Divine Times - November 1976 Volume 5, Number 10


Editorial & Contents

Looking at the contents for this issue, we're kind of amazed. Our staff is down to two writers and a designer, yet we have major articles on two different communities, reports on several countries, a review of a Canadian conference, a "premie profile" from Wyoming … How come? Simply because there's a lot more coming in from "out there." We've known for a long time that it's impossible to put out a good newspaper written solely by people stuck away in a corner of an office building, Denver, Colorado. But we've never quite been able to get around that. Until now.

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News: Notes From Guru Maharaj Ji

As stated above, the purpose of the conferences is to allow Maharaj Ji to share his vision with premies. In the course of his address, Maharaj Ji is expected to cover such topics as the role of Perfect Master, his communication with premies and his public image, the need for an organization with respect to propagation, the importance of communities, and the relationship of premie communities to the society at large. In addition to speaking to the members of the conferences, Maharaj Ji will produce a film at the end of each conference for the premies in that geographical region. The films will include simultaneous translation and will be similar to the question and answer session taped recently in Denver, using questions gathered from each region.

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Loving Hans Durga Ji

I feel having Hans has really made things so much clearer for me. It is such a beautiful service Maharaj Ji has given me. I realize that I can see it in two different ways, either as a job or as a joy. When I see it as a job, something I have to do, I find myself complaining like, "Gee, I'm so tired," "I sure wish I could get a good night's sleep," "Why is he waking up now?" etc., etc. When this happens, I am missing so much because of it. But when I experience it as the joy it really is, I know what a gift it is to be so fortunate, to be loving and caring for his beautiful children, and I receive so much in return.

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It Still Works A Canadian Conference at Riding Mountain

Each community representative was offered a chance to talk about the feelings in their city and offer suggestions for improvement or change. But the feedback began to reveal the underlying current of disunity within the Canadian boundaries. Some were experiencing what was referred to as a stalemate. "Nothing is happening, but the dust is settling." "The air is clearing." "We're feeling little National connection." Others were truckin' along slowly, but making progress. The Middle of the Road Communities. "We're a gypsy city, a maintenance city, a family city. We are conservative with a low profile. Change comes and goes with little effect on us!" Of course there are the radicals. "We don't have or want an ashram, or organization. We may even break away from DLM. We don't have a bookkeeper or a satsang hall. We want to grow one to one. We have a lot of money, are realizing friendship and have a secular community."

Understanding The Fundamentals Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Denver, Colorado September 17, 1976

The thing that first brought me all the way from India to England, and made all the aspirants come together in England, also brought me and put me in the United States at Alta Loma Terrace. And that very same thing started to make all those people very, very happy - people who hadn't quite received Knowledge yet, people who just saw a lot of inspiration, a lot of hope, and saw that there was something there. … So the reason I came here tonight was because I started seeing that there are a lot of things happening in premies' lives. I was just talking to Michael Goldstein on the street corner and he said, "Things are pretty shaky." To me, that's a big question: Were you shaken up, or were things shaky? It's like, wow, wait a minute. Things are always shaky. Death is always there, and birth is always there.

Adventures In Africa

At that time other Indian spiritual groups expressed their antagonism for Guru Maharaj Ji's activities by exerting pressure on the government and making it difficult for Maharaj Ji to acquire a visa in the future. In the spring of the following year, Guru Maharaj Ji sent Barbara Kolodney to South Africa via Nairobi, Kenya. Barbara had been in Africa before as a member of the Peace Corps, which was blacklisted in the South African republic as being too "radical." Her mission this time was to try to bridge the widening gap between the Indian and white premie communities. The reasons for their split were to some extent built into the country's political climate: there were and are many restrictions on who you can be seen with, where you can travel, and where you can congregate as a group.

Planet Notes

Sweden: "Many are busy getting some "order" in their private lives, and much energy seems to go towards that. Psychotherapy is popular in Stockholm, and astrology in Gothenburg. At times like this those who really want to get somewhere in Knowledge begin to stand out. They are not too many. Right now there seems to be so many other interesting things. Still I have a pretty good feeling about the situation
France: Yet a certain number of people over the past month have stopped practicing. For many of those who keep the connection, the important step at the moment is to get their life together on a materialistic level. Most of the time, for these people, Knowledge only comes in second place.


Then in April there was a tape of Lou Schwartz and some other people that was played. It was supposedly a tape to inspire people to support the Mission financially. Well, my friends and I heard it, and I almost left the Mission afterwards. I didn't hear any sensitivity. I also didn't hear any financial skill, any professionalism. So I said, "What? I'm contributing my money to this?" I think a lot of us started seeing that.

An Interview With Ron Cohen, Film-maker

We're really waiting on direction from Maharaj Ji. We have a series of proposals that we sent to him. We would like to do general, consciousness-raising films that do not necessarily speak of Maharaj Ji or Divine Light Mission, but just talk about the existence of God and the meaning and purpose of life. Humanities films, philosophical films.


Open Forum & Feedback

Everyone got what they wanted. They got the experiential answer to whatever question it was they asked. Now the important thing to recognize is that you can't make use of Maharaj Ji's answer to somebody else's question. How life manifests and works for Gurucharnanand is for Gurucharnanand. It isn't necessarily at all applicable to you. What is going on with you is the answer to whatever question your life posed at the moment you were in that initiation room and the "moment" arrived for you to make some promises to Guru Maharaj Ji (a very heavy moment, if you will remember).