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Swiss Alps Festival

After the festival in Montrose, Guru Maharaj Ji surprised his disciples in Europe by attending a festival high in the Swiss Alps in a city called Saanemoser, from August 21 through the 27th. The green meadows flecked with the color of alpine flowers was inhabited by 1,500 followers for six days. At this festival, set 6,000 feet up in the Alps, Guru Maharaj Ji said, "Although man has reached the moon, I still say he has reached nowhere. He is still right here, because he does one thing. and then a problem grows up. He goes forward one step and at the same time goes back one step. No one is getting anywhere, so the Satguru comes. When he comes there is this echo between him and devotee. When the Guru gives this Knowledge, it echoes in the devotee, it comes right back. And when love is given by the devotee to the Guru, it vibrates, it glows, it echoes, it comes back much more beautifully."

Saanemoser Excerpt