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6/75 - Divine Times


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji in Nepal, India on May 2nd, 1975

(A translation from Hindi)

Dear Premies,

For many years, I had a desire to come to Nepal, but for some reason I could not come. It gives me great pleasure that the desire of many years has been fulfilled today.

Wherever I go into the world there is only one purpose, and that is to propagate this true Knowledge. This Knowledge is such a thing which is in each and every heart, just as there is blood circulating in the body, whether we experience it or not. When a man sleeps at night, he is not aware of whether his eyes are closed or open, or whether he is snoring or not. All the organs are functioning whether he is aware or not, and if he is not aware, it does not mean that these things do not exist. If we do not experience our heart, it does not mean that we do not have a heart. In the same way, this Knowledge that we are looking for outside is within inside of us.

Today the human race does not realize how far it has gone. It has not tried to stop and think, even for one moment. Yet, the human race is experimenting with so many things that past generations could never have imagined. There was a time when there was no airplane, then they invented the airplane. Next they put a gun in the airplane. Today they have gone to the moon, but before now they used to think the moon could not be reached. Yet even though they have so many plans to go so many places, still they have not attained peace.

I am going to explain what peace is for people today. I have spent a lot of time in America and England, and I have made tours all over the world. What is peace today? A man is waiting for a bus. After a long time he finds a chair to sit upon, and that is what he considers peace. When someone is very hungry and he gets delicious food, he says, "Ah!" That is his peace.

Dear premies, are we born for such a peace? If it is so, then Saint Tulsidas would not have said that human life is the most fortunate life. It is the way and means of liberation. If a man does not use it to meditate on God, then he repents and laments that it was his bad fortune, and that God did not have mercy on him.

Were we born only to have food and drink? This is only a means to attain temporary peace. There is something more. My theory is that everybody has to come to this Knowledge. I do not want such a situation to occur in the world where everybody has to suffer and be confused, then receive Knowledge. I want everybody to receive Knowledge before the confusion and problems come. This Knowledge is like a thread of peace where we can easily put all the flowers.

Those people who used to hate India and hate the poor now have started to embrace them because of this Knowledge. This Knowledge is the only solution for the world. So I consider myself very fortunate that I could come to Nepal and present this Knowledge.

This Knowledge cannot be bought with money. Nor does it change your thoughts and ideas. There are two ways to make cloth. The first way is to collect the cotton from the different fields of the world, then make the thread, prepare the fabrics, measure the cloth, and make the shirt. Another way is to go to the store, buy some fabrics, give it to the tailor, then wear it. Among these, who prefers the first? No one. We only go to the store and buy the fabrics we like, sew it, and wear it.

There is one way that we should renounce the whole thing and remember the Name of our Lord. But if I put this solution to the leaders of the world, they will say it is impossible. So the easiest way is to present this Knowledge before the world, that they should receive this Knowledge and know that that is why they have this human form.

It is most fortunate that you all could attend this program. I would like to thank all the people of Nepal and also the Maharajah of Nepal. I only request that you should receive this Knowledge. For instance, you might have seen my pictures and knew I would come here, without even seeing me. You might have been thinking about what I look like, that I might wear a shirt or maybe a vest, or dhoti or pants. But when I come on stage, you see me and you don't have to think about what I am wearing or look like anymore. This Knowledge is like that. We can think about it our whole life and still not understand.

As Mahatma Sampuranand told you, if even a thousand suns shone in the sky, their light could not compare with that Light inside. What is that Light which is called the Supreme Abode? What is that Knowledge? Brahmanand Ji said that there is a well in the middle of the sky from which delicious Nectar flows. A lame man climbs there without any ladder. Now, how can we think about this? What is this Knowledge? We cannot figure it out. But if we receive this Knowledge, we can experience it in a moment.

Therefore, I have come here to offer you this Knowledge. It is not something that I give from my side. It is already within you. I only want to show this Knowledge to you. What is this Knowledge? It is priceless. This Knowledge can be practiced while you are sleeping, awake, all of the time. So instead of thinking about what this Knowledge will be, whether it is a rosary or mantra, don't waste your time thinking about it, receive it.

So many rumors have been spread, that this Guru's mission is to make money. But I am before you and am telling you that this Knowledge is inside of you, and if your receive it, you will find out whether it is a business or not. If I had Aladdin's lamp, I would not go begging for things, but this Knowledge is more than Aladdin's lamp. This Knowledge cannot be described. Many great saints could not describe it. Saint Tulsidas said, "How can I sing the glory of the Holy Name? Even Lord Rama could not sing the glory of that Holy Name."

My duty is to tell you about this Knowledge and my request is that you should receive this Knowledge and see what I am offering to all the people. There are more than six million people who have received this Knowledge. All the scriptures have talked about this Knowledge. If you have time, you should decide. There are mahatmas who live here, and I will also be staying here if you have any questions. But there is really no answer for "why". You will ask me, "Why are you seventeen?" I will answer, and again "why" will come. You cannot put "why" on this Knowledge, because it is above all.

Thanks to all of you.