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Everything Is Okay, Everything Is Under Control

Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji in London, England on September 10, 1975

Dear Premies,

You have been in Essen already, or at least I hope you have, and seen the program there. There is not really much to say. I am pretty sure that the premies who went there really experienced what love can be like, and what really true love and true experience is.

Today, this is more like a meeting than a program or a festival. The reason we called it is because of a lot of difficulties were being experienced in England. Well, I don't blame you, because England has gone through a lot of changes, and a lot of experience which was definitely not required or necessary. Like I said in Essen, mind is a very strong and a very tricky thing. You can never be sure that you have pushed it away. It's just so tricky.

Once we receive Knowledge, it's really beautiful. We do experience, we all do, something which is very beautiful. It is undeniable that we do experience something which is incredible, which is really beautiful, which is really strong, which really is what has been promised to us.

That experience itself is so strong, so beautiful that for a time we even forget that such a problem as mind exists. We go back where we came from, go back to our home or wherever we were, and we start getting into our daily activities. All of a sudden that experience is just not there. And that freaks you out; that really puts us into a spot where we don't know what to think.

We know we have experienced that experience, and then all of a sudden it's gone. Well, that is the mind covering us. It's like fog. What is fog? It's not substance that you can really take and chop down into pieces. You cannot take your windshield wipers and try to wipe it off your windshield. There is something there, and it is undeniable, because it is making an effect, it is doing something. It is stopping you from seeing what is in front of you, and it is undeniable. It's right there. But when you go to touch it, to experience it, to really find out what it is, all you end up doing is just waving your hands in the air. You do not feel it. But such a thing which is untouchable can be so strong as to even cost the lives of many people. It's very, very strange, it's a very, very hard thing to believe, but that's what fog is. It comes up and covers our highways, and we can't see anymore. When we put our brights on, it makes it even foggier. Then what we all end up doing is smashing into something else, and that sometimes does cost our lives. So premies, this is what mind can do.

I am trying. There is just no need to bother about it. Everything is okay, and everything is under control. That's one thing I thought you should know. Everything is okay, so don't bother. Everything will be taken care of. I am trying.

One thing that I have experienced is that to me there is nothing like 'English premies'. To me all premies are the same, because they are premies - not English or American or Indian or African. That is something that we have put there because that's what our papa told us, or that's what our grandpapa told us, that this guy is Indian, and this guy is English, and this guy is an American, and this guy is so and so and so forth.

But really, when we have one relationship and that relationship is of Knowledge, that is the thing that joins us all together. Then we cannot distinguish by saying, "Well, this is English, and this is Indian, and this is African, and this is this, and this is that." Premies are premies and it doesn't matter where they are from. So if one premie can hit that problem, that means every premie can too. If one premie can be confused, that means every premie can be confused. I mean, that is a possibility. If one lamp can go out, then it is very, very possible for other lamps to go out. Therefore, we should do something, and take a preventive measure so that all the lamps don't go out. We should do something about it.

Lately, it's gotten to a point where the experience is really intense, really incredible, for a lot of premies, but for others, they just can't comprehend it. It just isn't clicking in their heads; it just isn't making sense for them. Because although that experience is within inside of them, in the same proportions, the same ratio, their mind is within inside of them. And that makes everything very, very foggy, very, very unclear. But we look at America, a lot of premies do, and now a lot of premies are going to look at that program in Essen, and really think for a second, and say, "Wow man, that's really incredible. That experience, that love, that joy, is very, very possible for us all to be in, for us all to experience. You know?"

My job is to make sure of one thing - that everybody in this world who can experience this thing, does experience it. My job is to make sure that the human race experiences this love, this joy, this beauty, and is in a family. I don't know if the premies who were in Essen experienced that last night, but I sure did. We talked about it later, and we were almost in a state of coma. We were in, like, shock. Because it was different. It had happened before, but then again it had never happened before. It was there, but it was impossible. Such an experience could not be materialized, could not possibly happen. At least that's the way I was. It was very, very beautiful. The word "beautiful" just sounds ridiculous for that function, it doesn't even describe it.

But, one thing that I do want to say is that it is very well possible for all of us premies to be in that experience that we had that night in Essen, twenty-four hours a day. And it is my duty, it is my job to make sure that at one point all of us, all of this family, does get together, does experience, and does merge into that most beautiful experience that we all want to feel, that we all really want to understand.

So premies, this is the time when we all have to rise to a point, to a consciousness, to a stage, where mind does not affect us anymore. It has affected us enough. It has done its job enough. It has robbed us enough. It has done some amazing tricks, tricks that cannot possibly be named. So this is the time to rise, to get up, to really understand and be responsible.

If you have read some of my satsangs that I had been giving in Denver and in other places, you'll understand that I have a power. But that power in this physical world cannot manifest without you. To make it manifest properly amongst all of us, to really be in a family, and really experience that love, you are responsible for it. Every single one of you, individually, as a matter of fact, are responsible for that. Not your DUO Director, not your General Secretary, not Mr. So and so and so and so, but you!

When you get down to that dinner table, you don't say, "Well, okay, I'll let my General Secretary eat and I'll just lie back and have a nice time." Or, "I'll let him work." No. We have to realize that that's babyish. It's nonsense. It just doesn't fit where we want to be; it just doesn't make sense.

So now we have to come together and realize. I had David Lovejoy transferred from Australia to England, so that all the premies in England and this part of the world would be able to focus their energy and their attention. It is a little easier for me to give direction to one person than to try to have a meeting like this every day, you understand, because there are so many brothers and sisters still standing outside. So we can be that family; we can be in that love. But it needs your cooperation, because it's happening for you. You are also going to be part of it. It's like we are making a cake, and I am the cook; I am the chef. But I want all of you to help me. What is going to happen is that I am going to cook the cake. I am going to bake it. I am going to put it in the oven, I am going to make sure it is okay; I am going to put the icing on it, and I am going to do everything. But I want you to help me. I want you to go and get the ingredients for it; I want you to put love and affection in it, and take care and keep the kitchen clean. I want you to help me in making that cake. You see?

Because if you don't, and if you try to come and get a piece of that cake, I'm sorry. You just won't be let in. That is the way it goes. I mean, if I pinch myself, you won't feel the hurt. I will. That's just the way it goes. We have to put the effort in, we have to sow the seed, to be able to really, really have the fruit.

So premies, we have come together, individually. Understand what this Knowledge is and try to meditate on it. And help one another. Help me make the cake, so that I can be successful, so that all of us together can accomplish this giant, giant cake which then may be distributed evenly amongst all the brothers and sisters who have helped bake that cake.

All I want to really say is that this is the time to rise. Not to just go into your own little dream world, to get lost into your own little world and say, "Okay, well, Guru Maharaj Ji wants me to do this," and somebody comes along and asks you a question, "Well, did Guru Maharaj Ji tell you?" and you say, "Oh yeah, yeah, it's all taken care of. He came in my dream and told me that it was all okay."

If that's the way I had to work, I wouldn't even be in England. And if that's the way you want me to work, then don't call me to England. Sometimes maybe you don't call me to England, but I do come to England, because I know that's not the way it works. I am here. I am in this physical body, and there is a certain and definite reason for that. Let us not be impractical. Let us be practical. Because we want to experience something; we want to be one with something.

I am not sorry to say this, but we just can't go around spacing anymore, if you know what I mean. We just can't go doing that anymore. We have to be at the right track. Otherwise, I hate to say this to you, but you will end up catching the wrong train, and then that's gonna be a big bundle of mess. It's just going to go on and on and on and on and on, and it's going to get much more complicated than you ever dreamed of.

So premies, I am willing to pay as much attention as it requires so that every premie can come together. This is what I have said. I will come to Europe, I will come to England. It's not that big of a deal. Before it used to be, but now it isn't. So, if you really have faith in me, and you really try hard, we can do anything we want, instead of going around and spacing all over the place, which many premies have been doing. When I learn about this, when I hear about this, it's just like, Man. I am here trying to help premies, and here are premies going away from me. It just doesn't make sense. It just doesn't make the connection.

Now we are here, and I want all the premies to really take that pledge to help me make this cake so that it can be equally distributed amongst all the premies, so that we can have one very big, beautiful, understanding family. This pledge is something that all of you premies have to take. This is the pledge that has to be taken by you. I have already taken my pledge.

I am trying to get everything straightened out, everything sorted out, as much as possible. There are a lot of premies who have made it very, very complicated. I mean, unbelievably complicated. So I am trying to sort out as much as possible. And I want you to help. I want you to cooperate so that everything can be okay, so everything can really be beautiful, so everything can be the way it is supposed to be. We can do it. With a joint effort, as I say, there is nothing that is impossible. Everything is possible.

Accomplishing that great purpose that we all dream about is a jazz. It's not a hard thing. It's a jazz. We have done it, and it's so beautiful. I would even hate to go into the description of what we have accomplished, because it just goes on for so long and it's so beautiful, that it just cannot be explained in such a short time.

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Divine Times - 11/75

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji Like, in America … I mean, this is no different at all. Believe me, I have given satsangs like this in small halls and Macky Auditorium. This is no different at all. First of all there was a point in America when everything was running loose. You know? Everybody was into his own trip, his own concept. That's as bad as it can be, but that was not the end of it either. They were going out and really trying to accomplish that - really, really, really trying to materialize their concepts.

And this was a crazy concept, it had no proof that it came from me, but they were going out and saying, "Well, I have this feeling that this is coming from Maharaj Ji." Let me tell you. This is one of the greatest tricks. This is one of the greatest plays ever played by mind. I mean, talk about Antichrist, we have got one of 'em right on our heads. Our mind is our Antichrist. It is the thing that we've really got to watch out about. That is the thing that is going to ruin us. If nothing else does, that will. It really will.

So really get together, really understand, and cooperate. I'm trying to work out everything; trying to sort out everything. You see, what has already been done doesn't matter. I don't care about the tangled lines. I am an expert by now at sorting out tangled lines, so I don't care about that. What I care about is that you don't go on in the future tangling the lines up. That's all I am concerned about, and that's all I want to warn you about. Do meditation, satsang, and service, and be at that point, be at that place, be at that bliss where we want to be.

Understand. And I hope very soon I'll have another chance to see all you premies, and very soon we'll have a chance to have another satsang program, maybe much more beautiful, because everything will be in much better shape. This is not a promotional meeting, believe me. This is for your own good. I'm just trying to tell you that your mind can be right behind you right now. Keep on truckin', otherwise it's gonna catch up to you. If it does, forget it. Because you are going to have a lot of problems then.

To the premies it has already caught up with, and who have already got a lot of problems, I would suggest that you keep on truckin', because it might just not be able to keep up with you, and it'll say, "Oh, man, this guy is movin' too fast." Then it might head the other way, and everything might be okay. I am pretty sure it will be okay if you are doing satsang, service and meditation.

Realize - this is the time, this is the opportunity. And we can really do it. I mean, there is no problem. Understand, realize, and just don't go running off into your own head. That's one place you don't want to be at. If you go way far back and remember my satsang when you were just an aspirant and you wanted to receive Knowledge, and you walked into the satsang program, you heard me saying, "Don't get confused by your mind." You didn't understand what I was talkin' about. Well, I hope now you understand what I'm talkin' about, because that's what I was talkin' about - that mind. That's what gets you.

So, I hope everything is beautiful for every premie. And if it isn't, I'm trying, you know.

(Note: Someone in the audience says, "We love you, Maharaj Ji.")

And I love you all. That's why I am trying - so everything can be beautiful for every premie, and every premie can experience that bliss.

This is the time when we all have to rise to a point, to a consciousness, to a stage, where mind does not affect us anymore. It has affected us enough. It has done some amazing tricks, tricks that cannot possibly be named. So this is the time to rise, to get up, to really understand and be responsible.

You see, I was giving this example of America. I mean don't think that you are America, or you have to be like Americans, because there is no need to be like Americans. They are just as crazy. They have the same problems. But, what you have to try to shoot for is like every premie at one point in his life in America really realized that they just couldn't go off into their own heads into their minds, and make their mind their guru, make their mind their teacher, make their mind their Lord. Everybody said, "Well, wait a minute. Guru Maharaj Ji was right. Okay? For once in our lifetime let's do what he has told us to do." And they did it. Everything started manifesting, and now we have communities, we have satsang programs, everything is in a rhythm, and everything is beautiful. Once in a while, you'll hit the bumps, but it is no problem, keep on truckin', and the bump goes away. There is no problem. Everybody is in just beautiful bliss, and this is where we all have to be.

So understand and realize this Knowledge. I hope you remember what I have said, because you are going to need this. I am trying to straighten out everything, and, in this process of straightening out everything, it'll require cooperation from - I'm saying it again - every one of you.

For the premies who are not in this hall today, please tell them what I have said. It will require the cooperation of every single premie to accomplish our goal. If someone doesn't cooperate, then you know what's going to happen? We are going to bake the cake, and that piece of the cake is going to be missing. So, it takes the effort of every one of you to make everything okay and beautiful.

And I am trying. There is just no need to bother about it. Everything is okay, and everything is under control. That's one thing I thought you should know. Everything is okay, so don't bother. Everything will be taken care of. I am trying. Thank you very much.