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Guru Maharaj Ji's been telling us for a long time to get it together. Now he's getting specific, and telling us how. In this satsang, Maharaj Ji puts where premies are now into perspective and tells us where he wants us to go from here.

When a premie receives Knowledge, he says, a basic understanding develops - that it is our duty to receive Knowledge, to meditate, to obey agya, and to serve Guru Maharaj Ji. When that understanding takes place, however, a lot of energy is released. That energy has to be properly utilized, and it's the function of DUO to channel premie energy into service that helps Guru Maharaj Ji.

When premies begin to do a lot of service, a second understanding takes place. This understanding involves realizing our responsibility to be clear, to really know what's happening, and to come together with each other. It was in order to foster this understanding that Guru Maharaj Ji agreed to the IHQ conference. Wherever premies are doing service, he says, they should do it in the most efficient way possible. And they can only do that if they have the proper understanding of what they are doing and are synchronized with each other and with Guru Maharaj Ji. If even the premies at International Headquarters have this understanding and are synchronized, then we can really begin to manifest Guru Maharaj Ji's dream.

"The idea is unity. And unity does not come unless there is understanding and synchronization."
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Guru Maharaj Ji's opening address at the DUO International Headquarters Conference in Denver, Colorado 19 December 1975

Okay. The reason we called this conference is because, as you already know and you have known for a long time, we are trying to take all our international activities and put them to a point where they work at the maximum efficiency. When we started off, we were not a very big organization. And at this point, we are not a very big organization either. But we are at a point where cooperation, where understanding, where a few things are required from each individual who is serving.

Now, when the DUO Proclamation was written, in that proclamation the first thing, and that was a basic factor, was that anybody who did not meditate on this Knowledge and had not received Knowledge was automatically disqualified to even enter DUO as a staff member. The reason for that is because we don't want people who do not know what is happening.

See, DUO, even more so than Divine Light Mission, associates itself with the outer world. What we are trying to do is focus in very close. But for Divine Light Mission to focus on a very small screen is impossible. It has to focus on a very, very wide and big screen. It's almost like a seventy millimeter projector. So we thought it would be very necessary -because it would provide a great amount of maneuverability - to develop a Super 8. For the things that we wanted conveyed faster and on a much smaller screen, it would be much better if we just had a Super 8, because it would give us maximum portability and versatility. So that's what we did, and that's what DUO was.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka MaharajiDon't Be Paranoid

But then it becomes very important that everybody who does act in that movie, that everybody who does project that movie, that everybody who participates in the whole function of the movie making and the movie projection, is a premie and does meditate on this Knowledge and really understands what this Knowledge is. Now first of all, before I start this conference - because this is the only meeting I am going to be having throughout this whole conference, and more details are going to be given to you - there is one very important factor. It is a very common feeling that occurs in premies. They very easily get paranoid. Now, there is no reason for that. What that does is, it actually shuts ourselves off from the fact that we want to know. Because then it's like, "Oh brother. I hope I don't say anything wrong," or,"I hope I don't do anything wrong," and then they stop listening. I mean, anybody stops listening. And a field is created where what is being generated is much different than what is being projected. It becomes a totally different kind of environment, an environment where understanding is reduced down to almost zero.

Now, why did we even make International Headquarters? What is the necessity of it? This is a common question. I mean, what is the purpose of it? Let's begin from point zero. It's zero, but it means everything. First of all, we are all premies and our main motive, our main objective, is to serve Guru Maharaj Ji to our full capacity, and serve him so that he can serve this humanity in the proper way, the way this humanity needs to be served. Humanity doesn't need to be served through the items which it is involved in. Those things have been here for a long, long, long, long time. The only difference is that nowadays they take the grape juice and bottle it and add preservatives to it, while in ancient days they used to just have grapes in bowls. That is the only difference. So the thing is, we don't need to get involved in those kind of things. This humanity doesn't need to do that. It's not a very humanitarian thing either to bring out a physical aspect of something and indulge this whole humanity in that particular thing. Because humanity will be totally lost. This is what has happened to it.

I mean, look at America. America's constitution is based on something really beautiful. Those people were almost giving satsang. As a matter of fact, you can almost see how these people were really into satsang. A lot of satsang went around and then out of that sat-sang an emotion and involvement came along which then came to a point where they actually wrote down something, and that became the constitution of America. And it was very perfect. It's right in line with what we talk about, and what we have to say.

But look at it. Where do we sit today? We are totally confused, we are totally lost. And so Guru Maharaj Ji's motive, why he even comes into this world, is so that he can take humanity back.

It's like you are driving and all of a sudden all four wheels are on your left side. They are not distributed the way they are supposed to be. So what Guru Maharaj Ji's purpose in this world is is to come and take those wheels back where they belong, so that the proper balance can be created, which will provide the car with maximum maneuverability, which a car needs in this world, in this darkness.

Concentrate on Understanding

So the primary object is that. And that starts off when we become premies. As soon as we receive Knowledge, that automatically happens, and that becomes our primary understanding. When that understanding really lives with us and we really concentrate on that understanding, when we really respect that understanding, when we really obey that understanding in our hearts, then we are called premies. And then we are premies, and we do experience and feel what has been promised to us. So, that is our primary motive.

Then from that motive, our object is to do service. Now then, which is the best way to do service? I mean, isn't that the right way to go about it, to evaluate which is the best way to do service? When you realize Knowledge and you realize Guru Maharaj Ji, then you also realize, "Well, I have to do service." Then, automatically, a question arises, "What is the best kind of service?" I'm not exactly taking the different services and saying, "Well, maybe the service of a president is better in the organization than of a janitor." No. I am not talking in that sense, but rather, how can that service be best utilized?

Then the idea came, "Okay. We have so many premies around the world, so what should be done?" This question came a long time ago, when Shri Maharaj Ji started giving this Knowledge to people. That's when this question began, and then that's when he found out that organization is very, very important so that all the people can plug into that organization.

Then it's sort of a multiplication system. It's like, I have the capability to go around to every one of you and tell you what to do. What I am going to be saying in this conference, I have the capability of going around to every person and saying that. But that involves such a long time and such a procedure. That's why we invented this system where I only talk to this microphone, in

So just try to understand what there is. Don't try to force it into your heads like you are trying to, because if you do, it's going to be very, very hard. You cannot force anything into your head. That's when you get confused."

your presence, and it gets relayed at the same time to all of you. That is the advantage of the microphone and the amplification system.

So basically, it came down to, "What is the best Way to utilize all this service, all this energy that premier are going to be putting up?" The answer was, "Well, let's get together." When we came to the words "let's get together," it automatically made sense and it automatically involved being an organization. And that's what we ended up as. We did get together, in fact. It was not like it was a promise that if we did get together and form an organization, we would be very well off, but actually we are not. No. That was not true. We did form an organization, and we are very well off, because then all that energy that every premie was investing could really be utilized. It was like forming a savings bank which could store that energy and then spend it in the proper way.

So now the thing is, from that organization another point evolved. First it was just America. Then we opened up a full map of the world, and we started to put pins where there were centers of Divine

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Light Mission - England, Europe, India, America, and different, different, different places. Well, in the middle of that, we had a big tragedy, a big mess, but after that cleared away, it started to multiply. And it multiplies very, very fast. Then it came to a point where we could see that there were too many pins on the chart. So the question came, "Well, we are placing these pins on the chart. That's very easy to do, and we can call it 'Divine Light Mission' or 'Divine United Organization', but is it really effective? Is it really doing anything in its field?" And from there we said, ''Okay. We are going to make sure. Because why should all the premies have to suffer because of one stupid person?" So we said, "Okay. We are going to make sure that everything happens right."

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji
Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji

"When understanding really lives with us and we really concentrate on that understanding, when we really respect that understanding, when we really obey that understanding in our hearts, then we are called premies. And then we are premies, and we do experience and feel what has been promised to us."

See, every premie is a premie and when a premie becomes a premie, he desOrves what every other premie does. So the fact that I was based in America and the fact that the American organization was doing very well, lead us to say, "Well, okay. That's great. Let's start our International Headquarters from here so that we can equally distribute what we have to share amongst all the premies." And that's what we ended up as. So then the idea of the International Headquarters began,

This organization being a very unique organization, is idfferent. You might have gone out and learned to be a very, very good accountant. Well, when you come to this organization, you have to stop for a second and say, "Okay. Well, I'll try to do the best I can." You can't really go out and just do it like you were taught in school, because things change when you come to this point. This is a very unique organization. A lot of laws come and stop at this point, and they can't really define the organization. A lot of situations in this world come up and then they stop, because they really can't say what is this organization.

A Very Unique Place

It's like, we are not trying to preach a religion. We are actually going out and giving people the Knowledge that they had been waiting for for such a long time. So that puts us into a very unique place. It almost puts us into the position of being the real Santa Claus, or the good fairy. It's very easy to be a fake Santa Claus - to put a white beard on, have a white moustache, and go out and do whatever you want to do. But when you are the real Santa Claus, and when you are the real good god-fairy, it becomes quite different. It places you in a totally different position, because there you are, and you are that which people are expecting.

People have waited for this organization for such a long time. People have predicted this organization. Not exactly this organization which holds Dettmers and Lou and Bob and Mahatmas Krishnasukhanand and Padarthanand. Maybe people have not predicted it that specifically, but people have been waiting for this true Knowledge. And that fact itself makes this organization very unique.

So the factor that we're dealing with first here is understanding. So, understanding is really, really important even though you might be a person who is driving a truck, or someone who works, or someone who does service for International Headquarters. if we have the common understanding, the understanding first of all that we are all doing service to Guru Maharaj Ji and we have to do it to the best of our capacity, then it'll boost our service so much and make it much more precise. Instead of thinking whatever we think in our heads, the "understanding will be clear. We will know that we are on a boat, not in our house, so we don't step off the boat thinking that we are in our house. You know? That brings us the very, very clear understanding. And that is the reason that I agreed to this conference.

Understanding, then Synchronization

Now, one other thing that is involved is being synchronized. Premies who were around when this organization just barely started crawling, so to speak, would have noticed, and I think you will have a very clear understanding of, what was brought forth by not having the proper kind of synchronization. Everybody was going off doing whatever they wanted to, and sometimes it would end up in such a position that four guys would be doing the same exact thing.

Say everybody is sitting in a different room. Instead of all the people sitting here, every individual is sitting in one room. Right? And I want water. So I pick up one phone, call up, and say, "Bring me water." Then I call up the other one and say, "Bring me water." Then I call up the other one and say, "Bring me water." If I do it four times, there are going to be four glasses of water in front of me. But I don't need four glasses of water. I only need one glass of water. So that energy of those other three people is just being totally wasted. But if we are all in synch, then when I want the water, everybody doesn't have to get up and walk out and get me a glass of water. just, one person will walk out, get me a glass of water, and that will be it,

So synchronization, especially between premies, is very important, because we share such a beautiful thing between us - this love, this understanding, this opportunity that we have to do service for Guru Maharaj Ji. We share it and we know that. If we are all synched, then you do not … I mean, it's hard to explain that incredible potential it can provide us if we're all synchronized. You know? It's just incredible.

The potential is really there, but it's not synchronized. It's like you see this sign saying, "Bay Area Club," so you peek over the fence, and it's all rusted down. All the glass is shattered in it, and nobody's been there for ages. Why? The potential was there, and the understanding amongst the people that they needed a Bay Area Club was there, but there was no synchronization between people, which then did not enforce the true understanding. The true understanding of those people should have been that, "We should keep our club active." But what happened was, the whole thing just collapsed.

Then there are places that have the potential and they have the synchronization - right? - but they don't have the understanding. Those are the sort of people that you call dumbbells; they don't know what to do. They have got everything. They have got so much potential, they have got so much synchronization, but they don't have any understanding. So where to divert all that force, where to divert all that energy, they don't know. They just simply don't know.

But in our case, we have the potential, and we have to get the proper understanding, and we have to get all synched up, because after all, we are all working for the same reason. It's like, you can't really take a car and say, "This part is more important than this part." You really can't. You can't say the battery is more important than the carburetor, and you can't say the carburetor is more important than the battery. You just can't do it. Every part in that car is as important as every other, because all those parts put together is what makes the car. If you took something out of it, it wouldn't be a car anymore. Just as a pretense, it might be a car, but then again, it will be a car without an engine. There are a lot of cars like that around today. There are a lot of cars that are gold-plated and what have you, and they're no good. So what are they doing in this world except occupying parking spaces?

And this is what a lot of people are doing. They are going out and saying, "Well, I have got the true Knowledge." A lot of people are saying, "Oh, I've got the true Knowledge," and they polish up whatever they have to say, and what do they do? They sit in the street and do nothin'.

But what we have is true. And so that understanding really has to come together, that synchronization has to really come together. Without that, we cannot function, see?

I hope you understand what I'm trying to tell you. I'm defining it - I'm tryingto define it at least - to a certain extent, so that you will be able to understand. I am sitting here, telling you, explaining to you two simple things: understanding and synchronization.

It's like this. Definitely a car which has two engines will be very, very powerful. Very powerful. But if one engine is not synched up with the other engine, for instance, if one engine is going backwards and the other one is going for- wards, well, they are not going to get very far. It has to be synched.

Not very many of you premies have flown an airplane, but if you are flying a twin, a fraction of a difference between the sound of each engine worries the pilot. It's like he can'tstand it. It has to be just exactly synchronized, because if it isn't, it is not going to put out the maximum performance.

So I really can't take my finger and point it at your service and say, "Well, if you don't do this, then the synchronization is gonna get affected there, which is gonna cause a consequence there." I think that would be a very foolish thing to do, because I think you should be synchronized and have that understanding throughout your service and throughout your life - not only in what part and what way and what service you do. It is very important for you to have that organization within inside of you too and understand that, and be

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"Now is the time when we have to be so clear that when mind comes to us, we say, 'Listen buddy. You are entering the wrong premises. Just turn around and everything will be okay, you won't get hurt.' You have to be clear. It doesn't matter who it is. We have to all be clear."

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synched with it, and be synched with what's going on so that you can operate with the maximum efficiency.

You see, it's like this: Because I have so many hands, so many helpers on my staff, it makes me like a caterpillar with so many legs. That then makes it very hard for me if one person goes out of synch, because I have to drag them along. Then it becomes very, very hard; it becomes very difficult.

So the first understanding, which is a basic understanding, and if you do not have that understanding you automatically disqualify, is that we are all serving Guru Maharaj Ji, we are all premies. It's our first and foremost duty to have that realization inside of us, to really realize Knowledge, to meditate, to obey agya, and to serve Guru Maharaj Ji to our maximum capacity. That's the first understanding. Doesn't matter who you are, what your service is.

It's almost that we have to be one step ahead of this world. If we are not, this world will he one step ahead of us, and we'll lose it. We will lose it, totally lose it, see. So you have to be in the proper place so you can serve me the most efficient way, so that then I can serve this world the most efficient way.

Don't Force It

So just try to understand what there is. Don't try to force it into your heads like you are trying to do, because if you do, it's going to be very, very hard. You cannot force anything into your head. That's when you get confused. When premier take literally what I am trying to say and put it down on a piece of paper and analyse that, it becomes very hard for them. See, language is used for communication. But behind that, there is something, and that is what we have to focus on. It's like, what is a slide and what is the projector? There is something in that slide. The projector is the means of projecting it, and the slides are the means of capturing the thing. But what is captured and what it is going to project are quite different.

So the understanding I am trying to convey to you is a little bit beyond what we talk. It's hidden in that talk. It's somewhere in that talk that has to just click in your head. Because what is language anyway? Behind that language, something is hidden which, through that language, carries a meaning. Otherwise, it's totally useless. So the meaning that is behind this whole talk, behind that word "understanding," behind that word "synchronization," try to get that. Because that exists, you see. If the word "understanding" meant synchronization, then that's the word I would have used. And if "synchronization" meant "understanding" then that's exactly what I would have used. But they don't exactly mean the same thing. So we have to define synchronization as synchronization and understanding as understanding. And then we all understand what is understanding, and we all understand what's synchronization, so when we talk, when we communicate, it becomes very, very easy for us to understand. Then we can relate to each other.

And so, try to be there. Don't push yourself. Just try to be there, and you'll be there. It's very easy, it's very simple.

It's like, how do you try to float in salt water? All these people get there and they try to do this and you try to do this and you try to do this. But what you end up doing is probably getting all this salt water in you. Just let it go, you know? And you'll float.

Everything is there. Because what we're trying to do is nothing really new. We are just bringing it together. That togetherness is there. Otherwise how could we bring it? We don't have a machine that does that. And we don't have a synchronizing machine. We are not going to install little pilots inside of you that are going to synchronize it with the tape recorder or with the camera. Definitely not. It's all there. We are just trying to click it on so that it will start working again.

Really, there is not much to say about this, but that you're clear on what your service is, and that you understand that you are synched with all the premies, and then everything will be really beautiful and we can really work the way we want to work. Then we won't have to be sitting around paranoid, like, "What's gonna happen next?" You know? Then the chances of errors will decrease way down. I mean, man makes errors. Everybody makes errors. But the chance of that error being made out of that free will of the mind will be decreased way down.

The Idea is Unity

The idea is unity. And unity does not come unless there is understanding and synchronization. That's exactly what we are trying to do. A car driver drives a car which is synchronized. All the actions a car does are supposed to be synchronized. All the four tires are supposed to be synchronized, the pistons are supposed to be synchronized, and the carburetor is supposed to be synchronized so that everything works in a synched way. But then there can be one stupid driver who does not have the understanding, and he can press the clutch and the gas at the same time, and the car will just sit there and rev and rev and rev and rev, until it pops a piston. Or he can sit there with the brake and the gas, and just press them all the way down, and the car will stall.

So if synchronization is there but the understanding is not there, it doesn't work. It just has to be balanced. The driver has to have a proper understanding and then he can really use that synchronization. So be, and he at the point where we are supposed to be. Because we need it to be there now. It's like we have to just stop playing gimmicks. If our mind comes to us and says, "Howdy, buddy, Jai Satchitanand,'' we have to just tell him to mind his own business, because we are going to be serving Guru Maharaj Ji from now onwards. It's very important that we be at that point. Isn't it about time that mind has to stop playing gimmicks? Hasn't it already played enough gimmicks, enough jokes on us? Every sort of joke, every sort of practical joke?