After months of beating around the bush, we've finally decided to go ahead and make a few slight changes in the old D.T. Still no name that really hits the mark has materialized, but we all agree that this new format is more to our liking - more flexible and easier to handle.

In this format we're going to try to make Divine Times the kind of paper you want to read - and participate in. More satsang, more community highlights and personal stories, more relevant news. We're also going to expand our classified ad section, because there has been a lot of interest in it from our readers. Until now, it has been the first to go if we were short of space (which we almost always are). But we're going to institute a policy of five cents per word for each ad, and then make sure we run them. So if you think the D.T. is a good channel to communicate something to other premies via an ad, we encourage you to use us. We also encourage, as always, your letters - comments on specific articles in recent issues, ideas about what you'd like to see in the paper, or just some down-home consciousness-raising satsang.

In line with trying to open the paper up more, we're going to be setting aside two pages each issue for a community to write up something about what they're doing, experiencing, etc. Photos, too. We hope to have a deluge of contributions, and will try to print as much as we can of whatever we receive. Of course, if you don't live in a premie community and still want to contribute something, please do so. The more consciousness sharing we can have with each other, the closer we'll come to understanding why it is that Maharaj Ji has brought us all together.

That's it for now. We hope you enjoy this issue.

Live in peace,
The D. T. staff