The Divine City

The Divine City

Realizing the deficiencies of man and his existing communities, people throughout the ages have attempted to produce ideal living conditions in every possible combination from spiritual monastery to hippie nature commune, from industrial efficiency complex to physical fitness communities. They have all had the drawbacks of isolation from society, which is becoming increasingly difficult, and the selection of suitable members. But essentially they were holding the wrong end of the stick. Utopia is a state of mind. An inner peace can manifest itself externally, bring order to chaos, but not vice versa.

Disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji begin with the advantages of internal peace of mind and togetherness which will manifest outwardly in one form as the Divine City.

There are many revolutionary techniques and ideas which will be included in this project. It will be an expression of fulfillment, using many skills in various areas. Nothing will be built until the total design is in existence.

Award-winning architect Larry Bernstein has been working closely with Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji to design a community for 144,000 people. The site is uncertain, but a recent offer of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains may be accepted.

Modular design

The city will be modular in design. The proposed basic living unit is a six foot by twelve foot hexagon which Larry decided is the most adaptable form. These units could be assembled to make any shape, including a skyscraper. Each unit is a complete plastic shell which can be inverted to form a ceiling. Each module in this design is extremely simple to manufacture and erect. Even the columns used to hoist the modules are modular.

The flexibility of structure which this system allows makes building more organic and able to blend with the existing landscape. Larry says, "It's more like living inside a tree than living inside a slab of building."

Everything, including the furniture, would be prefabricated and moulded out of plastic. All the buildings will be centrally heated and airconditioned.

The community will be self-supporting - separate buildings being designed for commerce. All factories will be nonpolluting, noxious gases being trapped and chemicals reclaimed. Energy will come from nonpolluting sources such as the sun; water might be reclaimed from the the ocean.


Transportation is being planned to fit in with the new system. In present proposed plans, no gas-driven cars will be allowed; instead there will be an extensive system of public transport, perhaps using monorails. Bicycling and walking will be encouraged, and those cars that will be available will be powered by either electricity or momentum devices. Such cars could be automatically guided by a system in which the driver punches out the destination on a tape. This tape would then automatically begin a program to open or close appropriate rail junctions built into the road, bringing the occupants of the car to their destination automatically and effortlessly.

The center piece of the City will be the Great Plaza, around which 13 old-style churches representing all religions will stand. In the center a huge, beautiful mandala garden is planned. This plaza could be the roof of the Satsang Hall, large enough to seat the entire 144,000. possibly built into a natural canyon. The Hall will divide into a number of smaller units seating 400, and there will also be places where citizens can partake in arts and crafts, drama and music. Many bridges, plazas and gardens constructed on all levels can be used for specific purposes like dancing. Such things as musical instruments will be produced, making all the art participatory.

There may possibly be a 3-D television system, which will involve the use of two cameras, a special electro-magnetic shutter in the set, and a special pair of glasses worn by the viewer. Television might supply educational readouts, and might even be used for medical diagnosis.

Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji has said that those living in the City might have the choice of whether to own their apartment or not. Two schemes would operate, one for "ashram residents," in which case rent, food, and other commodities would be provided. Alternatively, you could choose to buy your apartment.

The overall aim of the City will be to fuse together many projects and ideas, thus utilising all manner of talents. It will be spiritually and culturally oriented, rather than being based on trade and commerce.

The City will make life beautiful but not soft. Gimmicks will be minimalised and emphasis placed on basic needs. The Divine City will revolutionize concepts of living, both in terms of external structure and internal fulfillment. . The world will practically see what the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji enables the individual to achieve. "This City will be a great example," said Larry, "a bright beacon of hope in an increasingly darkening world."


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