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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj JiArigato, Maharaj Ji

"A Little Place Called Hong Kong"

When Maharaj Ji left India he scheduled his route back to Los Angeles so that he could be sure to see the premies in both Japan and the little Mission in Hong Kong. The satsang Maharaj Ji gave in Hong Kong (printed in this issue), was very intimate, given to a little more than 30 people. John Chan, formerly of the Denver photo department, reports.

We had been preparing for Maharaj Ji to stop at the Hong Kong airport on his way to Japan, and hoping he got our message begging him to stay a few days in Hong Kong. There was no news for a few days, then on the evening of May 31, Bob Mishler called and said that he was with Guru Maharaj Ji, Durga Ji and Premlata - resting in a hotel in "a little place south of China called Hong Kong," and would call again to arrange a program.

The next evening Maharaj Ji gave satsang, answered premies questions and then gave darshan. The program was held in a beautiful hotel room. Maharaj Ji was sitting on a silk cloth, hand embroidered with Chinese dragons and flowers. Durga Ji gave satsang and sat at Maharaj Ji's feet holding Premlata who laughed and slept through the program. It was indescribable.

Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji stayed almost three days, wanting to be quiet after the long trip to India. One night they went to the top of Hong Kong Peak where they could see the small island, and all the way to the penninsula and mainland China.

At one point Maharaj Ji suddenly decided to go out for a walk. There he was walking along the streets of Hong Kong, giving darshan to the people, when suddenly a man stopped in front of him with a look of shock on his face. The 'coincidence,' we later learned, was too much for the man to take. He had been hearing about Guru Maharaj Ji, reading papers, listening to satsang and for five years, considering receiving Knowledge. And just when he'd least expected it, there was Guru Maharaj Ji himself walking down the street towards him.

Just before Maharaj Ji left for Tokyo, he gave us satsang in a private room at the Hong Kong airport. Knowledge, he said really sticks out in this crazy city. He then told us to do meditation and to propagate. Maharaj Ji was so powerful and Durga Ji was so gentle with Premlata resting on her. I did not want to see them go. Now they are in Japan and miracles are happening in all of us in Hong Kong; totally full of his love and energy to do service satsang and meditation.

This Time For Real

Tokyo Haneda Airport, 8:15 PM, Thursday 3rd June. Guru Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji, with Premlata in her arms, walked into the arrivals hall. All premies concealed in the crowd were struck dumb by their beauty. We returned to the ashram. Was it a dream we had just seen? Was he really here after three years of waiting? Hearts soared and the softness that he had brough just lifted us gently into meditation.

Okura Hotel. A day had gone by without a glimpse, and our longing to see him was at a breaking point. Premies had gathered from all over Japan. This was darshan day, and the first time for most. The love began to build and build. When Bob Mishler came in and gave satsang, it slowly began to sink-in that this time it was for real, not a movie, not a picture, not a dream. He was acturally going to walk in in person.

Time passed by, and then the moment we were all waiting for came … He was walking in. "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji! … Arigato!" we sang. "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, once again thank you!" He sat down, closed his eyes, and then began to give satsang. Just a few words, his hands moving with his lips, explaining the meaning, for few could understand English. He told how people throughout all their lives had been looking for Knowledge, and to become clear so we can clear others. The purpose of the Perfect Master, he said, is to assure us that it's all O.K.

He finished and smiled, and then asked Durga Ji to give satsang. Durga Ji shook her head. 'Satya' a nine month old baby, began to make baby noises and crawl up to the stage, then up one step, the first step she had ever taken. Guru Maharaj Ji looked down, smiling. He asked for her to be put up on the stage. She made a beeline for Premlata, just wanting to touch her and say hello. Suddenly this broke the language barrier, and a tight circle of love drew us all together. There we were with our true Father and Mother. Satya began to laugh and Premlata gave her such a sweet smile.

Changing her mind, Durga Ji began to give satsang, explaining how Guru Maharaj Ji and she were so tired after India, that they had fallen asleep in the hotel when the phone rang saying it wastime to go to the program. In the same way, she said, in this world we are sleeping and this Knowledge wakes us up. Guru Maharaj Ji then took Premlata on his knee and began caressing her, stroking her head and talking to her in baby language. He brought her over to the side of the stage to talk to Satya and both babies got blissed out.

Darshan line. Just a hundred premies, so in a few minutes all were flying and dancing with joy. Kato asked Guru Maharaj Ji if he would stay and watch a musical skit. He said O.K. - hooray and the party was on. The premies from Kyoto Divine Shelter performed the story of the four blind men and the elephant. The true elephant revealed, we hooted with laughter as the elephant collapsed in full pranam and all premies followed. Three dances later, a nonpremie jumped up unexpectedly in full green kimono and danced to a modern Japanese love song.

For a finale, the resident premie clown danced while an ice creamchocolate-almond cake was brought in and presented to Maharaj Ji. A sword was given to Maharaj Ji to cut it and six premies had to hold the cake as he speared it with a powerful blow. Durga Ji then cut the cake in slices and gave him a piece to eat. So many smiles, so much love. He got up and said "Realize this Knowledge, and I hope we can meet again soon." Tired and happy, we all queued for ice-cream prasad, danced and sang Arti.

All in all, Guru Maharaj Ji stayed in Japan 5 days before returning to the United States.