Divine Times - Volume 4, Issue 7, August 31, 1975

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Fiesta De Amor

"For every premie, not only in this office building, but anywhere doing service, the very important thing is that everybody should understand that they are doing service to Guru Maharaj Ji. This is very important to understand so that you can focus, you can aim the energy of that service toward Guru Maharaj Ji's purpose which is to reveal this Knowledge to the whole world. "… All three things: satsang, service and meditation, are very, very important, but the most beautiful part is that, at this age, now, it is very possible to do service. This beautiful opportunity has been given to us so that we can do prachar, so that we can do service, so that we can really do meditation.

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International News

After arriving and having little conversations with some of us, he went into the woods with Jos, our National Director for a walk. Talking with Jos about the premies, he said that they were really happy and strong, and that the group, small as it was, would really be able to propagate. While they were walking, the whole atmosphere became very quiet. It was turning to sundown. Not a leaf was moving and no sound could be heard, only the footsteps of the two enjoying the amazing power of the Holy Name. Jos said afterwards that it was as if he found himself walking on the eternal path. It looked so beautiful with Mahatma Ji at his side, and sometimes a little rabbit jumping over their way."

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National News

The premie goes up to the door and knocks, waits, meditating. The door is opened by an elderly woman. Eye contact. Premie smile. "Hello," says the premie, "My name is Tom Munger and I'm with the Divine Light Mission. We're doing a survey on meditation."

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Get Liberated Guru Maharaj Ji at the Guru Puja Celebration in Caracas, Venezuela on July 25th, 1975

You see, we can never tie down the Lord, the perfect thing, and expect him to do something. I'll give you three examples of three popular Perfect Masters: Christ, Ram, and Krishna. Here is Krishna, who is supposed to be the Perfect Master, and he's supposed to tell people to love each other. He is supposed to tell them, "Look, everything is okay. Realize the Knowledge, because you are here for some purpose." But he goes down into the battlefield, and you know what he tells Arjun? "Fight." I mean, he tells him one thing, "Fight."

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What A Gift This Is Satsang Given by Durga Ji in Caracas, Venezuela at the Guru Puja Festival July 25, 1975

Guru Maharaj has said many times, and especially recently, that we really aren't of this world. This world is not our home. We're here for a time, we're born, we take our first breath, and we keep breathing, we keep living, we keep experiencing this world, and then we die. That's something we all have in common. We have a beginning and an end in this physical form. But that doesn't mean what we truly are has a beginning and has an end. Because it doesn't. It's infinite. When we realize that infinite thing is within us, and that we can concentrate on it through this meditation, then we realize that we really aren't this body. We are something so, so fantastic, so beautiful. We realize that Guru Maharaj Ji, out of his mercy, has come in a raindrop form, in a body, to say, "Hey, all of you, I'm here to show you something. Something very beautiful. So you don't have to be afraid anymore."

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Fiesta De Amor montage

When we say Perfect Master, this person who is infinite - call him Guru Maharaj Ji, call him Lord, call him anything you want - he doesn't need to come into this world. You see? He doesn't. But he comes into this world, and bears a body just like everyone - comes in, and knocks on everybody's doors. Doesn't pressure anybody, but begs them to realize this Knowledge.

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Hans Jayanti '75

And Hans Jayanti '75 will be a garland of love for us all, Guru Maharaj Ji's premies. "My blessings to all of you, and I love you all very much," he told the premies at Guru Puja. He is speaking to all his premies. He loves us all so, so much. And though, he said, we can never say "thank you" to the Perfect Master, we can realize our life as service to him.