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Inside Out

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji with Wife and Baby Maharaj Ji's Loving Gesture

In the Malibu residence one evening some premies were cooking dinner. One sister was overcome by that deep and poignant sadness which sometimes steals into a premie's heart and makes him wonder, even though he has Knowledge, whether he will ever feel simple joy again.

Maharaj Ji, who had been looking in on her from time to time, finally stole right up behind her. She was crying and could not even turn around to face him. He made a gesture: with his hands on either side of her but without touching her, he made a great scooping motion, from her feet to her head, as if to lift all the sadness and pain right out of her. When it seemed as if he had gathered her whole burden into one clump above her head, he took that imaginary clump, turned, threw it into the garbage, and brushed off his hands.

Maharaj Ji then asked her if she couldn't remember similar unhappy periods which had, in time, brought her to clearer realization. He explained that while sadness is sometimes part of the spiritual path - and a difficult part because we so often cannot understand it at the time we must trust and we must meditate, for when that sadness passes we will understand so much more, and we will be glad.

He who bends to himself a Joy
Does the winged life destroy
But he who kisses the Joy as it flies
Live's in Eternity's sunrise
- William Blake

The mission of science is not to imagine or suppose, but to discover what nature does. - Francis Bacon

What a man knows makes no comparison to what he does not know.
- Chuang-Tzu

If you are driving in a car and your muffler is out and your tailpipe is dragging and the way you deal with it is to turn the radio up full blast so you can't hear the noise, that's just like trying to find happiness in ice-cream when your real problem is not being connected with God.

Monkey Satsang Yesterday I was at the zoo, boogieing by the baboon cage and I remembered a story about how monkeys are trapped. The hunters get these big jars with narrow mouths and put a few peanuts in the bottom of them. The monkeys come by and want the peanuts so they stick their hand in to grab them but when they get a fistful they can't get their hands out of the narrow mouthed jars. So they are trapped. It's the same with us when we grab anything in this world; by holding on to it we lose our freedom. Trapped for a few peanuts.
- Jim O'Brien

"The First Perfect Child"
The various news media reported the birth of Premlata; each of them adding a little of their own style to the news. The first prize for the editorial additions quickly went Denver's Rocky Mountain News when they described Guru Maharaj Ji, "coaching Durga Ji's breathing" during her labor. The hipper Rolling Stone soon followed with their own attempt: "Guru Maharaj Ji and his 25 year old secretary-turned-wife," read the small column, "gave birth yesterday to the world's first perfect child. …"

"Perfect concentration upon a perfect thing is called meditation."
- Guru Maharaj Ji

A person the measure of a thumb stands in the midst of oneself; Lord of what has been and what is to be.
- Katha Upanishad

It's incredible how every single oak leaf is an oak leaf, how every caterpillar of a certain species changes into the same butterfly everytime … the pattern of order in this physical world is so fantastic. When we come to His Feet, we reach a similar condition. The divine plan will then flow through us in perfect rhythm. We surrender every decision to His providence. The golden flower, the rose of soul, blossoms in our heart.
- Will Reishman

Joy is not in things, it is in us.
- Charles Wagner

He who so desires the ocean makes light of streams.
- Ahmad Ibn-Al-Husayn Al-Mutanabbi

There was once a scientist who found out about the truer nature of atoms. The world, he discovered, was mostly made of space. Maybe one-millionth of it was something you could call solid matter - but the rest of it was nothing but empty space. Physicists have a running series of jokes about him. Some say he immediately built himself a pair of shoes which he calculated to have a much lower probability of falling through than his tiny feet. Others say he was thrown into a state of chronic paranoia and was last seen hopping from table to chair trying to find some place where he might feel secure.

That which is wise is one; to understand the purpose which steers all things through all things."
- Heraclitus Frag. 41

'Till now, man has been up against Nature; from now on he will be up against his own nature.
- Denis Gabor
The Mature Society.

The sun and the moon dance
and blow the trumpets,
and a little child shall turn
the Wheel of the Law.
Secret of the body,
of the Word and Heart of God,
His innermost breath
is the steed of the Bodhisattvas.

- Marpa of Tibet

A paradox is a truth that stands on its head to get attention.
- Anonymous

"The sun will set without thy assistance."
The Koran

One day I saw a simple daisy - and you know how it was greeting the sun? With all its petals, all its little arms completely outstretched.
- Nancy Brown

Hardship is like your best friend dressed up in a bear-suit.

We must take the best and most irrefrageable of human doctrines and embark on that as if it were a raft on which to risk the voyage of life-unless it were possible to find a stronger vessel, some Divine Word on which we might take our journey more surely and with confidence.
- Plato

Do not choose to deny the experience of the world … Consider the seed from which you spring: you were not born to live like brutes - but to follow virtue and knowledge.

This is the space we were holding for that delightful quote you found on the Light we are hoping you will send.

Saint Kabir says that this life is a battlefield. This wandering mind, running very fast in this material world, and the worldlythings where our mind runs are all our enemies. When Guru Maharaj Ji gives us this Knowledge, he drafts us as his spiritual soldier to fight the darkness of ignorance, to use our life to change this age. He gives us a very effective weapon, the sword of Holy Name. We are supposed to fight for our whole lives. And many people come into the battlefield to fight, yet some are cowards. They surrender their sword and run away. They become spiritual draft dodgers.
But Saint Kabir says, be brave and fight. If you have faith, if you have hope, if you practice this Knowledge by satsang, by service, by meditation, by devotion, certainly you will win this battle in the end.
- Mahatma Rajeshwar

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