1/76 - Divine Times
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"The last thing, the fifth thing that all the premies have to share amongst each other is the understanding of what we are doing here."

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at a surprise visit at the Sunday Community Meeting in Denver, 7 December 1975.

I just happen to have a message to relay to all the premies. See, I came here earlier than most of you did. And I just happened to notice that not all those premies were here who were supposed to be. Not that I am naming any individual premie.

You see, the premies have got five very important things in their lives which every premie is made of. One is darshan, and what darshan can really do to us is just amazing and incredible. Then there are three more things - satsang, service and meditation. That makes four.

So every premie consists of something, and that's why he is called a premie. And one thing that he consists of is satsang, because satsang gives a premie a constant guidance through which he can channel himself through the proper energy, through which he can channel himself to the right way that he is supposed to be.

See, we receive Knowledge for just one reason: because we are lost in this world. We need a proper channel to channel ourselves through. We lose ourselves all the time. I mean, we have tried in this lifetime to channel ourselves through some media, through some means, but we always lose ourselves. And that's one reason why we came to this Knowledge. Then we realize that this Knowledge is what can provide us with that true experience that we really need.

So satsang is one of the things. Right now, fifty percent of you guys could have been sitting back home, and I could have been sitting in this balcony just about ready to give satsang like I am right now, and a lot of premies would have missed it. This is just to tell you how important satsang is.

You know, you really can't say that there is a fixed policy on satsang. satsang is always infinite, because it's a description of something which is infinite which we all feel within our hearts. So I hope you come to satsang regularly, and do meditation and service, and have darshan. And really realize what's going on.

The last thing, the fifth thing that all the premies have to share amongst each other is the understanding of what we are doing here. It's like, I went on this big tour in the Pacific and then I came back and went to Hans Jayanti. Now, I have a residence in Malibu, and premies have been working on that residence for such a long time. But the reason why I am here, in Denver, is because I want to give all the premies an understanding that there is something that we all - not just me, but all of us - are sharing. And it's that understanding that we all have to bring forth - that we have really experienced the Truth within inside of us, and that we want to give this whole world this experience that we have experienced. This is why we work. We do this service that Guru Maharaj Ji has appointed us to so that we can give this whole world the experience, the truth, the realization that we have experienced. That is a very important factor.

It's like, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, I work. I work in the office whenever I get a chance. And to every premie who is working in the office and every premie who is working in the ashram - I mean, that may be the housemother to the janitor or any premie who is working anywhere -it's a big mystery, "What am I doin?" But it's not a mystery. This is what I want to explain to you, that it's no mystery. It's no mystery whatsoever. It's just a very simple thing. We are all trying to understand that we are trying to pass this realization that we have had, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, to the other people who have not had this realization. This is why we have such a big organization.

So there's a common understanding that everyone of us has to have in between each other, and that relationship can only be formed when we have more satsang. Because what am I doing right now? I'm explaining something to you, and I'm putting an idea into you, into your brain: "What is this?"

If you were at Hans Jayanti, you noticed that I call what is not satsang "chitchat." I am not giving you a "chitchat." I am giving you satsang. There is the truth behind it, and I am trying to bring you into the company of truth more and more and more and more and more, as much as possible. So this is no chitchat. I am trying to bring you to real satsang so we can really understand.

I was just imagining how beautiful it would be when the whole world would be like this, when the whole world would understand what we are talking about, when the whole world would really have that Knowledge that we have experienced. We have worked so hard to make this whole world realize what we have experienced, because this world does not understand, definitely does not understand what we have realized within our hearts, what we have experienced within our hearts, what we have really known, what we have waited for. You know? And it's hard. But we are trying to make it easy for this world.

So I hope you realize what I am talking about, because it's very, very vital. It's very "instrumental" to our system that we have here so that every premie can understand and share that beautiful secret that we have amongst each other. Because it's really no secret. It's a very, very open thing that everybody already has. We call it a secret just for the suspense. It's really beautiful. The suspense comes along and lets people open themselves to this Knowledge, so that they can really understand what's goin' on.

UN⋅DER⋅STAND (un´der stand´ ) v.

1. to grasp the idea of.
2. to be thoroughly familiar with.
3. to apprehend clearly the character, nature or subtleties of.
4, to assign a meaning to.
5. to grasp the significance of.
6. to grasp the importance of.
7. to regard as firmly communicated.
8. to perceive what is meant.


1. a superior power of discernment
2. enlightened intelligence
3. a state of cooperative relations between people
4. the process of a person who understands