist, he was not actually a scientist but he was a philosopher, a very good philosopher. I read some of his books -- he was from China -- and he said, "Zero means nothing, but nothing itself proves the existence of something." If there is nothing, you don't write nothing, because when you write 'nothing', you prove the existence of something, and when you say "Nothing," again you prove the existence of something. This is a very subtle type of explanation of what he says. You have to try to understand it. If you put this Knowledge on the same kind of basis you will understand one thing, and the thing you will understand is that actually there is no proof that this Knowledge exists, there is proof. You know we can believe that there is no proof that God exists, for until we feel inside of our heart, until we feel inside ourselves the eternal grace, the eternal bliss, the real eternal power that is inside us, we cannot believe that God exists.

Sometimes what happens is this. Supposing you are sleeping and you sleep on your hand, and your hand goes to sleep. When you get up, what do you do? You pinch yourself, you do like this. Now pinching is not necessary, but you pinch to see whether your hand is OK or not. To prove its existence, you pinch. Now in the same way, there is no proof that God exists because


we have not seen Him. But if you want to see whether these lights are working or not, you just go and switch on the switch and they will start working. But there is no switch like that for God. You cannot go into a booth, switch on button and then God comes and says, "Yes, God exists, it's OK."

So how to prove that God exists? Though we know that zero exists, once there was a time when we did not know that zero existed, yet it still existed. Although we were far back in time, zero itself was far further back in time. It was only the difference in time that caused our ignorance, it was not that we had not yet invented it. The law of gravitation was discovered. Nobody made it, it was there already. It was just that we discovered it, we came to know it. The apple just fell on his head and he just came to know it. Something exists and then that something is proved. In the same way languages existed at the time when people were not speaking them. It was just the difference in time, not that they did not exist. They existed and they had to come because time had already been recorded and the recording had to come so that they could hear it. It would just take a bit of time. In the same way it was said that there will be a time when there will be proofs to prove that God exists. Today is that time when we have got this proof. It's as if we are Daniels and we have been thrown into this cage where the lions are standing. Now when that happened everyone was just amazed, completely amazed, and now the same thing is happening to us. We have been thrown down into this cave, a big, big cave and there are many lions in it. Lions are the ego and the many destructive things we have invented, and we are in this cave, but still they are not eating us. Still there is something which stops Mr. Nixon from starting a war which will destroy the world, and there's still something which is holding back Russia from fighting with America. There is something which is holding back every nation from fighting every other nation, and this is one of the greatest proofs of God's existence, and of how merciful and compassionate God is.

You see, we have been lost. It's like this. I was in this river and I was drowning because I didn't know how to swim and the force of this river was very great so that even when I tried to do something it was impossible, I couldn't do anything because the force was so great. It was just taking me right away. Then suddenly someone comes and holds out his hand and gets me out. Now this happened to my father who gave me Knowledge, the same thing happened to Him in real life. He was drowning once and His Guru Maharaj came and lifted Him with this hand and put Him on to the shore. You can see the same condition with us. Actually there is no river right here but still we are getting drowned. Because we are illuded we don't know what we are doing. If I mark our confusion on a graphical scale, it will go up and up and up, because people are getting more and more confused now. Why? Simply because when something happens to the water the whole main water supply of the city is affected and all the taps get this dirty water which carries many diseases, then everyone starts getting sick. Something happens to everybody. The same thing is happening with confusion. Everybody is confused.

See, we are attached to our source, our consciousness, and there is a way, there is a wiring by which we are attached to our consciousness, but something has gone completely wrong. Maybe someone has put a big fuse in and it has blown, maybe it is doing something else wrong. But something has happened, and the wiring or the circuit is not good, or maybe the circuit breakers have come up, popped up and someone must come and push them down and then it will be OK. Now, this same condition is happening right now. We don't know where our car is going. Our condition is that we have been completely deluded, because one thing says something, and another thing says something else. Which should we believe? Whom to believe? It is like this. You drive a car, you turn one corner, you see a Guru and that Guru says something; then you drive your car and turn another corner, and you meet a Guru and that Guru says something else; then you go one mile further, you turn right, and again you meet a Guru and the Guru tells you something else; then you go one mile further down, you turn to the left, and you see a Guru and that Guru tells you something else. This is the condition of the world today. But we need to believe in one thing, one practical thing; we have to believe in one thing, and every saint has declared this.

Now, how important is it for us to understand and to see clearly what the situation in the world is? How important is it? And how can we see clearly what the situation in the world is right now? The world is dying, there is a terrible disease. People come to me and say, "Maharaj Ji, why are you always talking about the diseases of the world?" And I tell them that I have talked


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972

about Knowledge, and the only other thing I can talk about is the disease of the world, because that's all that's left in the world. There are two things: one is light, the other is darkness. I have talked about light, now I am talking about the darkness. I want to tell people that there is so much darkness in their heads, and that they have to remove it. So the main point you have to understand now is how to remove, how to solve your problems. No matter how many safety devices you've got, when it comes to an emergency they're just useless, they're just useless. Why? Why they are useless is simple. In a Rolls there are lights and if the brakes fail, the light comes on. The car is going along a motorway and you want to stop the car, so you push the brakes, you push your brakes and suddenly the light comes on, the brakes have failed. Now, what are you going to do? What can you do? This device has been put in the car to warn you that your brakes are not working, and now it tells you your brakes are not working, but what can you do? See, it tells you your brakes are not working, but what can you do right now? A car is right before you, but the only thing you can do is go and hit it. And so you do, you go and hit it, most probably you are killed. So now this is the thing with us, we make thing and it's OK, quite secure. It's quite safe now, but when it gets to a certain point, something happens to it, it freaks out, and that's the end. How proficient can we call this? Can we say that man has perfected this? Man has made so many devices, but what are the devices used for? Suppose I am flying an aeroplane, I go up high and there is no fuel in the tank, OK? Now how much can the device help me? It just shows me that there is no fuel in the tank, that's all it can do. It can't bring up fuel from the ground and put it in my tank. There isn't a device like that. So this is the condition. We are saying, "Oh, we are perfect," but really the condition is worse, it's getting worse and worse and worse. Our present condition is the same as an old man who climbed all the way to the top of a tree which was a very tall palm tree, and he looked down and he freaked out, because it was such a long way down that if he fell off he would not survive for sure. So he said, "God, if you let me come down securely and safely, I'll bring five pound's worth of fruit for you, or something for you, and give it to you as a present." So he came down a bit and then he looked down and he looked up and he said, "I've come down quite a bit." And then he said to God, "God, if you get me down a bit

more I'm going to give you four pound's worth of presents." He came down a bit more, he looked up, and he looked down and said, "God, if you get me down I'm going to give you three pound's worth of presents." He came down further, he looked up and he looked down, "God, if you get me down, you know, I'll get you two pound's worth of presents." Then he went down further, he looked up and he said, "Oh well, I'm quite near now." He looked up again and he looked down and said, "God, if you were to get me down a bit more, I'd give you one pound's worth of presents". When he came down low enough, he jumped down, and nothing happened. He was saved. Then he looked up and he looked down, he was on the ground and he said, "God, you didn't need anything, you are all merciful. You arc everything and you know everything, you just don't need anything. It's OK with you if I don't give you anything, isn't it?" And he walked right away.

This is our condition, you see. We say "God, you are merciful, I am poor, please give me money. You have to help us." And when you get rich you say, "Oh my business is much better, my business is even greater than God Himself." This is the condition in the world today. I have seen people who are chanting their mantras, they are chanting their slogans, they arc carrying on you see, and suddenly a telephone call comes. They stop their mantras and answer the telephone call. Now the telephone call may be a business call and it might give them immediate business assets, and their mantras and their slogans will only help them after they die. The world just has to be told that, "Look, we don't want you to just freak out. We want you to get yourself a solution. We are reaching to a stage which is just so horrible, but man is not afraid of it. What is man today? You can just tell by the movies he makes. If you see thriller movies, you'll see killing. If you see a horror movie, they'll show Frankenstein or Dracula or something like that. They are wasting their time in perfecting these things. It's not realising God but perfecting Dracula and perfecting Frankenstein, so that they work out real fine. This is the work that man is doing.

See, whatever I am, if I am a thief, for instance, and I go somewhere, people will immediately realise, "Yes, he is thief," because my actions and my behaviour will be completely different from theirs. So automatically we can see what this world is getting into from what is happening with all these horrible things. Because


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 the horrible things are here and these things keep coming out. It's like a computer. Man is nothing but a toy, he is computer you can play with, and he is a beautiful computer. He sees something, and he closes his eyes and that gets fed in, then years later he can remember the same picture. There is a camera within us. This camera takes pictures, these pictures will get dirty after some time, but they won't be taken out. They will still be there and one day we will see them again. This is just a computer you know. You touch something hot and it says, "It's hot, it's very hot." So you automatically remove your hand from there. God has given all this to us. We are computers, beautiful computers, but now we have to take privilege of these computers. If we take a computer that is maybe worth twenty thousand dollars, or thirty thousand dollars, and we start singing with a guitar into it, it's of no use because it is for some other purpose. It's for finance or it's for addresses or reports, it's not for feeding guitars into. So that's an inappropriate use.

When we give satsang we have to divide our satsang into three types: one is ordinary satsang which of course ordinary people understand, because it is ordinarily given; and then there is intellectual satsang, which of course many people don't understand, because it is intellectual; and the third satsang is about service, which is only given to those people who are servants. Now about intellectual satsang, only people who are intellectual understand it. You know what it is; one man says zero, another man says point zero, what is the difference? One man says zero, other one says point zero, what is the difference? One satsang is ordinarily given, the other satsang is intellectually given, but it's all the same thing. Zero and point zero -- it's exactly the same thing, there is just one point there.

Now when we go into intellectual feelings we will understand one thing: that to define this Knowledge intellectually is a difficult thing. The most difficult thing you can ever do in your lifetime. I have tried it. I was writing a book when I was in Fernbank. You might have known about it. I was talking about this book to you people, but I was never able to complete this book. Why? Just because I wanted to define this Knowledge intellectually, according to what people know. I wanted to compare it with science, to compare it with other things, and to define it in the most appropriate way. But it's like this. There was a king, and the merchant came to him and said, "Sir, we want to plant some mangos in your kingdom." The king said "What is a mango?" The merchant replied, "Oh it's like this, it's yellow, it's got a sweet taste." The king said, "I still don't understand what a mango is." One very clever man went out and ate mango, and came in and said, "This is what a mango is like." But the king said, "Still I don't understand." One man, who was just a humble man, went out and washed a mango, cut it, peeled it and then brought it before the king, and said, "This is a mango, eat it." The king ate it, and said, "Yes, now I understand what a mango is." This is the reason why I don't give you examples from the scriptures, but I could give you them. I could tell Bihari Singh to carry one big hag full of scriptures with him, and Mahatma Ashokanand to carry another big bag, and Mr. Glen to take another big bag, and they could put a table right here, and put thescriptures on it and then read them to you, no problem. But the problem is you won't understand, because if one scripture was able to explain, why were the other scriptures written? Why? If one soldier can kill the whole world, why should there be other soldiers? When one sun can provide the light to the whole world, why should there be other suns? Yet sometimes when masters are joking with their children, they say, "Why aren't there two suns?" The children say, "Because one sun can provide light to the whole world, so there is no need of another sun." That's a very true fact. This Knowledge can only be practically realised, it can't be taught by theories. You see if one scripture was here, and one scripture could fully explain it, why were there other scriptures? But you can just go on and on and on and on. Full stop and capital letter again. You stop like that and you begin like that, and that's it. That's the end and the beginning for you, but you don't really get anything out of it except a few outlines. A few experiences, a few theories that people have gained were written


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 down, which of course cannot be put into practice, because theory is theory. The Ten Commandments were brought into the world, but if these were enough, why did Jesus come into the world? The Old Testament was brought into the world, so why did Jesus come? What was the use? Why did He come here? Because He knew He was the Son of God, and of course God would have told Him, "You're going to be crucified sonny, so don't go there." And He wouldn't have come here. So why did He come, after the Old Testament and the Ten Commandments were there? And so many other things were there, so why did He come here? He came to make people understand the practical Knowledge of God, because it is not theory that can make us understand, it's only the practical thing that can make us understand.

There are many people who haven't seen me before, and before I walked into this hall people were imagining me, because they might have seen my pictures. But in pictures I am only so big, and that's not what my size is, I'm much bigger than that. People were imagining and when I came in, imagining stopped, because there was no longer any use in imagining, because they were practically seeing me. In the same way, whenever I fly from America, I only think one thing about London. I think, "What is the weather going to be like in England?" Because I don't like this cloudy weather in England, I think, "What is the weather going to be like when I arrive?" But when I see the clouds my imagining stops automatically, for there is nothing to think about, because what I was thinking about is now practically before me.

So we think about God, we read about God, but when God practically comes before us, why read then? Now, I have seen some people who go to different shows and they get a pamphlet from the door saying what the whole programme is going to be. Some people read it and some people don't read it because they know that the whole programme is going to be performed, so they just see it and understand what is going on. People who can't really understand what is going on, they have to see what the title is. Now, if the play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare is going on, then people who do not understand that it is Romeo and Juliet have to get the facts from the programme. So now what I want to tell you is this. I don't want to tell you to leave your scriptures, leave your churches, or leave your temples, I don't want to tell you this. I just want to tell you to come into the daylight, to see the sun. That's all I want to tell you. Come and see practically, come because God exists.

Akhbar doesn't exist any more, Hitler doesn't exist and all those men of the past don't exist. You can read in history about them, but you don't have to read history about Mr. Nixon. He exists, he's practically here. If you want to know something, fly to America, you can go to the front of the White House. You can see what's going on there. So we must go to God now, and not read about how men of the past found God.

So I am going to go back to the beginning of my satsang, where I was saying that when there is nothing, there really is something. Nothing itself is not nothing. You see, zero really means something because one and zero makes ten, so zero means something, doesn't it? One and zero is ten and zero one is less than one. When you put the zero on the left hand side it reduces the power, and when you put it on the right hand side it increases the power, so it's ten, hundred, thousand, million and then billions, it goes like that. But we have to understand that when zero means nothing, there won't be anything there. Can you imagine a thing which doesn't exist? Can you imagine a thing which is nothing? Can you imagine it? Can you create a picture of it? No? Why not? Because it doesn't exist. So nothing is a deadline which means, which indicates to us, which proves to us one thing, and the one thing that it proves to us is that nothing or zero is the non-existence of the thing itself, and this we can't imagine. Then when we go into it, it takes us to a higher point, because we realise that the thing we have to reach, the destination that we have to reach, the point we have to reach is far beyond what we were thinking. So now you have to reach far beyond any intellect. Intellect is a jet. A jet takes you to a limited height, and after that limited height it has to go down. It just can't go to the moon, you know. It has to come down. But you


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972

have to have some advice which does not run on fuel or something like that, you need something which does away with gravity, so that you can just go straight up to the moon. You know there is something like this which makes your internal flow, your harmony, one with the main harmony, and that is this Knowledge.

See, there is one main river and in one main river there are so many tributaries going out of it and coming into it. We are the tributaries, and the one main river which is flowing is the soul, and we are into it, or we are out of it. People are getting born, people are surviving, people are dying also. So that's what getting into the river is and that's what getting out of the river is. We have to mainly understand one thing, and that is that this river will ultimately join and go into one thing. So when we are tributaries we know we have to join into the river. There is one problem, and that is our individuality. People come and ask me this question, "Does our individuality exist?" And I give this example. Take glass of water, take a dropper, dip it in, take some drops into the dropper, now take the dropper and hold it high above the glass and squeeze it. One drop will fall, OK? During the time taken for the drop to fall from the nozzle of the dropper to the surface of the water, you can call it a drop, and individuality exists. So when people say individuality exists, they are correct, individuality does exist but only at a certain height. Only until a certain limit, and after that it goes and merges into the glass and then there is no more drop, the drop has disappeared. It has merged into the glass of water, or when it is still in the dropper there is no drop. So if you want to get into the one harmony you have to be in pretty natural flow, but what became of the natural flow? Instead of joining into the river we went somewhere else, we were diverted into this desert where we will be just soaked up, we will be evaporated, nothing will happen to us. So now what Guru Maharaj Ji has to do is this. He has to change your course, put you back into the river where you can flow into one harmony and merge with the ocean, which is your destination.

So now this is the process I have explained to you. This Knowledge is beyond our conceptions, you see it is infinite. To understand something that is infinite we have to make ourselves infinite. Only then will we be able to understand. See, if, supposedly, from the chair to the pedals of a car it is four feet, OK? And I am sitting in the seat and my legs are only two feet long and I want to drive the car, can I drive it? Can I drive it? No, because my legs are only two feet long and I need two feet more to reach to the pedals. I just can't send someone down there to control the pedals, because he won't know where my car is going. So to get to that point, where I can successfully drive that car I need to have legs that much longer.

Now, there is the finite thing before us and the infinite thing. Infinity has got no end, but the finite thing has got an end. If there is a glass of water which is half full and we add half more to it, it will become one glass full of water, right? But in the case of infinity where everything is infinite, if we add something, still it will be infinite, it won't become full. If we take something out from it, it won't become less, because it is infinite, do you understand? So, as these many souls go and merge into the ocean, it won't become full because it is infinite, and if so many burst out of it still nothing will happen to it because it's infinite. But what we have to do now is to get onto the course to the infinite. I am flying, I know I am flying, but I have to be on the proper course to reach my proper destination. I could just take the plane up and let it fly, but that's not what I am going to do, I am going to set my course, my destination, and go and land there and see what it's like there. Or maybe I have to go back. But whatever I have to do, I have to first set my course, and this is what we have to do. First of all we have to get high, and the common way how to get high is with LSD. People say, "I'll take LSD, I'll take drugs and get high," but now there are no drugs here. People come to me and say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, why do you say not to take drugs? Drugs are a very natural thing." But I say, "You drive to this auditorium in your car, but do you bring your car into the hall. Do you? Why not? It carried you all the way from the house to the auditorium, then you leave it outside just standing there. You should bring it with you into the auditorium, because it brought you all the way from your house to here. But that doesn't mean you have to bring it inside, does it?" People say, "Oh, drugs helped us, they have helped us come to you." So I say, "Well if drugs helped you, that's good, but you can leave them now, because you have come to me." You just leave your cars, you get out of them and you come into the auditorium. In the same way you want to take drugs, so I'll give you a better drug. Leave the small drugs and I'll give you this better drug. Because you take one drug and then it goes off then you have to take another one, and that goes


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972

off, and all that costs money, but the drug I can give is constantly working in you twenty-four hours a day. It's built inside of you, it's a built-in drug, it's a built-in acid, it works inside you, and it is completely free. The only thing that has to be done is to connect the wire, then it starts working. It's the acid of consciousness, and you get consciousness, and when you get into consciousness you just go up and up and up and up into the stage of infinity. That's very beautiful because other drugs give you external experience, and this one gives you internal experience. You can do anything, you can drive your car, you can sit in your house, you can do anything, it's so far out, and you can still meditate upon it. And this is something that we really need these days, you know, because times are getting very, very strange.

I was talking to one policeman and I said, "What is the greatest problem in America?" He said, "It's speeding, everyone speeds." I said, "Why don't they just make cars which can't go faster than seventy mph, so there will be no speeding problem?" He said, "Well, the trouble would be when they go on a road with a twenty- five mph speed limit, they will drive seventy mph, and that's not good because when they go on a road with a twenty-five mph speed limit, they should drive twenty-five mph." Man makes something and there is always something lacking, there is always something missing. So he has to reach the stage of perfection. What is perfectness? You must see what is perfectness.

So today my job is directing people towards perfectness, to put them all into this jet, which is a perfect jet. I am like business man, not quite a business man that earns money, but I am a business man because I do business. My business is that I put people into this aeroplane, and they just fly right off. They fly off into the stage of perfectness. That's my business, and I don't expect anything from the people, but I expect things from their boss, and their boss is God, and He gives me a great reward. He makes me well paid, and it's fine for me! So I am just doing my job and putting people into the planes and switching on the planes right away, and people go up. If you have any difficulties come to me, and I'll be able to solve them. Because you see premies come to me and say, "We don't understand this Knowledge." And I say, "Why not?" And they say, "Well, we just don't understand this Knowledge." And I say, "How many hours do you meditate?" And they say, "Two minutes." So that's why. A man has got some food, OK?

Then he goes to the doctor and says, "I am feeling hungry," so the doctor says, "Well, why don't you eat your food?" So he goes back to his food but he doesn't eat it, he only eats maybe two chapatis, maybe two bits of bread, then he goes to the doctor again and says, "I am still feeling hungry." The doctor says, "Eat food," and he takes two more bits of bread, puts them in his mouth, and says, "I am still feeling hungry." Is this man ever going to be satisfied, ever in his life? I don't think so, not for a single moment, because he only takes those two bits of bread. He must take at least enough to fill his stomach. That's what we must do, right? So if he doesn't do that, he is going to be hungry for all his lifetime. So premies must come to this point where they meditate, where they really understand this Knowledge.

I was sitting on my chair today in my room and I was watching the television, and I just thought of one thing. I thought, suppose Peter Lee is sitting in the Rolls Royce's driving seat and says, "Why doesn't it go, why doesn't it move?" Then he goes back into Woodside Avenue and phones the garage and says, "I was sitting in my Rolls, and it was not driving off." Then they will say, "Did you start it? Did you steer it? Did you take the brakes off? Did you press the accelerator? Did you put it in gear?" And he says, "No, I didn't do anything, I just sat in it, it should move, but it didn't." You see, that's the simple, funny idea that came to me. That's the thing with man. He goes there, he sits in the car and thinks, "Why doesn't it move?" It's because he hasn't put it in gear, he hasn't taken the brakes off, he hasn't done all the stuff that will make it move. You have got to move because this is the principle. If nature has changed, then aeroplanes won't fly, If it has not, they are bound to fly.

So now I'll explain you one thing, it's a principle, the principle is that zero means nothing and nothing means zero, and zero proves the existence of nothing. But you should not take God like that. This is the theory that people are applying. They are doing this same thing, zero is equal to nothing, nothing is equal to zero zero proves the existence of nothing. OK? It is the same thing they are applying with God. God is equal to something, something is equal to God, God proves the existence of something. But what is that something? People don't understand that God is equal to energy, the power that exists inside of us. We just have to look and we'll find it within inside of us. So that's the main


point and if you understand it, well and good, and if you don't … see, I can speak in English, and I can speak in Hindi, but I don't know any other languages, and if you speak some other language please get yourself some one to translate for you, understand?

Now I have told you, I have explained to you as simply as I can about this Knowledge. I haven't given you examples from the Shastras, I don't give you examples of these things that you can't understand. I give you simple things. God is within you, understand it, realise it, see it practically. I can show you practically, because it exists. If something doesn't exist, how can I show you that it exists, when it doesn't? But God does exist, and I can show you. And that's what my claim is.

So if you are clever enough, I can just beckon you and you will come towards me. If you are not, I will have to say, "Left foot first, then your right foot, nose level, pointed towards me, then repeat the process." And then when you come to me I say, "Stop." So this is it, this is the condition. If you want to go this way, go this way. That's the only way I can help you. So it's up to you.

Jesus taught, Love your neighbours as thyself." He also taught that our enemies must also be loved, and if you can't do something like this, then realise one thing that might make you do this. This principle seems very impractical because even those people who believe in Jesus, I have seen this and feel quite funny about it, they go to war, they shoot a man but they believe in Christ. They shoot a man because he is an enemy, they shoot him down, and at the same time they believe in Christ. This is funny because Christ says, "Love your enemies," and those whom you love, you don't kill unless you are a vampire who only sucks the blood of those whom he loves. Jesus taught something, and you go and do the opposite to that, and then you say, "Oh I believe in Jesus." But if you believe, just do what He says.

If a general comes to me and I am a soldier, OK? And I salute him and lie says, "Go and convey this message to the lieutenant." If I just say, "Sir, you are very good, you know. You are nice, you have got a nice suit on today", and I salute him, he is not going to be very pleased with me. He is maybe going to kick me, because he says, "Go and convey the message to the lieutenant," and I just say, "Oh sir, you are very good." He doesn't like that, he wants me to go and convey the message to the lieutenant. But that's what's going on today, that's what's happening today. People say that they believe in the teachings of Jesus, but they don't even carry out His teachings. They should be carried out, especially if you believe in Him in some way, if you believe in Him as God, if you believe in Him as the Messiah, if you believe in Him as a teacher who gave us something worthwhile. He gave us these teachings and if you believe in Him then you must follow them. It's the same with every Messiah that has come into this world, every incarnation that has come into this world. So now you see, you must realise this thing by yourself and go and follow it if you can. And if you can't, then make yourself follow it by doing something. If the engine doesn't rotate by hand, then put some fuel in it, and make it start, OK? So if your consciousness doesn't allow you to do that, then make your consciousness so high that you can do it. So this is the main thing I want to tell you.

Thank you very much.

The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972