Divine Times - June 1974 Volume 3, Issue 1

Divine Times magazine

Front Cover

Guru Maharaj Ji was married in Denver, May 20th to Marolyn Johnson, a premie
from San Diego. Premies around the world rejoice and join in congratulating
the new couple. Details will follow in next issue …

Divine Times magazine
Shape Up Or Ship Out

Guru Maharaj Ji flew into Denver on Sunday, April 28 with the pre-announced intention of "getting everything straight." Wasting no time, he called a program for that evening and spoke to an overflow crowd in the Cosmopolitan Hotel


After winter hibernation, Shri Hans Publications is back in business. Although the mission's financial crisis has subsided somewhat, the long lay-off has created some production obstacles and the first issue of And It Is Divine will not come out until June. Despite the delays, premie support through both subscriptions and donations has been overwhelming. Maharaj Ji has directed the And It Is Divine staff to produce a classic, premie-oriented magazine that contains more satsang than the previous issues. Each copy will be a collector's item. To improve the quality of the magazine the printing will be done on a sheet-fed press rather than a web press. The color sections will be done at Frederick printing and the black and white sections will be printed on a DUO press in Denver. Divine Times has resumed publication with this issue and will continue to come out every two weeks. Divine Times will present news of Maharaj Ji and his family, DUO and DLM news and anything else of interest to premies.

Imitation Devotion
You Can't Imitate Devotion

For many premies, hyping was an experience they needed. That is, to blow it up and have it pop. Maybe the Holy Family helps it along at times. It's like when a puppy goes on the carpet, he has to have his nose rubbed in it for him to recognize that this was his mistake. I know every premie had his individual lesson.
The only thing that was protecting the premies was the Knowledge because the Knowledge is Truth. So even though we were hyping it up beyond what we had realized and were adding a lot of garbage that did not belong, we were safe.


"We all received darshan of Mata Ji and Guru Maharaj Ji along with Holy Breath. By his grace, I was able to stand by and help premies off the stage after they got darshan. About half of them couldn't walk. It felt like a river of darshan running over me for two hours. There is no way I could describe how wonderful that was."


Mata Ji celebrated her birthday in Los Angeles shortly after the American tour. At the last minute the L.A. premies decorated a hall. baked a heart-shaped cake and bought Mata Ji a birthday present. She came to the party, wore a party hat, blew her party horn, and squirted Silly String all over ecstatic premies.

News Analysis
Millenium Scoops The Press

The result has been that in the past five months, you can hardly pick up a newspaper or magazine and not find something written about Maharaj Ji and his mission. Articles have appeared in Time, Newsweek, New York Times, The New Republic, Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Creem, Crawdaddy, Ramparts, Trans India, Intellectual Digest, Saturday Review World, Penthouse, Esquire, Vogue, Stereo Review, Oui, and in every major newspaper in America. With few exceptions, these reports have portrayed Maharaj Ji as a materialist and his followers as misguided or misled.

Sant Ji Maharaj
Back Cover

Dear Premies,

This is a very important letter. I have in the past few months experienced that a lot of premies have faced a problem of different agyas from different sources. This has even confused a lot of premies. I don't like this at all.

I would like that all premies understand that no matter which member of holy family gives agya, no action should be taken unless that has been confirmed with me.

I hope that all premies understand this, for there is really One Source of agya, to Whom we have dedicated our lives and by Whose Grace we have been able to realize this most beautiful Knowledge.

I hope you all understand.

Blessings to all the premies -- I love you all.