May 1976

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji Guru Maharaj Ji gave this address to the international directors at a conference held at the Carlton House Hotel in Orlando, Florida on November 11, 1975

So, this is another one of the international meetings. What we are trying to do is make sure that we all understand the importance of one thing in this world, in this universe. We are not trying to take the example of exactly what America is like, but we are taking everything in, and saying that the world is one. The world is one country, one thing, and in this world we need to have this Knowledge spread all the way out from the North Pole to the South Pole, which includes everything. We talk about this Knowledge being spread out all the way to the different countries - England, America, South America, Germany, France - but we have to be in synch with these certain countries to be able to actually organize ourselves in those countries and to be able to function in full scale. Our aim is the same and that is to spread this peace, this Knowledge, this peace of mind, this tranquillity that people are searching for, to everyperson, everybody in this world.

Being Coordinated

It's very hard to even relate to this situation, because we all deal in our certain areas. Like we have America, we deal in America; we have Europe, we deal in Europe; we have England, we deal in England; we have France, we deal in France; or the Philippines, or Malaysia, or South America, or whatever you call it. But there is a little more involved in the situation than just our country. It's being coordinated.

So the first thing is that I understand that all this bench that is sitting here today is responsible for the activities they are performing and the duties that they have towards me particularly. Because we are talking on a very physical level. We are talking on an extremely physical level, as a matter of fact. We are talking about this Knowledge being given to people, this Knowledge being propagated to people.

So premies, we have to really get it together. I mean, it's no joke. Again, it's not a competition, but it's no joke. This organization didn't start from a very big organization, from a big explosion. It did not start from a big BOOM and say, "Okay! Here it is! World, are you ready for it? Here it comes." It did not start that way. It started very slowly. And it is still going extremely slowly.

Being Responsible

You cannot go to another premie and say, "Listen. I am very tired, so why don't you take over?" It just doesn't work that way. You are responsible for your countries and you have a certain job to do; you have a certain job to perform. And me, myself, personally talking, I hold you responsible for the duty that you perform. Bob is not holding you responsible, or Dettmers is not holding you responsible, or Lou is not holding you responsible, but I am. Whatever you do, in whichever country you do it, all comes back to me.

I am physically incapable of going out to all the countries that there are in this world and trying to give satsang and Knowledge, and getting the aspirants together, and going out and publishing posters and sticking them on the wall. It's virtually impossible for me to do all that. That is why we make an organization in which we hold different people responsible. Through those people, we can direct the means, the systems, the ideas that we have to the community, which is in turn being held responsible by you. You direct, and then they go ahead and they do the final work. But you are responsible for getting them together, for getting the whole country in one synch and really performing the duty, the job, that has been given to you, that has been personally assigned to you, by Guru Maharaj Ji.

To me, you are premies, no different than the rest of the 11,000 of them that were sitting down in that satsang. But there is one difference, and that one difference is that you have a certain responsibility. Those 11,000 premies did not exactly have the same responsibility. If anything went wrong, they were not the people that were to be asked, "How come this thing went wrong?" or, "How come that thing went wrong?" But you are. You are responsible for that. And it is your duty,it is your task, through Knowledge, through meditation, through grace, to explain to people that, "Look. We want to spread this Knowledge to this world. We want to spread this grace to this world. We want to make rivers all the way along so that when the grace comes in, it flows everywhere." It is our duty to make channels - proper channels. Not only channels, but proper channels so that everybody can be benefited.

No Competition

In America, it's very simple because we have developed so fast. Now, let me explain to you very specifically that there are countries that are not so advanced as America. And there is a reason for that. The particular reason is that it's a gradual process. It's a very gradual process, let me tell you. If the Copenhagen Mission starts competing with the American Mission … I mean, first of all, let me tell you that there is no reason to even compete. It's an independent country. I am not addressing America today, I am addressing just about the whole world. These premies who are sitting today in this room, in this conference, are from all over the world. They are the premies who have been, by my agya, assigned to do a certain task. That task is very complicated, and requires responsibility. And you have to do it. There is no excuse for it, and you have to do it.

But look at it the other way. It's very beautiful. It's very gracious. It's just full of grace that we even have that service to do. Because not everybody else does. No competition, of course. I'm not saying that, "Look at me. I am the National Director." No. Just look at it as that you have had this opportunity, you have been given this opportunity, and now it is your task, it is your duty to go out and get the premies together in this world so that they are ready for me, so that they are ready for Guru Maharaj Ji to come and address them.

Mine, or yours?

You see, premies receive Knowledge and some of these premies don't understand, they space out. Let me ask you one question. Whose responsibility is it really to get those premies back? I am not talking about the freakos. I am talking about the premies who freaked out because they did not have enough satsang, because they did not have enough inspiration, because they did not have enough stuff going on in the community for them to plug in to. Whose responsibility is that? Mine, or yours? It's definitely your responsibility to get the premies together so that you can form one strong foundation on which you can build a house.

Because if I am supposed to do that very job, then you have no place. Then you have no service to do. Or you are failing your service, you are failing in really doing the task you are sup-

May 1976

posed to do.

Your task is to really get the whole Mission together. Not internationally, that's for IHQ, your part is just your domestic Mission. It's your task, for example, to get the French premies together, to get enough programs going, and create mature understanding among the premies so that they are really clear on what they are doing, on their task, on their performance. Then they will really know, "Yes, it is our job to go out and propagate," and they will know the way to propagate, so they will propagate maturely.

Bob, Dettmers, Lou, and myself were talking, and I said, "When I came to America the very first time, if we would have taken the most stupid people we had - because they had a lot of potential - if we would have taken the most active stupid people and assembled them with the maturity of the people who were sitting back at home, we would have something going for us. Something that would be too much. I mean, I can't even imagine. But that never came together. The premies who really knew how to cope with the situations, the premies who were really clear, were sitting back home. And the premies who just didn't know what to go out and say, but had a lot of power, a lot of energy, and a lot of potential, they went out and did propagation and told people that Guru Maharaj Ji spoke thirty-four languages. And here come these aspirants, "Do you really speak thirty-four languages?" "Who gave you that idea" I don't speak thirty-four languages."

Do you see the difference? In one place, we have a great potential, and in the other place, we have the great maturity that we need. But we never ever have been able to put them together. And, of course, we never will be able to. So therefore, it leaves us with one choice, with one option - to really take the premies who are interested in this Knowledge, in this meditation, in this true experience of life and Truth that we have to give to this whole world, and make them mature, bring that understanding to them so that they understand perfectly, so that the prachar, the meditation, goes on really perfectly.

World in Crisis

So premies, we have a problem that we have to deal with. And you premies are responsible for it. You are the very people that I hold responsible for it. So go out and do your job. Do it. Because this is the time to do it. This is when everybody is looking for Knowledge. This is when the world is in crisis and really looking out there for some thing.

Now there is a clear definition before the public, and that is that either there is peace in this world, or there is nothing in this world, there is nothing like "truth," there is nothing like "Knowledge." But there is. And we have received it, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace. So we can go out and tell these premies, tell this public, that we have it and you can have it, too.

I am speaking in English. Maybe that's not the way you say it in German. Maybe that's not the way you say it in Spanish. Maybe that's not the way you say it in some other language. But I hope you get my message. My message is to really grow and mature in your field so you can get out and help me do this propagation around this world. See, you are the tools. I am the mechanic. But if you do not fit the screw, if you do not fit, if you are in the metric system and I am working with something else, if you do not fit, then you do not really help me. Instead, you help me ruin the screw, and you help me ruin my screwdriver, so that it makes it impossible for me to even take that screw out of there. But if you really are in synch …

See, this is why we have made an International Headquarters. This is why we are trying to internationalize the whole function - so that we know which tools to handle when, so we can do our job just right, and so we don't blow it. It is your responsibility, it is your duty to do that.

There is nothing much to say except that you have a duty to perform by Guru Maharaj Ji's agya. You have an agya to fulfill before you that there is no escape from - unless you want to escape the truth, the fact, the realism of this life, that devotion.

If you have any questions about your duty, about your service, that pertain to me, ask me. If you don't, that automatically means that you are going to go out and hold the responsibility of the duty that has been assigned to you. Right? I mean, do I make myself clear? Yes?


It doesn't matter. Do you understand yourself as a premie who has realized this Knowledge or not? You are a premie. Right? When you received this Knowledge, you dedicated your life to me. Right? If you are so fake and phony as to refuse your duty, as to regret your duty, then I don't think you are even a premie.

And if you are a premie and have dedicated your life to Guru Maharaj Ji and you want to do service to Guru Maharaj Ji, it doesn't matter what service Guru Maharaj Ji assigns to you. Whatever is needed, then you should be ready to do it. Talking about getting a bunch of premies together would be an extremely, extremely joyful service for a person who is willing to do anything. Look at yourselves as premies, not as inheritors. You did not inherit anything. Not even your body. Not even this Knowledge that brought you to the realization that you are at.

Let me tell you. I have been doing this program, and for the very first time, I have been extremely harsh with my words. The reason is because I have polished them too many times. What I have ended up doing is polishing these words so many times I am wearing off the chrome and the color itself, and premies are just not understanding what I am trying to convey.

See, I am doing a service too. You understand that? I am doing a service too. And I am younger than you are. Look at it that way. Or if you don't understand it that way, maybe in the country you come from age doesn't matter, then look at it this way: You are a premie. A premie has a duty and a responsibility towards Guru Maharaj Ji.

Today, imagine how fortunate we are to have received Knowledge in such a short period that we have received Knowledge in. At one time, it wasn't that easy at all. People who were going to be receiving Knowledge were to be extremely clear, extremely, extremely clear, about what they were getting into, so that they would really dedicate and devote their lives. And this is the reason why today, I would like to do that too. I would like the aspirants to come down and do service just about all their life long and give them Knowledge in their very last minute. But I know that this world would not benefit from that. This is why receiving Knowledge today is so easy.

You see, I am the responsible person for that. If I want, today I can give my initiators the agya not to give Knowledge to anybody unless I permit it. But I don't do that. I say, "Go ahead. Give Knowledge to the people you think are okay. Go ahead, give Knowledge. Spread it. Spread this Holy Word so that every person can understand the theme of 'Jai Satchitanand,' can spread the meaning of 'Jai Satchitanand.' "

We're All Premies

We are no greater than each other. We are all premies. I am a premie to my Guru Maharaj Ji, and you are premies to me. Guru Maharaj Ji gave me a task to perform and I am doing my job. So if you are capable in any way of refusing that service, I have no more words to say. I cannot comprehend that. I cannot comprehend how you can inherit a service. Service is an opportunity for this life.

It is not always that Guru Maharaj Ji addresses people in this room. It is not always that Guru Maharaj Ji comes down and gives his grace to us in this lifetime to talk to us, to let us ask what we want to clear away our confusions. And if we are dumb enough to kick that opportunity away, then we might as well kick our lives away. That's no good either. We come for a reason into this world. You see?

It's like to me, service is service. Service is what we have always been looking for. I looked forward to it. I had to wait. I wanted to do something so fantastic, so incredible for my Guru Maharaj Ji. But I knew that it wouldn't be great enough, ever. I knew that I could never in my whole lifetime perform a service that would please my Guru Maharaj Ji. All I wanted to do was anything he would say. Anything. Finally he gave me a service, and my whole life is dedicated to that.

Well, at this time I have been given that service and I, by my agya, give you a service to perform. If you cannot do it, if you in any way doubt it, if you in any way back away from it, then I hardly know a place in this world for you. I am not condemning you. I am just saying I hardly know a place in this world for you.

Here we are with the most golden opportunity, and we can perform that service. Then let's do so. Let's get it together. Let's get our whole act together and do it. This world needs it. We know that. If we don't, that means we need to do more meditation. Because this world needs this Knowledge. It's the boat that needs the skipper. It's the microphone that needs a speaker. Here we are with an opportunity, with a service, and if we are not going to do it …

We have a service to do, we have a task to perform in front of us. And we have to just do it. It's so beautiful. Think of it not as a burden, but think of it as an opportunity, and everything will be beautiful. The grace is with you and it'll always be with you as long as you keep doing your duty. But when you stop, the grace will also stop. And then nothing will work out for you.

I am not very old, but I have seen in my life the most impossible jobs manifested in front of me. Things that were virtually impossible to do. And it's all by grace. But if I would have stopped, it would never have manifested. So here you are, here is your duty. You have it in front of you. I don't want to say much more, and I don't want to bore you with it, but you have your task, you have your duty, you have your opportunity. Take advantage of it.

"I have been extremely harsh with my words. The reason is because I have polished them too many times. What I have ended up doing is polishing these words so many times I am wearing off the chrome and the color itself, and premies are just not understanding what I am trying to convey."