Divine News Cover
                             - 1 -
At last our Lord has named the day when we will be able to bathe in
His Glory:

October 24   Arrives in Sydney
25           Rest day (perhaps on Gold Coast)
26           Brisbane - Mayne Hall
27           Canberra - Albert Hall
28           Melbourne - Dallas Brookes Hall
29           Adelaide - Town Hall
30           Rest Day (Adelaide)
31           Sydney - Hodern Pavilion

And to show our Love for Him, we wish to lay not only palm leaves but
a whole nation at His Feet. Extensive billboard, poster, T.V. and
newspaper advertising is already underway, and the direct tone of the
Second Coming is set by our press release:-


The Second Coming is the title reserved for the arrival of the Messiah,
the One foretold to save the world from darkness and destruction.
While personal despair and parochial interests regard this as a mythical
event, Guru Maharaj Ji has already come with full power as the Christ,
to revolutionise the whole material, social and spiritual nature of the world.
He has come as the Saviour of mankind, to end forever the miseries
of poverty, war, pollution and the discontented mind. All prophecies
will be fulfilled as He ushers in The Golden Age. Through the advanced
communications systcms of the western world, "every eye shall see Him".
On His Third World Peace Tour, He has spoken to thousands, and been
seen by millions on T.V.

His second coming to Australia will be heralded with great joy by Divine
Light Mission, the organisation based on love which will reform science,
technology, the arts and religion in order to serve humanity.

During His stay, Guru Maharaj Ji will speak on the experience of
Light, Word, Music and Nectar which is the basis of all creation and
the source of all peace and happiness. The experience is transmitted
by Guru Maharaj Ji's closest disciples, or Mahatmas, in the same
manner as the apostles of Jesus Were able to impart this spiritual

The Second Coming will awaken Australia to Guru Maharaj Ji's perfect

                             - 2 -
plan for peace and announce to its citizens the arrival of the Living

"Watch therefore; for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come."
                                    …. Matthew 24:42

In making these assertions, we have issued ourselves a challenge, a
test of our faith's strength. We will have to run the gauntlet of
searching, piercing questions, and stand up to criticism and possible
persecution with a benign manner and an open heart. We must realise
the importance of what we are saying, and how it is all incredibly true,
how Maharaj Ji has taken our direction-less, confused lives and flown
us to the summits of external joy and bliss. Out of His infinite
compassion, He has revealed the One Experience which no doubt, nor
delusion can remove, which remains untouched by worldly shadows.

How can we express our gratitude?

"Mine, Thine, Wealth, Health
Give them to the lotus feet of love
Give them to the lotus feet of the Lord
Give yourself to Satguru
Sacrifice yourself to Satguru
Be united with the Blissful Truth"

PROPAGATE: Bring al1 of His children into His Light. Serve Him day
and night until your soul aches to fall at His Feet. Our only peace
is found in His divine play. If we prepare ourselves well, spiritually,
materially, intellectually and bind Him fast with our love, then His
game may continue in Australia longer than expected, leaving Him no
choice bur to fly with us to …..

      MILLENIUM '73

It's audacious for a fifteen year old boy to hire the world's largest
indoor stadium,announce the formation of an organisation that will
feed and houseall humanity, declare that he will establish peace on
a global basis, and reveal to everyone who asks, a deeply satisfying
experience of the infinite source of peace within them. Yet the
contract has been signed, and in the Houston Astrodome this November,
fifteen year old Guru Maharaj Ji will do just that.

The Houston Astrodome is called the Eighth Wonder of the
World.It the largest dome in the world, 642 feet clear span, 4 ½
times larger than the Roman Pantheon. Indeed, it is so large that if
its air conditioning were switched off for a week and then switched back

                             - 3 -
on, the cold air would condense enough moisture to cause rainfall
within the building.

This November 8, 9 and 10, the Astrodome will witness Millennium '73
a festival of love in action which shall serve as a blueprint for the
golden age.

Millennium '73 is itself the first western celebration of Hans Jayanti,
a festival which has been held in India every year for decades, drawing
crowds of a million or more people. Hans Jayanti celebrates the
birthday of Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, the father and Teacher of
the present Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji spoke to over a million
people during the 1970 Hans Jayanti celebrations at India Gate, New

Every phase of that entire Hans Jayanti festival was directed by Guru
Maharaj Ji's eldest brother, Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji. Bal Bhagwan Ji
made all the devotees work so beautifully twenty four hours a day,
preparing for the festival. Everyone was completely in bliss, and
amazed at what they were able to do. A spiritual exhibition was
erected in one field, and 3 huge three-tiered stage in another
great field, where Guru Maharaj Ji was to speak. Over a million
people attended, and Bal Bhagwan Ji organised a procession through
the streets of Delhi that was fourteen miles long and took ten hours
to pass. It was absolutely the most splendid festival.

In 1971, Guru Maharaj Ji's western disciples chartered a 747 jumbo jet
to fly them from Lond to Delhi to attend Hans Jayanti. This time
Bal Bhagwan Ji arranged celebrations both at the Ram Lila grounds in
Delhi, and at the Nehru grounds in Patna, several hundred miles away.

The 1972 festival was truly international. Disciples from Italy,
Germany, England, Japan, Denmark, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand,
Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland, South America, South Africa and
Scotland chartered no less that seven jumbo jets to attend the massive
gathering at Delhi's Ram Lila grounds.

The Millennium. The arrival of a thousand years of peace and prosperity.
Utopia in action. The Kingdom of Heaven established on earth. A
truly human society. A global civilization based on the values of love
and compassion. Christ predicted that gentle people would inherit the
earth. Isiah prophesied, "the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb and
the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young
lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters
cover the sea."

                             - 4 -

Millennium '73 is to be a three-day program. The first day will
answer the question 'What is a Perfect Master?" by means of theatre,
dance, song and Guru Maharaj Ji's Discourses. The second day's theme
will be the most awaited proclamation in history: 'The Messiah is Here:"
And on the third day, a practical program for establishing world peace
will be presented under the title 'World Assemblage to Save Humanity'.

Guru Maharaj Ji will launch Divine United Organisation (D.U.0.). This
organisation is to be the practical service arm of Divine Light Mission
working in all fields - education, medical services, food, distribution,
etc. Its organizers see it as an instrument enabling all people of
good will to work together to bring about the reign of peace.

Already an embryonic Divine United Organisation community is springing
up around the world, and practically demonstrating a new way for
people to live and work together.

It has been estimated that four thousand people will be needed to
form a Millennium Service Community to staff the festival. In order
to recruit this huge crew without disrupting the local programs of
the growing DLM communities, the entire staff will be organised
locally. The Millennium Service Community wi11 arrange housing,
transportation, food, medical servlces, child care, and parking for
the eighty to one hundred thousand pecple expected to attend.

The co-ordinator of Divine Food Services, the arm of DUO which supplies
DUO communities with food, explains:-
"When the Jehovah's Witnesses were, at the Astrodome for their five day
meeting in July, they were feeding twenty thousand people at a time.
I'd never seen an operation like that just built from nothing. They all
wworked together to build the kitchen. They really used their
imagination and ingenuity, and their systems were very clear, very
together. They opened up to us and gave us more and more information,
they summarized years and years of experience feeding large gatherings.
And now we've able t-o use that information for ourselves.
Millennium '73 is really a trial run for us. If our own community isn't
together, then there is no way we're going to feed the rest of the
world. So we're trying to tighten up our system now."
Another arm of DUO, Shri Hans Humanitarian Services, will be providing
medical services for the festival. Says John Horton, M.D., the Director:-
"Guru Maharaj Ji has said we need to understand the root of all disease,
which is really the conflict between mind and soul. We have to come
into the world to uplift people in every way.

*** Missing Lines ***

                             - 5 -
for the child care provided will be more than a babysitting service.
The round of activities will include music and drama, arts and
crafts, play and recreation. Shri Hans Educational, another DUO agency
is planning a complete program for the children, so that they too can
celebrate Millennium.

Morale in Houston is running high. "Houston is an incredible city.
Space City and Houston's consciousness is much wider thanmost.
Houston people are very special." said one DUO official. "They're
Texans, they're big," said another, "and they think big. So when we
come up with a big thing like 'The Lord Is Here" they're open enough
to consider it."

Rennie Davis once said Divine Light Mission was the only organisation
he had ever come across that was built on a basis of repeated
coincidences. A disciple called Erika told us this story:

"I was sitting meditating one night just a few weeks after receiving
Knowledge, and a voice said very clearly in my head, you're going
to write an Oratorio, about the World of God, and it's going to have
these instruments in it and these choral parts. It was very specific.
I woke up the next morning and my mind said, this isn't practical.
I've only done string quartets. I really can't do a thing like
that. And the whole time my mind was telling me this, I was getting
together manuscript paper and finding a piano. I sat down at the
piano and started to meditate, and It just started to come out, it
was so easy. Composing had always been a laborious process for me, but
this music just flowed straight out of me. And after I had noted it
all down, I realised just how cohesive It was. I knew It just wasn't
me that was doing it at all.

As it happened, I came with Ricardo and the Dance Ensemble to Houston
the next day."

Rennie told us, "in meditation the morning before Erika arrived, a
choir began to sing in my head, 'A child was born, a child was born…'
It was on the order of Handel's Messiah, but It was about Maharaj Ji.
It was fantastic! So I was thinking it would be great to present the
history of MaharajJi's family as an Oratorio, and was wondering who
could write it when Erika arrived."

Erika: "When we were introduced that night and it all came out, we
just sat and laughed at each other for about ten minutes because we'd
had the same thought within a day of each other."

Other major works which will be performed at the festical include a

                             - 6 -

play about Jesus, and the Krishna Lila dance. The unique problems of
presenting a play in a stadium the size of the Astrodome demand original
solutions from the four playwrights working in collaboration on the
project. They are creating"Astrotheatre".

As one of them put it. "From way up at the top it's like seeing
insects moving around. When the actors are making big motions, they
have a certain nobility. But watching them is rather like looking
through a microscope."

Bhole Ji, one of Guru Maharaj Ji's brothers, has assembled Blue
Aquarius, an eighty-piece band that will provide the festival's
musical heart.

Rennie Davis sums it all up. "Our purpose is to provide a platform
for Guru Maharaj Ji to speak to America and the world. Guru Maharaj
Ji's discourse is the focus of the whole event. If Jesus really
were back and about to deliver the Sermon on the Mount, everybody
would want to come, wouldn't they? Now Guru Maharaj Ji is here, and
this is our chance to sit at his feet and hear Him speak."

"By the Divine Grace of Our Lord, and only by His Grace, Millennium
is the event that is going to change the course of human history. Only
by His Grace we are all going to witness this. So surrender to His
Divine Plan and His Grace will carry you here to Houston. Truly,
every premie can be here to see the Lord in November, all it requires
is surrender and our human effort. Guru Maharaj Ji Himself said: ALL
things are possible by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, so if anyone out
there thinks there isn't a chance of his getting to Millennium, it
simply isn't true! Tell the premies there NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE
EFFORT, then money will fall to them from heaven!"

- Sunni Smith,
                     International Reception,
                     Houston, Texas.

                             - 7 -


With the Golden Age about to explode on a sleeping world, it is time
for Divine Light Mission Australia to consolidate its activities and
function as a national unit. The wind of change is beginning to
blow at a fantastic rate; if we do not face it in a solid, compact manner
we could easily be torn apart by sheer velocity. Knowledge is the
irresistible force and immoveable object; only through its protection
can we adapt to change and remain irited. As the face of world events
alters with lightning speed, only the undying calm of our common
centre will enable us to receive with full preparedness the flood of
brothers and sisters coming to Satguru after Millennium '73, and
external instability makes it obvious who is the source of peace.
Each plan should be considered in relation to the national blueprint,
each idea should find its place in the national mind.

Our resident prophet/resource officer has predicted a world paper
shortage, perhaps within half a year. To print a few dozen sparkling
issues of our newspaper before society retires to the bright electronic
hearth of its television set will require that ever-elusive necessity,
CONTRIBUTIONS, Give some satsang in print before paper goes out of

Eight thousand people attended tho New York program where Maharaj Ji
cracked the hard concrete exterior of the city with very powerful
satsang. He sat flooded in light on a stage made of mirrors, and a diamond
arch framed His radiant face. He kept telling people, "If you want
peace, I can give you peace, that's the whole deal."

Maharaj Ji met with the Governor of Massachusetts who welcomed Him to
his State.

In Atlanta the whole southeastern U.S. became aware of Shri Guru
Maharaj Ji. Those who were sincerely seeking, mostly young people,
came to the outdoor amphitheatre:, where Shri Raja Ji spoke. The
Mayor and City Council sent a Proclamation to Maharaj Ji.

The last program in Kansas City was held in a very beautiful Reformed
Latter Day Saints Auditorium, which has a prophesy that the Messiah
will return there. The congregation became upset at the possibility it
could happen in a way they did not expect. Also, young 'Jesus Freaks'
organised to oppose the Living Lord. ???????????

- 8 -

sparse picketing by Jesus followers outside did not affect the smooth
program. Government leaders felt the controversy though, the Governor
of Missouri sent a Proclamation, but cancelled a planned visit, and
the Mayor of Kansas City actually said that he might well be a 20th
century Pontius Pilate because he washed his hands of a scheduled
meeting with Maharaj Ji.

All in all, about 1800 received Knowledge from Mahatmas Guru Charnanand
Ji, Rajeshwar and Parlokanand Ji in the tour cities, and 26,000 people
came to the programs.


It is apparent that for us to cope with the pace of total devotion to
the Living Lord, it is vitally necessary to keep our bodies vibrating
with energy and health.

The effects of a properly balanced diet can easily be appreciated once
one has had experience of eating correctly. Once a correct balance
is achieved it can be seen that 'food tripping' disappears - every meal is so
completely satisfying that the thought of food between meals rarely
crops up. In a Guru Maharaj Ji centre or ashram, every meal is
automatically blessed by Him. Therefore it is not only food for
body but also food for soul. It is only when the body's needs are
not correctly met that the mind is also not satisfied. Over-eating
excessive to consumption, over-tiredness and general lethargy and
laziness are the symptoms of the type of diet which has now become
somewhat institutionalised throughout Divine. Light Mission, due only
to ignorance of certain facts concerning the preparation, consumption
and internal assimilation of food.

The simplest food energy is in fruit in the form of fruit sugar, which
is a carbohydrate. Starch is a complete carbohydrate which is in
such foods as potatoes, flour and rice. In order for the body to
release energy from these foods, the starches must, in several
stages, be reduced back to the simple sugar CHO forms. Energy must
be used in order to achieve these results.

After this procoss, a waste matter remains which is known as acid
crystals or mucus. This matter tends to accumulate in the body up to
a high enough level to prevent normal functioning of the body - the
body directs all its energy towards ridding itself of this matter. This
is when people say that they are sick. When we have a cold, it is only

- 9 -

of mucus, on our tongue in the morning, in stiff joints and aches
and pains in different parts of the body.

While it is not necessary to go on strict mucus free diets, to totally 
purify our bodies, we must be aware of maintaining the correct balance 
of these foods in our diets. Mostly the diet should be green 
vegetables, fruits and some protein food. Only a very small 
proportion of protein, such as in nuts, lentils, beans or milk in 
necessary, as this is also mucus-forming.

it is interesting to note that the cornerstones of the worldly sensual 
diet are acidic or yin foods. To maintain proper health and mental 
stability it is necessary to have a balance of yin and yang, the
latter representing alkalinity. Our foods must combine to balance these 
two aspects If we simply cut down on acidic foods, the balance will 
naturally occur.

Some yin foods are; potatoes, egg-plant, lemons, soy-beans, tomatoes, 
bananas, oranges, sugar, grapes and peanuts. Some yang foods are; 
pumpkin, carrots, figs, sesame seeds, buck wheat, strawberries and 

Remember that the secret of good food lies in absolute simplicity. Our
systems are not good for properly assimilating mixtures of different
types of food. For example, cereals and fruit undergo a fermentation
process when simultaneously ingested. As we can best perform one
action at any one time, so too we can best digest any one food at
a time. A housemother must really try to prepare every meal as if
the Lord Himself were to eat it, and not react to her children's
possible attachment to eating.

Remember also that yang contracts and yin expands, so that a predominantly
yin diet will never satisfy as stomach and senses are continually being 
expanded. The reverse is true of a yang diet, where one is easily
satisfied with a little. Here is a suggested menu;

Breakfast        Fresh fruit, whole or pieces. Yoghurt helps
                 bacterial action in intestines and is good protein 
                 source. Possibly dried fruit and nuts for extra 
                 energy. Stewed fruit is a very cleansing alternative.
Lunch            Fresh green veg. salad. Remember a salad is not a 
                 salad without dressing, A good dressing which aids 
                 digestion is a little orange juice with a hint cf 
                 soy-sauce - a balance of yin end yang. Cabbage is the

		                 - 10 -
cellulose which is the best intestinal roughage
		 and also it contains rare vitamins.
                 A slice of wholewheat bread or cake, or some nuts
		 and dried fruits. Maybe some fresh fruit.
Dinner           Some crisp cooked vegetables, e.g. baked vegetables
                 or lightly steam fried leaf and stem veges in wok.
		 Boiling vegetables is nowhere because much of the
		 goodness is lost in the water. Green vegetables
		 really only need quick intense heat and are best
		 slightly crisp. Root vegetables require longer,
		 thorough cooking as in baking. One third or a
		 quarter of the meal can be rice, barley or lentils
		 etc. Avoid thick soggy pie crusts. Soup or fruit
		 sweet can add pleasant variation.
                 Avoid mixing liquids and solids together, and above
		 all avoid getting into stereotyping menus. If food
                 is prepared whilst remembering that Word which resounds
		 in silence, the food produced will manifest in an
		 infinite variety of ways, as Guru Maharaj Ji is the
		 supreme cook and creator.
                 NEWS FROM THE "CITY OF LIGHT"
Mahatma Ji attended two programs in Perth. The Seekers Centre was
where our first talk happened. This centre is a group of Christians
who read from the Aquarian Gospel and realise -the necessity of direct
realisation rather than scriptural evidence of past happenings. Although
there were only seats for 76, 70 people came and listened attentively.
The following day many people came to ask questions, including the
president of Ananda Marg and Swami Sangitanand, Secretary of Divine Life
Society. Many, many theosophists came with their intellectual questions
to ask our little child only to experience the simply direct realisations
behind Mahatma Ji's answers.

The second program was held at the University of W.A. where 170 people
showed up - very nice night except when a Christian stood up to ask
a question. Mahatma Ji told him to come to the ashram, he wouldn't
listen and started shouting "Jesus is the only way". Then another
brother pointing at the picture he was holding up, started shouting
out "You haven't said anything Mahatma Ghandi didn't say!"

- 11 -
Then our divine semi-premie guitarist yodelled through, "Know Him
by the fruits He bears, know Him by His children….".It was a
divine evening nevertheless.

Went to a monthly Satsang held by Swami Ji. Lots of OMS hanging
around, very pleasant but not the TRUTH. Have been asked to attend
a conference of all groups in Perth in an attempt to unite as one, nice
in words but not in practical. Only way for mankind to come together
is through surrender to the Lotus Feet of the Living Lord of the time.
Will break the news gently to them.

A Theosophical brother came for tea at the ashram - after offering
food to our Lord, he let out an almighty 0MMMMMMmmmm, Really gave
me a heart attack. Much biting of the bottom lip to keep it together.
They are OM crazy in Perth.

Our new Ashram is large and siutated perfectly. Last few nights
have had about twelve to fourteen people to Satsang. Mick is still
gardening and Marliesje is doing reception work; Tony is driving for
an electrical goods firm. So, until we are financial and things start
to really roll, I am doing house and office duties.

We have many guitarists here and a divine singer dropped in today to
plant some parsley.

We propagate in costume - notice the childrens' comments:

"You look like my fairy Godmother"
       "You look like an angel"
And the adults' comments:
       "Good God, it's a ghost!"
       "You've got to be joking!"
       "You're looking pale love."

Here is a recipe for bread that doesn't take all day to make. It is
being made at the Divine Farm in Sydney now instead of bought bread.
Usually 2 - 3 loaves a week should be sufficient for most ashrams. If
you have a yen for bread and your housemum doesn't, just ask her to
try this one.

- 12 -

INGREDIENTS    1 lb wholemeal plain flour
               1 heaped teaspoon honey or molasses
               1 teaspoon salt
               1" cube of baker's yeast
                  (or 1 ½ teaspoons Dryco active dry yeast)


Sift flour and warm in oven.
               Mix honey with 1/4 pint warm water.
               Add yeast and warm on side of stove.
               Grease tin.  Dissolve salt in ½ pint warm water.
	       When yeast bubbles add to hole in centre of flour,
	       mix, add salt water. Knead in bowl until a firm
	       dough then for a few minutes more.
               Fill 2/3 of the tin with dough.
               Put in a warm place to rise, covered with a damp
	       cloth (about 20 minutes or more).
               Cook at 375 degrees for 25 - 30 minutes.
               It's done when there's a hollow thump when you
               tap it. Turn out of tin and stand on edge to cool.
	       Don't serve it hot, it's bad for you. Be in nectar
	       in the meanwhile.

After observing the general physical conditions of the HQ vehicle pool
and finding that nearly all models are well overdue for trade-in, it
was deemed necessary to take some steps to prolong the effective life
of these vehicles - at least until the new models are released. Many
have been suffering from prolonged use and inadequate rest and exercise.
It is therefore up to each driver to personally ensure that his or her
vehicle is at least in effective running condition, so that somewhere
near minimum efficiency can be achieved.

As the workload is quite intensive, and drivers appear to be
particularly loathe to service their vehicles, it is proposed that a
simple, short and sure method be employed in regard to this servicing.
One must realise that much more time is wasted in inefficient handling
of these vehicles than would be the case if they received minimum
service requirements.

- 13 -
Divine Desk Dilemma Remover 

a)   Sit at your desk in a comfortable position.
b)   Close eyes and remember the Word
c)   Move consciousness to the face. (As we are not quite so
     good at remembering the Word, this will be found to be
     beneficial in relaxing the body until such time as we can
     do so unaided.)
d)   Move consciousness inside skull, ostint face, checking to
     see that all muscles are relaxed, and relaxing those which
     are a little stiff and in need of repair. Be completely
     detached from the face.
e)   Give no thought to the body whatsoever. If one succeeds in
     relaxing the face, the body will follow suit.
f)   Maintain as long as possible.

This can be practised for 1 - 5 minutes as often as required. The
result will be more efficient service, better physical condition,
clearer mind gnu pleasant countenance. Please brothers and sisters,
make an effort to look after our Lord's tools, cleaning them
Love is the key, so love your vehicle and look after it!
"Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man
take thy crown" - Revelations 3.11

"Behold the mellow light that floods the eastern sky. In signs of
praise both heaven and earth unite. Ano from the fourfold
manifested powers a chant of love arlseth, both from the flaming fire
and flowing water, and from sweet-smelling earth and rushing wind"
- The Voice of the Silence

"Q we wish not to go backwards, we must run" - Pelagius

"Our God in His gracious thirst will drink us all, the dewdrop and the
tear" - Kahli1 Gibran

"The light of Wakan-Tanka is upon my people; It is making the whole
earth bright. My people are now happy! All beings that move are
rejoicing" - The Sacred Pipe

- 14 -
Printing press begins operations…General Secretary seen wearing
paperclips for cufflinks as part of the new economy drive…Successful
program for Mahatma Ji at Newcastle - interview at NBN 3…Morning
swims begin on the eastern seaboard as part of premie fitness
campaign (Ken McNicol holds current immersion record at five seconds.
No challengcrs) … Successful outdoor program for Mahatma Ji at
Mullumbimby … Ashram established on Gold Coast … Party held to
celebrate Bal Bhagwan Ji's birthday with Mahatma Ji and "Satguru Has
Come". Telegram cabled to Bal Bhagwan ji, Whole evening videotaped.


Divine Light Mission interviewed for Channel 2 program, "Dialogue"…
8 minutes radio time on Norman Banks 3AW … All premies begin Sunday
morning Aikido classes…"Guru Hewett" begins Divine Alienation
campaign against the Missicn … Shri Hans Humanitarian Services take
form including Shri Hans Counselling Services, offering advice on 
spiritual, legal, psychological subjects and so on…


Coolangatta has offer of radio time on 2MW … Penny, Malcolm and Kim
go on musical tour to Cairns…


Bicycle Brigade propagation begins on bicycle of rainbow colours…
Clifton Street household closes down - Satsang up to 70 a night…


Satsang at Theosophical Society … Premie trying for job as parking
inspector … Minister at Seekers Centre impressed by Satsang…
large program arranged for Bentleigh High School…


Group of law students organised into anti-Guru Maharaj Ji faction…
eight minutes free radio time on 7HT Open Line … A charge in

- 15 -



Much criticism of the Divine Light Mission and especially its Guru
Shri Guru Maharaj Ji has been exposed by the press media. They
certainly haven't been the Guru's ardent followers.

Yet Mission flourishes in its exponential rate of growth. Each centre
has a community service and secondhand shop.

Any profits from Divine sales are used to print pamphlets, hire halls.
Other efficient businesses such as music stores, food co-ops and
money gathered through donations and wage packets of devotees are
designed primarily to spread the knowledge of God.

Last Saturday at Coopers Lane, Mullum., the Mahatma, the Guru's
counterpart descended upon the valley, spreading the good word (instances
of the knowledge).

Birds sang and bees hummed with the energy of the Mahatma's voice, even
rain sprinkled as the Mahatma stretched out his hand personifying "The
Maharaj Ji body is like a well and I am one of the pipes that can
bring water to your home".

A feeling of wellbeing and togetherness,coupled with some beautiful
music and well balanced graze at "Willow Brook", watched the sun go
down and mark its brilliance for yet another incredible day in Main
Arm Valley.



Mullumbimby will be the second place in Australia outside capital cities 
to be visited by a disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji.

The disciple, Mahatma Pajar Thanand, sometimes called a saint, will
attend a picnic in Cooper's Lane, Main Arm on Saturday.

He will talk on how any-one, regardless of their religion or education,
can directly experience the "primordial energy source" or God and find

- 16 -

Followers of Guru are increasing in number in the district and have
started a Divine Light Centre.

An advertisement in the notices column gives details of the picnic.

LISMORE ADVOCATE - Sept 19, '73,


Mora than 100 people on Saturday heard an address by Indian Missioner
Mahatma Padarthanand in the open air at Main Arm.

Mahatma is a disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji, leader of the Divine Light
Mission of India, which is now spreading throughout the world.

Mahatma told his congregation they had taken the first step towards the
attainment of Heaven on earth by leaving the cities and living in the
beautiful environment of Main Arm.

He said the second step would be the taking of spiritual knowledge.

After the talk local followers announced plans for a visit to Main Arm
by Guru Maharaj Ji himself, who has become known to them as the Lord of
the Universe, and Christ returned.

Plans for the visit include stays in the Mullumbimby district and on the
Gold Coast in atout six months time.


Satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji, October 1971

What about our external appearance, Guru Maharaj Ji?

I want Divine Light Mission to be like a laser beam, a most shining thing, a most bright thing. And it is not a pretty hard thing to do. You should at least keep your body under control. If you look smart, you work smart. If you don't look smart, you don't work smart. Anyhow you must create the best impression you can.

Does this mean we should cut our hair Guru Maharaj Ji?

Anything you like, as long as you look smart. If you don't want to cut your hair, then don't cut it. But look smart even then. A good way and a manner. You should wear something smart so ???

-- 17 --

have to pass something external. Before you enter a country you leave a country and in between you have to go through no-man's land. Go from here, or go from Stuttgart, to Switzerland and you will cross a border and then you will pass through no-man's land, right? Before you go to the internal you have to cross the external because externality is before internality. So anything going to the internal heart will Kovs to cross the external body. Understand? Your intellect, your knowledge is lying within you, your love and your devotion is lying within you and any person who wants to seek it out, dig it up, will have to cross your body first. And the rays are the impressions of our ??? So dress are the first external things which someone ???? before he goes in. See? And if you are smart, ???? if you are shining then automaticaliy I will shine. If you aren't shining, I won't shine.

Why not?

Why not? Because before you see a face in the shiny part of the mirror the glass should be cleaned. Only then the reflection will come. That is it. You are the glass and I am the shiny part. But I am standing behind. If you are misted up nobody can see me.If you go out and start criticizing me nobody will come to me. You are devotees, I pass you something and if you create a bad impression of that thing which I have given to you, nobody will have a good impression of it. Because you are the doors for people to come to me. I am somewhere sitting down inside. Before God will come on this earth He has to create His devotees. Then only He can come. Devotees are more important than God even. Than Guru even. Because Guru cannot reveal Himself alone. He needs the devotees to reveal Himself. In the same way God cannot reveal Himself. He needs Guru to reveal Himself. Devotees carry His message. Understand? Good! Everything is clear outside but if my window, my front glass, is very dirty can I see if things are good? No. I see everything is dirty. Everything is hazy. But if my glass is good, even if it is dirty outside I can see everything clearly. But if you are dirty, even if your mind is clear, you can't see me. First thing is a clear view. And this is the cooperation I need from you Western people. I don't need money. I can be anything. I can be an engineor, or I can be a doctor. It won't cost money. I can have a 1,000 pounds a year. I can purchase land and be a farmer and grow as much as I like. But I don't want money. I want only your devotion. I am hungry for somebody to obey my order. If you can give me that it is well and good. Otherwise I will leave this job which I am doing now, giving this Knowledge to people and go and sit somewhere in the nearth. God has to be bounded ???

-- 18 --

the order of His devotees. Guru says, "You have played my part, now I will play your part. Tell me what to do." And that is how Hanuman was able completely to control Ram, who yes the Lord in his time. By repeating the Name and by obeying the orders of Sri Ram, Hanuman was able to take Ram in his control. Whatever Hanuman said, Ram had to do it.

A father has four children. He gives love equally to all but he will love that one most who will obey him. There are many devotees but I love only those devotees who obey my order, who love me. I can only love them because there is at least a communication. At least I am having some reflection of them in me.


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