During a satsang program last month Maharaj Ji teased the premies, have this blissful secret but I can't tell you what it is because the timing is not right." He never came right out and told us what the secret was but it's possible he was talking about his upcoming marriage.

Guru Maharaj Ji and Marolyn exchange wedding vows during ceremony in Denver And so it happened on May 20th that Guru Maharaj Ji married Marolyn Johnson, a premie from San Diego, in a small ceremony in suburban Denver. The marriage was performed by an ordained minister in a non-sectarian church situated on the fringe of the Rocky Mountains. About 40 premies were invited by Maharaj Ji and Marolyn to attend the ceremony. One sister gave this account of the wedding:

"Maharaj Ji walked into the church with his best man, Ron Coletta. Maharaj Ji looked like Maharaj Ji but he also looked like a groom. As he walked up the aisle he tried to keep his eyes straight ahead but at times he could not stop from glancing to the sides to smile at the premies and let them in on the joy he was feeling. Marolyn walked in moments later and shone like a goddess.

"The ceremony began as the sun was setting. Wide windows backed the altar of this church so we could see the colors lighting the sky. Pine trees framed our view of the sun setting on snow capped mountains. As the light waned inside the church candles were lit and the marriage was performed by the light of these candles.

"The minister said that marriage was a spiritual union and that the love of God has no beginning and no end. He read from The Prophet and Psalms. It was satsang. We all understood who Guru Maharaj Ji was but the minister hadn't had the realization although he was completely touched by the whole thing. The look on his face showed that he was moved by the love being felt there. Everyone in the church was crying. When the couple took the vows it was as though everyone took the vows with them. We all promised to love and obey Him.

"I was startled by the power in Maharaj Ji's voice as he repeated his vows. I've never heard him speak with such power. In the middle of the vows Marolyn was sobbing and Maharaj Ji stopped to take out his handkerchief and hand it to his bride. After the 'I do's' they kissed and embraced with such an embrace. It was a total embrace and was totally pure. Then they garlanded each other, Marolyn did pranam and they walked down the aisle. As they passed the premies in the pews all fell into pranam. Suzy Bai sang 'Green Were the Hills.

"They left the church and got into Maharaj Ji's Maserati sports car that had Just Married' painted on the back window. They sped off toward the residence with Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew cans clanging along behind. Maharaj Ji did not know it, but awaiting his return was a surprise wedding gift - a 22-foot cabin cruiser. A few of the wedding guests had sped ahead of Maharaj Ji so they could catch his reaction when he saw the boat sitting on his front lawn.

Maharaj Ji and Marolyn at the reception "He drove onto the front lawn but didn't notice the boat right away. Finally someone said, 'Look over there Maharaj Ji.' He took one look and said: 'Wow! It's beautiful. Marolyn, come look at this.' Someone handed him a bottle of champagne and explained the ritual of christening a new boat. Maharaj Ji smashed the bottle across the bow and named his craft 'Marolyn.' Afterwards the guests went inside for a traditional American wedding reception complete with cake cutting, license signing, dancing, and all. Marolyn's parents and other relatives were there and were overjoyed. It was a celebration."

The next night another wedding was performed but this time Maharaj Ji officiated. The groom was Bob Mishler, president of Divine Light Mission, and the bride was Eileen Weisen, his secretary.

Maharaj Ji wore all white except for an orange scarf that draped his shoulders and came almost to the floor. Raja Ji gave away the bride. Maharaj Ji said, "By the power invested in me through the State of Colorado, the charter of Divine Light Mission and by my Grace, I pronounce you man and wife." Bob and Eileen kissed, did pranam to Maharaj Ji and said, "Thank you, father."

Although the general tone of the marriage ceremony was light, Maharaj Ji emphasized the seriousness of the union. "You have taken these vows in front of me so you better not break them."

Maharaj Ji urged all premies contemplating marriage to exercise caution. He emphasized the importance of couples understanding the deep commitment a marriage must be. He advised all prospective couples to wait a little longer and become that much more certain of their action. Maharaj Ji does not. believe in divorce.

Last January he spoke on this subject, "If you want to get married then stay married. Don't get divorces after two weeks. This is the most terrible thing you can do … It's up to you. I can't say, 'Okay, fifteen minutes after six is the time to get married - it's not. There is no time like that. But if you really love somebody … There is also a difference. Many people come up to me and say, 'I love this sister and I just want to be with her.' If you just want to be with her then you don't have to get married to her. Just do service with her. Just do service with her but if you are looking for worldly pleasures then forget it they just come and go. Easy come and easy go. I just want you to make one and proper decision. Then stick to it."

Maharaj Ji performs his first marriage ceremony, uniting Bob Mishler and Eileen Weisen in wedded blissBob Mishler found himself giving the same advice to premies at a Denver community meeting. He said that what may be right for one person is not always right for another and that timing was an important thing. "Guru Maharaj Ji has said that premies living in his ashram are like his kids. He doesn't want you to get involved in something you are not readyfor. This is not to say that some people are not ready for it. But he wants us all to be very mature in meditation so that we are not getting married because of psychological problems. Many times people are looking for something in someone else. It's because they don't understand themselves completely and they are looking for something that is going to make themselves feel complete in someone else."