Divine Times - Volume 5, Number 2, February 29, 1976

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North American News

Based on the amount of funds which the conference participants determined would be available throughout the year, many of the special activities planned for 1976 have had to be reconsidered. We've learned not to take on more than we can financially handle, so Maharaj Ji's tour of North America was cancelled, while his South African tour has been indefinitely postponed, meaning also that the dates of his European tour have had to be changed. A North American Guru Puja is still being planned, but no definite arrangements have been made as yet.

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Say I am going out on the street and distributing leaflets. Somebody comes up to me and asks me what I am doing, and I give him satsang. He says, "Okay, where can I receive Knowledge?" and I tell him, "Well you go to a mahatma." He says, "What's a mahatma?" By the time you finish explaining everything to him, he doesn't know what he understood at first that made him even ask all the questions. I think that's just crazy.

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It Takes A Lot Of Grass Roots To Make A Lawn

The workshop approach got off to a good start in Minneapolis last summer when Allan Imbarrato, the community director there, started looking at what was necessary to help that community share Guru Maharaj Ji's message. A series of meetings were set up to see exactly what premies understood about Knowledge. You have to be clear about something before you can tell anyone else about it; and with something as beautiful as Knowledge, you'd want to be sure the person could understand what you are saying as well. In the first few meetings it was apparent that there was a lot of controversy surrounding what seemed to be even the simplest points. The group discovered that, separately, they didn't know much, but through the process of honest satsang and sharing together, they could know a lot.

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Lima Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Lima, Peru on January 14, 1976 during his recent tour of Latin America

But we have to understand that there is no point in our lives when we can say we are mature. We cannot really mature, we cannot really understand, because understanding is infinite. Therefore, even if we are a hundred years old, or two hundred years old, we are still babies. And considering the fact that we are two hundred years old and we are still babies, who is the person who keeps checking on us? Who is the person who keeps telling us not to do these things because these things are wrong? I don't mean just a box of tissues or a flowerpot. I mean, man goes out and does all these crazy things, really, if we look at it from a really, really clear point of view, it's childish. He's really like a baby. He is always like a baby.



Our major concern right now is "why Divine Times?" We've been putting out this paper for years, but most of us have never really sat down and thought or talked about what we're doing. What is it we're trying to accomplish here? And what's the best way to do that? And where did we ever get that funky name, anyway? Over the next several months, you may see a lot of changes in this rag. We hope you will. Sometimes it feels like we're trying to cramb 21st century consciousness into a 19th century format.

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So really realize and understand. What I am saying may mean nothing to you right now, but maybe somewhere along in your life you will feel the necessity of it and then you'll remember my words, you'll be able to really see what I am talking about. Really understand and open yourself up to this Knowledge, because it's really beautiful. Just open yourself to serve.