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How About Doing Some Service?

Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang at the DUO Directors' Conference during the Guru Puja Festival in Essen, Germany, August 30, 1975

That all of the International Directors, all the responsible people of this organization, have gotten together is a really beautiful opportunity. You see, we have a problem. We have to organize so many different people into one format, into one way. My example for our situation, what Divine Light Mission has to do for people, is that we are a clothing store. This clothing store manufactures ready-made suits, but it has to manufacture its suits in such a way that as soon as the buyer goes into the shop and picks one up, it fits him perfectly.

You can imagine the problem involved in making a suit that will fit him perfectly the moment he puts it on. But this is what we have to do. All the programs that we have, the way we have developed, it's a very, very complicated situation. So one thing I want all the premies who are here, who are working, and who are the responsible people for their countries to understand is that this is no joke. This is an extremely, extremely responsible job. If you cannot do it, split the scene.

As I said one time in Denver, if you are not responsible enough and try to take too much responsibility on yourself, if you really cannot do that service and try to do it just for the name, fame, or anything, you are not only stepping on a thorn, you are spreading more thorns. Then when other people come, it becomes very, very difficult for them even to try to walk on the same path.

You see, we have to bring so many people together. First it was India. There was no organization problem in India, because the word 'organization' doesn't have any meaning there. Some of the mahatmas who came here previously to try to organize things never could understand organization. But now people have started to come together. We have so many premies, so many people, in such an organization, and we have really started understanding. It's a different story altogether. At least for me it has been a different experience. Everything has to happen in synch.

You see, right now everybody is looking at America. Well, what's America? America is a country just like you. There are a few more premies there, and because I stay most of the time in America, I decided to make the International Headquarters there. That's just about the only difference. But the amount of responsibility that is handled over in America, is the same amount that you have to handle. You are responsible for organizing prachar in your countries. I hope you understand that. And what a great amount of effort that involves. It's beautiful, it's extremely - you can't really say 'hard', because when it is service to Guru Maharaj Ji it's never hard - but, it's an extremely, extremely beautiful service. I think that you premies are all really lucky to have this opportunity to be able to do this service.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji You have seen yourself how we have grown since the festival. We talk about the organization and to some people it sounds absolutely crazy. To some people, it's very, very funny. They sit down and they pinpoint things. They say, "This is wrong, and this is wrong, and this is wrong, and this is wrong." They think that it's all the American Mission's, the American officials' fault, and they start blaming. This is one of the most common problems faced.

But that decision has been made by me. It is only circulated by them. You see? It just so happens that on that piece of paper that comes to you, it does not have my signature on it, it has Bob's [Mishler] signature on it. But before that letter goes out, before such an agya is sent out, Bob informs me first. We talk, and we say, "Okay," or, "We can't do it this way. No, this is the way I want it done."

People are in their heads, people are in their minds, and they don't realize that. They go on blaming, saying, "This is wrong," and, "How can this happen?" and, "This is freaky." Well, those decisions are made by me, and you have to understand that. We have to be very, very cooperative.

We cannot expect that this organization will just flop together. It will not flop together. This takes an extreme amount of effort, understanding, patience, and intelligence. When all of these things are combined, then we make a good servant to Guru Maharaj Ji.

Don't look at yourselves as president, or secretary, or general secretary, or treasurer, or whoever you are. Look at yourself as a servant doing service to Guru Maharaj Ji. And it is a service, so it should be done in the maximum best way you can do it Because it is to Guru Maharaj Ji. You are doing this for me.

Remember? That was the big deal. That was the big thing we used to talk about in the good old days, that all the premies will put their effort together, and everybody will be working for me. Help me, and I can … It is like that amplifier example I used to give. I can scream and give satsang to a lot of people, but if I can focus all that energy into one small microphone, it can then go into an amplifier system, be put into speakers and reach a much larger audience. So instead of me trying to accomplish peace in this world alone, I speak into this microphone, which is the organization. It goes into the amplifier where it gets processed, or where it's set for more bass or for more treble. Then it comes out through the speaker to the masses of people, to the public.

So you're sitting here, we have this conference, and this is to have a little more communication between you guys, to try to make you understand what it really involves, what it really takes, and how much effort has to be put together to be able to gain our goal. Believe me, we have not come to the end of our effort yet. This is not the end. We will be doing it so much more, and more, and more. There is so much more to happen, and so much more and more premies have to understand.

But it's going to be beautiful. We are settling down, and this is what we needed to do. We were going at too fast a pace to manage ourselves properly. Now we have slowed down,

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Divine Times - 11/75

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji and we are getting everything together so that we can beat at the right pace.

This is what used to happen: I used to ask, "How many premies are in America?" Five thousand." And so forth. Well, that number was the amount of people who received this Knowledge. Full stop. Not the amount of people who come for satsang, not the amount of people who were involved, not the amount of people who were really in any way qualified to be called premies.

It was so stupid. We used to sit down in our satsang programs and say, "We can't waste this seed," "We can't throw away the seed of this Knowledge, because it has to be done in the right way. The land has to be made fertile first, and then the seed has to be put there, so it'll grow really beautifully." But while we were saying this on the other side of it, we were doing what was against that, what was opposite to that. We were just giving away Knowledge to anybody who came.

Now what we are trying to accomplish is a set system where, after a person has received Knowledge, he has got something to plug into - an active community, an active membership -so he can stay and realize this Knowledge. We follow it to the end of the line, so that he really understands, he really knows, and then the seed is not wasted.

This organization is now international. First it was national, and it was not operated internationally. There was no communication between the countries. Now this organization is international. And wehave established our headquarters in America, because we have got the maximum facilities there. But that does not mean that I will not be coming to Europe. To me the whole world is the same. So I want you all to keep in maximum communication with International Headquarters. When you are not sure about anything, please take your directions from International Headquarters. More details will then be given to you, and please follow them, because we don't want an organization that's just not together.

Organization is organization. Do it that way. It is for the benefit of people. It is for the benefit of people understanding and realizing this Knowledge. This organization is a channel through which we can propagate the Knowledge of God. That is our definition, and we have to understand that. So don't space out. Don't go around doing whatever your head tells you to do, that is really crazy. That is absolutely crazy.

Here you are in the world. And first of all, that you are even alive, as a simple, basic, human being, is such a grace. Secondly, you have received Knowledge, and what a grace that is, how beautiful that is. Thirdly, you have an opportunity to do service. Fourth, you have an opportunity to do service so much more directly to Guru Maharaj Ji than a lot of others. So, you have to understand that, you have to realize that. Because by putting you in your position, I am making you responsible for that job, for that work. If you space out, you space out. I mean, we just can't function that way. Everythinghas got to be done just right. This is why I sit down in that Denver office and try to make everything okay, try to make everything in just a beautiful manner.

You see, if you put in a little effort right now, then maybe in the next five or six years we will be able to relax, because there will be so many premies. Everybody will understand what to do. It'll be beautiful. Premies will walk right in, and know exactly what to do. Everybody is doing service and everything is beautiful. A premie understands Knowledge. Everything will become beautiful. But right now we need the maximum energy. As I said when I began, the problem is that this is the peak. Okay?

I remember, everybody had long hair, and everybody was jazzin' out, and spacin' out. Then all of a sudden, I said, "Well, how about doing some service, and getting some things together?" And everybody said, "What?! What are you talkin' about?!"

But it rolled. It rolled because it was on the downgrade. You didn't even have to push it, it would just roll anyway. But now our position is right up here near the peak, and we have got to put out every bit of effort we have. We are so close, and if we don't put out all that effort now, you are going to come right back down. And then it's going to take a lot more effort.

So now we are fresh, we are there, and we can do it. It's really so beautiful. Grace is there, everything is there, and we can really organize ourselves, we can really do it. So we should do it.

"Man has a never-ending thirst inside of him. He has been looking and looking and looking for something, and that quest, that energy inside of him, drove him to so many different things. It was like, 'I want something; I want something.' So he just went wild into this world, because he didn't know what he was looking for; he just knew he wanted something. He never knew at what point he would be able to realize; he didn't know what the thing would look like; he never knew where he would find it. He just kept looking for it. And that very particular thing has driven mankind to where he is today."

- Guru Maharaj Ji


At one time, so were we. But then we each decided there was a little something missing in our lives. A feeling, perhaps, of waking up in the morning and wondering what it was all for. What was life all about? What is its purpose? And each of us, in our turn, came to the startling realization that we had no idea. We were all going along pretty happily, but there was a small thorn in our sides that wouldn't let us rest. Even when we were in the most comfortable circumstances - even then we couldn't stop. In the back of our minds there was a question and we had no answer: never mind how well I am living, what am I living for?

Divine Times is written by us. We're people like you, only with a difference: We're practicing a unique meditation called Knowledge, revealed to us by Guru Maharaj Ji. Knowledge is giving us that profound and beautiful experience of life that we were looking for. And, while we do practice meditation, the Knowledge is actually much more than a meditative experience of calming or centering our mind-it has become a focus for our lives. Because the more we get involved in the Knowledge, and the more we concentrate on the experience the meditation is giving us, the closer we come to Knowing - for certain - exactly what the meaning of life really is.

So if you are reading Divine Times for the first time and you'd like to know more about Guru Maharaj Ji and the meditation he is offering, write to us and we'll be glad to let you know all about it. Write or call:


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