Divine Times - Volume 4, Issue 4, May 31 1975

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The Latest News …
As we started to leave the front steps of the ashram, the van kept stalling and smoking. It finally got rolling for about twenty yards, just enough to make it out of the gate. Then it died, and would no longer run on its own.

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International News
Along with the U.S. and Europe, the island of Australia stands as one of the strongest and most dynamic premie communities in the world. In the first of a series of articles on our growing international family, DT InternationaI News takes a look at the history of DUO Australia in the grand style of The Golden Age, written by her editor, Michael McDonald.

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National News

It's official now. Mike Donner, sweetheart and stalwart of two years of DLM vice-presidency has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for charges stemming from his antiwar activities in 1968. But it's not as grim or final as all that. His case will be appealed again, and even if he has to stay in, his judge said that Mike would be serving his time in a "non-conventional institution". He'll be eligible for parole in a year. In the meantime, Mike will make good use of his time, catching up on any meditation he may have missed as VP - staying up long nights trying to inspire and organize Guru Maharaj Ji's evergrowing family. Before Mike left, he agreed to occasionally write a satsang column for DT - to be called the "Soul in the Cell" - a macrocosmic complement to the long running AIID science series "The Cell and the Soul". When we get Mike's permanent address, we'll print it in the paper - we're sure he'd enjoy satsang/love letters

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International News
Last month, Danielle's parents invited her to come to Russia with them for a little vacation before going to L.A. In this interview she tells about her experiences there, sharing satsang with the Soviet Union's one active premie.


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He now planned to hold at least 25 major programs including his tour of India, a visit to Australia, a possible visit to Japan and Hong Kong, Guru Puja in Caracas, Venezuela, a mid-summer festival in Essen, Germany, and a massive international Hans Jayanti festival this November in Orlando, Florida to "garland the year's propagation effort."

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It's Time To Decide Guru Maharaj Ji at Jhumri Taliaya, Bihar, India, on 15 April, 1975
And that's what you are, you people are my legs and you are my hands. I can sit and think and plan everything out, I can shout out to the world, but if I am to get this thing done, if I am to spread peace to the world then I can't do it alone, I'll need your help. I have brought this Knowledge, and I will spread this Knowledge, but only with your help.

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Jiva by His Grace
We made the album in October, and the first thing we wanted to do was take it to George. He was on tour then and we couldn't get a hold of him, but his girlfriend Olivia is a premie, and a very good friend of ours. At Hans Jayanti in Toronto we gave her a copy and when she went over to England she gave it to George.

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A Cool Hand On A Fevered Brow

Many premies volunteered. They experienced the joy of love and the joy of doing service. And they also learned something practical about doing service: organization, calmness, patience, and being clear and well-rested in an emergency situation count more than just being there.
Dear AMP
Thank you Guru Maharaj Ji. You've given us everything and this small amount or even all the money in the world could never repay for what it is that you've given to us. The love behind this gift is infinite and without your love all is meaningless. So my Lord please protect me always and keep me in the shelter of your love and grace so that I can return to you what you have given to me.

Then time after time Guru Maharaj Ji comes along with his tractor and pulls us out - just lifts us out of the mess we've gotten into and then drives on down the road with no questions asked."

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National News (continued)
Bill was excited that he had been chosen, but there again, he told me later when I was down in San Antonio that to him it was just a service. He was so truly devoted that I was just amazed. There are so many premies that are not that devoted, that they will just give their whole life.